Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Wordzzle

Time for Saturday Wordzzle.

This week there’s a regular Wordzzle and a Wordzzle Mini for those folks who wanted to try their hand at it with less words or who wanted to venture into creating a visual story.

This week’s Wordzzle words are:

Yowling cat, ink stain, fever, river bed, home improvement, laughable, motorcade, broken camera, crafty and bourbon.

I was standing at the foot of the driveway, smoking the cigarette that I hoped would kill me, as the motorcade of trucks pulled up. “Morning darlin’!” – Good lord, this contractor was creepy, creepy and crafty and I didn’t trust him. His attempts at charm were laughable. “Are we ready for a little home improvement” he sang out, trying to sound like the Monday Night Football guy. I wish I would’ve had the bourbon for breakfast; Slim Fast was doing nothing for my nerves. I watched the workers unload; beams and tools and cans of paint. Ink stain blue for the shutters, river bed brown for the attic peak – picking those colors had given me a fever, Benjamin Moore has some serious issues and needs help. “Needs help” I laughed to myself as I realized I was trying to take before pictures with the broken camera, I need help. “Hey darlin’, whatcha got back here!? A yowling cat?”. Yes you moron, it is a yowling cat, stop tapping on the window. “I’ll be right there darlin’, just gonna smoke another cigarette first” I sang out in my best helpless female voice. Why didn’t I just move?

And the Wordzzle Mini words are:

outer limits, Lucifer, automobile engine, monk's habit, peanut butter & jelly

The wind and rain were really picking up as I reached the outer limits of town. My aged, dilapidated car, lovingly referred to as Lucifer, was making those noises again, and they were getting louder. I mourned my lack of understanding of an automobile engine as Lucifer let out a blood curdling screech and lurched to the left. I pulled over to the side of the road and got out; the wind was so biting that I hugged my raincoat tighter around me and pulled up the giant hood. So what if I appeared to be wearing a monk’s habit, no one was going to see me. After staring blankly at Lucifer’s head for a moment I grabbed my cell phone and hit the speed dial for AAA. Time to settle in for another three hour wait, I really wish I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

I couldn’t help but do both –

You can always get to Raven’s original Wordzzle post by clicking the button on my sidebar. Check out her latest entry - Raven’s Post for Today you’ll find next week’s words there.


SnoopMurph said...

You did well with the mini challenge, I am a little stumped there. I love that Lucifer is the name of the car-I can think of a few of my cars who should have donned that title.

I tried my first Wordzzle this morning!

Dianne said...

"I tried my first Wordzzle this morning!"

I know! and they're great! I loved the one that felt like an excerpt right out of today's election campaigns!

The mini words were easy for me only because my car IS Lucifer, so she inspired me.

Raven said...

Dianne - you are good at this. So much to love... motocade of trucks... bourbon for breakfast... the paint colors.... genius....

never would have thought of Lucifer for the car's name. (My cars were respectively Car-Car and True Blue.)

Thank you for playing. It makes me so happy to see what people come up with. Now I'm off to visit snoopmurph and see what she wrote.

Jay said...

I'm seriously considering joining this little game. I don't know why cause I suck at these things. Maybe that's why. For something new to do and get better at.

I'm gonna tell my mother about it too. She loves doing these.

OBTW, your stories were great! ;-)

Paul said...

Dianne try this one. Write your memoir in 6 words, :-) Mine is, "I have lived as I can."

Shelly said...'re really good at that...amazing.

Bob-kat said...

You paint great pictures with words! Well done on getting all those words in so creatively :)

R.E.H. said...

I forgot to do this again... I swear, I will play this game some time - maybe not every Saturday, but every now and then.

Next Saturday... I hope...

Yours were great. Very entertaining!

Jo said...

You're so good at this, it just flows & I forget you're pulling certain words in for the game.

Loved how you used the ink stain blue & riverbed brown. Benjamin Moore drives me crazy too but I keep collecting all the swatches like a nutcase.

Dianne said...

thanks Raven for such lovely words of praise, you're sure good for a girls ego!

jay - you should play, even if you do the "mini" one - plus Raven expanded to include people who want to do something visual - and your photos are always amazing! And please do invite Mom.

Dianne said...

paul - my memior in 6 words!? OK
"I'm still here, more news later"
I know, smartass! but I swear it feels true more often than not.

thanks shelly - I guess it's true - you're best at things you enjoy. I don't what happens but one of the words jumps out at me and then it all starts to fall together. I have also discovered thru this that I write best in the first person.

thank you bob-cat, I can actually see the story unfolding. the hardest part for me is to not ramble and lose the paragraph.

Dianne said...

I was going to remind you reh but you had enough to deal with this week :)
as always I'd love to read anything you write.

thanks jo :)
my biggest issue with paint colors is forgetting to keep the name and number and then losing my mind when I need to do touch-ups. I once botched it so bad that I just ended up re-painting the whole room. I'm a nutcase with ya :)

Casdok said...

Very clever!

Tammy said...

Whew....I thought you were going to ask what do these words all have in common. LOL! Thanks for visiting my blog and yes...Skittles ROCKS!

Odat said...

I keep saying I'm going to try it...

Dianne said...

thanks casdock :)

tammy - it's OK, no pop quizzes here! I went back to the caption thingie and I voted for your caption so now I feel doubly pleased.

Odat - it really is fun once the creative juices get flowing. Plus - if you want to do something with pics or drawings or whatever - Raven is very free spirit that way and you're great at themes as proven by your blog.

Akelamalu said...

You're so good at these Dianne. I may join in when I have a bit more time - I like a challenge!

Michael Manning said...

Dianne: ..."smoking the cigarette that I hoped would kill me, as the motorcade of trucks pulled up". LMAO! I would attempt the puzzle but a migraine is underway here, so I'm gla I don't have to deal with Benjamin Moore!

Smiles to You!!!!:)

CG said...

I felt like i was reading the start of a novel with the first one...didn't want it to end Dianne!

Dianne said...

thanks so much akelamalu - there will be new words every Saturday (thanks to Raven) so whenever you have time.

I'm glad I made you smile Michael!

Home improvements are much like the start of a novel CG - an epic war novel! thank you :)