Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day - Post #6 - I'm Being Social Director - and I have questions

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Mary has a prediction and photos should be up by now …
Jeni is getting all Biden-ish!
CrystalChick has her election earrings to give away
Diane M has links to results counters – and more

There is a video on KITTY’S blog that I think is beautiful. You can also get to the video through my friend BOBBIE’S blog. Kitty is Bobbie’s daughter. I love reading Kitty. She’s so smart and understated in a calm, classy way. Much like Bobbie.

So – I just heard Hilary say that if VA and NC go for Obama then it will be done.

What do you all think?
What are you hearing?

Who will you be watching tonight?
I skip all over since I really can’t stand any of them.

Except I am absolutely watching ‘Indecision 08’ with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
Comedy Central at 10PM Eastern time.

Oh – and what toppings should I get on the pizza I’m ordering?


Hootin' Anni said...

Me? What do I think? Well, I spent hours this morning writing a post about Obama and my thoughts on McCain...it's a LONG blog post.

The question is right now, how do I feel?

I'm as nervous as a whore in church, of if you don't like that one, I could say I'm as nervous as a tom cat in a roomful of rocking chairs....I can't wait to start seeing some election results from closed polls....

Come by and see my Obama Post if you can.

Raven said...

I'm looking forward to Stewart and Colbert. I may see if I can put a movie in until 10:00 but I'm not sure I can do it. If not, I'll probably bounce between stations. I'm dreaming of a BIG win. I don't think it should be possible to steal this one, but I'll only feel really safe and comfortable when it's over for sure. I can't focus on anything but much at all which is why I'm not posting and only leaving long tedious comments here and there.

Dianne said...

hootin' anni - I LOVED your post. My God the research you did!!
and I have often felt like a whore in church LOL!!!!

raven - I want a landslide because I want a mandate! I'll never forget in 04 when Bush called his win a mandate for values - and for a safe America and all his other crap.
I want the haters to shut the fuck up!

Diane Mandy said...

Pineapple in honor of Obama's home state!

I think it's PA and VA--if they go Obama, the race is over!

Dianne said...

diane - we have pineapple to garnish our drinks tomorrow morning ;)
I've been reading a lot of static about voting problems - in PA and VA - how convenient!! BUT - unlike Gore Obama has people on the ground now.
In Newark machines went down and Obama people tried to extend hours but judge said no.
In nyc actor tim robbins was told he wasn't a registered voter!! he refused a provisional ballot, went to the Bd of Elections, got it fixed and went back.

Mahala said...

Could you take a look at my post and what happened when I voted today? I'm wondering if it was legal.

Dianne said...

mahala - be right there!

Jay said...

I will flip around too. I turn it over to Fox only if Obama wins. I want to see them cry. LOL

And I'm going with Pepperoni on the pizza.

Dianne said...

jay - LOL at Fox crying!!
we decided on half sausage/half pepperoni

Kanani said...

Came here via MattMan,

I wrote a piece on the ass hattery that is the California GOP.

Beyond that, my 12 year old is coming home telling me what the kids who live around her school are thinking.

1. Most think that gays are gross and disgusting. Their parents are for Proposition 8.
2. One kid has said that Obama ought to be assasinated.
3. They all think Obama is a terrorist, though others have called him a socialist. It might be that their parents don't know the difference.

It would appear that all of the kids have parents who do nothing but blog all day. But then, that's the new face of the electorate.

Travis said...

I've been reading Huffington most of the day at work. Right now I'm watching on MSNBC. It's too early right now.

Dianne said...

kanani - good lord!! I don't know which of your points I find most disturbing - I guess assasination!! this, to me, is child abuse.

travis - yeah I'm not watching much yet.

RiverPoet said...

Watching MSNBC - the anti-FOX...D