Thursday, August 7, 2008

Six Things I'm Proud Of

I’ve noticed this meme on a few blogs recently. Most recently on ’Tis Herself one of the newest blogs I enjoy. Visit her! She’s very interesting and always puts up great pictures of her dog Cosette – who is one of the most adorable creatures. I know I say that about everyone’s pets but I always mean it.

So – six things you’re proud of sounded positive and uplifting. For those of you who get a headache when a post has too many words I’ve included photos that illustrate each point.

I’m proud of my son and my baby brother. I raised them both. There are only ten years between my son and my brother so they seem more like siblings than uncle/nephew. My brother is a wonderful Dad, a successful, ethical businessman in an industry where it’s hard to make a dime without cheating and scheming. Since baby bro and I grew up in the ‘wretched den of wolves’ I am amazed at how we have managed to break the cycle. My son grew up with much more than I had but still his Dad has been a crushing disappointment and yet he is a balanced, kind, sensitive, hardworking all around good guy.

My son - my brother's best friend since childhood - my baby bro

I’m proud of my care-taking abilities. As the oldest of four (in the den) I pretty much looked out for all of us. As a young Mom married to a crazy person I protected myself and my son and had the good sense to get out of a bad situation early. So many women think they can’t or shouldn’t, they feel ashamed or helpless. Do it. Whatever awaits you on the other side is within your control. As overwhelming as my responsibilities were at times they made me stronger and gave me life skills that have served me well all these years. I have adopted many over the years

my adopted boy, my son's best friend and best man with Jeffrey

I’m proud of my rapport with animals. I’ve socialized some of the wildest critters. Abused, lost, afraid; I think they sense, since they’re so much more in tune than humans, that I just want to be there for them and that I don’t think I’m better than they are. Perhaps that’s it – I believe animals are better people than people.

go to and search 'animal' for lots of great rescue stories

I’m proud of my quick, sick, twisted mind. When menopausal moments aren’t messing with me I can do 10 things at once. My former boss called me “a master juggler and the gold standard of management”. Swanky - eh? And I wasn’t even sleeping with him! Not at that point anyway. I have a great sense of humor and appreciate funny, irreverent people. I’m also a passionate defender of free speech. I’ll tell you you’re an asshole and deserve to die for what you’ve said but I’ll defend your right to say it.

****I have removed the task juggling photo at the request of the owner - I was infringing on copyrights ****

I’m proud of my Italian cooking. I can cook other stuff too but Italian food just suits me – throw some of this in, a dash of that, sauce fixes everything and pasta is god!

photo courtesy of

I’m proud of my hospitality. People always say they feel at home with me, they feel comfy. I love that. Folks show up here with kids, dogs, once a ferret and two lizards. There’s always food and drink. If you can’t drive home there’s always an air mattress and extra pillows.

photo courtesy of

Well now my head is so big I won't be able to get out of the room. I need to go look at some of my unpaid bills, that'll deflate me real quick!

I don't do tags. It does feel good to be proud of yourself and I always enjoy learning more about fellow bloggers - so have a go at it.


Jay said...

Yeah that 'Tis Herself chick is ah-ight I guess *snicker*

/she's my sister

You have lots and lots to be proud of Dianne. You totally rock!

Tammy said...

I would have to say my husband, children and my family is what I am most proud of. I don't know what I would do or be without them.

kenju said...

Wonderful post! It's good to blow our own horns sometimes, isn't it?

I made up a recipe for dinner tonight and it turned out very well! I used basil pesto and chicken and egg noodles.

Dianne said...

Awwww Jay! - you know how I feel about you too! and if you don't I told your sister on her last post. But let's just keep it quiet.

tammy - you have a beautiful family, I hope Aurora is feeling better.

kenju - that recipe sounds great! I love making up new stuff.

bobbie said...

Sounds like a good, healthy list. I'd say you have a few more things you could add to it. You're good people, Dianne.

tt said...

You know what? I think I already surmised all that about you...i just had never seen it in words..which you are the master of btw! :)
and that line " master juggler and the gold standard of management”. Never was there a more accurate statement I think.
I'm proud to say i know you my dear "sister-n-the-pause"...even if it is a 'virtual' knowing at the present time.
Your son is so very handsome. I'm sure it goes to his soul too. Just like his Mom.
You should toot more often...i really liked it!

Karen said...

You have lots to be proud of. And by the way next time you have a birthday party, I am crashing. Your family looks like a lot of fun.

Jeni said...

A great post! You do have so many things of which you can show pride, besides these you listed here. Do it, show it, wear that badge well, as you show yourself -who you are inside -and a really great person lives there! So give yourself a couple more pats on the back as they are certainly very well deserved.

Rambling Woods said...

Great one who raised a younger sibling ..I can appreciate that and all your other good qualities.PS..son is very cute....Michelle..

Raven said...

Good list. I think you should add your incredible writing skills to the list too... Good post. You deserve to be proud of who you are. You are awesome. I for one am glad to know you in cyber/blog world and hope to meet you in the real world one of these days.

Kimmie said...

This post was truly wonderful. I agree with the other commenters, you should toot your horn more often. You have such a good heart Dianne, I have only met a handful of people that I can honestly say that about. I am so happy that we crossed paths in this place called blogland, you are such a doll. I enjoyed getting to know you better in this post. You have a very handsome son, and he looks happy. I believe as mothers, we know in our hearts that we have done the very best job possible raising them, we just have to cross our fingers and toes and pray they continue on that positive foundation that we spent years laying out before them. Thanks Dianne for sharing your family, yourself and that picture of that wonderful cake!!! LOL! I had to get a closer look so I clicked on it! Ha! Yummers!

Dianne said...

bobbie - takes good people to see good people :)

tt - anytime you wanna hear me toot just peek in your purse, I'm hiding in there. ;)
love ya

karen - no need to crash, you have an open invite. the first pic was my baby bro's 45th birthday - surprise party his girls put together at a little place in Bay Ridge. the other pic is my son's wedding, as weddings go it was much more fun than most.

jeni - thanks kiddo. self-depracating works better for me, it's a style I'm more comfortable with. This took forever to write and felt odd but my shrink will be so proud lol

michelle - not easy being a kid and a parent at the same time. kudos to us both :)
and thanks - I do think my son is OK looking ;)

raven - I look forward to meeting you too! and thanks for always having something lovely to say

kimmie - thank you!! that birthday cake is a Brooklyn standard. It's as many cakes as possible rolled into one, more is more in the hood. It has layers of cannoli and a butter cream center with two different layers of milk and dark chocolate icing. on the table the photo doesn't show there were cookies and cannoli and cup cakes and brownies - ya know - just in case someone didn't have enough! LOL

Ivanhoe said...

And I'm so proud of YOU! I'm glad I found you in this huge blogosphere.
BTW: Your son is very handsome :o)

Anndi said...

Yup.. you rock...

I love the sick and twisted!

"Not at that point anyway" Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Akelamalu said...

Oh you have so much to be proud of Dianne and quite rightly! :)

Daryl said...

What handsome men ... and your son .... what a smile!


CrystalChick said...

Well that's a wonderful, enjoyable read!! You have much to be proud of.
Love the pictures too.

I'm one of those 'posts with too many words' people, but I can't imagine not including pictures. So some days I'll ramble on, and other days, just the pics.

Have a nice weekend, Dianne! Peace, Mary

Sparkling Red said...

You just made my day with all those good thoughts.

Your son has a very winning smile!

Knight said...

You left out so much! I suppose there isn't enough time in a day to write out all the things we are proud of you for.
Your son is so handsome. You did a damn good job creating him.
Your Rapport with animals amazes me. All animals tend to hate me. It's because they can tell I'm afraid of them. I just recently learned how to properly appreciate plants. You are right though. They are better people than people.

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - thanks! glad to have found you as well.

anndi - LOL at your LOL
I had to make it clear that my good perfromance review came before I performed anywhere but in the office!!

akelamalu - thank you so much!

daryl - thanks, he does have quite a smile, it just starts slowly and then kinda lights up his face.

mary - thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I was very uncomfortable writing it - just not my style :)

sparkling red - as uncomfy as it made me it did have a feel good feel to it! :)

knight - thanks kid - you're so good to me. I find it hard to picture any creature hating you. It's more likely that they're feeling afraid of you being afraid. Siren only attacks when he feels vulnerable - it's called 'fearful aggression'. I bet Siren and Mia would love you, cause I'd tell them to.

Bond said...

Nice to get to know you better...knowing what a person is proud of in their life helps you to see the inside of them...

Betty said...

Good post. I like to read memes like this. And, thanks for the kind words about my daughter, 'Tis Herself. She is one of the things I'm proud of (16 hrs. of labor), and her brother, Jay (6 hrs. of labor), of course.

holly said...

niiiice. it's good to have a look at things you rock at.

i think there was a line or two that specifically was speaking to me. but that couldn't possibly be, unless you're psychic. you're not psychic are you?

and oh yeah. i'll do this. but not tonight.

Dianne said...

bond - that's a lovely way of putting it, thank you.

betty - thanks - it was good to concentrat a bit on positive things about myself. I think we all forget to do that.
it's very easy to say kind things about both your kids - they're the best :)

holly - psychic? not really but I've often been told my empathatic feelings border on spooky. I'm not sure what happens I just feel things sometimes. Plus so many of us share common bonds - could just be that simple. I'll look forward to reading yours :)

Kell said...

First of all, thanks for the shout out, that was sweet of you.

I loved your list! That was really great. It made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. I love animals, too, and am always surprised if one doesn't take to me immediately. A lady's little poodle came running up the beach and jumped into my lap, insisting on being there instead of my knitting. Her Mom couldn't believe it because she said the dog doesn't go to anyone. Guess she knows a doggie mom when she sees one. That made my day, too.

Cheesy said...

All bow to the pasta gods! I will bring the wine...

Amazing list~ you SHOULD be proud. Helping anyone to grow up secure and loved is a job most beloved...

Ron said...

Your blog SO reflects you Dianne!

There's great comfort in this space, which allows all of us who visit, feel right at home!

Thank you for that!

And said some "magic" words here....ITALIAN FOOD!!!!

I'm actually full-blown Italian, and yet I totally SUCK at cooking (and that's something I'm VERY proud of...tee-hee). I've got all the Italian genes, except the "cooking one." However, I can select good wines. I've always admired people who are passionate about cooking.

See...not only are we two vampires...but we also think pasta is god!

Wonderful post, dear lady!

Thank you.

SnoopMurph said...

I just hope that I get to meet you in person the next time I visit NY (which if someone would lower fuel prices, I'd be all set) because you are just wonderful. I am proud for all of your accomplishments.

Your son is such a handsome young man and it is amazing to see them overcome and shine in the face of adversity. Something you can both be very proud of.

I might try this one myself!

the walking man said...

Well deserved pride is no no one can say to you, Dianne, "go and sin no more."

Dianne said...

kell - you're welcome :)
and thanks to you, glad you liked my list. Friends and neighbors ask me to clip their cat's claws or come with them to take the dog to the vet - I just seem to get them to listen and be calm.

cheesy - Yes! Italian Food and Wine, what more could we ask for :)

ron - sometimes I don't know how to respond - you say the coolest things about me, to me and I love it! and appreciate it! As an Itlaian son you have no need to be able to cook - at least that's the way it was in my hood :)

snoopmurph - oh how totally wonderful it would be to meet all of you! I think you should do this one - I can think of six things about you and I don't even know you LOL - you could do 6 and Tom can do 6 and there'd still be more.

mark - thank goodness - the pressure of no more sin would be too much. ;)

Farmer*swife said...

Way to go! We have to count our blessings and we have to count our talents and importance!

We have to tute our own horn at time, if nothing else to remind ourselves and others of who we are and what we have and can accomplish.

Have a great Happy Saturday!!!!

Dianne said...

thanks farmers wife!! - we do need to toot our own horns at times - women especially seem to have trouble doing that
Have a Great Weekend!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a terrific post....I feel I learned a lot about you in such a nice sweet informative and caring way....! And I love that you give yourself credit for all these wonderful things about you!
Don't know that I will do this one myself...I've done others similar to it so, though there ma be more things I could say...I'll pass for the moment.

Thanks for your visit and your comment....I agree with you that the Media concentrate too much on the "personal"....It really is The Gossip Culture now....!
If you have not seen THE is a really very important film and says a lot that is really wonderful and though a serious film it is quite funny. GREAT Cast....Joan Allen, Gary Oldman, abd the always FABULOUS Jeff Bridges, just to name a few---It is rentable.

Dianne said...

oldoldlady of the hills - thank you, I appreciate your lovely comment. I love Joan Allen and the rest of the cast sounds wonderful. I'll definitely rent 'The Contender'.

CG said...

It's good to think of the positive stuff about ourselves instead of always focusing on the negative.

Dianne said...

cg - you're back! hope it was wonderful.

fermicat said...

Your son has a nice smile.

Dianne said...

thanks fermicat :) - he does.

Minnesotablue said...

Dianne: You have so many accomplishments to be proud of but the one I see as the greatest is your ability to overcome all the hardships in your life and come out stronger. I know your son must be terribly proud of you as he should be!

Tranny Head said...

That IS a very positive and uplifting meme. You rawk!

Dianne said...

minnesotablue - thank you, that means a lot to me considering how much I respect your opinion.

tranny head - I bet you could come up with 6 things in a snap! and you rawk too girl! cause you're HAWT of course :)

magnetbabe said...

I believe animals are better people than people

This is why were are soul sisters. ;)