Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Virtual Break Room

One of things I miss about working in a large company is the camaraderie, the friends you make and the fun you have.

Back at the Evil Empire Corporation we would have ridiculous fun conversations in the break room. We’d go down to the lobby to have a smoke, or hide from an asshat and there was always someone else there to bitch and rant with; someone who was also having a crappy day or needing a silly break.

Before I started my blog I visited a few forums and I made some lovely friends there. The problem with forums is that they’re very subject specific so it’s not a place to just ramble. And they attract trolls. The last thing I want to do when taking a break from BS is to become engaged in BS with strangers.

When I started the blog I had no idea what to expect. I hoped I’d gain some confidence in my writing and I hoped I’d find some like minded people. I knew blogs weren’t instantly satisfying; they’re not as interactive as forums.

Well! Yesterday the best of all worlds came crashing together in a crescendo of fun and talented insanity.

The wonderful folks at ’You Just Keep On Believing That’ hosted a Peach Fest. Go on over and take a look at what it was all about. And then return there – often – they’re a lovely group of people. Their posts are fun and their readers are, as Tina Turner would sing, ‘Simply The Best’.

When the long hours of work in my luxurious basement office (hell hole under my house) make me feel isolated and cranky it’s nice to have a place to go.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name!

Cheers to YJKOBT!


Doc said...

Thank you so much sweetie... We love having you over at our place as much as you like it. YJKOBT is kind of like Cheers... "You wanna be where everyone knows your name"

Thanks for helping to make Peachfest a one of a kind event yesterday!


Tammy said...

Hehehee...cute T-shirt!

Jay said...

Are you gonna wear that t-shirt when you go to the mall? ;-)

Minnesotablue said...

Sounds great. Will check it out. As always I am a dollar short and a day late. I just posted on your previous post. Guess I'm entitled to be a bit slower now that I'm retired.

Knight said...

That pool full of pudding sure was a lot of fun ;)

Raven said...

I'll pop over there right now. Glad you have a new "break room." Socializing is one of the best things about working, isn't it?

As American as Apple Pie said...

So glad you were able to be a part of Peachfest! It was a wicked good time and the pudding was awesome! Thanks for the push at the end.

Dianne said...

You're welcome doc :)
PeachFest has inspired a Love Fest.

tammy - the lovely (and lucious) Leighann designed them all. On their site, one post under the PeachFest you can find all the designs she set up.

absolutely Jay!! ;)
and it should really show off the nipple painting we all did yesterday.

minnesota - you're not slow! NEVER
you're casual and casual is cool :)

knight - that pool was awesome. I'm still finding bits of pudding here and there. I don't want to scrub too hard though and ruin the nipple painting ;)

Raven - IT IS! LOL
and I know you'll love them. they are wicked funny and sarcastic yet friendly and sweet. Amazing combination.

You're welcome Apple Pie, the push at the end was so much fun.

Akelamalu said...

I used to frequent some forums too but I find blogging so much more satisfying!

bobbie said...

1041 comments - Yeah but how many people? But they do all know your name! Anyway, it's gotta be a record of some kind. No wonder they cut it off at 200.

bobbie said...

Anyway, I tjhought it was peachy.

(sorry about that)

Dianne said...

akelamalu - I agree, blogging is far more satisfying. you can be more creative, share more ideas. I have even noticed that I enjoy a TV show more if I stay away from forums dedicated to the show. All the over analysis and snarkiness ruins the enjoyment.

bobbie - I thought your sorry was peachy ;)

tt said...

Cool site!!
That Peach pie recipe looks heavenly! Too cool Dinne, thanks.
And I'M sooooo glad you started blogging and that I found you ;)

Tranny Head said...

Alas, working with other people is not only the best thing, but also the worst thing about working. Heh - I always end up working for (or with) somebody who is a total putz. I swear I think they apply to where I'm working ON PURPOSE . . just to bug me!

Matt-Man said...

I only go to places where people know my name. Unfortunately I use a different one at each place, so it's hard to keep track of my aliases. Cheers!!

Jo said...

I arrived at the Peachfest late & still had fun---they really are cool peeps! I didn't read through all the comments though :P

The comraderie is the only thing I miss about working in an office...and you're right, blogging is great for that. I love that I can connect with some of my favorite people before I've even put on pants!

kenju said...

Thanks for send me over there. It is good to start the day with a hearty laugh!!!

Dianne said...

tt - I'm glad we found each other too!

tranny head!!! I love it!!!
and I hear you about putz-ville

matt - that's how I feel about my personalities.

jo - so now I'm going to be thinking of you pant-less. Cool ;)

kenju - I'm glad you like them, they are a fun group.

Doc said...

jo - so now I'm going to be thinking of you pant-less. Cool ;)

Me too...

The Mountain Cat said...

Thanks Dianne!!!!!!

Dianne said...

LOL doc! I think we're but two of many ;)

mountain cat - you're welcome, youse guys make my day!

Frank Baron said...

I've sat here now for five minutes trying to think if there's anything I miss about having a regular job/workplace.

I got nuthin'.

CG said...

I love blogworld...i can have enough of forums too.

fermicat said...

Those are some big peaches, di!

Schmutzie said...

You've been featured on Five Star Friday:

the walking man said...

I was reading in the 1000+ plus replies there yesterday Dianne. Damn funny place. A reality break in itself.

When working for evil entities (20 years for me) I found it more fun to use the rules to trip it with. That always made the "asshat" managers go crazy trying to get me to cross the line. ha ha ha ha ha ha it was great fun playing with the corporate culturally challenged, no?

Peace kiddo.

Dianne said...

frank - thanks for coming by especially since that got me over to your place and I got to start my day by reading a wonderful, thoughtful post.

cg - we are blog brethern - and I probably just spelled that wrong and used it in the wrong context LOL

schmutzie - thanks!!
I checked out your place, great idea and I'll be back to read more. My Nana used to call me 'schmutz' :)

mark - we used to call it "fucking with the fuckers" among other things. It was BEST when I was promoted to the board. Then we/us had someone on the inside. I'm sorry now that I didn't tape some of those meetings! I know they were among my best rants.
make sure to go over to YJKOBT often - they're a freakin' riot and there's often good music too!

Odat said...

Sounds lovely....I just may go check them out! thanks for the tip1


CrystalChick said...

I'm still not sure what to expect from blogland or what I even want mine to be or do. It's just there and I'm having fun with it.

Just stopping by to say hello to a fellow New Jerseyan! Not sure what part of the state you're in, I'm more southern but I completely know about the jug handles, backroads, and crazy drivers.
Have a happy weekend! Mary

Dianne said...

odat - they are a great crowd! I know you'll enjoy them.

crystalchick - nice to meet you :)
I'm exit 117 on the Parkway. We've been called Central, we've been called North. My favorite is when we're called Shore - that's just hilarious to me.

Anonymous said...

Love the VFW post. You go girl!

I had to giggle at your first story -- Darth Vader? lol Both of them were interesting reads.

I'll check out the peach fest later. Have to go outside now (the sun is shining!), but wanted to let you know the t shirt is terrific.