Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Am Wordzzle - Hear Me Roar

Yeah I know. Too much coffee!

This week I did the 10 word and the mini and a mega. I know!

Like I said – too much coffee.

Please visit Raven’s Nest to read all the other Wordzzle masterpieces and please consider joining us. Wordzzle stretches your imagination muscles.

And goes great with coffee.

Ten Word Challenge: perpendicular, carpentry, garage, lute player, radishes, tin roof, wild flowers, stop light, gargantuan - is it me or are there 9 words? Haha - that Raven is always fooling with us!

Siren climbed to the top of the garage, he hated that it was a tin roof, the tin made the surface hot and his claws made noise, he did not want “her” discovering he was up here. He liked the fact that she didn’t know of the wondrous gargantuan playground that lie just beyond the garage. He had discovered it the day she had the carpentry work done. The noise and chaos of the workers created a distraction and Siren was able to sneak out. Since that day he visited his wonderland as often as he could. It was a dangerous journey but he loved it. He especially enjoyed the challenge of scaling the drain pipes that were perpendicular to the back wall, the huge joint of piping at the top was like his own stop light, it signaled the last leg of his trip. One soft jump over and down and he’d be in his secret garden. He would dig up rows and rows of lettuce and radishes. He would roll around in masses of wild flowers, he enjoyed the scent that was released as he crushed their petals. Then he’d take a quick nap in the shade of the massive garden sculpture. He thought it was a fiddler wearing a funny hat but he had learned it was a lute player the day he overheard Mrs. Cannery shouting “that damn cat is back, look what he did this time! – hurry! hurry! he’s asleep by the lute player”. Ah that had been an exciting trip back home.

Mini Challenge: gravy boat, cat carrier, Madison, Wisconsin, March Hare, gratitude

Mia sighed with gratitude. The trip home to Madison, Wisconsin had been long and strange. Her cat carrier was too small; it was like sleeping in a gravy boat. She was so relieved to be back in familiar, comfy surroundings, if she had spent one more moment on the road she would have gone as mad as a March Hare.

And the mega …

Max and Sally set out Sunday morning to explore their new city. Max had been transferred to the Madison, Wisconsin office of March Hare Haberdasheries and while he felt nothing but gratitude for still having a job he was worried that Sally was unhappy with the move. They decided that morning that the beautiful spring weather indicated that it was a perfect time to hit some garage sales; they would be able to find affordable treasures for the house and see the city at the same time. Max hoped that Sally would discover things about Madison to appreciate while finding things to turn their little old house into a home. Max had already built most of their furnishings, he was a carpentry genius but Sally had wonderfully whimsical taste and Max always looked forward to seeing things in a new way through her eyes.

Sally held the directions in her lap. The top of the flyer proclaimed ‘Tin Roof Flea Market’ – it was advertised as a gargantuan garage sale, yard sale, crafts fair and antiques show. The directions made Max nervous, they weren’t very clear but Sally was so excited he knew they must find the place. “We need to turn right at the next stop light” Sally told him as Max wondered if their old jalopy would make it up the hill, he couldn’t believe Sally didn’t notice that the car was virtually perpendicular to the horizon as it chugged away. “What do we do after we turn?” Max mumbled. Sally laughed. “I guess we’re here, look at the crowds. Is that a lute player? and a plate spinner? and a mime? Oh how perfect! Madison has annoying street mimes just like home!” “Let’s park at the far end, I want to see everything!” Max smiled at Sally’s joy and the car’s relief as they parked near the Green Market section. “We’ll get lettuce and radishes and all sorts of fresh goodies right before we leave” Sally said. “I’ll make a wonderful first dinner”.

They wandered the grounds for hours. Sally bought silverware and plates and an odd shaped gravy boat. “I’ll put wild flowers in it” she told Max, “it’s too pretty for gravy”. She bought linens and curtains and a telephone shaped like a daisy. Their arms were full and they were happily exhausted as they headed back toward the Green Market and the car. Sally stopped at a stand full of baskets. She threw all her stuff into Max’s arms and picked up a giant wicker basket – it had double handles and a cover. “Wouldn’t this make a great cat carrier?” she asked Max. He was about to ask why they would need a cat carrier when he saw the little sign next to the basket stand – “Rescued Kittens for Adoption”. Sally held up the two kittens left and asked “which one?” Max laughed and said “both”. After all the new house was big enough for a happy family of four.

And there ya have it! Wordzzle on my lovelies!


Jay said...

Look at you! Getting all ambitious and doing ALL THREE!

And all three were wonderful! I really love that you used your cat's names. And the first one was probably my favorite! Everybody loves to find a hidden playground that nobody else knows about.

Raven said...

Well, you're a kitty parent after my own heart - one story for each of your babies. That Siren is mischief on 4 paws...

I loved the last one. (Great minds use gravy boats for the same purpose). It was such a lovely sweet story. I'm so happy that they found all that good stuff and are going to have a nice meal with kittens in their new home. I really got attached to them.

As for the number of words... I really THOUGHT there were 10. I guess I must have counted one of them twice, because I think all my fingers were used up.

Akelamalu said...

I loved them all but I particularly liked Siren being naughty! :)

Odat said...

Great stories!!! " sleeping in a gravy boat"... love it!!!


Richard said...

Congrats on the effort and work to do three stories. As usual all were first rate. I guess my favorite is the one about Madison. You waxed quite romantic there and I liked that.

In my Hippie days I had a cat named


Dianne said...

thanks jay! - I hope it was creative juices and not OD'ing on coffee LOL

raven - I'm always so certain I'm missing something. I counted and went back to the old post - I always just know it's me LOL so see it isn't just you - it is me too.
I like Sally and Max too - made me think of all the young couples doing the best they can in this economy.

akelamalu - Siren particularly likes being naughty as well LOL
thanks and Si sends love. Mia is in a mood.

odat - I'm so happy you joined us! and thanks. trust me I could hear Mia kvetching :)

richard - I kinda enjoyed writing sweet and romantic - I don't do that often so I'm glad you liked.
Underfoot is a great name for a cat!

Jay Simser said...

I loved them all. I am lazy so I only do one but I am trying to connect them each week. I have no idea where the story is going. That is the fun of doing this. I am so glad you introduced me to Raven and this activity. Thanks again

the teach said...

My, My you did them all! How great! I jusst did a Mega this week - my first mega though! Thanks for the compliment at my blog Dianne - you are indeed a treasure too!

Michael Manning said...

WOW! That is cool! I began laughing about Siren as a "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"! I still think "Siren" is such a cool name for a cat!

Betty said...

Wonderful stories, wonderfully written! As always.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! WOW! That was some java jolt. I have a grin from ear to ear. I can't pick one to be my favorite. I enjoyed all three. Lisa

Dianne said...

thanks mr. simser :)
I don't think keep a salamander serial going can be called lazy. and I'm so glad you enjoy this and that you and raven have become friends. she's a special person.

thanks mary. they just poured out of me LOL again - it might have been the coffee!

Michael - he often acts as fidgety as a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! and I'm glad you like his name, I think it's pretty cool too.

thank you betty! so glad you're back with us this week. :)

Kim said...

You're know that, right?!

Tammy said...

You are a wonderful writer! I could never to that and half as well as you do. You rock!

bobbie said...

A perfect follow up to The Tale of Two Kitties. I think I liked siren's story best. They're all wonderful.

Minnesotablue said...

Yup you sure do ROCK.

Dianne said...

awwww kim! - thank you.

tammy - thanks! you should give wordzzle a whirl one Saturday, you'll be amazed at what word just suddenly hits you.

bobbie - I thought so too! just had kitties on the brain. siren is quite pleased with his bad boy persona.

and that you too minnesota. huge hugs!!

Jeff B said...

"That damn cat is back..." I wonder how many times that phrase has been uttered about one of mine as well.

Loved your cat "tails" this time around.

Dianne said...

thanks jeff :)
did you see Rich's comment about having a cat named 'Underfoot' - I think that says it for all cats.

tt said...

I could smell the odors at the flea market!! So vivid was your description! [I think I may have picked up a few things myself ;)]
Mia and that you put them in your stories.

the walking man said...

You must not drink a lot of coffee Dianne. that is a good thing that it still gives you a caffeine jolt and we get to read the wonderful result.


Dianne said...

tt - I love flea markets and big ole yard sales. wouldn't it be fun to spend a day together picking up a few things? :)

mark - I got up sooooo early so I had hours more coffee than usual. It was an odd clarity buzz LOL
I'm glad you liked the results.