Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Those Damn Yankees Slept Here

Time for another RUBY TUESDAY. Make sure to stop by and check out all the others.

In honor of Mary’s visit to Boston this past weekend I pulled out a photo I took the last time I was there.

It’s the facade of the Copley Square Hotel. I like the bits of red showing through the trees. I discovered all sorts of new angles – many made necessary by being on a lurching bus stuck in mid-day Boston traffic.

I remember this hotel vividly because the tour guide told us the Yankees stay there when in town and of course everyone on the bus booed which made me laugh out loud. All eyes turned to me and I said “Oh give me a break, I was born in Brooklyn and I live in NJ. Do you really think a little booing can upset me?”

Later I was drinking with a few of the folks from the bus and received the ultimate Bostonian compliment. It’s probably an old Irish blessing as well. One of the guys told me – “I like you. You’re the only Yankees fan I don’t want to kill”.

See how easy it is to get along! Happy Ruby Tuesday.


Raven said...

Cool angle.... and I love the story.

Knight said...

That is a neat angle and the perfect amount of sky is balancing the picture.

Hearing people get so upset over the Yankees drives me insane. I don't even like them but you can easily get into a bar brawl by mentioning the wrong team. So Stupid.

bobbie said...

Yes, it is stupid, but your response was perfect. and it ended up with friendship, right? Way to go.

the teach said...

This is a great photo, Dianne! Better than if we saw the whole name of the hotel. "Red peeking through!" I considered wearing my Yankee shirt with Jeter's name on the back when I went to Boston but Vinny, my hubby dear, said "Not a good idea." I'm sure he was right! Duh! Thanks for making Ruby Tuesday a success! And for posting in my honor! :)

ellen b said...

What a great umm compliment. Hilarious...

For The People said...

Good Morning from Mississippi! Hope you have a great week. Keep up the good work here! Cool!

Leighann said...

My husband claims to be a Yankees fan. We've been together since 1999 and I've never seen him watch a single game. Not one.

I think he's a poser.

cathy said...

i stayed at the copley last 4th of july when margie and i were stalking craig. it's a lovely old fashioned building. not a yankee in sight though. well, not a baseball yankee.

WillThink4Wine said...

Yup, that sounds like an Irish Blessing, alright! Kinder than I would've expected!

Laura@Storytellin' Mama said...

Cute story and great photo!!

Very nice compliment indeed!

Odat said...

What a great shot.....and greater compliment!

Dusty said...

I lived in Boston for five years, in the fenway to be exact.

I was always considered the 'outsider' since it was obvious I wasn't from around there...and when they heard I was from Cali..then they really gave me hell. ;)

Its still my favorite city on the east coast however.

Love the line from the Bostonian!

me ann my camera said...

Outstandingly red in both hue and angle!

Doc said...



Ivanhoe said...

Congrats on winning Creative Photo Contest last week! I still think you should have won the first one (in the club :o) as well.
Have a great day, Di!

jientje said...

Love the compliment.
AND the picture!

Dianne said...

thanks raven - it was an open air bus so that was good but there were bars and children's heads everywhere lol so I had to get creative

knight - I really appreciate you mentioning the balance of sky - I played with that when I cropped it and it took me forever to decide which one I liked.
all these team/city rivalries are ridiculous, I can't believe people actually hurt each other over them.

bobbie - It did! thanks!! I also scored big good will points when I said that Boston fans are loyal - they wait and wait for their teams to do well. And I meant it. I drank a lot for free that night and got a promise to spare other Yankee fans in the future :)

mary - you're welcome and thank you too! your husband was totally right!! that would be seen as an act of agression - silly but true.

ellen - lol - I took it as the honor it was and was glad to live ;)

thanks for the people. :)

leighann - a poser! lol
when we finally get to meet each other I'll put him through a test - we'll get to the bottom of it ;)

cathy - stalking Craig! whatever do you mean? ;)

willthink4wine - that's what I thought too!! lol

thanks laura :)

odat - I really belong in the diplomatic corp. ;)

dusty - I love Boston too. even when they're acting a bit rowdy and trying to pose as unfriendly. as long as you can keep up with them they're cool. and my dearest friend lives there.

me ann - thank you! I played a bit with the hue also. the original shot had too much light bouncing back from the sun. I'm so pleased, thanks again! :)

ya know doc - one of these days!! straight to the moon. ;)

ivanhoe - thank you so much!! I'm still surprised I won lol there's some amazing photography around these parts.

jientje - thank you! that is one of my favorite Boston stories.

Ralph said...

I like the Sawx, but don't dislike Yankee fans. Really! However, Tampa Bay is for real and I don't think the AL Wild Card is coming from the AL East anyway this year. So we both may be out of luck in October...

CG said...

Oh Dianne...I hope this won't finish our friendship but...I'm a Mets fan (that's why our cat is called Shea!!)

Dianne said...

ralph - I like Tampa Bay. I'm also more of a Yankees old-timer fan than a current fan. I met so many of the greats. Goose, Billy Martin, Guidry, Reggie, and many more. My son and I went to so many games back then and we would get there the minute the stadium opened.

cg - never! we're friends to the end. plus my beloved Jets once played at Shea so I'll just think of it that way ;)

Askew To You said...

I love it - a story to go with the photo. :D

Jeff B said...

The fact that they didn't make you walk the rest of the way speaks to your carming character.

tt said...

I seriously doubt if there's a person on this earth who doesn't like you!!! What's not to like!? Like.....hell...what's not to love??!! I bet going places with you is a hoot! I hope I get the chance one day. That would make my millenium!

Roger said...

Great Ruby Tuesday and good story!

Dianne said...

askey to you - thanks, I find it impossible to not tell a story, must be the Irish in me :)

jeff b - lol - thanks!! and I love your typo - it is a new word - "carming" - the cross between caring and calming. I'm going to use it and make it popular. I'll totally give you credit.

awwwww tt - I love you too but trust me, I can be a royal pain in the ass - especially when the menopause is acting up lol I do try to temper everything with humor and "carming"
we are definitely going to go on a road trip one of these days!!

thanks roger :)

JunieRose2005 said...


I really loved the story - LOL- especially yer attitude! haha-

I have a very good friend ( Long Islander) who is a big Yankees fan!

Oh! And I liked the photo too! ;)


Dianne said...

Junie - thanks!! My son has a bunch of friends on Long Island and of course all the new friends here in NJ. It's hilarious to listen to them go on and on about hockey since they have the devils and the islanders and the rangers to choose from LOL

My best to your friend - it's hard being a Yankees fan on LI - it's far more Mets country :)

juliana said...

i love the vintage feel to the photo and that was a great story!

Patti said...

Nice photo. Love the retro look. Copley Square Hotel it looks like ;-)

I enjoyed the story. Great compliment and I'm glad he didn't want to kill you.

Dianne said...

thanks juliana - those Sox fans were really a bunch of great guys lol

patti - I'm sorry I didn't stay at that hotel - I opted for some trendy boutique place and all I wanted to do there was smack everyone - pretentious central ;)
I was very glad to live to drink another day lol

Karen said...

I love that picture.