Saturday, January 26, 2008

Everyday Kindness - Weekly Update

I think I like this idea of doing a kindness update every Sunday - ends the week on a positive note.

My "walking woman" friend is hanging in there. I've seen her a couple of times. She said she felt funny ringing the bell but now that we've talked a second time I think she will. I told her my Dr. doesn't want me starting anything strenuous right now, not until I see the back specialist. I have to see a "Muscular Skeletal" specialist - makes me think of a comic book hero. I also have to go to the "Hospital for Joint Diseases" - that just makes me want a joint! No biggie - just new issues associated with having scoliosis. Actually the scoliosis is more damaging to my psyche - it could have been corrected when I was a child but the "wolves" had other things to do. I carry a wee bit of baggage with me regarding my parents - can ya tell? I'm going to explain that one day.

But back to kindness

I told "walking woman" about the warm-up type exercises I do for my back and we talked about doing them together - they might make her walking more comfy. I assured her that she didn't need to do this unless she really wanted to - she clearly has a routine established and that is critical to success and I do not want to disrupt that.

I've been working a lot this week so not a lot of outside contact - I'm ashamed to say the squirrels only got fed twice this week - the bags of food were too heavy to carry from the store. I caught one of them giving me a dirty look.

I'm still collecting stray carts at the Stop 'N Shop and have now also been contributing to the box of supplies for the soldiers. I used to throw some razors or socks in there once in awhile but now I add something every time. Some wonderful person handles packing up and shipping off all the donations. Would you believe our soldiers don't have razors, socks, calling cards, candy ... Shameful! But then again what do I expect from an administration that can't send them there with the right armor. Guess the money is being used for Blackwater.

I'm a little cranky today - back hurts and I have a ton of data entry to do and I'm a bit anxious about Mia.

This is Mia ...

Mia will be joining us soon. Here she is pictured in the barn of a good soul who cares for as many strays as he can. They have beds and there's heat and shelter from the elements. What I know about her so far is:
She's 4 or 5 - same age as Siren

She's fixed and healthy - she'll be getting another exam before coming here but no problems are expected

She likes people and is very affectionate

They're thrilled someone wants her since she's a bit sad not to be around her own human, they do what they can to play and cuddle but there is only so much time and so many animals

She handles the tom-cats in the barn firmly - usually with a stare or a swat so there is hope she'll handle Siren.

Her nose is heart shaped. I'll take better pictures when she arrives. I wanted to show the wood panels put up to shelter the strays and the heat vent and all the work that wonderful people do in the name of kindness to all creatures.

I must admit I'm a little nervous about introducing Mia and Siren but I re-read my behavior books and spoke to the vet and well - I'm hopeful.

And I almost forgot! Mia is the chosen name for my (someday when they're ready) grand-daughter! How cool is that - perhaps a bit of meant to be? And my grand-daughter can tell people she was named after a cat.

Be Kind Out There


Mahala said...

It might be a little touchy at first, but Siren will eventually decide he likes the company :)

I keep "hearing" our Scotty at the door and checking the porch before it dawns on me that it isn't possible. I have a feeling, one of these times I'm going to check and there'll be a new furry face staring back at me.

Dianne said...

As the saying goes Mahala - from your mouth to God's ears!

Siren is a big IF.

I think any furry face that comes to live with you is a lucky furkid indeed. I still miss JR and it is almost 2 years. and I sometimes call Siren JR, it just pops out.

I KNOW that Scotty and JR have become great friends by now. ;)

kenju said...

I hope he'll like her; she's very pretty.

Also hope your scoliosis can be controlled or medicated or whatever they do besides surgery.

Debo Blue said...

I agree with Mahala, the two might hit it off after awhile. Or they will just ignore each other. Cats are sooo superior:-)

Dianne said...

she is pretty ;) thanks kenju - surgery is def out of the question for scoliosis after a very young age - I've dealt with it very well all my life but age tends to complicate everything LOL

they are superior debo blue! I'll settle for ignoring each other - I'm hopeful since Mia has some experience with tomcats.

Jeni said...

You are soooo right that age does tend to come in and complicate so many things, doesn't it?
Glad you are trying to make things easier for your "walking" friend and the new cat, Mia, is just beautiful!
Our two cats have finally adjusted to each other apparently -either that or Gracie, the 16-year-old- has finally decided it was too much energy to waste trying to knock some sense into Nina, the new cat's head! They now sleep together on the toy chest out in the sunporch entry way by their litter box and feeding dishes. Looks so cute and peaceful to see the two of 'em curled up there together!

Michael Manning said...

Dianne: Your kindness is awe-inspiring to me! It is a healthy way to carve out a space to help balance this crazy world. I was up late reading an interview with Barbara Minty Brunsvold who didn't know that nothing has been done about Asbestos and treating our soldiers in this country for Mesothelioma!

I wish you the best on the hospital visit and I'm glad you are attentive to it now. Mia--has a beautiful ring to it, yes!

Dianne said...

It's a bit of that "Wax On - Wax Off" thing Michael ;)

SuzyQueue / jt said...

Hi, Dianne. Greetings *off* of the iMDB boards! :-)

I love the "Everyday Kindness" postings and I've really been enjoying your blog.

I've been lurking for a while but our somewhat parallel posts (kindness/gratitude) made me laugh out loud and I had to share... "abundance of absurdities" is up and running. It's been in limited release, shall we say, in case I just dropped it all together, but I seem to keep posting. :-) Thanks for giving my blog a name!

Do keep writing and thanks for the positive slant on things. I really enjoy your web presence. :-)

meno said...

What a cute kitty. And in my opinion, you can never have enough cats.

Dianne said...

Hi Suzy! I'll be over to visit your blog real soon. I'm thrilled you used the name, it's a great one!

I agree meno ;) now let's hope Siren agrees.

Mia will be joining us next week - I'll post updates.

Odat said...

Thank you for your hugs...they mean a lot!!! and Mia is just adorable...i wish I could have her!!!!!
Big hugs back and

Smalltown RN said...

oh she is a pretty cat....and as for the walking....good for you...and good that you are listening to your body and doing what you need to do....I don't think I will be walking outside today..we had snow overnight so I think it is going to be a stepper kind of day...cheers...

magnetbabe said...

Good job on your acts of kindness! I can't wait to hear all about Mia and her antics! There is nothing funner (IMHO) than getting to know a new kitty. Good luck introducing those two, I'm glad you're doing your research first...

CG said...

You seem like a woman after my own heart; i have two rescued cats. I was very nervous about introducing Basil to Shea but after a few days of quite fierce fights they suddenly settled down. And now they cuddle up together. Thaks for visiting my blog and your kind comments!

Dianne said...

thanks everyone for all the compliments for Mia - she really is a very pretty girl - she isn't even here yet and already has a following :)

you are welcome odat and thanks for coming by, hope you'll return.

you too cg - it's fun to get new people's comments and perspectives. and your photos really are very good so they're a pleasure to look at. I'm a bit worried about "fierce fights" but I'm committed to making it work.

smalltown rn - we had some freezing rain this morn but I walked around the backyard a few times - Dr said that plus the back exercises was best for now - thanks for the support and cheers to you too :)

magnetbabe - I'm really going to look to you for some support during the early days of "Mia and Siren" - be prepared! LOL