Monday, December 24, 2007


So the tree is up, the gifts are wrapped - my speciality is lumpy paper secured with far too much tape, but the tape is green and that's festive.

I went to visit my VFW buddies and brought "the boys" cookies and a giant pan of baked ziti - the ziti is another of my specialties but it's good, really good - no lumps or tape. I love the VFW guys and they get quite a kick out of my radical, liberal ways. They didn't know what to make of me at the start but have come to (I hope) respect my views since I respect their history and service. Anyone can display a bumper sticker and fly a flag - for me it's all about recognizing individuals.

Tonight we go to the Motherland - Brooklyn. Ahhh - the traffic. Yet another holiday tradition. It's wonderful once we get there and assuming my son doesn't have road rage meltdown. My adorable baby bro, my gorgeous nieces, my boy and his wife - and her family, and all those adopted into the clan. Maybe mob is a better word - it is Brooklyn!

I know I made a wee bit of a stink about putting up the tree and now that you see how small she is you're probably wondering... It's not the putting up, it's the finding all the stuff. We have a huge storage closet in the basement - right next to the luxurious office (hole) and pulling out all the storage tubs and lugging them upstairs is quite the battle.

But once the battle is won it's wonderful. Over the years I've tried different tree motifs - I'll never live down the pink tree with silver lights - as my son said "Look, it's Christmas in a strip joint"

So I always come back to the memories - every ornament has a story. The year we went to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving and found a tiny star in a junk store, the trip to Newport, RI and the clearance sale at the "chi-chi" boutique. I even have the ornament my son made in pre-school - it's 31 years old but wearing it's age well. Every little box I open is a smile or a tug at my heart. Every mountain of tissue paper reveals a moment that will never come again but will always be remembered.

And on top - Nana's angel. It was packed with her Menorah when she came here from Russia - it was one of the few things she managed to save as they ran from the soldiers. How sweet and profound that two symbols of two religions held on to each other as they made their way to America.

Whatever you celebrate - I wish you joy and peace. Take the time to have moments that will become delicious memories. May all your wishes be realized - and more important - may you make wishes that are worthy of your heart and soul.



cher said...

A pink tree with silver ornaments. That's different. I see your son inherited your sense of humor!

It's wonderful that you did your usual 'mitzvah' at the VFW. I can hear the 'boys' now: "Here comes that crazy broad with the food and strange ideas. Well, at least we get a good meal and have a few laughs together! She's a good girl."

Your Nana fled the Russian soldiers just like my grandparents did in the early 1900's. When I was born, only my dad's mom was still alive. I only have a vague memory of her, since she died when I was 5 years old.

I hope traffic wasn't too bad getting up to my neck of the woods. People were running around like crazy Monday afternoon on Third Ave. The usual double-parking madness!

I hope the clans got along and had a good time. It's nice that you all get together. That happens less and less these days.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve, or Holiday Eve, or 'Let's get together and have a few drinks Eve'!

Wishing you a Joyous Tuesday!

Jeni said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like your Christmas celebrations are a lot like mine were when I was a kid - many, many years ago -except I didn't go visiting but my aunts/uncles/cousins came HERE to this house, to my grandparents home. Loved your description of the trees/ornaments and meanings each has for you. And, also, I see you've "discovered" some of MY finds -folks on my favorites list, beginning with Debo Blue! Let me tell you upfront Kiddo, you can't go wrong with Debo! Writes a terrific blog and she makes for one super blogger friend too! And, when you have time, browse down through my "favorites" list as I'm sure you'll find lots of other great blogs to visit there too! Many who, like you, like me, echo the same message too - PEACE!
And let it be with you today and into the future and let it begin with US! A deal? Hope so!

Dianne said...

And let it be with you today and into the future and let it begin with US!"

that's beautiful Jeni - and a hope that is trying to live strong in my heart.

Yes - I loved Debo's blog - and I will check out the others on your list - as I said on Debo's blog - the comments section is so much like visiting and meeting new friends.

Christmas Eve was lovely - I hope to find the time later to post about it and share some pics.

Cher - it took us 20 minutes to get down 86th Street once we got off the highway! This was around 6 - everyone was CockAHoop LOL

My son was a wee bit agitated but basically handled it with the sense of humor he inherited. Or learned? Is it nature or nurture?