Friday, August 29, 2008

I Got Da Boot!

I debated between doing my second Sky Watch and sharing a bit of my charmed life.

I opted for sharing.

My slightly swollen, hurts a bit ankle turned out to be a tibial tendon tear. Posterior tibial for those who are all medical like.

Tibial Tendon Tear Toots!

I will admit to a bit of self-pity. The ankle twisted because my poor left side takes a beating when my back is out. Because of the scoliosis (spine curve) I have a screwed up center. If I was on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ they’d be talking about my core of gravity handicap.

I have scoliosis because I was raised by wolves. Neglectful parents who ignored all letters and calls from several doctors. It almost ended up in Family Court but this was the 50s and child neglect was usually swept back behind closed doors.

Scoliosis is 100% treatable in the first 10 years of your life. The success rate plunges from then on. By the time I was 20 and capable of attempting to do something on my own the success rate of the surgery was less than 5% and required 12 to 18 months of recovery and therapy and movement restrictions. I was alone with a 3 year old – not a risk I could afford to take – certainly not at those odds.

This always comes up and smacks me in the face each time I see a new Dr. Inevitably the question “why wasn’t this taken care of?” is asked. Then we go through all the things that are happening because a severe spine curvature kinda messes with your body. It makes me quiet for a spell, usually brings out some old anger issues and then makes me cry.

Need a cart for all that baggage?

I had to wait 3 hours for the Docs office to finally get my insurance company to certify the MRI. It had to be done right then since the world pretty much stops for Labor Day Weekend and the Imaging place takes days to give you an appointment.

So while I waited I entertained the troops. The office staff is wonderful. There was a lovely older lady getting therapy for her new hip and a young guy who messed himself up playing basketball.

We played – “How did Di get injured?”

My two most popular scenarios were:

While indoctrinating Vin Diesel into the Mile High Club I lost my footing on the bathroom wall. If you’d like to see why I was wasting my valuable air time on Vin check out what TAMMY posted.


I was on the back of George Clooney’s motorcycle being chased by the paparazzi through the streets of some Italian village. As is always the case when George is near me he lost control.

I thought you all might like a peek at the new fall shoe fashions:

I do have an onsite therapist. Here he is at work:

And here he is leaving since the insurance company limits therapy sessions. Look how I managed to color coordinate my big ass boot to Siren’s highlights.

Please feel free to make up your own “How Di got injured” scenario. It is far more entertaining than rifling through my baggage.


Matt-Man said...

I believe that you fell over from ODing on glee that a woman had been added to the McCain ticket. Feel Better. Cheers Di!!

the teach said...

Aaaww, Dianne, I'm sorry for it all. I love your toes and toe nail polish. And I recognize that show - I wore the same one when I broke a bone in my foot. Walked around on it for crutches I was happy! :)

Obama was rockin' last night! What do you think about McCain's VP choice...I didn't see that comin'! :)

the teach said...

I recognize that SHOE not show...

Dianne said...

matt-man - you are always so topical! up to the moment and shit like that!!
you're like my own private news ticker ;)

mary - for once my timing was right! pedicure first, then injury.
McCain's choice perplexes me as does every (labored) breath he takes. She's a lightweight compared to so many Republican women available. And she has some investigation pending. Does he think this will bring over Hillary supporters!!?
And God Help Us! Would it!!??
I hope Hillary says something about this real quick.

Mahala said...

First of all, you have fantabulous toes!! Second, no one could rock that footy bootay like you do.

Did you know Vin has a new movie out? I think it starts today.

It's nice to see you have Kitteh nurses to take care of you :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

My daughter is going to be sad to hear VIN is already occupied. and looks like your in good paws..

Leendaluu said...

But your toes are pretty! Holly and Daryl sent me. I love your political slant.

Dianne said...

mahala - thanks! I do like my toes lol
Vin's new movie is Babylon something - he's fighting and grunting and protecting whatever woman he's having sex with
what a stretch lol
I like him though.

queen size funny bone - the paws that heal ;)
your daughter can have him, I'm too old to keep him occupied lol
and the boot is gonna get in the way!

Dianne said...

leendaluu - welcome! daryl and holly are the best! it's so great to have all these smart, fun folks to get us through this election process!

Knight said...

I'm so glad you got in and got da boot. I'm also pleased you were able to get in a quick pedicure first. Lovely polish.

The wolves that raised you deserve a beating to their spine. I can't believe there wasn't anyone to make those animals do the right thing. It makes me sick they got away with it.

Here is my theory...
You were doing a photo shoot for a magazine of the World's Sexiest Bachelors swimsuit edition when suddenly all the scantily clad men broke into a brawl over who was escorting you home.

Cherie said...

Since you couldn't do Skywatch this week, I did it for you. ;)

All things being equal, I'm glad that it was a healable injury rather than the alternatives. And soooo glad that the MRI was pre-certed. (Damn ins co's. You don't even want to get me started about THAT. lol)

And as for how you came by your injury ... Standing at the top of some stairs in Central Park, Craig came over to ask you for your phone number. You were so startled that you lost your balance and started to fall when he caught you in his arms before something worse could happen. And then ...

RiverPoet said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry that your ankle is injured and that you have an ongoing back problem that is seemingly beyond repair. I know a little of what you go through. I have a Chiari malformation, a neck fusion (3 surgeries), and lower back problems (possibly a tethered cord...don't know yet). So yeah, when the back/neck are less than stellar, it affects so much.

You can park your baggage right next to mine...

Peace - D

Tammy said...

What!!!! Vin is cheating on me?!!!

I think you new shoe looks hot! said...

Ah, welcome to the scoliosis club! No one even noticed mine until I happened to go to a chiropractor when I was in my mid teens. He did work some wonders and I got around just fine for years. I was told I would never be able to get pregnant to begin with, or carry a child to term even if I did. Three months after I got married I got pregnant, carried her for nine months and had a healthy baby. I had three more. I managed very well by sticking with a chiropractor all those years. Things are worse now, but I'm 75! everything is worse now. But I found an acupuncturist that has worked wonders and keeps me moving. I don't trust doctors any further than I could throw them. I enjoyed your post and will read more. Take care of the ankle!

kenju said...

I'll be darned if I don't have a shoe just like that!!

I think you got it while kicking John Edwards in the ass for being a damn fool.

Mrs. C said...


I am a worried mom and had to wikipedia the scoliosis thing to make sure *my* kids didn't have it. The picture was really something. You mean your parents didn't treat that??? Good golly my. I'm so very sorry.

Oh, and on the VP thing, since I run in more conservative circles than you I may as well tell you to go ahead and book your celebration party for Obama now. Sigh. Everyone seems to be mad that McCain is putting a woman on the ticket and it's unbiblical and wrong and she should be home.


Which, in an ideal sense, I'm thinking is true but HELLO who am I to judge her choice if God called Deborah, too, you know? Hm. I should THINK that her husband would be the one accountable to God for all this, which everyone else fails to mention but anyway God bless ya!

Dianne said...

knight - I like that vision of all the scantily glad men :)
thanks kid

cherie - ahhhh Craig! perhaps we were alone in his little plane lol

riverpoet - just reading tethered cord hurts! I'll share my baggage cart with you anytime.

tammy - he didn't want to do it!! and he's very very sorry ;)

sylvia - thanks for coming by! what a story you shared. glad to know you.

kenju - are you still wearing my/your shoe now! I hope you're doing OK.
I wouldn't waste my ankle on Edwards.

Jeni said...

While I'm not happy that you are laid up with the fancy boot and all, I am happy that you did find out what was wrong and are getting it taken care of now too. And I love the special podiatrist and his brand of therapy for your foot! Wish I could train either one of the cats -or the grandkids -to do that for my feet!

Dianne said...

Mrs C - I was just thinking of you!! I haven't been by in a bit, sorry - I meant to and then ankles and backs started dropping like flies :)
Scoliosis is more prevalant in girls and schools and pediatricians screen for it now, the tests are much better than they were all those years ago. And there are now so many braces developed that surgery is rare. It is not always noticeable right away so just makes sure the Dr. did look for it :)
Mine was apparent as a toddler, it was such a severe curve it hindered my ability to learn to walk. I did manage to correct it to a large degreee by exercise and some time in a brace starting in my 20s. I do always remind myself of how many people have far greater problems. Take care :)

Dianne said...

jeni - Siren is fascinated by this boot!! He purrs and rolls around on it and is just plain in love. I told him it is his when I'm healed.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh Dianne..I am sorry, I was raised by educated wolves, but it didn't help them as parents. I get so angry that the insurance companies can decide on your need for PT. I have had that problem myself...GRRRRRR


bonne inspiration

holly said...

oh you so don't know me yet.

(deep breath)

okay, not many people know this, but you are an avid skiier. well, on one such skiing holiday, you pulled a triple loop-di-loop aerial. you executed it perfectly BUT landed in the middle of a meeting held by swiss terrorists plotting against the cheese industry to get them to stop putting holes in everything. you were kidnapped as a member of the athletic elite and held hostage in a room that was not very carefully guarded. and it was next to david tennant's room. together (after making out, of course, i mean come on, it's david tennant), you escaped and ran back to his set, where the next dr who episode was being shot. it was one with daleks, i know i know, just when you think they've killed them, sigh. no. in the course of running from the daleks, you tripped and landed smack dab on one of the queen's corgi's. well, she's a big fan of your skiing, and she had you round for tea. now it was in the course of having afternoon tea at the queen's house wherein she accidentally (she's really a clutz, people don't really have any idea) dropped the cup on your foot. the queen's cups are made of 24 carat diamonds. those are quite heavy. three of your foot bones (i'm too tired to look up the latin, but you get it) were broken, requiring the use of this device, which nicely shows off the painted nails that the queen was also privy to.

and THAT is how you injured yourself. yes.

holly has left the comment box.

Ron said...

OMG...I almost SHIT with your narrative photo images!!

Dianne, that was BRILLIANT!

God...leave it to a cat for some quick healing! I truly believe they have the "ancient cures" running through their veins! Like little magicians!

Boy,'ve been through a lot with your spine. I had no idea. I work with clients sometimes (doing Reflexology) who have spinal issues and I know it's not an easy thing to handle, because the spine affects so many things.

So glad you got the ankle taken care of, though.

Wishing you a wonderful and HEALING holiday weekend, dear lady!

You take care.

meno said...

I feel for you. I had one of those things for 8 weeks and it pretty much sucked and my calf disappeared from lack of exercise.

Raven said...

So sorry about the tendon and the whole sad story. Thank God you are a survivor and have a sense of humor. I personally like the George Cluny scenario. I wouldn't mind riding on a motorcycle with George... or doing anything with George C. He's not only good lucking he has a wicked sense of humor.

Your furry therapist is very cute. Sorry he's such a stickler about Insurance. Still, quality is more important than quantity.

g said...

I would not dignify my family of origin with a rung on the animal phylum. Most if not all species have an instinctual/primal imprint to care for their young. After considerable and focused consideration, the kindest thing I can say about my mother and father is that they were damaged and in turn caused damage.
I am sorry for your displacement in the den and all that you have endured. There is a bromide which goes: that which doesn’t kills…apparently, gifted you with a strong core and a true compass.
I could not begin to top your fantasies about your injury. But that won’t deter me. So here goes. You are a naughty monkey who impetuously grasps for a brittle branch and unfortunately incurs an unhinged dismount. . 8 deduction. Because you are a valued contender, you are awarded urgent medical triage and the coveted blue boot. To which Craig is rawly attracted. It turns out that one of his fetishes is full bodied women with crooked backs. He comforts you. Immeasurably. You enjoy each other.
Das boot ultimately results in less cars impounded and Siren is eternally grateful for your cumulative scented travails. You recover, discard Das boot and Siren trolleys the blue booby around the house, inhaling history. This only triggers memories of your tryst with Craig.
Hope you feel better soon.

Kim said...

So sorry to read about your ailments. I hope the boot works to quickly heal you...loved reading your (and everyone else's) examples of how you injured yourself. Maybe we should try to work it into today's wordzzle, huh?! I haven't seen the words yet...don't know just how challenging that would be!

Feel better!!!!!

Akelamalu said...

I love it that you have painted toenails with the big ass boot!

You know about my knee right? Want to know how I did it?

When I knelt before the Queen to received my Dameship! It's true! LOL

Sparkling Red said...

Have you confirmed your therapist's qualifications? He looks a bit inexperienced to me. But what can one really tell from a few still photos? Well, if he's any good, please post his contact info because I know someone else with a sore ankle and she needs some good care.

bobbie said...

Don't you just love that boot? I had one of them once.

As to how Di got that injury - I always think a sky diving mishap works pretty well. I've used that one a few times. People who believe, or half-believe it look at you with great respect and a little awe.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness! I had a boot for a few months. I felt like robo-cop. I am going to share an important tip: Do Not attempt to wear strappy black heels on the other foot. You will likely fall over. And maybe tear your favorite pair of jeans. That you paid over 200 bucks for. Yeah. I am just saying. ;)

Minnesotablue said...

Dianne: Your toes make even the boot look sexy. Tell folks you injured your foot while you were trying to put up a Obama sign at the Republican convention. Security chased you, you ran like hell and tripped but damn it you got that sign up!

Dianne said...

rambling woods - seems the insurance cos. can just do whatever they want.
sorry about your wolves. hugs from one who knows.

babylonezoo - thank you :)

holly - !!!!!!!!!!!
good heavens you're so amazing
just please tell me I didn't kill the corgi! I don't think I did, I could swear I saw her run off and piss on the Oriental carpets.
you're so wonderful Holly.
think about joining in on our Saturday Wordzzle - Lord you're fun to read.

ron - you know you're a little nuts when the first thing you do when you get home from the Dr is take pics for your blog LOL
Siren continues to care for me. Now I have to vacuum the boot each morning there's so much of his hair on it.

meno - yeah it sucks, thanks :)
it's only been 2 days and I'm sick of it. it's heavy and it's making my other leg hurt and I'm looking more and more like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Oy!

raven - I like the Clooney fantasy too ;)
Siren has taken pity and is now offering unlimited services lol

Daryl said...

Di, the blue is SO you ... and I think Siren and my Rosie could go into biz together .. she is practicing dermabrasion .. and as soon as she can learn when to stop I am going to hire her out .. my skin has never looked so polished ..

And I cant top Holly so I am not even trying


Dianne said...

g - funny you mention how animals are good parents. it has always bothered me a bit that we dis wolves when compaing them to our parents but it was my baby bro's finest moment when he uttered the words "raised by wolves" so it has stuck.
and thank you!! thank you!! for more fuel for my hungry Craig fires :)

kim - your "how Di injured herself" Wordzzle is fantastic. I can't tell you how it made me smile! and smile!
and siren was thrilled to be included - he is developing a bit of a following.

akelamalu - you were born a Great Dame so once agin the Queen was redundant ;)
I can't believe my luck at having a pedicure right before the injury otherwise it would be bugging me even more.

sparkling red - I hope it's not your ankle! I miss you. So cool to hear from you.
Siren was extensively trained at the Bide-A-Wee school of holistic claw massage. He carries his certificate in his collar. He will gladly help anyone but transportation is an issue.

bobbie - they're just awful aren't they!? I feel like my foot weighs 100 pounds.
Sky diving is a good one but everyone who knows me knows I'd land in a tree lol

karen - robo-cop!! LOL
that's a good one.
I already ripped a pair of capris. I thought they were wide enough to get over the boot and then got stuck LOL
I'm such an ass!

minnesota - I'm tellin ya, this was the most crucial pedicure I ever got LOL
I like my persistence in putting up the sign. That is something to be proud of.

Dianne said...

daryl - I wish the blue was actually an available color! I may design my own line of 'big ass boots'
My JR used to do the best dermabrasion! Of course only when he wanted but still ...
Siren says he'll call Rosie ;)
and Holly!! My God! what can one say about Holly!! she is so freakin' DIVINE.

Mare said...

Holy mackerel! What a list of comments! I happened upon your blog [probably from RamblingWoods] and laughed out loud reading parts of it. Having had several foot surgeries due to RA, I would have a closet full of those fashionable boots if I didn't throw them out! Hope time passes fast for you while you have to wear it!

Dianne said...

mare - thanks for the visit! and laughing out loud is encouraged and appreciated round here. Michele is the best!
Do you have any cats? Cause if I go by my guy these boots make excellent cat toys :)

Kimmie said...

Will you look at that boot-ay! LOL! Hey girl, I had to wear one of those for 8 weeks too a few years back. It was a pain but oh so worth it! Love the nail polish, very pretty color. ;-) Love the way you matched up your cat and boot, only you would think of such a cute thing to do!

I'm sorry about the whole back story. My oldest sister also has it and all I can remember was hearing my Mother constantly saying to her "stand up straight!" I don't believe she had any kind of care for it from doctors because she has said she still has it. She is not twisted badly, I will have to ask her about it next time we talk. I will give you more detailed info on hers. Take Care of yourself my friend. I hope you mend quickly.

Tina Coruth said...

I'm sorry about your foot. I hope it heals as quickly as possible.

I read through some of the comments. I agree with you about Palin being a lightweight and that there are many republican women better suited for the job. What scares me is, if McCain wins, we have Palin will be the "one heartbeat away" from the presidency. Stephen King couldn't write a scarier scenario than this republican ticket.

Obama must win!!!

Feel better. Thanks for visiting my skywatch photo.


Dianne said...

kimmie - boot-tay! LOL
thanks for all your good wishes

tina - thanks for the visit! Obama must win indeed!!

Hilary said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. Sending a gentle, healing hug your way.

Frank Baron said...

A great sense of humour can help lots in baggage handling. I'm glad to see you're well-stocked in that department.

That is one heck of a spiffy bootie and it's nice to see that your therapist has kisses in his repertoire.

Feel better soon. :)

Pagan Sphinx said...

Man, if that shoe had a wedge heel on it, it could really catch on!

You are entitled to the self-pity and the some! Damn! What a drag!

Even in your self-pity you keep your sense of humor - even more so.

You poor thing.

Hugs for you, Di

The Quiet Rage said...

I love your furry therapist!

karey m. said...

AAAARGH! i would have preferred if your car had gotten the boot! darnit.

poor you. at least it's black. black is very slimming, you know...

xoxo. and thinking of your bum ankle.

tt said...

Well, gracious!! I leave and go tile for a few days and things in your world fall apart. I hate that it made you cry! ( he's a tissue..sniff-snif...
Geesh...I'm sorry. How long will you be making this fashion statement?

Did you say you tripped over the diamond that fell out of your ring???? Aww....yea..that sucks alright! lol

I have a bit of Scoliosis meself.:(
Which has lent itself to sending me to my bed on too many occasions. When I broke my toe and went into a cute little bootie like really acted up. I didn't have the kittie therapy like you do though. Shucks....
And why is it I like to rifle through your bags anyway??? I think we may have been serperated at birth....your wolves threw me to the winds and I landed in the middle of Oklafuckinhoma with "oops the condom broke" control freaks.
Awww well, such is life.

I've been meaning to ask...are you still working at that "big' store part time?? Your new 'shitkicker' will make that difficult if so. :(
Cheers babe....get better soon!

Dianne said...

hilary - thank you for the hug, it helped :)

frank - thank you :)
legend has it that while running from soldiers and then hiding on a ship for days my Nana told stories and jokes - I'm so pleased that got passed on to me :)

pagan - I'm thinking of designing a line. Siren will probably help. I wonder if a combination boot, scratching post and fur collector would sell. It is a niche market LOL

quiet rage - thanks! so do I

karey - black is my second favorite color right after purple - the Catholic colors of death ;) so I'm considering getting purple laces for the inner boot. the damn thing is 3 parts.
xoxo right back

tt - see what happens when you let me out of your purse!! I can't be trusted not to injure myself ;)
I'm getting an MRI tomorrow and I still have to find a place for the X-Ray and then the Doc has to evaluate and blad-de-fuckin-blah
I'm so exhausted by myself
I think the boot will be part of my fall fashions. maybe I'll glue leaves all over it ;)
love ya. keep on tiling!!

Bob-kat said...

So, square toes are back in this season then?

I'm sorry to hear about your ankle and all the previous baggage. That really sucks, big time. Your present therapist looks very sweet though :)

So, how did you hurt your ankle? I suspect it was underwater soot juggling with a gorgeous merman who might be George with a tail. I think you twisted your leg on a sea cucumber who got underfoot as you attempted a twirl while juggling. Or something like that :)

fermicat said...

That sucks!

I recommend you continue with cat therapy indefinitely.

Dianne said...

bobkat - square toes! LOL
I like the idea of me performing some aquatic feats. Cirque de Sea?

fermicat - thanks :) my cat therapist continues to be enthusiastic so that's a good thing.

Ivanhoe said...

Oh Di, torn tendon is no fun. Posterior nor anterior :o(
I hope you get better soon.
And for the scenario? The one with George Clooney cannot be beat in my book :o)

Dianne said...

thanks ivanhoe, I like the Clooney scenario too :)