Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Just Let Me Brush You!

My talented friend Mary/the teach hosts RUBY TUESDAY. Red has never been a favorite color of mine; it lags far behind Purple and Black (the RC colors of death) BUT thanks to the wonderful photos of those celebrating Ruby Tuesday I am gaining a new appreciation for red.

Mia and Siren both have their own grooming gloves. I have several wonderful, efficient, expensive brushes and combs that every cat before the Mi/Si duo of phobias loved. Nothing comes easy with these two.

Mia is more cooperative than Siren. As long as I hold her under the neck she’ll let me brush her – for a few moments at a time. Then she goes all stiff protestor posture which is my cue to back off. Since she’s long haired I need to brush her one million times a day to have any control over her fur.

Siren just doesn’t like to be touched. Even though he is so much better today than ever before he is very skittish (even for a cat!) and he has so many trust issues (even for a cat).

And he’s smarter than me – which means I can rarely trick him for more than a moment. In the photo above he is performing his usual inspection of the grooming glove which is almost always followed by one long yowl and a warning shot of paw and teeth.

Usually I just tell him I understand and that I’ll try again later. If I’m feeling risky I will try to contain him while he does an excellent interpretive dance right out of ‘The Exorcist’.

And if I’m in a pissy mood of my own then I’ll just remind him that whatever doesn’t get brushed off today gets thrown up tomorrow.

I swear he’s laughing as I walk away.


Odat said...

Love the glove!!! LOL at their attitudes. and Yes, I'm sure Siren is laughing at ya! :-)


marcia said...

keep up groom work :) maybe eventually you will get that mutual indifference going:)

Dianne said...

odat - thanks for confirming my suspicions!! I think Siren gets a real kick out of me ;)

marcia - you clearly understand cats! I strive for mutual indifference, then we could get something done LOL

ellen b said...

I'm glad you are coming to peace with "red" :0)
Your cats sound very entertaining!

Julie said...

Oooh I'll bet my Lucy would LOVE that glove! She loves being brushed!

Nice blog here! I look forward to returning!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Both photos are great! Your post made me laugh. Have a great Tuesday!!

Napaboaniya said...

I'm sure it enjoys the brushing of her fur with that brush glove :)

Suzanne said...

How lovely for your cats to get such a nice grooming. Hope you dont mind me commenting I have just popped over from another blog.

Anndi said...


"excellent interpretive dance right out of ‘The Exorcist’"


My cat used to do one of those.

the teach said...

Oh Dianne, what cat lovers go through for their adorable pets! But thanks for posting that red grooming glove for Ruby Tuesday. I'm surprised the kitty cats don't like it. I think I'd like it! Ha!

Jeni said...

Not brushed today, thrown up tomorrow, huh? Don't ya just love those barfy hairballs? With our old cat -Gracie (deceased in April 2008) I used to say judging by how much fur she shed and coughed up, she should have been bald many years before she died. But she always still had that fluffy hair coat of hers that never seemed to diminish at all.
Peace -for you -and for Siren and Mia.

Ladynred said...

That's a really cute kitty with the brush!

Raven said...

I love the pictures and the story. I never saw a grooming glove before (such a sheltered life!). What a cool idea! I'm very bad about brushing my cats because it tends to make me wheezy when I do. Angel loves it. Tara, not so much. Anyway, I love the expression on Siren's face in the first... and the body language in the second shot.

Hilary said...

Cats are ALWAYS laughing at us.. it's what they do best. Great photos of pretty kitties.

I thought I was the only one who doesn't like red. I'm not alone in that! Who knew? ;)

Askew To You said...

I've never seeen grooming gloves before. What a great idea. And definitely red. :D

Jay said...

You might need to get some of those arm protectors that people who train attack dogs use!

Dianne said...

ellen - the two of them are a laugh riot!! and yes - I'm appreciating red more thanks to all of you.

julie - thanks!! I look forward to you returning too.

thanks karen - I go for the laughs ;)

Dianne said...

napaboaniya - they hide their enjoyment well LOL

suzanne - I LOVE new folks :)
I'll come visit later.

anndi - when they start the dance ya just gotta get out of the way.

teach - thanks for getting me into red :)
I would love it if someone would pamper me LOL

jeni - I remember the photos of gracie, she looked like Mia. I could do without the barfing

ladynred - thanks!! they know they're cute LOL

raven - I thought the gloves would solve the resistance movement. No such luck.

hilary - and when they're not laughing at us they're smirking. I'm so glad to have a fellow red not my favorite color person ;)

askew - they are great! the closest to anything that's worked so far. thanks :)

jay - I actually still have my "haz-cat" garb from when I first rescued Siren. Most of it is stuff my son wears when working in manholes and other dangerous spots. He says Siren is way more scary than anything he ever encountered under NYC LOL

Knight said...

That exorcist line really got me laughing. You are a riot.

My boyfriend won't brush his cat. He says you only need to brush long hair cats. Now his bed has a thick layer of fur.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! What a riot. I loved "If I'm feeling risky I will try to contain him while he does an excellent interpretive dance right out of 'the Exorcist'. When my cat gets sick I called it "she Linda Blaired all over".

I am reconsidering what I previously posted about that your cuties are almost as cute as mine. They are as cute as mine. You have nursed Mia back to perfect health. She is beautiful. And Siren is as handsome as can be. Take care. Lisa

Dianne said...

thanks knight LOL - I like being a riot ;)
all cats need to be brushed - tell the boyfriend he's got to do it - if he was bald wouldn't he still wash his head? cats have skin too.
and a fur bed can get uncomfortable

lisa - what a sweet thing to say!! especially since your babies are so adorable.
Mia does look so much healthier doesn't she!? when I saw the photo it really struck me - she's gained weight, he coat is shinier and her eyes are clear. it makes me so happy that she found her way here and that she's happy.

kenju said...

I NEED one of those!! My cats are shedding terribly this summer.

Akelamalu said...

Our dog, Guinness, used to love being brushed then vacuumed to removed all the loose hair!

Dianne said...

kenju - I don't have the box anymore and the tag doesn't tell me but I think it is called the 'Love Glove' or the 'Comfort Glove' - I got them at a PetSmart

akelamalu - I had a cat who loved to be vacuumed! what a breeze that was.

CG said...

Your cats are such characters! Your post really made me laugh!!

Tink *~*~* said...

My first reaction is, "yeah, show that cat who's boss" but I think he's already done that :D Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Dianne said...

cg - characters they are ;)
glad you laughed!!

tink - they're in charge LOL

Tammy said...

For a minute I thought that was the same cat before and after your brushed it. I thought, "Damn that's a good brush." LOL

Ron said...

Since we've just met, you wouldn't know that I am absolutely head over heels in love with cats!

And what's really funny, is that I had two (a momma and son) Jerry and Zoe. And they were both exactly as you desribed Mia and Siren (which by the way...I love those names)!

Hey...these "brush thingys" that you show here, I've never seen before, but they look like the BOMB! How cool are they???

Anyway, your last 3 paragraphs had me smiling and laughing!

I knew I liked you!

Quiet Rage said...

GAWWWD... psycho CATS! I've got one of my own. LOVE HIM

Jeni said...

Hey Baby! Cone on over to my house and pick up a lovely item I have there for you. It's meant to be given to someone who is smart, savvy, sassy, sexy and sweet -also a bit on the looney tunes side from time to time -and kiddo, I do believe you fill that bill quite nicely! Come on over and get it now!

Roger said...

lol nice glove great Ruby Tuesday photos Dianne.

The neighbors cat hangs at my house all the time I think it adopted me, very unusual cat it loves its belie

Matt-Man said...

Cats...in a word, Rock. Cheers Di!!

the walking man said...

Wish I had thought to glue red tire treads on an oven mitt!!!!!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Honey you are definitely singin' to the choir...I long ago gave up trying to trick my cats into believing that the glove on my hand was simply a driving glove (sorry, Pyewackit was sitting right behing me and I think he learned how to read about five years ago!) Trying to outsmart a cat...an oxymoron if ever there was one...even as I sit here with Hound (our foundling 8 week old bottle raised kitten)wrapped around my neck I am wondering how in the world the cats got the upper hand...I came via Jeni at River Drivel...she assured me I would love your blog...yep, Jeni never lies!

Dianne said...

tammy - that's hilarious!!

ron - awwww thanks! I knew I liked you too the moment your blog page opened.

quiet rage - of all the psychos in my life my cats are by far the sweetest and most entertaining.

jeni - on my way :)

roger - what a compliment from a cat - to be adopted and to allow belly rubbing. most of the neighbors have dogs and they all wind up here - actually so do their kids :)

they do rock matt-man - and so do you :)

mark - with all the special attention I give these 2 I keep thinking there's got to be an invention in here somewhere

Dianne said...

sandi - welcome!! jeni rocks!! I think the only reason we still have any control at all is because they can't drive and they don't have credit cards.

Kerslyn said...

That was cute! We have a cat too as smart as yours :-)

Maggie May said...

Hi! just doing a return visit! Thanks for visiting me! You seem to have a popular blog here & I will have a browse round before I go!
Lovely cat... don't blame you for leaving the hairs for another day!

Real Live Lesbian said...

My dog is much smarter than I am, too! So I understand your pain.

Oftentimes, I wonder who is training who. Then I go get her a treat.

karey m. said...

cats are such jackasses, aren't they?

Dianne said...

kerslyn - I think they have a union! ;)

thanks for the visit maggie mae.

RLL - they do have us trained well. I think dogs are kinder than cats (don't tell Mi/Si!). I want to add a dog to our circus but I think I need more rooms first.

LOL karey m - yes they are!!

SnoopMurph said...

Ian loves your kitty picture this week!

Funny, neither of our two cats (who are on to their next lives) were cuddly or enjoyed petting or brushing.

The interpretive dance comment was the best!

Dianne said...

snoopmurph - the Mi/Si duo send hugs to Ian and Connor :)

I was spoiled by my sweet JR (he too has moved on). JR cuddled and kissed and tried to sit on my lap even if I was walking.

But then again Mia and Siren do show love in their own ways. Si rubs his head against me like crazy and Mia licks my hand.

Lisa said...

Ah, I knew I could get a chuckle if I stopped in and had a peek at what you've been up to.

Doc said...

Those gloves look like a good idea... No cat I have ever known would let me groom them.

Minnesotablue said...

Congrats on your award! I never liked red until a few years ago and now I find myself admiring so many different shades.Am taking Cierra to see the original RED Ruby Slippers in a few days, can hardly wait. Never saw a grooming glove but KiKI loves to have my husband just brush her

Dianne said...

lisa - a chuckle a day keeps ... I got nuthin' LOL
always glad when you stop by :)

doc - they are a good alternative to a brush for the picky crowd but some level of cooperation is still required and my guys just don't get cooperation ;)

minnesotablue - thank you. jeni is entirely too good to me. I'm trying to decide who to pass it on to and then I'll put it up
where are the slippers being exhibited? DC?

me ann my camera said...

Both Gandalf and the pillow looks so silkey; lovel photo!
nature tales and camera trails

Charlene said...


great pictures of your cat~~ I don't know what I would do without my kitty~~she has been a life saver since my husband committed suicide~~he got her for me about 6 months before~~ i think he knew just how much love she would show me

Dianne said...

me ann - I know exactly which entry you're referring to! but as the song says - "it ain't me babe"
I love the photo of Gandalf and I believe it was the doll he pulled down.
there are so many folks to visit when your try to visit everyone so confusion (and hilarity) ensues!

charlene - cats are credited with intuitive powers. what they don't get enough credit for is how loving they are - I'm so glad your guy brings you comfort. and once again - I admire how open you are about your life and your feelings.
Fucking A Lady ;)

fermicat said...

I have one of these, but it is a boring beige color. Not only do the cats love it, it is great at removing cat fur from the couch and rugs.

Dianne said...

fermicat - it is!! I've never seen them in any color but red.

magnetbabe said...

"Siren just doesn't like to be touched."

I don't know why this made me laugh so hard. Maybe because it's obvious who runs that house (it's okay, we're all pussy-whipped here too). If only they could show some appreciation for all that we do!

ETK said...

OMG - that was so funny! :) I love the last part where you remind him that what isn't brushed is thrown up later. :) That really cracks me up. I'm going to start telling my "kids" that too.

Dianne said...

"pussy-whipped" !!!! you got that right Auntie Babe!

etk - good luck with telling the kids anything lol they do as they please.

cathy said...

"If I’m feeling risky I will try to contain him while he does an excellent interpretive dance right out of ‘The Exorcist’."

love it!