Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Messy Kitty

Mia is starring in this week's Ruby Tuesday. For more stars check out WORK OF THE POET

Mia is a longhair who doesn't like to be brushed. She leaves clumps of hair wherever she goes so the dust buster follows her.

Here we see Mia giving me the icy stare. She doesn't appreciate clean-up time interrupting her nap.

When she realizes that icy doesn't work on me she goes for the poor pathetic me look.

And finally she just ignores the dust buster completly and leaves in a huff


Yen said...

Hehe..how cute! Gotta love those looks! Mine is HERE if you have a time! Thanks!

Anu said...

Mia is very cute.

Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Mahala said...

Awww.. I always fell for the cute, pitiful looks.

Deborah Godin said...

You really captured the progression of looks, all right! What a hoot. I have a very wooley longhair who hates the brush, too. I don't get looks, but "verbal" complaints. She makes the weirdest unholy moans and rumbles through the entire process. I should rent her out for horror movie soundtracks.

Raven said...

Don't you love it when they use the faces on you? Angel has a good "betrayed" face when she doesn't approve of my throwing skills for chase games. She does really good pathos too. Tara Grace favors the more direct approach of yelling at me. Great Ruby Tuesday post. I kind of forgot about Ruby Tuesday. Now I have to decide if I'm up for it. Could use your thoughts on a long reply I left for Robert at my last post. Yikes. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Mojo said...

No creature can do "icy" like a cat...
Have you tried "The Furminator"? They're a little spendy for a grooming tool, but I haven't yet met anyone who's used one and didn't love it. Including me. One stroke and you'll be sold. Makes grooming a lot quicker.

Dianne said...

yen - thanks :) Mis has a full range of looks lol

anu - thank you, Mia appreciates that :)

mahala - so do I!! that's why Mia has taken over my bedroom

deborah - Mia does a bit of wailing and then the long prolonged groan/growl that gives me the chills

raven - I love all the looks both Mia and Siren give me. Siren does more body language since he's more active but they both manipulate me pretty good. I'll come by to see what I missed.

mojo - I bookmarked the furminator awhile ago after seeing it in Cat Fancy and then forgot. Thanks for the reminder :)

Akelamalu said...

That's cute! Our dog used to moult all over the place so we used to vacuum him, with the attachments on the hoover - he loved it!

Check out my post tomorrow m'deario there's an award for you. x

Ivanhoe said...

I like your Mia story. My friend just told me about her cat that does not want to be brushed, but she loooves being blown at by warm hair dryer :o)

Tammy said...

Hehehe very cute! :o)

Anonymous said...

Nice cat.

Leora said...

Sounds like you and Mia really connect! Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Daryl said...

Or does she leave in a fluff?!

She knows how pretty she is .. and she's not posing for any more blog pix til she gets paid!


WomensDaily said...

Awww so adorable!

Kimmie said...

Mia is beautiful. :-) I love her colors and her coat is so smooth looking. Miss Boo loves to be brushed. When I stop she will bite me gently on the hand and look at me like "Hey". I get such a charge out of cats. She is my first furkin, and she definately makes me happy with her cat humor and attitude! Thanks for sharing Mia with us in your Ruby Tuesday post.

Dianne said...

akelamalu - my dearly departed JR loved to be vacuumed lol
he would sit on the vacuum and wait for me
of course he was a short hair who rarely shed!

ivanhoe - I've never heard of a cat who likes the blow dryer. Mia and Siren are by far the most difficult I've ever had! between the 2 of them they have a million issues and phobias.

tammy - thanks! I love Mia's funny face.

ilanadavita - thanks!!

leora - thanks, we do. I think I speak crazy ;)

daryl - leave in a fluff lol

womensdaily - thank you!!

kimmie - I love a cat who loves to be brushed!! JR was like that and he'd do the same thing - he'd nip at me or the brush and then roll over for more. Mia and Siren are quite the challenge lol

Bear Naked said...

I love the poor pathetic me look.
Too cute.

Bear((( )))

ellen b said...

I've never owned a cat but I've been in homes where they live and they are so interesting to watch. Enjoy...

Carletta said...

These are so cute! Her hair looks so soft.
Mia's coloring reminds me of our older cat Smokey who is the ripe old age of 18.

CG said...

Always so great to see more of Mia. She's looking lovely.

Real Live Lesbian said...

What a cutie! And I love those looks!

Bond said...

Nice set of shots...did you give her some treats as a reward?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

If looks could kill. lol

Becky and Gary said...

Poor Mia. It looks like she has your number with that stare. Aren't cats just the best! Good pick for RT.
Have a happy one.

Hildegarde said...

A dust buster, might be handy as ghost buster too :-)

Felisol said...

Dear Dianne,
I like cats..and cat people.
(We've had three ourselves).
I find that cat people are more tolerant and empathic to the need of animals and other being.
Your Ruby Tuesday pics show just how strong willed and aloof cats usually are when they are allowed to be themselves.
If they're forced into something, they'll just leave.
I guess our cats were only house trained because they wanted to.
Bathing them was a struggle we only took on to, when highly forced.
Nightmare, that was.
Thanks for compliments on the pic.
From Felisol

Anndi said...

She has such range! You do plan on sleeping with an eye open... right? Just sayin'.

Patti said...

She does realize, of course, that the sole purpose of the dustbuster is to remove completely from the premises is to remove her excess dander. She knows that...

What cattitude - she doesn't want to be brushed nor will she allow you to clean up after her.

And like the perfect subject, you just bow down before the Queen...

Ralph said...

The previous Patti comments are actually mine. Love your cats! I must have breathed in too much cat dander and was lightheaded and forgot to check for my Blogger profile!

Positive Images Surround Us said...

That is such a great post! And, cute cat too. :-)

Dianne said...

bear - that's how she gets away with everything! all that cuteness :)

ellen - they are interesting, they have so many quirks :)

carletta - her hair is soft and she's wonderful to cuddle (when she allows it). Bless Smokey!! 18 is wonderful :)

cg - thanks :)
she is doing well and that makes me happy

RLL - thanks :)
she is very expressive!

bond - she doesn't like treats - I guess she's worried about her figure :)

queen size funny bone - I know! sometimes she wakes me up with an icy look and it's downright creepy lol

becky and gary - Mia and Siren both play me like a fiddle ;)

hildegarde - might be! it sure is powerful

felisol - you are so right about cats and cat people! wonderful insights, thanks :)

anndi - LOL
she wakes me up sometimes and she scares the crap out of me
she is so sweet and beautiful and then she gets this crazy look
as do most cats

Ralph - she is a Queen!
she gets so agitated when I clean that I often just put her in another room for a bit, I hate to see her nervous. Siren is like that as well - I guess it's the anxiety of formerly homeless cats, they don't want their stuff messed with.
oh and you and patti really do share everything! :)

positive - thank you! and thanks from Mia too :)

Rambling Woods said...

And that is why I love cats. They don't love you unconditionally. LOL.. My cats are like Mia, they don't appreciate my house keeping methods..

Jan said...

Great Ruby Tuesday. Mia is beautiful.

ettey said...

hehe!! here kitty kitty!! ^_~

Dianne said...

rambling woods - exactly!! when you get some love from a cat you KNOW they mean it ;)

jan - thank you! I love hearing that since when Mia first came here she was all skin and bones, her eyes were infected, her hair was matted!
it is so wonderful to see her thrive!

Dianne said...

ettey - LOL - Mia never comes when called ;)

MyMaracas said...

Mia is a beautiful girl, and I love her name. I know what you mean about the cat hair, though. It is absolutely everywhere around here. Hey Mia -- Gatsby says Hi.

onangelwings said...

That cat is too cute.

SnoopMurph said...

The boys were thrilled to see more kitty photos! Connor calls them by their sounds-"Meows!" Thanks for making their evening!

Anonymous said...

She is looking cute even though with the icy stare! :)

Jim said...

Happy WW Dianne! I think Mia might like to be vacuumed with a hose type vac. That dust buster type is too noisy being so close to her.
Seeing that hurt car made me cringe too!

Roger said...

Mia versus the dust buster! I see is a almost unwinable war lol!

Good R.T. to you Di! ;D

Amber Star said...

That is a great Ruby Tuesday. Our cat is getting pretty old and cranky, but she can still give the looks. Some are just so sweet when she jumps in my lap and loves on my and looks me right in the eye and thinks "I love you, mom." I know that is what it is.


Merci beaucoup pour le passage et le commentaire

Gattina said...

She is just beautiful ! My (long haired)cat Kim doesn't like to be brushed either, but then her fur was full of knots after having had her shaved (not completely) twice I now take her to a pet beauty salon and there she LIKES being brushed !! strange cats !!

Deb said...

I love cats and Mia is definitely adorable one!

splummer said...

That's a great story!! She is a beautiful kitty!!! My cat used to give me some of those looks!


me ann my camera said...

Love Mia's 'poor pathetic me' look!

tt said...

Mia sure knows how to work it doesn't she..:) I can tell who's in charge of the house...I'm thinking she keeps you around for intertainment.
and I LOVE your red dustbuster!!! I didn't know they came in colors..where have I been? geezzzzzz

Matt-Man said...

That is one, Hi-Tech looking Dust Buster. Cheers Di!!

Dianne said...

vicki - Mia sends love right back to Gatsby :)

onangelwings - thanks!! I think I'll keep her :)

snoopmurph - every time I post any pics of the cats I always think of the boys. glad they still enjoy the meows

napaboaniya - she does diva very well, hard to resist :)

jim - I felt that car's pain!
I don't use the dust buster on her, she'd never agree to that. I use it to clean up the rolling tumbleweeds of her hair :)
Mia is deaf so it's not the sound anyway - she just doesn't want her queen-dom messed with :)

roger - yep! I have accepted that I am on the defeated side of the dust buster

amber star - neither Siren or Mia are lap cats - I miss that! But they do let me know they love me - in their own way lol

babylonezoo - you are very welcome! your photography is magnificent!!

gattina - Kim is such a cool name! Mia and Siren do not travel well!! Just getting into the carrier is a long process ;)

deb - thanks!!

sherrie - glad you enjoyed yet another installment of Mia's diva tales :)

ann - she does it so well!! thanks :)

tt - I think they keep me around becauase I can drive to the pet store.
the dust buster is part of a "cleaning system" - don't you love it!! it pops in and out of the larger vacuum.

matt-man - I am nothing if not a Domestic Goddess! as Dana would say *gigglesnort*

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! The red dust buster accompanying Mia all over the house is very flattering to her coloring. However I would sleep with one eye open with the looks she gives you. Lisa

Patti said...

I love these photos of little Mia. She does have a lot of expressive looks. Our cats do as well. And they squeak at us. Especially Linus. He is full of squeaks!

I like the red dust buster in the photos with Mia. Nice color contrast

Happy Ruby Tuesday a day late, Dianne. I'm late a lot these days....

Dianne said...

Lisa - see now that's exactly what I told Mia! But she disagrees and want everything to be purple lol

patti - her look is more ominous than her personailty ;)
I'm running behind too!! don't stress :)

holly said...

i'm not quite sure *i'd* want to be brushed by that either!

Anonymous said...

finally made it out here dianne. Your cat Mia should meet my dog Chester. I swear. He sheds so friggin much that sometimes we think our carpets are alive. But hey...nice blog here. I'll try and stop by more often.

Hilary said...

What a beauty! So much personality in that face!

Dianne said...

holly - I don't brush her with it!! LOL I'm fucked up not crazy. I vacuum up her tumbleweeds because she won't let me brush her with the soft wonderful massage gloves I got her.

spartacus! - thanks for the visit, glad you like it here :)
whenever you can we're always open lol
love the name Chester, gotta come visit you again and see if his pic is up

hilary - thanks! she does have an incredible personality. sometimes she reminds me of my Nana - she's very much a kvetching little old lady :)

the teach said...

Dianne, pretty fancy looking dustbuster. And a pretty sweet looking kitty cat! Ha! :)

gabrielle said...

Sauvi sez that Mia’s not so subtle body language constitutes a valiant effort to penetrate our dense human receptors. Cats would be free to be their own ephemeral selves if only we were able to rarefy our essences to meet them on their wave length. She told me in no uncertain terms that she felt sorry for us (she’s very vocal about her opinions). She is now threatening to start a blog of her own in her spare waking hour. Some of the topics would include cat yoga, relaxation exercises, bread making, the art of play and self pleasuring. Stay tuned.

The Urban Buddha said...

Such a cute kitty! :) Great selection of pics. Have a good weekend!

Dianne said...

hey teach!! - thanks for stopping by. hope school is going well.

g - cats do communicate at an amazing level. My favorite is the long slow blinking they do to tell you they love you. I have studied cat 'language' to help me when I fostered strays. They love telling you their story and they're always surprised and pleased when a human listens.
Mia has been eyeing the laptop! Maybe a blog is coming ;)

Dianne said...

urban buddha - thanks! glad you enjoyed Mia's pics :)