Friday, August 1, 2008

A Million Thanks - Plus ONE

I have mixed feelings about awards – I have mixed feelings about everything. I’m a little crazy ya know.

On one hand awards are nice to get – they’re acknowledgement, appreciation, kindness.

On the other hand – I am ambidextrous – they sometimes come with rules – which I ignore – and it can be so hard to decide how to pass them on. Will the person you give the award to really want one? Will they feel obligated to display it? Will they, in turn, not know how to pass it on?

Then again – yes I have more than two hands, I’m a Mother – it’s an award, not an STD – pass it on.

The death of blogging would be taking ourselves too seriously – kind of like the Oscars do.

This past week I got three awards – three! I love odd numbers almost as much as I love odd people.

Since I’m crazy I need to create themes in order to focus and quiet all the voices in my head.

My theme for today is ONE. I looked at each of my pretty awards and thought of the ONE person that FIRST came to me. I did it this way because I’ve been having a few revelations lately and I’ve learned over the years that I’m usually spot on, right on, hit the bull’s-eye when it comes to other people. Me – I haven’t a freakin’ clue about. I’m just pleased not to be institutionalized.

The first award comes from JENI – GrandMa Extraordinaire. One of my very first blog friends and an exceptionally kind and generous lady who keeps giving me stuff – and I love it.

I’m going to pass this ONE on to DIANE M – Martinis for Two. My revelation about Diane (does she spell her name right?) is that I love to follow her life. I love pictures of her gorgeous Grace Kelly self. I love stories about her husband (more pics please – he’s HOT) and his family. I love the little videos she does – I want more from her nephew.
Diane posted that she’s a bit blog-blocked these days. I hope she doesn’t see this award as a way to guilt her into staying around – although I am Jewish AND Roman Catholic so guilt is a language I learned at birth.

The next award is from SHELLY – sassy, sexy Shelly from This Old Farm – hanging out in the party barn one moment and then pouring concrete the next. They never describe women as Renaissance Women – they seem to leave that for men. Guess it’s because men need to be encouraged to do two things at once. Shelly is a natural Renaissance Woman.

This dual award goes to JO. Whatever Jo says and does is magic. I usually have issues with tiny, pretty women (I want to kill them) but Jo is huge in love and kindness – and talent. She is gentle and whimsical and calls me all kinds of sweet, pet names.

Last but not least is this award from SPARKLING RED. I think, I hope, that Sparkling and I have become closer lately because of sharing real feelings about our journey through life. She writes so openly yet carefully about her heart – her mind – her soul.

The sweet looking award was designed by DARYL. If you want to visit NYC without having to deal with how it smells in August then stop by Daryl’s place. I lived in NY for 48 years and still one of her photos will make me go Wow!

Considering how sweet looking the award is the recipient is going to laugh his perverted ass off at getting it. I’m giving it to MATT-MAN. Hopefully he’ll still be sober enough to read this. Matt is fun to read - he’s irreverent, shocking, hilarious, quick, smart, sarcastic …
My ONE new revelation about Matt is that he’s brave. Some of what he says can (and has) cause him a bit of grief. Anyone who pushes the envelope while crossing the line risks that. The Matt-Man has always been kind to me and even when I open one of his posts and say to myself “Oh Baby Jeebus this is SO wrong …” I find myself laughing while I think – and that makes the world go round.

Happy Friday everybody!


Shelly said...

Wow, a whole bunch of blogs to check out!
I'm so diggin' it that you called me sassy and sexy - you have no idea...and giggling...there is a lot of giggling going on here at this old farm.

Knight said...

You could dedicate an entire blog to all the awards you receive! We like you. We really like you.

Chuck said...

No. YOu got 4 awards. Here's another: Perfect Blend of Friendship

And, I don't care if you take it or leave it or take it and pass it on or not pass it on. I just wanted you to know I appreciate that you've become a new Charlie Brown reader. Thx tons and see you soon.

Deborah Godin said...

Congrats, it is very nice; maybe we just need a badge for A.W.O. - Awarding Without Obligation...

CrystalChick said...

I come back to snag your blog addy for my sidebar and find more good stuff!!!
So much for getting any cooking or cleaning done this weekend either. ;)
Happy weekend, Mary

Sparkling Red said...

Awards are rather administratively demanding! I like your strategy of one award passing along to one person. It's both more manageable and, in a way, more meaningful.

Dianne said...

shelly - I can hear the giggling all the way over here ;)

knight - and I love you. ya know, my therapist asked me why I didn't see how likeable I was. It was in the context of letting family BS poison my real relationships. funny ...

awww shuck Chuck! - Of course I'll take it and eventually I'll pass it on :)
Be by soon

deborah - AWO is a great idea, would go perfect with BWO

crystalchick - for cooking - I suggest take out. for cleaning - move things around and pull out a Swiffer - I do it all the time for 5 minutes and then feel so much better ;)

sparkling - it just felt right this time :)

Patti said...

When will I find the time to read all of your recommendations - these award-winning blogs all sound super. Help!

that's neat that you gave each award to just one person..simplifies the process, I'd say.

I enjoy your honest writing.

kenju said...

I know Diane, but not the others - so I'll go and check them out. Congrats on your awards!

Dianne said...

patti - I'm glad you appreciate the way I write, every once in awhile I ask myself - "too much?", "too far?"

kenju - thanks!! have a great weekend

bobbie said...

I definitely have ambivalent feelings about blogs too. Have from the first. Maybe that's because I'm a little crazy too. (but my voices are in the attic, not in my head - unless you ask Villas Girl)
Deb's idea is a good one.
I gave my daughter one, and she wanted to know "Now what do I do with it?"
I'm going to tell you - you deserve them all. There! That's it!

Dianne said...

LOL Bobbie - are those voices still hanging out up there!?
thanks bobbie!

Tammy said...

Congrats on the awards. I know what you mean about having mixed feelings about awards. I always feel guilty about not giving them to everyone and I think someone's feeling might get hurt.

Raven said...

Nicely done. I will check out your recpients.

Jay said...

Sometimes it seems like the blogosphere is completely overrun with these awards. But, people want to show how much they like other people's blogs, so I guess they're okay. ;-)

SnoopMurph said...

Congratulations-to you and to all the recipients you are passing along to-you do have quite a fan club here!

Dianne said...

tammy - I know! and thanks :)

thanks raven! and I do think you'll love all 3 of them.

jay - that's pretty much where I net out :)

snoopmurph - there are so many great people on the internet tubes :)

San said...

Such a lively passing on of your awards, Dianne. MUCH livelier than Oscars night.

We have some common friends in Daryl and Red, both of whom rock with a vengeance. Thank you for leading the way to others.

I'm going to snag your address and put it on my blogroll. Yours is a great blog!

Dianne said...

san - I love Daryl's blog - her photos are amazing!
and Sparkling always makes me feel good
I'm delighted that you like my blog - I found yours through Raven and love your spirit and your voice :)
I will add you as well

Diane Mandy said...

I just saw this post. Thank you so much! I am honored!

Dianne said...

diane - you're welcome!! I do love your blog for all the reasons I mentioned :)

Matt-Man said...

Thanks Dianne, and yes, the design of the award you bestowed upon me, is Thanks for the incredibly kind words, and I am very glad you stop by.

Congrats on receiving all of those awards. You are deserving. Cheers Di!!

Dianne said...

matt-man - you're welcome lol
I love absurdity, adore when up is down and closed is open.
It just felt so so so whimsical!
plus you are so much fucking fun to read!