Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Creepy Clown - and he drinks too

It’s Ruby Tuesday kids! Stop by WORK OF THE POET and check it out.

I hate clowns. I’m not afraid of them although I understand why many people are. They just annoy me.

This clown is the mascot for several liquor stores along the Jersey shore. There are 2 of them within 5 minutes of my house. This particular clown is the largest of any I’ve seen. He sits on an island right off a busy State Highway. The only way to snap a shot of him – or take a shot at him – is to manage to be at the curve in the road just when the light ahead turns red. In my quest for red I went around the jug-handle 4 times before I was at optimal shooting position.

The things I do for red.

An update to Sunday night’s post:

I’m sad to say it was not Spiderman coming to take me on wonderful skyscraper adventures. It was web worms. Thanks to all who gave me advice; special thanks to JAY SIMSER for finding the site that confirmed just how web wormy the glowing orb was.

After a few calls around the township and then the county I was referred to the ‘Shade Tree Commission’ and a wonderful, knowledgeable man there called me right back. He looked at my photos via e-mail and told me exactly what to do. Seems the branch will eventually die and fall and then the worms will lay their eggs in the ground and come out to do it all over and over. The branch has been removed and disposed of.

So I guess that means I’m still waiting for a hero.


Raven said...

That is one creepy looking clown. I admire your dedication to capturing him on "film." He'd put me off drinking, I think.

Thanks for the update on your web worms. I think I have some on a bush out back. Not as dramatic and incredible looking as yours, but this sort of funny looking thing that seems to be lying across one of the bushes out back. Guess I'll ask Sean if he can cut them off. My back yard is all deserted since the Dead Tree Cafe closed. Sigh. I sit at my back door lorn and forlorn with only an occasional bird passing through. Oh, woe is me.

Cool Ruby Tuesday. Sorry. I'm rambling this morning.

Knight said...

That clown is just plain scary. Why is he missing the tip of his finger? I think it was an excellent choice for Ruby Tuesday. It's one of those things where all the red just haunts your memory.

Eww, glad you took care of the worm problem. I guess you really need some sort of Birdman hero.

Jay said...

Yeah, that's not the most pleasant looking clown there. I would probably buy my M.D. 20/20 somewhere else if I lived up there. ;-)

Daryl said...

Ah the Joisey Jug Handles ... the only State in the Union where you have to go right to go left ...

Isnt there someone you know who can help cut that sucker off/down?

Is there some sort of spray you can use that isnt harmful to your pets that might kill the worms?

I wish I lived closer to you I would send Husband over to see what he could do ...


Bear Naked said...

I usually like clowns but that one is downright creepy.
Should be filed under "What were they thinking?"

Bear((( )))

Dana said...

You know, I should have known better than to come visit when the word "clown" was in the title of the post *shudders*

Could you get the worms to eat the clown??

Tommy V said...

LOL scary sign and funny

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! That is one scary looking clown. I am glad that we don't have any down here. I would probably have nightmares. Four times around the jug handle. What we do for the perfect picture.

Thanks for the follow up on the tree thing. I have noticed that we have a lot of those web looking things around here. If my hero shows up here, and that is one big if, I'll send to see you. Lisa

ETK said...

I concur - a very creepy clown.

That's too bad on the worms. Wouldn't you rather have a fireman anyway?

me ann my camera said...

Huh, going round 4 times to get the picture; glad to know others do things like that other than just me. Sometimes I go to ridiculous lengths just to get a picture, now I know I'm not alone :-)

ellen b. said...

It truly is a wonder what us bloggers will do for a good shot!! I can see your issue with clowns. They are pretty weird...
Love the catch for Ruby Tuesday...

Dianne said...

raven - ramble any time :)

knight - I think a giant bird pecked his fingertip off. it's not polite to point ;)

jay - I wonder who thought he would attract customers! then again it is NJ, we seem to embrace creepy.

daryl - I hate jug-handles! every time I'm back in NY I practice my 'make a left turn the second the light turns green - across 4 lanes of oncoming traffic - without hitting a pedestrian. I think it should be an Olympic event!
the branch has been cut down, the worms are gone. thanks lady :)

bear - exactly! what were they thinking!!

Ivanhoe said...

It looks like you were hunting that clown down (lol). I don't mind clowns, some can be creepy i admit, but I remember going to circus when I was a kid and I enjoyed it.
Sorry, there was no Spidey for you, but I'm glad you took care of the worms (eew).

Dianne said...

dana - wouldn't that be perfect. clown eating worms!! I bet some scientist somewhere is working on that ;)
I respect you entering here even though a clown was present. you got grit girl!

thank you tommy v !!

lisa - someone told me those liquor stores go all the way down - I guess their idea of down is different - they are NYers lol
those web worms will hurt the trees - see if your town has a "shade tree commission" - they're the people who helped me.

etk - yes a fireman would be preferrable to spiderman! what was I thinking ;)

me ann - you are absolutely not alone! on Saturday I waited nearly an hour to get some shots of this amazing new playground. all kinds of incredible monkey bars and slides in all different colors!! I had to wait until there were no kids playing on them - I wasn't about to be the creepy lady taking pics of kids and I would never post pics of people without permission. So I wandered around for an hour lol

elleb b - glad you like the creepy guy :)
you and me and me ann - crazy together!

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - when I was a kid the circus still had 'freak shows' - can you imagine that!! fat ladies, bearded women, very tall people, very tiny people. It was awful - even then I was a crusader and I'd fight with my parents not to go. One time I was yelling at my Dad and a clown yelled at me. I've had it out for them ever since lol

Bob-kat said...

I wonder why they would choose a clown to advertise their store when so many people don't like clowns? He looks a bit mean, kind of reminds me of Stephen Kings 'It'. Great for the theme though and you were so dedicated in getting it!

I really should join in some of these photo challenges but I don't seem to have the time and I'm lacking motivation at the moment.

OMG OMG: said...

bob-kat, I agree with you~ the same thing is I, also, feels that no time to cost in this issue...

CG said...

i don't like clowns either; creepy! So are those web worm things! Ugh.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

i do not hate clowns but i am certainly not liking that one so much ewww

Bond said...

AM I the only one who loves clowns, even evil-looking, flesh eating clowns?

Oh and daryl...Massachusetts still has some jug-handles...

Daryl said...

come on over to my place, there's are two awards for you ... I wish I had a super hero to add to them but I dont .. so come get what I do have for you.


Carletta said...

A clown mascot for liquor - hmmm...well I have seen a few people make clowns of themselves with liquor so maybe it fits!
Thanks for going all out to get this Ruby shot!

Faye Pekas said...

I generally like clowns but this one really is creepy. And the idea is even creepy. Clowns are generally for kids so we are telling the kiddies to come get their booze? Sheesh

Anonymous said...

Unusual Ruby Tuesday. I like this clown.

Matt-Man said...

Clowns are perfect mascots for liquor stores as most clowns are often drunk as well as creepy. Cheers Di!!

Jackie said...

Ugh, that is a creepy one! Glad your worms problem is sorted out though - they were even creepier than the clown!

Farmer*swife said...

I have a supreme dislike of clowns. I like balloon art, though. But, clowns have never been funny to me.

Wish I would have been in town to read up cuz' I could have saved you a little time on describing your web [worm] problem.

They suck and they are quick to cover a whole tree and kill it!!! Sorry about the limb but better to win the war than just the battle, right? (Or something like that)

Happy Tuesday!!

WillThink4Wine said...

I nearly chocked on my water when I read that you drove around 4 times! This morning I set my camera on my dashboard to get a few shots while I was driving to the office! That is an annoying, creepy clown! We have caterpillars in our pecan trees that look exactly like your web worms! I really hate them because I love my trees!!

Denise said...

If you dared to shoot on a road that totten of clown, because I only have to thank him and ask to take more care, there should be less dangerous red on its tour.
hugs, Denise

magnetbabe said...

That is a creepy clown. I'm not a big clown fan, there is something just a little off about them to kind of give me the willies.

That worm web looks a lot like some of the ones I would see on a path I used to walk a lot. I try to like nature so much but between the worm webs and the other creepy crawlies I couldn't deal with it anymore, and now I just ride the stationary bike.

The Mulligan Family said...

That's so funny that you were determined enough to drive around 4 times to get the perfect shot. Although I enjoy clowns, that one kinda creeps me out! Thanks for visiting my site and for your kind comments. Glad you enjoyed! Cheers!

jientje said...

yeah, the things people do for red, you did just great!!

Kerri said...

WOW! You sure go that extra mile (literally) for RED! Clowns can creep me out some...i think I watched a horror movie with clowns and that did me in.

Patti said...

I agree about the clowns. Don't send them in for me.

I like reading that I'm not the only one who sometimes goes to extremes for a photo.

Happy Ruby Tuesday, and I'm glad you are de-wormed. Well, not you, exactly, but you know what I mean!

Dianne said...

bob-kat - you have so much going on! although I'd love if you joined in since your photography is amazing and more folks should see it! I get an afternoon or a weekend and I take tons of shots and then when I have time here and there I set aside one for RT and for CP.

omg omg - I am a big believer in blogging only when you want! my posts only take me a few minutes a day, I've super organized - almost to the point of scray, crazy ;)

cg - yep they are web worms and they are gone!

marcia - I love it!! I found the most hateful clown!!

bond - even flesh eating clowns!? you're very open-minded lol
my favorite traffic nightmare in MA is the traffic circles, roundabouts some call them. I once got stuck in one forever!

April said...

WOW! That's some determination!! I used to like clowns until I saw a horrible movie featuring a very bad clown. I admire your quest for red.
Thanks for visiting earlier.

Dianne said...

carletta - you just invented a new slogan - liquor and clowns - perfect together lol

faye - many people around here have mentioned that.

ilanadavita - poor clown needed somebody in his corner ;)

matt-man - I concur!

jackie - thanks! the worms were starting to freak me out. I have since inspected every tree and bush around my house. feel better now :)

thanks farmers wife! - it's amazing how many people knew what they were or knew where to look or were just plain supportive.

willthink4wine - ahhh another crazy drive and shoot person! I love it!!
can you do anything about the caterpillars!?

denise - hugs to you as well
I only shoot if the car is stopped - that's why I had to go around 4 times lol

magnetbabe - "something off" is a great description. my brother used to say clowns always gave him the impression they'd go nuts and kill everyone at any moment

Dianne said...

hey mulligan family! - glad you appreciated my crazy determination, I have passed that clown so many times and had to show him to everyone :)
your site is one of the most welcoming blogs I've ever been to!

thank you jientje!!

kerri - was it Stephen King's "IT"? that one really gave clowns a bad name lol

patti - I am thrilled to be de-wormed and it didn't hurt a bit ;)
your don't send in the clowns comment gave me a good chuckle.

april - I wonder if it was the same movie Kerri saw!?
glad you liked the shot, thanks.

onangelwings said...

Clowns are a little creepy. Interesting shot and a great RT submission.

Rambling Woods said...

It looks like the clown from Stephen King's "IT". Very creepy...

Deborah Godin said...

Yes, very creepy. For me personally, it's still the Burger King, he always makes me dive for the remote. LOL at commemt by Patti, I like that song a lot, but still wouldn't want any sent to my home or office either!

Jim said...

Hi Dianne, now we know! Clowns are happy because they get free samples at the booze stores for just a little exposure. Like Happy Hour all the time I guess. Or "ladies drink free" nights.
Thank you for peeking in at my Red Russian oldies, Happy RRtU!
BTW, you would like Russian, we did the Moscow to Saint Petersburg river boat tour with Vicking River Tours. In October it was very nice, one day was cold. We were the last boat, they would keep it in the ice at Saint Petersburg.
With Viking we didn't have to pack and unpack, we stayed on the boat the entire time, even in Moscow and St. P.

Jim said...

Oh yes, I would burn the webs with a torch. I wired a rag on a bamboo pole, poored charcoal lighter fluid on it, lighted it and burned away. They fall to the ground but no little worms grow.
I don't have them anymore in the trees where we now live.

SnoopMurph said...

Not a big fan of clowns or anything circus-related. I was petrified years ago when my mom took me to Ringling Bros down in NYC.

Hey-what great connections you find here on the web-good friends to help you with problems big and small.

Kimmie said...

You make me laugh! You drove around 4 times? ROFL! That is just to cute! Good for you to come to grips and get the photo! Clowns are creepy to me too. This is a great Ruby Tuesday pic though! Well worth it! :-)


Kimmie said...

Oh, I forgot...sorry it wasn't Spidy coming for you. Sad Face.

Travis said...

It doesn't help that clowns always look creepy. Like you, I'm not really afraid of them. But I don't really care for them either.

Ralph said...

No jug-handles in CT, although I see lots of them in my not-often forays in NY, at the usual: Routes 22, 46, 17, 4, 10. Wish we had the 'no left turn' handles on some CT roads.

That clown is scary, makes Krusty look like a kiddie TV clown.

Even if $17.99 is okay for 30 cans...

Ralph said...

I meant Jersey!!!

Anonymous said...

I like clowns but this particular one has got a pretty evil spooky face!
But $17.99 for a 30 pack seems cheap though :P

Starrlight said...

Ok I AM freaked out by clowns. And ventriloquist dummies. That picture .....shudder!

tt said...

Clowns totally creep me out...especially after I saw Poltergist!! {{shivers}}

Your Hero will show up one day...I'm sure. Hopefully in some sort of uniform! :)

Amber Star said...

That is the most demented looking clown I've ever seen! Aie aie aie.
And you went around four times to get that shot. *shudder*

About the web worms...I didn't read all that everyone had suggested, but we get them here in TX when it is a rainier summer than usual. You can spray the webs with regular dish washing liquid mixed with water fairly weak or I guess you could buy Safer soap if you are concerned about it getting on stuff below the webs. Once the worms are killed by the soap the webs go away.

People with Cameras said...

lol..he is creepy

Agring said...

hahha! I wouldn't mind clowns. I'm sure kids loves them.

Gattina said...

I can't laugh about a clown I simply don't like them and find them stupid.

Felisol said...

Dear Dianne,
you are one determined lady. Riding four rounds to get the picture of much red.. and a queer clown. I like to go to circus, and am familiar with the different looks the clowns may have. This one does not make sense, that's why he's so appalling.
His mouth are friendly and smiling, whilst his eyes look mean and shifty.
He's not a "person" to be trusted.
See, how much philosophizing you got out of your four rounds by the red light.
From Felisol

The Mumma said...

*shudders* That clown is just horrid!

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Great Ruby Tuesday post. He does look like an nasty clown doesn't he, haha. I must prefer my clowns to be happy & laughing. You really did go out of your way to get this shot, way to go!

Alice at I Was Born2Cree8
Or Reflections on Ruby Tuesday

Reba @ Reba's Run said...

Whoof!! I would chase that mean looking clown away. Grrr... BARK! Okay, so maybe I wouldn't, arf, arf, arf.

Reba @ Reba’s Run
or this dog’s Ruby Tuesday

GMAC said...

haha. yes its a creepy clown indeed and they put it there to attract customers? hehe.

Bobbie said...

Eww, how creepy is that?! Circus liquors?? Gawrd, what next... (I'm no clown fan either.)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Loved you comment about clowns. How strange we who don't care for clowns must seem to the rest of the world. ;-)

Mrs. C said...

OK, are they advertising drinking to be FUN for kids by associating with clowns? Because I'm thinking other happy childhood things wouldn't go so well, you know like merry-go-rounds and the ice cream truck. Mixing those things with getting drunk would probably be disastrous.

bobbie said...

what I want to know is, how can you have 64 comments so early in the morning? You must have put up this post yesterday and I missed it.

I remember my mom with a gas-soaked rag at the end of a clothes pole, burning webworms out of the trees.

As for your clown - I'm glad he isn't in my neighborhood! Why would they use something supposedly appealing to children, to sell liquor? I don't like clowns much either.

Yrsa said...

What a wierd looking clown. I also find the connecton clown-alcohol rather strange. But I admire your work driving 4 times through a light just for a pic!

Dianne said...

onangelwings - thanks!! Creepy appears to be the consensus :)

rambling woods - that's what I think a lot of people are thinking of, that "IT" clown was the poster clown for creepy.

deborah - the Burger King is awful! and now they have mini Burger King. I just saw a spot where the 2 of them are part of a 'normal' family LOL and the little one kicks his Dad. who is coming up with this stuff!?

Jim - your Russia trip sounds amazing, the photos certainly were. My grandmother always spoke lovingly of her homeland and I do hope to see it one day.

snoopmurph - people are wonderful - all willing to share their experience! I have hated the circus for years.

kimmie - yep 4 times around the handle lol
I'm over Spidey - he's too skinny anyway, I like big guys ;)

travis - I see your comments on a lot of mutual friends. Have always been meaning to stop by. RT made it happen. I enjoyed your photos and your blog :)

ralph - I once got lost on Rt 17 for an entire day in a snowstorm!! this was back when I lived in NY and had not yet realized how awful signage is in NJ.
LOL at Krusty

Dianne said...

napaboaniya - as creepy as their clown is this chain does have really good prices

starrlight - I like dummies lol I had a Jerry Mahoney doll growing up, I think he was the #1 ventriloquist dummy at the time.

tt - let's hope the uniform he's wearing isn't a white jacket!!

amber star - "demented"!! my new favorite description and has always been one of my favorite words. thanks for the advice on the worms. it amazes me how much everyone knows.

people with cameras - great name btw :)
glad he creeped ya out lol

agring - the little boy across the street calls this clown 'evil'

Dianne said...

gattina - I'm with you!!

felisol- I love philosophizing! and 'appalling' is another great descriptor

the mumma - and yet another great description - "horrid"!!

alice - I was determined to share creepy horrid appalling clown with you all lol

reba - You Go Girl!!

gmac - go figure! although this store does do great business but I'm assuming it's their prices.

bobbie - definitely an unfortunate name for a liquor store

your eg .. - I think there are many, many of us who don't appreciate clowns.

mrs c - I doubt they intended it that way but they sure didn't think about it. I'm trying to remember how much of the interior of the store is circus decorated. I don't think much. There is a Carousel liquor store around here and yes!!! believe it or not there is a huge carousel horse out front. I'll have to get a shot of that.

Dianne said...

bobbie - the post went up yesterday :) and I was already #65 in the RT line-up. it's become so popular.
the tree commission guy told me I could have burned the web down but I really had to know what I was doing (always a worry for me) since it was so close to my neighbor's house. he had tons of stories of burned siding and lost sheds.

yrsa - I wonder if anyone noticed me going around and around lol
not that I care really - one time I pulled over to take a shot of a deer and a bunch of teens thought I was a cop!!
wonder what they were doing to feel so guilty.

Mar said...

I don't like clowns either and I admire the things you did for red...

the teach said...

All I can say about those worms is "Ewe!" Ugh! That clown has a kind of an evil look too, Dianne! That is what I call devotion driving around 4 times to get a shot! Wow! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Askew To You said...

Clowns are creepy. I have no idea how they ever became known as a kid-thing, when they use make-up to look like a monster. It makes no sense to me.

Thank you for working so hard to capture your Ruby Tuesday photo. :D

juliana said...

h, the things we do for photo memes! :o)
cool shot although i must admit i hate clowns, too.

gabrielle said...

When my daughter was little, she was terrified by clowns. Of course, the minute she started crying, the clown would swoop in to try to comfort her, which sent her into paroxysms of terror. I was puzzled by this because I thought clowns were supposed to make us laugh. And she was pretty much a thrill seeker and fearless about just about everything else.

There are some scary clowns. Definitely the Ruby Tuesday clown in your post is one of them. Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Dark Knight puts a chilling twist on the clown genre. With his sloppy whiteface and smiley scars, he wobbles through Gotham as an unstoppable anarchic force.

Clowns have existed in some manner in virtually every culture. In many indigenous cultures, they play a sacred role, as in the Lakota Heyoka tradition.
When a vision comes from the thunder beings of the West, it comes with terror like a thunder storm; but when the storm of vision has passed, the world is greener and happier; for whenever the truth of vision comes upon the world, it is like a rain. The world, you see, is happier after the terror of the storm…you have noticed that truth comes into this world with two faces. One is sad with suffering, and the other laughs; but it is the same face, laughing and weeping…as lightning illuminates the day, for it is the power of lightning that heyokas have. Black Elk

With their outrageous costumes and exaggerated mannerisms, clowns parody defective aspects of the culture and challenge us to do things in irregular ways. In medieval times, the court jester could ridicule the monarch with impunity. Lenny Bruce was our contrarian clown.

Dianne said...

mar - thanks!! apparently it was worth going round and round - so many people have responded to this photo :)

juliana - I must confess I often pass things while driving and think - "Oh I have to come back and shoot that" lol

gabrielle - I love the 'Black Elk' paragraph. I never thought of court jesters as clowns but as the first comedians and I have to say I've never connected clowns and comedy. I do realize how comedy allows us to say things we couldn't say seriously or wouldn't be accepted seriously. And I have often wondered what it says about comedy that most really good comics are dark people - or at least have dark patches in their past.