Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Wordzzle For Old Women

I'm skipping this week's Wordzzle. Finola is holed up somewhere with the store clerk and she won't tell me what she's doing!

Plus - I'm not feeling too great. I've been battling with new back problems that then caused balance issues that made me fall in my backyard which caused me to sprain my ankle so I finally went to the doctor which called for all kinds of tests but of course none were conclusive yet the ankle got worse so until the specialist can see me at the turn of the century I was given some pain meds which I never used until last night when they made me so sick that I couldn't sleep so now I'm exhausted and in pain.

I love that sentence! It is proof positive of just how freakin' nuts I am.

Actually ya wanna hear nuts? For a moment I considered telling you I couldn't do the Wordzzle using the Wordzzle words.

When I'm not getting on my own nerves I do get a kick out of me.

So my plan for today is to elevate both my leg and my spirits. I'm going to watch a ridiculous number of Lifetime movies - they are so incredibly horrible that they make anyone feel better about her life. I'm also going to visit everyone's Wordzzles and I've decided I want to visit every single Sky Watch Friday post - all 4 million of them.

For those of you who worry too much (Raven) rest assured that I'm fine or I will be soon.

Maybe I'll do next week's Wordzzle using the new words and the words I missed. That would be 30 words - how f'ing brilliant would that make me!

Later ...


Raven said...


So sorry about your back and your ankle. I think you have chosen a wise course. I have been miserably sick the past couple of days. Not sure what's wrong with me exactly. Cranky stomach and general all-over aches. I slept almost the whole day (literally) yesterday and am planning to take a nap shortly. Later on, if I feel well enough to do so, I'll send some reiki your way. Maybe it's good for Finola to have a rest from running too.

EVERY SINGLE skywatch? Yikes. I don't think I could do it. I get worn out after about the first hundred.

Akelamalu said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your back and ankle problems Dianne - I'll remember you when I'm sending Reiki.

If you do a megawordzzle using all 30 words next weeek you'll deserve a medal!

Matt-Man said...

I hope you feel better soon, Di. Cheers to ya!!

Shelly said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear you're hurting...dang it! I hate that vicious circle of pain-pain meds-nausea-dizzy-yucky-cranky, I'm feelin' for ya darlin'.

CG said...

Get better soon!! Sending you hugs!!

Richard said...

I am sorry you are down and injured.

Tonight Vicki and I are going to celebrate selling our SUV. We will be drinking, talking, drinking, laughing, talking, kissing, drinking, smoking a cigar (well, me at least), making plans, drinking, laughing, kissing and so forth.

In between we will be eating a pizza and downing some brewskis.

While all this is going on I shall be toasting your return to good health most heartily.

Hang in there girl, if it don't kill you it just pisses you off and you are at your literary best when you're pissed.


Bob-kat said...

Can you get more brilliant?! :D

Hope the back adn ankle are better soon. Darn doctors seem to forget sometimes that they're actually dealing with a person who needs to function so they can back on with their life! Meanwhile I'm sending BIG {{{hugs}}} from across the pond. Take care of you!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I understand the back problem completely. The ankle can be just as painful. lots of rest and feel better soon.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! I hope your back and ankle feel better soon. Nothing worse then a hurt back. I'm right there with Raven. Mine started yesterday. Been asleep on the couch since early afternoon today.

I loved your sentence "When I'm not getting on my own nerves I do get a kick out of me." This is priceless.

Good luck with visiting every Sky Watch. I have a feeling that you will do it.

Well take care and feel better soon. Lisa

Carletta said...

Hi Dianne,
So sorry to hear you've had some major pains going on there! By all means put up your feet and rest. I happen to like Lifefime for fluff TV.
Dianne, visit every single Sky Watch? You sure you didn't hit your head too... :)
Take good care and get Finola to start talking!!!!

Kimmie said...

Dianne, I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I was just at the Chiropractor myself this morning. I will say a little prayer for you tonight.

I also have an award for you at my blog. :-)


Cherie said...

Oh my dear! Good thing that cyber-hugs can never squeeze too hard or aggrivate an injury. *hugs* I'm sorry you don't feel well.

The real live sky here at sundown was an incredible shade of pastel pink! No photo of that, but I do have one where the sky looks like it's on fire from back in January. I might think of submitting it for Skywatch Friday, but I'm not a Blogspot blogger, I don't know how well that would work. I might have to investigate that.

Hopefully, Siren & Mia have perceived that their mommy is suffering and are attending to you (or standing watch over you) appropriately.


Jeff B said...

Damn, some people will do anything to get out of writing a Wordzzle!

And I believe you're just crazy (in a good way) enough to pull off a thirty worder next wee. Ha, try using that word (worder) in a game of Scrabble. Well, maybe in Akelamalu's version it'd be OK.

You're going to watch Lifetime to try and alleviate the pain? We need to talk my friend!!!

Rambling Woods said...

Dianne..funny..I took a tumble onto the steps of our deck and am many shades of blue so I am sympathize. I hate waiting for specialists or all the "ologists". I have 2 coming up this week and my least favorite, the neurologist to see how my MS is doing and hopefully, it's doing nothing. Rest and have somebody get you some decent movies!!! Feel better

Kim said...

Having back problems myself, I can completely relate and sympathize. May you be back on two good ankles, supported by a strong back in no time!

And interestingly, I woke up this morning with a sharp pain in my left ankle/heel. I have no idea what I did but cannot walk on it at all...I'm seriously hoping it goes away quickly, on its own, as I'm supposed to leave at 9 AM for a "girls retreat" my sister planned for me, for my birthday!

Take care. Enjoy your cheesy movies and feel better!

bobbie said...

So sorry you're hurtin'. Try to think of it as practice for aging. No, on second thought, don't do that, because it could just be discouraging

Go forth on your quest to visit ALL Sky Watchers. That should actually cheer you.

Finola will wait a week, I'm sure. And if you write an occasional post like this one, we will continue to enjoy ourselves, so don't worry about us.

Seriously, take very good care of yourself. I hope you will get through this with a minimum of pain and frustration.

Dianne said...

raven - you feel better too!

akelamalu - thanks for thinking of me

matt-man - maybe I'll have a bit of WIR - Oy!!

shelly - thanks, I can't seem to get out of the crappy cycle right now

cg - thanks for the hugs

rich - hope you and the Mrs had a great night :)

Dianne said...

bobkat - thanks for the hugs. I called the Dr. twice so far this weekend and no one has called me back. The answering service tells me to go to the ER. charming isn't it!

queen size funny bone - thanks for the empathy :)

lisa - thanks! I hope you feel better too

carletta - oh you made me laugh. I think I hit my head at birth and it's been affecting me ever since ;)

kimmie - thanks for the prayers :)

cherie - maybe you should start a blog!? eh? maybe? lol
Mia and Siren aren't impressed lol

jeff - I like being good way crazy - thanks!!
I watched a lot of football, my Jets beat the Giants - Yay!!!

rambling woods - I bet you look lovely in all shades of blue but ouch!
I hope the neuro appt. brings very good news, make sure to let me know.

kim - I really hope your ankle improves quickly! happy upcoming birthday!

bobbie - the SW posts really are beautiful! so far I'm only a third thru, even looking hurt yesterday but today is better.

Daryl said...

Hope you are feeling better soonest ... backs I know from .. ankles too .. but having them both at once .. not so much ..

I was so rushed on Friday to get out of the office and off to my friend's place for the day I didnt visit but a very very few Sky Watches .. I felt guilty and meant to do it this weekend .. well nice weather and stuff to do stopped that in its idea track...

And now I have rambled on long enough ..


pink dogwood said...

Feel better soon Dianne.

Deborah Godin said...

Well, I'm rather new reader here, so I don't know you very well, blog-wise, but what the heck, pain is pain, so here's hoping you are feeling much better soon. Will it help if I pass along a joke? Does it hurt when you laugh? I heard this yesterday in a Nicholas Cage movie:
What did the Zen Master say when he ordered a hot dog? "I'll have one with everything."

Bob-kat said...

Just read your comment on my blog. I am glad the advert on my blog made you smile. I am so sorry the Dr. Deaf effect is affecting you as well. It sounds awful :( I really hope you get the help you need soon. {hugs}

Jeni said...

Dianne, you really do have to get out of this "self-abuse" program! Enough, already. Glad you went to the dr. though and here's hoping they figure out what's wrong, get you all pieced back together again -and soon, too! While supper cooks away in ye olde crock pot, I think I'll do a little naptime now -those Lifetime movies are good to snooze too ya know.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Dianne....I hope you will be feeling much much better very soon....(I'm not too swift myself---So, I can "relste".)
I truly did Laugh Out Loud at your Critique of Lifetime Movies! They are really really dreadful....! LOL!
But sometimes one must watch 'dreadful' if just for the very thing you mentioned....In comparison, it certainly makes you feel that your life is so very much better....!
Have you seen that one called "The Memory Keeper's Daughter"? OY!
Watch some more, my dear, and do feel better.....Hope they figure out what is going on with you....!

Dianne said...

daryl - I visited about half the SWF posts. I think I'm OD'ing on sky now lol but wow are there a lot of talented people out there.
hope you had a great weekend

pink - thanks so much :)

deborah - thanks - lol

thanks bobkat! I guess it's a bad idea to need a Dr. on a weekend.

jeni - I swear I didn't fall on purpose! If it was intentional it would have been from a much higher point! ;)

oldold lady of the hills - I haven't seen that one (yet) but I have seen several Oy movies - my fave so far is Kim Basinger falling in love with a monk!

Faye Pekas said...

Diane I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Take care of yourself. Maybe Finola needed a break too.

Jay said...

Hope you're feeling better Dianne.

I took the weekend off too. But, I didn't have a legit reason like you did.

I too considered making up for this week by using this week's and next week's words on next weeks Wordzzle. But, I'm not nearly as brilliant as you so I probably won't.

Tammy said...

I hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself!

Mahala said...

I hope this finds you feeling better :)

SMM said...

Hey Dianne, hope your feeling better. Take good rest and care of your back. And I agree with Akelamalu, if you do do a Mega -Megawordzzle of 30 words, you deserve a medal

bobbie said...

I keep forgetting to tell you - I love your mascot!

Leighann said...

I hope you're feeling better sweetheart!

It'll make you feel better to know that I'm in pain too, I stepped on a piece of glass and cannot get it out of my foot.


Knight said...

I didn't even realize it was all one sentence until you pointed it out. Seemed very natural to me. I hope you are able to get into the doctor soon. Be careful in the yard. You are looking at the sky too much. Make sure you keep your feet on the ground.

Kell said...

I hope you are feeling better.

That would be quite the Wordzzle. I bet you could do it, easy!

Patti said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your back and ankle problems, Dianne.

It's Monday morning, so I hope you are feeing much better by now!!

Take it easy ~

Dianne said...

faye - thanks :)
I do believe Finola needed a break, she has to get her stories straight!

jay - you sell yourself short all the time! Cut that out! :)
sometimes a break is a good thing, hope you had a nice weekend.

thanks tammy :)

thanks mahala :)

smm - I may just try the 30 words lol
will keep my mind off my body

bobbie - thanks!! that's the Fork Goddess - kimmie found and sent my way.

leighann - kim kardashian did the same thing! were you with kim!?
it would never make me feel better to share pain with you! you've had enough lately. Go have a Dr. take it out!!

knight - my back is so out that I've been walking tilted which throws off my balance. and then out of no where a hole in the yard just appeared lol
maybe my house is sinking?

kell - thanks for the vote of confidence!

patti - I'm more comfy this morn than I have been and I'm grateful for that, just can't get around too easily yet and that frustrates me!

Bond said...

ug....feel better ..back and ankle issues...yup know all about them...

So..You going to watch the Lifetime Movie where the woman marries the mystery man and has 12 kids with him only to find out he has wives in three other states and has murdered 14 women in his life...and when she goes to the cops, they do not believe her because the hubby is a bowling buddy, so she tries to leave with all the kids, just to find out that she never gave birth to any of them?

I love that one...


Ivanhoe said...

I sure hope you feel better soon, you little nut :o)

karey m. said...

awwww, you! hopped over here quickly {have been away too too long!}, just in time for you to write the longest sentence in the history of sentences! sorry for your ankle and all.

that sky pic below? stunning. love it. will be back more often now that i'm back. xoxo!

the teach said...

Dianne, I know you're all right because you haven't lost your sense of humor... Ha! I'm sorry about your back and your ankle. And take half the pain medication next time if you need it. You're doing what I've done when my back kept me laid up for a time - watching Lifetime movies - ain't they just great? LOL! But get better please. You deserve to be well!!

Diane Mandy said...

Lifetime movies perk you up? They just make me blubber.

Feel better regardless!

Knight said...

I know where the whole came from. It's the portal from Jo's painting. She is on her way!

Knight said...

The whole? The hole. I swear I is learn-ed in English.

San said...

Elevation of leg and spirits--that sounds like a brilliant plan.

I've fallen off the Wordzzle wagon of late, but I hope you will visit nonetheless.

And I know just what you mean about the Lifetime movies. Sometimes the cheap thrill of vicarious sobbing makes for excellent medicine.

Dianne said...

bond - there are 2 of those movies - are you talking about the one where the house she and the kids were hiding in was haunted by the ghost of her serial killer husband's mother?
the one where the bowling buddy cop was battling with questions of his sexuality but couldn't share it with the other guys until they won the league trophy and he came out at the celebration
I SAW them both - back to back - best 12 hours I ever spent - they were equally inspiring.

ivanhoe - thanks Lady lol

karey - glad you popped by for my inspired sentence. when I don't capitalize I always think of you and feel very sophisticated :)

thanks teach! I took a whole because it was low dose but I think it reacted with some OTC stuff even though I asked the Dr. Sometimes I don't think he's listening.

diane - they used to make me blubber and some still do but the really off the wall ones just bring out my twisted humor ;)

knight! If only that is true!! I could use a dose of sweet lucious Jo. Maybe she'll bring you and Jay with her!? I hope Jay's helmet doesn't puncture the portal! I'm gonna go out back and wait.

Bond said...

I actually meant the one where the mom and kids hid out in the house haunted by the ghost of the bowling buddy cop's first high school love who the cop killed to hide his homosexuality so that he could get the scholarship to the big football school, and when the cop visits the mom and kids, the ghost tosses him out the back window and he lands on his new sex partner who was waiting in the backyard, thus killing them both.

Now that was a tear-jerker

Hilary said...

Awww poor you! I'm just starting to catch up with a few blogs. I've been slacking off. I sure hope that as I keep reading your more recent posts that I find out you're feeling better.