Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Wordzzlin' - Ain't It Divine

Happy Summer Everybody! Fan yourself with a good dictionary – it develops upper arm strength – crank up the laptop and enjoy some Wordzzle.

Brought to us by the always cool Raven. Stop by her place, check out her stories and don’t forget to check out Mr. Linky (he might be wearing Speedos) so that you can enjoy all the Wordzzle entries.

Ten Word Challenge: solitaire, pathological, grackles, alternative life style, manifest destiny, polarization, ugly duckling, folding chairs, flibberty-gibbet, hand grenade

Finola could not understand why she had been assigned the task of setting out all the folding chairs. Was it because she was the ugly duckling of the group? Perhaps it was due to the fact that the house mother often referred to her as a flibberty-gibbet. Such an unfair assessment! So what if she was a pathological liar. Her lies were harmless – she had lied about knowing what Manifest Destiny meant, she had lied about seeing the grackles build their nest. Were white lies dangerous? Finola viewed lying as an alternative life style, much like role playing and far more entertaining than one more game of solitaire. It certainly wasn’t meant to cause strife in the house; she shouldn’t be held responsible for the deep sense of polarization that had developed among her housemates. She was being punished for a power she didn’t possess. Well she would show them. Finola reached into the deep pocket of her summer frock and fondled the bumpy texture of the hand grenade. What an explosive recital this would be!

And the Mini Challenge: marathon, the butler did it, curtain, hand cream, flatulence

Buster Bugley peeked out from behind the red curtain. He despised playing piano for these ridiculous girl’s school recitals. They were a marathon of bad singing and clumsy ribbon dancing. He wished he had the balls to put slimy hand cream all over the stairs leading to the stage, what a sight that would be!; rows and rows of silly girls slipping on the stairs like a demented dominos game. Buster’s attempt to choke back his maniacal laughter just aggravated his flatulence and soon the entire back stage area smelled like rotten eggs and baked beans. “Good Lord” exclaimed Finola, “what is that putrid smell?” Buster looked at the odd girl standing there with her hands thrust deep in her pockets. “How the hell should I know?” he barked at her, “perhaps the butler did it”.

And my Mega …

The Pokey brothers stood together and looked at the huge neon sign for their new club – ‘Polarization’. All that was left to do after weeks and weeks of preparation was to get through opening night. The club was their attempt to make a living and have an alternative life style at the same time. In celebration of opening night they had booked ‘Manifest Destiny’ a hugely popular country band and ‘Pathological Pukers’ – an up and coming rap/punk/metal group. ‘Flibberty-Gibbet’ a strawberry colored rip-off of ‘Blue Man Group’ was the opening act. The idea behind the club was to bring people together by offering vastly different music on the same bill. “Are all the folding chairs set up? Is the curtain set? Will it actually open this time?” Paulie asked his brother. “I’ve been worried about that new bartender; he just sits in the office playing solitaire”. Petey grinned at his big brother. “It’s all going to be fine, relax”. “This marathon worry fest of yours will kill ya, or at least cause chronic flatulence”. “I do feel like a hand grenade exploded in my gut” Paulie admitted. “Discovering that nest of grackles under the marquee really threw me”. “Go make yourself pretty. You are the family ugly duckling so use lots of hand cream on your face”. Paulie smiled at the old childhood joke. “I wonder why you got all the looks” he winked at Petey. “Aww Paulie, you know why, Mom told ya a million times, the butler did it”.


Jeff B said...

Buster and Finola sound like quite a crew to reckon with. Glad I didn't go to school with them.

Sounds like the butler was spreading more than just the sheets on the bed in the second one.

Always fun to read what you come up with.

Dana said...

Those of you who Wordzzle just AMAZE me! The things you are able to accomplish with such a hodge-podge of words! Great job!

Odat said...

Happy Summer to you too!!!
Another great Wordzzle!!!! lol.

Raven said...

Works of genius yet again. I love that the first two are connected and you pack so much content into all of them, especially the third. Wonderful as always! I love the name Finola too.

Jay said...

I think that Fiona sounds like a couple of ex girlfriends of mine. ;-)

And I love "Pathological Pukers" as a punk band name! That's funny!

Akelamalu said...

You're a genius Dianne! I love the way you used some of the words and phrases as names and did you notice how many of us blamed the butler for the flatulence? LOL

Dianne said...

thanks jeff - I like Finola, in a sad, dangerous way :)

hey dana - thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words!! Loved your photo on bagwine today!

odat - happy summer to you too lady! thanks

raven - thanks!! poor Finola, so mis-understood.

jay - are any of these ex-girlfriends still stalking you!? wear the helmet kid LOL

akelamalu - poor gassy butler although in my last story at least he got to have sex!!
I loved how your stories were like the start of a spy thriller.

Bob-kat said...

How do you come up with some of these names? They're great :)

I sometimes feel like Finola. In fact one of my favourite phrases when asked if everything is okay is "fine, nothing that a rooftop adn an AK-47 wouldn't fix". I'm pretty sure you know the feeling ;)

I wonder if Finola goes through with it or if something changes her mind? You always write these so well.

Leighann said...

I love your place on Saturdays!!

Shelly said...

"the butler did it" line on the last one made me giggle - cough..dang near spilled my coffee!
Good ones! I'm still feeling bad for Fiona.

Shelly said... hasn't kicked in yet.
Finola (sp)

Karen said...

Good job. One of these days I am going to get back into the Wordzzle stuff. And congrats on you Cow.

Betty said...

Great! Loved all three!

Michael Manning said...

Of course no one gave a better rendition of "Solitaire" than Elvis Presley. However, I share that at the risk of sounding pathological. Nevertheless, it's true. Lately there's been a lot in the papers about grackles in response to the alternative life style, but I ask you. Unless one reads the paper, how can they manifest destiny away from the polarization that comes from being around incompatible people. Put another way, who wants an ugly duckling? But it is summertime after all and folding chairs, and flibberty-gibbet will abound. Thankfully we live in a civilized country with no fear of a hand grenade!

Dianne said...

bobkat - they just come to me LOL
workings of a twisted mind ;)
and yes!!! I sure do know that feeling

leighann - thanks sweetie !!

shelly - never spill the first coffee!! I feel sorry for Finola too!

karen - you've been swamped, when the mood strikes you Wordzzle will come back :)
I am thrilled with my COW - thanks

betty - I miss your stories. thanks for checking out mine :)

michael - this is your best drive-by Wordzzle yet!!

Jay Simser said...

I loved them as always. You are so talented. I wonder if the bands will make it over to the Salamander Sisters?

Tammy said...

I think you really should be an author, you are an amazing writer!

Kimmie said...

ROFL! Buster Bugsley? What a funny name! Poor Finola, I feel sorry for her also. I am wondering about that hand grenade...hmmmm. Great third story also! LOL! The band names ar great! You are a great storyteller Dianne!

Richard said...

Sounds like there's going to be a party in someone's pants. These connnected stories are great and your mega was really good. Great read.


bobbie said...

Poor Finola. So misunderstood.

As always, you've done a great job. The last one was wickedly funny.

Dianne said...

thanks mr simser :)

tammy - what a cool thing to say, thanks so much!

kimmie - I saw this kinda creepy guy and Buster Bugley just popped into my head :)
I'm so glad you liked them all!

richard - violence, bad feelings, creepy old guys - I was thinking of my Catholic school!!

bobbie - I may have to bring Finola back, everyone feels for her. Perhaps she'll run away and be a lounge singer for the Pokey Bros.!
thanks bobbie :)

Jo said...

I love the way you weave the stories together from different's like a Tarantino flick, only with a higher vocabulary :)

I've had summer frocks & speedos on my brain lately--you're in my head, Sweetpea!

Dianne said...

oh jo-jo - me sweetie :)
I loves me a Tarantino flick!
I like being in your head, it's so bright and busy there.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! As always, well done.
Why is it that the butler always gets blamed. At least this time the butler had a little fun. Lisa

Ron said...

OOOOOH damn, Dianne...your MEGA had me in STICHES!!

I LOVE how you incorporated the words as the "band names." Very clever you are! And the hand cream on the face....BRAVO!

I've read several of these on various blogs, and I've come to the conclusion...the BUTLER is one GASSY DUDE!

Great job, Dianne!

Dianne said...

Lisa - the butler is just so easy to blame isn't he? this time he was gettin' it on ;)

ron - he is a gassy sassy dude! LOL
glad they made you laugh :)

Claire said...

Cool as!


Roger said...

Thats great stuff Dianne! You rock!!

Dianne said...

thanks for coming by claire

roger - thanks!!

tt said...

well, you did it again..only this time you gave us a wee bit of a twist didn't you!? Connecting the first two was sheer genius.... I actually sat up straight and sucked air when i realized it...
At first I thought they were all connected...then I realized it was just the words...but I kept rereading the stories just to make sure. ha

Charlene said...

Since I was gone all weekend I didn't wiifit, but from what Mom and I did, I know we are going to love it
I'll be posting more about wiifit and the other games as I figure out how to use/play them
Thanks for stopping by

Charlene said...

Since I was gone all weekend I didn't wiifit, but from what Mom and I did, I know we are going to love it
I'll be posting more about wiifit and the other games as I figure out how to use/play them
Thanks for stopping by

the walking man said...

Farts and exploding hand grenades?!? Oh hell yea that is the stuff of legend, then mix in the butler cuckolding the man of the house, yes that is some good story tellin'

Matt-Man said...

For some reason the line:

she had lied about knowing what Manifest Destiny meant

cracked me up. How odd? Cheers Di!!

Daryl said...

Late to the party but enjoying the prose nonetheless!


Dianne said...

tt - you might have caught on to something even I didn't realize at first. I've been trying for a long time now to continue a story within Wordzzle and since everyone feels for Finola I might have her work at the 'Polarization' club in the next story. If she doesn't blow up of course! ;)

cool charlene - I'll look forward to reading about it.

mark - thanks!! I love when I'm dark enough for you - makes me feel bright!

matt-man - we may have known each other in another life. back in Catholic (Prison) School I used to make up shit just to drive the nuns crazy. I wrote an entire report on how Communism was all about people living together at the beach. So that's where the Manifest Destiny line came from ;)
I love that it cracked you up.

never late daryl! we're always here :)
glad you enjoyed.

Raven said...

I forgot to come back the other day and post a comment on Michael Manning's "secret" wordzzle. It was his best yet. We need to get him out of the wordzzle closet and into the open. If you get a chance, check out a wordzzle posted by San - side bar A Life With A View - and someone new today who posted a link to her wordzzle in my OSI post.

the teach said...

An incredible Wordzzle - that first one - :)

Dianne said...

I'll check out the new wordzzles Raven. and yes!! I wish Michael would wordzzle in the open but he is very disciplined in his blogging. His days are pretty much full with his regular features.

thanks teach!! I like the first one best myself. I'm thinking of bringing Finola back this Saturday.