Friday, November 7, 2008

All Peaceful Creatures - Dona Nobis Pacem #2

I have seen so many Peace Globes dedicated to animals and nature and this planet that we share - and that makes me hopeful for them too.

I wasn't going to post anything today, I wanted the Peace Post (SCROLL DOWN) to stand alone but a friend did a lovely thing for me. And it reminded me of all the animals I've seen as I try to visit every single Peace Post.

And I had to share -

My friend TERRY left me a comment saying she had a story on her blog that I would be interested to read.

Look what I found there ...

I really hope that more and more people will recognize the responsibility we all share to care for each other - and that includes animals and nature.

I have always believed you can tell a lot about a person based on the way they treat those less powerful - children, the elderly, animals, nature - all living creatures.

So while the glow of Tuesday is still shining take a moment to remind yourself of your place in the greater scheme of things. We are only as strong as our most vulnerable fellow citizens of the planet.


Mrs. C said...

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their servants as well. My best friend was what you'd call a "cleaning lady" for wealthy families and OH BOY could she tell you stories!! It just makes me so mad I could spit nails and cry at the same time. This is a woman who was HOMELESS because of her marriage situation. Her entire CHURCH turned its back on her and she was living on a whole $600 a month with three kids... and these people treat her that way!??!?

OK, I'm going to stop now. It would defeat the purpose of a peace post...

tt said...

I LOVE that pic she posted of you and your furkids! So sweet.
Great post babe. So true..

Queen-Size funny bone said...

animals are a great example for peace. they love unconditionally.

Dianne said...

mrs c - ahhhh those church people! Ok I'll behave
what's the old saying - 'there but for the grace of God' - too many people don't care until it happens to them.

tt - isn't it cool!!
I have such good friends.

queen size funny bone - yes they are - they expect so little and give so much

Daryl said...

Neat .. and how pretty all 3 of you look.

I was extremely impressed with North Shore Animal Shelter when we adopted Gus 13 yrs ago. Above the door that leads from the kennels to where you go through the adoption process is a sign which reads:

The average life span of an animal is (I forget now what the # was), if you are NOT prepared for that leave now.

Excellent advice for life in general... if you are not prepared for the long haul ... dont start!


Dianne said...

daryl - most of my guys before Siren and Mia came from North Shore - so hey in a way Gus is related LOL
I used to do resuces for a shelter in Brooklyn that had a coop program with NS - I would usually be the one who drove the animals from Brooklyn to LI. I once had a Rotweiller freak out on me at 60 MPH!!
But we worked it out :)

Ivanhoe said...

That is too cute, Di :o)

Sylvia K said...

Love the shot of you and the furry ones! How do we get along without our four-legged friends?

Pagan Sphinx said...

That's sweet, Di. :-)

Well said and so true. The animals have a lot to teach us.

gabrielle said...

I love the family portrait!!! It does not distract from your peace post in the least. In fact, it adds a personal dimension.

I have never been able to understand the dominant hierarchical model which enables humans to separate ourselves from the natural world. I believe it is this kind of thinking that allows us to consider other people as lesser because of superficial markers. In my last wordzzle, Amanda’s Vision, I attempt to explore the flaws of a reductive worldview that compartmentalizes nature from consciousness and spirit from matter.

This quote from Abraham Lincoln says it all:
“I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.”

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - thanks!! :)
I love it

sylvia - I could not imagine my life without animals around.

pagan - it is sweet LOL

gabrielle - thanks.
I read a quote but can't recall where it came from - it said that a "sign of character is whether or not you step on a bug simply because you can"

Jay said...

I agree that you can tell a lot about people by the way they treat animals.

So please don't watch that vlog where I stomp that little spider into mush. Thanks. ;-)

Mrs. C said...

Ooh, Jay, I have a couple of children who would love to watch that! LOL

Seriously, though, I knew of one guy who left antifreeze out for cats. There are some very sick people out there IMO.

Dianne, I hope I'm never one of the "church people" like what she went through. I am terribly imperfect though. I don't know if that makes me a hypocrite, but there you have it. I'm ok with Jesus, just not some of his friends. Working on that, because that says bad things about me sometimes.

Dianne said...

jay - you told me that spider was rubber!!! You lied? Not possible.

mrs c - are the lady bugs OK? don't tell me if they're not!! Lie to me, Jesus will understand.

Bear Naked said...

Oh just look at you and your fur babies surrounded by paw prints and love.
Says peace to me Dianne.

Bear((( )))

bobbie said...

Definitely a post that has its place beside your peace globe. I so agree that the way you treat the helpless and less fortunate and those that some consider "beneath" them, tells all we need to know about you.

It's "Every Day Kindness".

magnetbabe said...

I love the picture and of course couldn't agree more.

Timely post - my mom has decided to add to her own furry family today and is at the shelter as I'm writing this! I can't wait to see what personality this new one has.

Hugs from the P-Town kitties!!!

Cherie said...

What a cute picture and a darling tribute. And you've gone all lavender. How pretty! :)

Jackie said...

That is very sweet :)

At my university we have a cat who has adopted the building where my office is. She has about a million fans (we even have an appreciation society group on facebook for her) but I bet you'd love her too. She does have her own humans, but deigns to let the rest of us adore her too. I've featured her on my blog before, but I'm seeing her around so much lately I may have to snap her again.

Dianne said...

bear - thanks :)
it is pretty peaceful

bobbie - it IS everyday kindness :)

magnetbabe - Mia and Siren send hugs to Auntie Babe and all their cousins. Brava to your Mom!! Everybody deserves a home.

cherie - thanks!
the white and the font style was really becoming hard on the eyes. a few others had mentioned it too. plus change is good ;)

jackie - I'm going to go see if I can find old posts of her but yes, take some new shots. they grow up so fast you know!! ;)

Mrs. C said...

LOL The ladybugs were let go after they spent the night here. I think they have found a winter home by now and their children will return to visit mine next year. Thanks for asking! We had a lot of fun with 'em.

PS Dianne, I really try hard not to lie. Remember that verse about homosexuality leading to the pit of fire and whatnot? People like to forget the "AND ALL LIARS" part that goes in the same verse. Probably b/c we're all guilty of it... all of us.

OK now *I'm* not goin there.

Raven said...

What a lovely post and what a beautiful way to honor you and Siren and Mia. I have often been puzzled by how even people who think they love their animals can treat them like toys that they play with when they feel like it and ignore when it's inconvenient to be bothered. In AZ people used to chain dogs up outside in 100 plus degree heat. Strange world. My cats are such an awesome gift in my life. I can't imagine living without their steady love, their irritating and endearing quirks and naughtiness. And I'm rambling. I have very little time before company arrives to help me prepare for company tomorrow and I have no wordzzles written. EEEEEEEEK.

The Gal Herself said...

Oh, I SOOOO agree with this post! Children and animals -- they are like corks on the water, little power or free will, and they end up wherever the waves take them. That's why it's up to us to care for them. Thanks for an articulate and heartfelt post.

Dr.John said...

Every day one reads of somebody mistreating an animal. The humane society runs and add with such sad pictures. But I suppose in a world where people treat other people so poorly animals also end up suffering.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How Very True this is! We all do need each other and I agree that you can tell a great deal about a person by the way they treat other human beings AND Animals! What a lovely thing for your friend to do, is these so called "little things" that really make up the fabric of our Humanity.

LOVE That Obama Map over on your sidebar....Has that been there for a long time? Well, if it has....This is the first I am actually seeing it. It Is Great!

Dianne said...

mrs c - on a serious note - people use the Bible and God to suit their own agenda
Now then - I hadn't paid much mind to that verse - I thought homosexuality led to the pit of superior decorating and fashion sense - but that's just me ;)
and I am so glad the lady bugs are OK

raven - you always pull out a great story :)
enjoy your company

the gal - 'little corks on the water' - that is such a perfect way to describe it. thank you!

dr john - I often have to turn away from that ad. I had a hard time when I worked at the shelter dealing with hurt animals.

oldold lady of the hills - the Obama map just went up today :)
I got it from Daryl. Please feel free to take it if you'd like.

maryt/theteach said...

I completely agree, Di! :)

Bob-kat said...


There is a quote that has always rung true for me (I think it's from a film)and it goes something like this: A person might be nice to you but if you want to see if they are truly a nice person then watch how they.treat their waiter. So true!

My Bob is a rescue cat and it has been so rewarding sharing my life with him. He is such a loving soul I cannot understand how anyone could have thrown him out.

SnoopMurph said...

While I am not a pet owner and probably will not be for many years, it is a great joy to puppy-sit for friends and to also witness how people treat their pets so lovingly. They are good examples for my boys.

Now, spiders are my archenemy, but I am slowly learning to let them be, as long as they are outside of the house. :)

I love the new look of your blog!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! That was very nice of Terry. I read the story. That is one lucky cat. May he find a loving forever home. And may the people who abandon him, well I was going to say, eat shit and die, but that wouldn't be very nice would it. Sorry I can't stand people who treat animals badly.

I guess that Rottie didn't know who he was up against, huh?

Oh. Did you change your background color? You probably changed it a while ago and I am just noticing it now. Well anyway, I like it. Lisa

Ron said...

OMG, Dianne....this is SOOOO ADORABLE...I could SCREAM!

In fact, I think I will...


How wonderful of your friend Terry to create this!

All three of you look FABULOUS in the photos too!

And I SO agree with you, Dianne!

I always watch how people treat animals, children, the eldery, and how they feel about know THEM!

My mom is a HUGE animal lover and taught us respect. I so grateful for that!

Wonderful post, dear lady!

I so enjoyed!

Lu' said...

Very nice picture. Speaking of nature, why can't people see that tossing out a cigarette butt is littering. Argh, someone tossed one out the window in a car next to us; pissed me the hell off.

The Quiet Rage said...

You're sooooooo right. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat those less powerful. Amen, sister.

Jeni said...

Why am I not surprised to see a Peace post from you, surrounded by your cats! Great post, love the pic too!

Matt-Man said...

Peace is so overrated. Have a weekend Di. Cheers!!

Sparkling Red said...

It's so true. Sometimes at the end of a long day it's difficult to find the resources to be patient with someone who's "being difficult", but it's possible to dig deep and find more love to give to them. We just need to be willing to make the effort. Some people are easy to love. How well do we do with the ones who don't make it easy for us?

Travis said...

It's been quite a week, hasn't it?

CG said...

My mum always said the same. I love the thing Terry made for you. Have you come down to earth after Tuesday yet?? :)

Mimi Lenox said...

I just have to tell you how much I appreciate all the comments I see you have left everywhere in the blogosphere. You are everywhere I go! It is quite a monumental task but you are doing it in the true spirit of Dona Nobis Pacem. THANK YOU.

I have seen some beautiful interactions today.

Dianne said...

mary - I knew you would :)

bob-kat - I saw that quote in a dating book LOL not that I needed any advice of course ;)
you and bob are lucky to have each other

snoop - I didn't have any pets until I was on my own which is just as well - my parents were challenged enough as is. but my point is - even if petless, you can tell people who respect nature. I move spiders outside with a piece of cardboard and a cup.

lisa - I LOVE that you said eat shit and die!!! and I agree. that was some story wasn't it
the Rotti just needed to know it was OK. I pulled over on the shoulder and just sat still with him for a bit, actually I probably sang some silly song - I usually sing to nervous animals :)

ron - terry is a good lady :)
glad you like the mi/si/di trio ;)

lu' - because people suck - I never throw anything out. a cig butt could start a fire, a piece of wrapping could choke a bird ...

quiet rage - Amen right back at ya! Assholes always reveal their asshole-ee-ness ;)

jeni - I was going to just leave Terry's gift over on the photo blog but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to share it and say something about animals and nature - you know how I get ;)

matt-man - you're so full of it!! at this point if you wanna shock or piss me off you have to go so much further. way into the darkness!!
cheers matty ;)

sparkling - and it's OK to have a moment, a lapse. we're all cruel or dismissive at times - some people enjoy it.

travis - it really has!! I'm still a bit overwhelmed by it all :)

cg - I love it too. I'm going to print and frame it.
and No, not yet. I was and then Obama had his first press conference and I was over the moon all over again. he spoke English!!!! big words and complex sentences and all. imagine that! and he never once cocked his head like a puppy or looked glazed and uncertain. so of course I got all excited again.

mimi - thank you!! I just figured people want their efforts recognized and that makes the feeling of peace last even longer. I am hell bent on visiting them all through the weekend.
thank you for all you do Mimi!!!!

Julia Smith said...

This is a wonderful post attached to the blogblast. I have a dog and enjoy the deep relationship I have with her. She makes her thoughts, needs and feelings very obviously known to me. This always makes me laugh when I think of people who consider animals to have no feelings, etc.

In my opinion, learning to hear the language of animals, of babies who can't talk yet, of older people who may have communication problems - when we can hear these beings speak to us, we become more human. I'm predicting that animals will enjoy a greater recognition from humans in the next 100 years, and that will be for the whole world's benefit.

Dianne said...

julia - you're so right - I learn so much from my cats and the other animals in my life. thank you for such a thoughtful comment.

Frank Baron said...

Well, and wisely said. Our feathered, furred and human-type friends thank you. :)

Maithri said...

Its such an easy way of learning about a person...watching the way they treat the most vulnerable..children, animals, the outcast...

It shows the way we deal with our own vulnerability...

Its a marker not just of compassion but of real strength,

Love the pics!

Big love to you and the circle that surrounds you,


Dianne said...

frank - thank you, I appreciate that. Hugs to Benny :)

maithri - thank you and love to you too. you often inspire me.

Bond said...

Very cool graphic....When i think of our dog Rocky (who still lives in NJ with the ex) I get sad...

Dianne said...

bond - thanks, I was so happy when Terry posted it for me :)
A pet is part of your heart forever.

storyteller said...

Thanks for sharing this. I believe my fur-companions are great teachers for me and I devoted one of my three Peace Posts to animals as I contemplated these words:
"We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers."
Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love, 1963
Hugs and blessings,