Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Big Red Truck

My friend Mary/the Teach hosts Ruby Tuesday.

Go check out some cool shots of RED

It is 100 degrees here today! Do you have any idea what that much heat does to the air over a major metropolitan area!? It ain’t pretty.

Adding to the junk in the air are those idiots who have to drive big old trucks for no good reason.

May I present my favorite pick-up driving jerk – my son! And his big ole red truck.

To cool us all off a bit I chose a photo from the winter of 2004 – the year the truck was born, its first snow.

Stay Cool Kids!


Tranny Head said...

Pick-up trucks are best when participating in a 4th of July parade with some kids eating popsicles sitting in the back of it driving slowly through the crowd, damnit.

the teach said...

Yeah, Dianne, 100 degrees and counting! I keep worrying we're gonna have a blackout... Love your COOL red truck! Thanks so much for participating!

Shelly said...

I saw your heat wave on the news, we're chillllly here...I'm wearing my fuzzy slippers and listening to the furnace rattle. Too bad we can't swap out a few degrees each way to make it a perfect 75 for all.

Dianne said...

You got it tranny head!
My son is so OCD about that truck no way he'd let a kid (with or without a popsicle) anywhere near it.

mary - I'm so glad I realized it was Tuesday! I've been wanting to take part.
we're having brownouts, they make me worry about my office server!

shelly - if only we could even it all out! this is so uncomfortable. stay cozy LOL

WillThink4Wine said...

Cool! My first truck was Red! Oh, how I loved that truck!

Here in the Deep South it's a rather cool 91 today, which is a nice break! It was 100 almost every day last week. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I am greatful!! Now I'm praying for rain.

Akelamalu said...

I had a red car once - I loved it!

jennifer said...

You better believe here in the South, we have got our fair share of Big Ol Red Trucks with Big Ol Rednecks driving them. I had a Big Ol Red truck for a while myself but Jeez Louise, we couldn't keep it and the Tahoe. GAS prices just stink.

Love the way the truck looks sitting in the middle of all of that white.

Take care Dianne.


Karen said...

It is that hazy kind of hot today. MISERABLE.

Jeni said...

Much as I can appreciate the beauty of photos of lovely snowflakes falling, etc., I gotta say that fire engine red truck parked in that snow scene made me almost wish for just a teensy-weensy (very) blast -like maybe 10 seconds worth -of weather like that today! Hotter than hades here too, ya know!
Stay cool, baby. Whatever means it takes, do it!

bobbie said...

I love the red truck, and I LOVE the snow today. It sent me right to my oldest daughter's blog, Charmed_Life. Her blogging career was very brief, but pretty funny while it lasted. check it out on my sideboard. The first one you come to is about a big old truck, in the snow.
It's in the 90's here again today, and I don't even want to know where the humidity stands.

Leighann said...

I just got done with my work out, so that snow looks inviting!

OMG! I'm delirious!!

I used to have a RED truck! It wasn't that big though.

Raven said...

Very cool truck! I like the cool flag in the back window. And I appreciate the snow. Angel and Tara Grace are flopped on the floor and sofa respectively and very miserable. I'm hanging in there. After 33 years of living in an un-airconditioned apartment in NYC, any weather here is child's play. Much as I don't want snow BACK, it does look very refreshing and it's a beautiful frame for the red of the truck.

CG said...

Quite warm here too...but nothing like YOUR heat!Great pic of the snow and the lovely truck...

Dianne said...

willthink4wine - I LOVE your name!
and I would like some rain now too. thanks for coming by, stay cool :)

akelamalu - bet you looked hawt (as tranny would say) in your red car ;)

thanks jennifer - thanks to gas prices my son has started using my little car to get to work. the truck has become one gorgeous driveway sculpture LOL

karen - I know! I think today is the worst so far. stay cool kid.

jeni - whatever means!? now ya know you shouldn't encourage me LOL
I love the winter so that photo is like a vacation picture to me.
hang in there lady

bobbie - I will check her out :)
I think the humidity today stands on all fours roaring its head off. I swear my driveway is melting.

leighann - you're really sticking with it, I'm so proud of you. I'm delerious and all I did was walk to the mailbox.
You too mush have been HAWT in your red truck ;)

raven - I should never complain, I have central air. Actually Siren hates the AC so he is hiding under his baby blankie and of course Queen Mia has her purple towel.
I love the way the truck looks in the snow, thanks.
the flag was something-brushed on by a firefighter who does it as a second job. he was doing it for all the guys who worked at Ground Zero. Isn't it awful that he has to work 2 jobs when he risks his life!? but he is a wonderful artist.
sending cool kisses to you and angel and tara grace.

Dianne said...

cg - I was in London once during a heat wave. There is no AC. You could immediately tell the Americans - they were all bitchin' about the heat. I was very well behaved. spent all day in a dark, cool pub :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! I love it. This made me cool on a hot day. I checked the weather channel website and it is 93 with a heat index of 101. I have to say that today is the worst so far. My a/c is having a hard time trying to keep it cool. If the weather people are right, which most times their not, it is supposed to cool down. Let's hope that this time they earn their salary and get it right. Try and keep cool. Lisa

Tammy said...

Very cool looking truck! I bet it's his baby.

Dianne said...

Hey Lisa! I'm glad this made you feel cooler for a moment :)
our AC is chugging, and the lights keep flickering.

tammy - It IS his baby.

Jay said...

I love trucks. Especially those big king-cab or four door trucks. I could never afford one, or even the upkeep and gas for one, but if I could I would probably have one. That truck is very cool.

Jackie said...

100 degrees! Whoah, I've flaked out just thinking about it. I guess you could do with a bit of that snow to cool you all down. Great picture :)

Dianne said...

jay - this truck has more accesories than I do!!
It has a custom grill - looks like shark teeth. all kinds of do hickies and thingie things that do something or look cool.
It is a beauty - he works overtime to pay for it.

jackie - glad you like the pic. I'm flaking out every time I open my side door.

Sleepypete said...

11pm and it's currently just under 90 degrees in the house, according to my thermometer fridge magnet :-) And I'm probably not helping that by having my main PC running its processors at full speed. Spookily enough, it's running a couple of climate models ...

Little too hot nowadays. And I know what you mean by the air - I'm glad I live in the suburb areas instead of in the central part of the city ...

Chuck said...

Is it a diesel? That would be one good thing about it ... Only 'cause he could go bio!

I have a giveaway if ya wanna stop by. Hope you're staying cool. *huggies*

Tere said...

That's one cool red truck your son has! Happy Tuesday! :)

Odat said...

What a cool color for a pick up!!
I love red cars. I've never had one (yet). I just may get myself a red convertible...It's what the chic "retired women" drive!!! ahahaha.

tt said...

I love the truck!!! Love the snow!!!Love the red!!! WOW...just the 'pop' we needed today that's for sure. The east coast is burning up...we're drowning...the upper west coast has snow....wtf??
Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor I think! :)

Ladynred said...

Nice red truck!!!

the walking man said...

Ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ahaaa!

Tell your son to take the cover off the bed, at least then it will make him look like something other than an urban cowboy. All vehicles are shit.

Having gotten to the point where I was fixin' 2500 a year, I loved OCD people and their rides. $$$$$$$$$$$$

On another note it really is sad that you're in a heat wave...relief is on the way as soon as we send some of this 70 degree weather your way Dianne; Of course it has to pick up heat and moisture from Erie first.

eija said...

Ouch - that photo really scared me when I saw it! Tried to figure out if it really looks like that somewhere in June :D

Anyway, stopped by to say thank you for visiting my photo blog :)

Casdok said...

How hot?!!
Love the truck!

Dianne said...

sleepy pete - "running climate models" - I got this image of a Bond villian - ruling the world with weather! Remember we're friends and save a place for me in the hidden volcano city.

chuck - I'll drop by as soon as morning calls are over. It's not a diesel, just a guzzling bastard.

thanks tere!

odat - if ever there was a chic retired woman it is YOU.

tt - thanks sweetie! Mother Nature is pissed!! and keeps trying to tell us to pay attention.

ladynred - thanks :)
your name is perfect for Ruby Tuesday :)

mark - OCD urban cowboys!! how does it feel inside my head - is it crowded or drafty?
take the bed cover off? you must be insane!! then it might get dirty!!

eija - it is snowing in the NW - here in NJ we're just melting away. thanks for stopping by :)

casdock - too hot!! and yeah, the truck is a beauty - just wish she ran on french fries or candy canes.
I've been checking your blog a lot - I miss ya - hugs.

Sandpiper said...

Ahhhh, refreshing to see snow! Great "red" post! It's brutally hot here, too.

Diane Mandy said...

Big truck with big old American flag! I'd say it's the perfect Red post for a red hot day.

Pagan Sphinx said...

What a great photo for the theme. We have a truck that we hardly ever use but even when it's truly needed, I feel guilty when we drive it.

Dianne said...

sandpiper - it was refreshing! thanks. I keep coming back to look at it and dream :) brutal is the word for it.

diane - thanks :)
people see that truck in the driveway and are then shocked to see all my Obama stickers and flags LOL
of course on my little car :)
silly stereotypes

Doc said...

hopefully you will be getting a break int eh heat tomorrow... We are supposed to.

Dianne said...

it's better today doc - funny how 86 can suddenly seem downright chilly.

Jo said...

Geez, send me some of your heat--we could use another 15 degrees. When it's really hot here the sky turns a lovely shade of sludge & the hills burst into flames. It's like Armageddon only with short-shorts.

I love your son's truck! They're just so beefy. Gas must be killing him though, we finally topped $5!

Dianne said...

jo - Armageddon with short shorts!! I love you.
It is a beefy truck that's for sure. He's been borrowing my little car a lot to go to work.

karey m. said...

my eyes are dry as dust from all the sand on our vacation...but this red truck with the flag and that brush of snow?

all better.

fermicat said...

That is one all-American truck!

Dianne said...

karey - I'm glad :)
I do hope you're enjoying the sandy days.

fermicat - that's my boy!