Sunday, December 21, 2008


For some reason known only to Blogger I can't get comments on the post below if I leave in the Youtube video

and I WANT the Youtube video!

So there!

The Grinch that stole the Menorah can not dissuade me.


bobbie said...

I left a comment below. I trust you can read it and the Grinch didn't get it.

Chanukah Claus may have restored it for you.

Dianne said...

bobbie - this is wild, I can't see my own comments LOL
oh Lord - I have finally lost my mind!!
I'll figure it out eventually

Mrs. C said...

Happy Chanukah, Dianne!!!

Chanukah Claus sounds more generous than Chanukah Harry. Did you ever see him on Saturday Night Live? He brought everybody *socks*.

PS. You will be gratified to know that Elf LOVES Fiddler on the Roof and sings some of the songs. I'm constantly hearing the "dibby-dibby-dibby-dibby dum!" and "OY!" through the house.

Mrs. C said...

PPS Your little video was so so cute!! It was just as cool as the old Schoolhouse Rock guys.

Tammy said...

Not sure what you mean, but I'm able to leave a comment.

Melli said...

ROFL! HAPPY CHANUKAH!!! I was actually HERE momentarily after you put that post up this morning... and I tried to comment then - but couldn't... and then it disappeared... and so now I'm back! That's weird about the YouTube though... but I'll leave my comment here just as well! Glad you found a solution!

I have a question? Do the Jewish people get asked NOT to say Happy Chanukah and call IT Happy HOLIDAYS? Just wondering... If folks are gonna complain about Christmas, seems like they oughta complain about Chanukah too! AND oh yea -- 2nd question... how do YOU decide which way to spell Chanukah???


Travis said...

I was able to leave a comment on the other post. Just thought you should know. said...

Chanukah gremlins maybe ? Anyway, where there is a will there is a way.

Crossing a handful of states and the chasm of time on this first night of Chanukah, I feel as though I am visiting with Nana. Her spirit has come alive through you.

I loved the entire post but especially the line:
Nana: I am sure of you.
Your light burns bright, Diane.

Happy Chanukah!!!

Busby SEO Test Gary Viray said...

Maybe there was just a glitch. Happy holidays!

Dianne said...

mrs c - I LOVE Fiddler on the Roof!! Elf has very good taste :)

tammy - I still can't leave or see comments to the post below unless I go through my dashboard lol
I am clueless as to why

melli - I kept putting the post up and taking it down trying to figure out the comments problem - OY!
I think most people who celebrate Chanukah are used to it taking a back seat to Christmas and they really don't care about the greetings.
I spell it Chanukah because it is the way I did as a child. Hanukah and Hanukkah are also correct - crazy relgions are always changing everything :) the 'ch' spelling is the oldest and rarely used anymore.

travis - thanks :)
this is supposed odd lol
figures - it's me!

anna - and how wonderful that my favorite line is your favorite line - thank you :)

busby - I love getting around glitches :)

Maithri said...

I love reading stories of you and your Nana...

Your spirits move me so deeply my friend.

I love that earthy goodness, that realness, the peace that comes from the fire of living...

We need more of that in this world,

Blessings of love, laughter and light to you and yours and a very happy Chanukah!!


Mrs. C said...

Ohhh, Dianne. I was so sorry to read your greeting to Melli about Chanukah taking a "back seat" to Christmas. For some reason I thought you celebrated BOTH holidays and sent you a Christmas card. :[ I did not mean to offend you. When you receive it, just take it as a friendly greeting. Mostly I wanted to show off my silly children in the picture.

FWIW, Jesus kinda gets a back seat to Christmas as well, I think. I have a lot of thoughts on this but my husband was brought up poor and wants Christmas SPECIAL. To him that means a tree and presents and a special meal.

PS What is Chanukah Claus getting you this year? I am praying for my husband's job situation but am not allowed to blog about it. :[ I hope leaving a comment on your blog doesn't count as "blogging," per se. :p

Linda Reeder said...

Every part of this posting is wonderful! It came me a lift and a warm feeling when I needed it. Thank you.

Dianne said...

maithri - nana was often described as earthy and she had a sweet real spirit
any bit that rubbed off on me is a blessing :)

mrs c - I celebrate Christmas, other than I light the menorah for Nana. what I meant to Melli was that Christmas has become a 'national' holiday where Chanukah is still a religious one. And I don't mean that as a bad thing in either instance, it's just an observation.
Any card sent with love and friendship is a good thing :)
I get your husband's need for a big deal, my brother is the same way. It's OK :)
as for gifts - I asked for a better camera and some gift cards to some useful places

linda - I'm glad it did that and thanks for telling me :)

Matt-Man said...

Have a latke for me. Happy Hanukkah, Di. Cheers!!

Dianne said...

will do matty ;)

Casdok said...

Happy Chanukah!!!

Daryl said...

Oh Dianne ... I would have loved to know your Nana .. I am fa-klempt, no, I am crying, good tears happy tears tears of remenbering ... xo

Happy Chanukah


Dianne said...

casdock - it's always so cool to hear from you - thinking of you and C - hugs

daryl - she would have loved you and wanted you to take her picture :)
good tears are good - love ya

Knight said...

I'm happy you and your Nana had each other for those moments. She sounds like a real trip.

Last night I had some friends over to my place and my Jewish friend asked if we would like to light a candle and say the prayer with her. It was my first time. I felt so honored to be a part of it with her.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a WONDERFUL Rewmemberance, my dear....Your Nana sounds like she was quite a "presence".....And I LOVE that Video...I've never seen that before.....It is delightful!
Hey Dianne....could you or I should say, "would" you please email me your address....I want to "sbail mail" something to you...., if you don't mind....
myrtillo1984 AT yahoo DOT com....
Thanks in advance, my dear!

Dianne said...

knight - it is a beautiful prayer, especially if you say the words right lol
how cool your friend did that
loved the video you posted - you are so fantastic!!!!!!!!!

oldold lady of the hills - Nana was/is a constant force, I truly can feel her slip her hand in mine at times :)
I'll gladly e-mail you, thanks!!

Bob-kat said...

Your Nana sounded like an amazing woman with incredible presence. I love the way your recall this memory with snippets of converation.

I also laughed about Chanukah Claus, such an innocent childhood mistake :)

I also wnated to thank you for your support over at my blog while I'm here. I had a small panic today when the worst case scanrio hit home as a possibility. It's knowing folks like you are rooting for exactly the opposite that keeps me sane sometimes :)

fermicat said...

Sounds more like the Grinch Who Stole Your Comments struck. :-) All the best to you and yours. And that menorah rocks!

Sparkling Red said...

Happy Hannukah! There is an award for you at my place. :-)

Dianne said...

bob-kat - I love to remember conversations because it keeps her so alive, my brother and I both have this uncanny memory
we once viewed a 20 year old wedding video and we both remembered our toasts - word for word!!
ride the panics out and go right back to living the moment - and you have my e-mail PLEASE feel free to use it, I'll send you my phone # as well if you'd like
we all gotta stick together

fermicat - some people can see them and some (including me) can't - it has something to do with they way the html code from Youtube interacts with some thingie - I gave up trying to fix it

sparkling - thanks :)
I'll be over

Roger said...

Sorry about your troubles Dianne. I wanted to say happy Chanukah to you and your family! I am glad that I met you and I know that I don't comment regular but would like to say I really enjoy your writing and photography and you Rock sexy NY Mom!! :D

Robin said...

What a beautiful post, I loved reading your memories of your Nana, they reminded me of both my own Nana and my Grandma (in my case she was the one with the accent).

Happy Hannukah.

Dianne said...

roger - thanks Marlboro Man ;)
I appreciate Creative Photography - thanks to you my photography has gotten better
Happy Merry Everything

robin - I'm glad that my stories bring back fond memories, thank you :)

Reb said...

I did comment below, but, just in case!

I love the memories you have of your Nana and the stories you tell. That video is very funny.

Happy Chanuka to you & yours.

Dianne said...

reb - the post below gets comments but I have to go thru dashboard to read them
oddest thing ever!
thank you for taking the time to comment twice
I'm so glad you enjoy Nana stories and rockin' Menorahs
You're the best reb!

Spartacus said...

Happy holidays to you and yours Dianne. Don't let the Youtubbe bastards grind you down.

Dianne said...

spatacus - you commented everywhere! I love ya! so very glad we met up here in BlogLand :)