Saturday, December 15, 2007

The 2007 "Hooray for Me, The Hell With You" Winners

Back in Brooklyn we used to laugh about the aggressive driving, double parking, blocking driveways - we thought this was such a specialized skill that we wanted to start a driving school - "The Hooray for Me, The Hell With You" school of driving. Turns out this skill extends across the nation and is not just limited to driving.

I love to people watch - I love eccentric people, ordinary people, babies, older folks - I especially love the connection you feel when a stranger says or does something that's so familiar to you. Makes you feel less alone in the world, sometimes it even tugs at your heart.

Well this ain't about that!

I'm going to leave those connection moments til closer to Christmas, just in case I don't have any other Christmasy feelings to share. I'm a planner.

This is about - well - the title speaks for itself.

So here's my Top 10 (homage to Dave and limits my rambling) 2007 winners of "Hooray for Me, The Hell With You"

10 - The guy who tried to get around me, on the left and on the right!, because he didn't want to wait for the big yellow vehicle with the flashing lights - yep - the school bus. Apparently he's a busy guy and there's far too many kids in the world anyway

9 - The woman in the Hummer who nearly ran me down because she was on the phone, while turned around in her seat, screaming at her unrestrained children

8 - The lady, I use this term loosely, behind me on line at the grocery who clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes at me because I let an elderly man go ahead of us. He had a few items and we both had giants carts of crap. Actually she WAS a giant cart of crap.

7 - The two teen boys who emptied their backpacks of garbage onto my lawn. Can hardly wait til they have cars, think of their potential.

6 - The guy at Barnes & Noble who brought in his own coffee, took a seat at the sofa, and proceeded to talk on his phone for a very long time. Shouting, cursing, and just being a jerk. He gets special mention as a representative of all those folks who love to share their conversations with us - at the movies, the doctor's office, the library - wherever quiet would be nice.

5 - The receptionist at the ER (nothing dramatic - just my leg was exploding - tell ya about it another time) who called me by the wrong name and was then annoyed when I didn't respond. She also watched me limp back and forth to her desk several times and never offered me a chair.

4 - My garbage collector who was busy watching the hot jogger go by and dropped half my garbage onto my driveway. I pay for this! Imagine the quality of free service.

3 - The woman who brought all 3 of her children (all under 5) to the beauty salon and then settled in for a manicure/pedicure with her IPOD attached to her head while the rest of us kept her children from - falling down stairs, running with scissors, drinking bleach and touching the coffee machine. She looked so rested when she left.

2 - The guy in the big-ass pick-up truck who was on the phone, hugging his girl, speeding, and making an illegal U-turn on an icy road - INTO my sweet little Jetta. Extra kudos for then taking off. - You'd think he'd be #1 but ...

1 - The woman who had no patience to wait behind the elderly lady with the cane. She just had to get into the store NOW. Not wanting to appear rude she muttered to her child - "Just push the old bat, your brother's in the car"

Bless them one and all. The not so innocent perpetrators of my pointed rage!


cher said...

I see this type of behavior more and more these days.

Sadly, this doesn't give me much hope for humankind.

Just call me "Ms. Sunshine and Light"!

Dianne said...

Hey Cher! You're There!

(and that rhymes)

Yeah - there's a lot of that Hooray for Me .... type behavior going on BUT I am gonna post some good stuff too. Working at the store - I've actually been able to view some lovely moments of people being human.

So hang on - Sunshine and Light is on its way!

and thanks so much for stopping by

Cherie said...

"Hooray for me. To hell with you." That seems to be the motto of half of the people I've seen on the road the past week.

I love that phrase. I've adopted it. It helps me to keep my sense of humor when I've cheated death once again by one of those idiots. :D