Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day - Post #3 - I Bring to Your Attention ...

I'm numbering the posts so I don't make those of you with readers crazy.

I realize I tend to get all Biden-ish in my posts and for those of you who are skimmers I might be more than you can handle.

So - I added some new links on the sidebar -

Jeni always tells a good story. She's a bit Biden-ish too so grab your free coffee.

CrystalChick is offering a pair of her beautiful earring creations!! Check her out.

Daryl has 2 election posts up so far.


Check out the comments to the 'Good Morning' post. Many voting stories there ...

Travis told of his experience
Jay is watching the polls for us
Pink wants me to stop smoking

and many more!!

I love all youse guys!
I'm so freaking wired



Knight said...

My boyfriend texted me this morning while he waited in line to vote. He lives in Harlem and let me know that there were about 300 people in line ahead of him. How cool is that?

magnetbabe said...

I cannot concentrate for the life of me. I've messed up two experiments today. I shouldn't have taken advantage of the free Starbucks today. Eek!

Dianne said...

knight - it is beyond cool, it is inspiring :)

magnetbabe - I am being so abrupt with this client. I just want to be on here and watch the news ;)

pink dogwood said...

I want to go home and watch the news as well - someone scheduled a meeting from 4:30 - 5:00 today - Today??

I am so excited though - there was so much hopeful excitement in the air this morning when I went to vote.

Dianne said...

pink - I finally gave up - it's almost 5 anyway. I'm spending the night with my laptop and my TV.

San said...

I'm wired too! And I voted early. Here they let you do that. The suspense is BUILDING.

Dianne said...

san - I feel like I should be DOING something, counting votes or something LOL

tt said...

Um...thank you!!!, first of all....for putting a fantastically gorgeous picture of yourself on here!!!! That smile and twinkle in your eye made MY eyes leak! No joke.
I'm overwhelmed with pride right now... I'm thinking we are watching history being made and my heart is all warm and fuzzy.
I'm so totally keeping you in my heart forever.
Inspiration is your middle name!