Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Post That Started Out as Not a Post

I was going to post about how I didn’t have anything to post – I’ve been trying to write my scintillating tale of Lust for KAY but I’m not in a writing mood.

So I was going to come here just to say I’m back in a photo only (just barely) mood and my words fail me.

But …

I woke up this morning to the sound of saws and loud men. Wow! Must be a party!! No – it is a tree killing spree going on next door. I am so sick of these neighbors. I have tried getting along. All last summer I smiled and said things like – “A new gate would look so pretty against the white fence.” When what I really wanted to say was “Your baby keeps running into the street you incompetent pieces of crap.” Or. “I am so sick of worrying about whether or not your little dog is under my tires as I pull into my driveway.”

Finally they got the gate. Of course they’re so busy texting while scratching their asses that they often forget to latch it properly but really – what can I expect from under developed craniums. Twittering twits – they could work in Congress.

I tried telling myself they’re just a bit overwhelmed. After all it’s not easy having a toddler and a dog. Surely they would settle in and things would be more stable and peaceful again.

So – what do they do? They get another dog. A puppy that will grow, is growing, into a giant dog. And guess what? The giant puppy doesn’t get along with the little old dog. And guess what? The giant puppy needs attention. Shocking. Don’t babies and puppies and old dogs just care for themselves? How “socialist” of these creatures to expect any care and respect from the people who created their circumstances. I’m thinking that in addition to being low class assholes these neighbors are Republicans. Make a mess, have that mess affect everyone around you and then stand there stubbornly and refuse to fix it. Get all dressed up in tuxedos and have galas where you mock the people who are doing more in 6 weeks than you did in 8 years. And don’t forget to worship your new fat pill popping junkie god. What a rush!

Oh back to the tree killers …

Winter is a wonderful buffer time – I didn’t see them much and that made my urge to punch them in the face lessen.

Until this morning… First of all – I had finally fallen asleep. I’ve been sleeping in two or three hour bits these days. And I’ve been sleeping on the sofa - pushing my hips into the sofa back while elevating my swollen leg helps. Thanks to my torn tendons and twisted knee joints my balance and gait are so off center that my back is in an endless state of spasm. I really should do my physical therapy and I really should take some pain killers and I really should go back to therapy – all this chronic pain causes psychological issues. What is it with people who won’t take care of themselves until they wind up in an ER? How irresponsible of them to not practice preventative care.

Oh wait – I don’t have my health insurance any more. Silly me. Expecting affordable health care. After all I just worked all my fucking life and paid all my taxes. I ran a small business and insured my workers. I bought a house I could afford, a house much cheaper than the one the bank told me I could have. I drive a ’95 heap of bolts and haven’t taken a vacation in years. How “socialist” of me. I should have just stolen from friends, neighbors and charities – then I could live in a penthouse and expect to keep my 62 million, after all it’s MINE. Me precious, Me precious – fucking Gollums of Wall Street.

But I digress …

The trees. The sweet wonderful beautiful trees. Living creatures that expect nothing more than some rain and an occasional trim. And for that they give clean air and cool breezes. They shade your baby and dogs. You miserable selfish pieces of low class crap. You came here from a concrete pile of crap claiming you wanted a quieter prettier place to live. And then you create a concrete pile of crap. I hope your lawn burns and that the sun beats down onto your miserable piece of the broken American dream until your AC runs so long and hard that it levitates and lands on your giant empty heads, causing your dull lifeless eyes to pop out of their sockets.

Don’t worry. If your dogs and baby are left fending for themselves I’ll step in. After all I have far more than they do and I can afford to lend a hand ...

I’m not a Republican.


Jay Simser said...

My neighbor cut down the bush between our yards and now I have to look at the ugly back of his house when I sit on my back (screened in) deck. Fortunately he does not have a wife, kids or a dog...just girl friends. And endless procession of them - Oh to be young again.

I feel for you.

Deb said...

Pray for them.


This reminds me when I was living at my old residence. My neighbors had 2 German Shepards that would. not. stop. barking. all. day. long... And, they left the house to go to their business at 5am, and didn't return until 8pm at night.

I work from home.


It drove me NUTS! I mean, drove me to the point of insanity. I love animals, but these dogs needed attention and they were craving some sort of human contact - or anything.

So, instead of getting my Italian temper in an uproar, I sent a package to my neighbors - actually MAILED it to them. Pathetic, right? And no, it wasn't a bomb....

I sent them a buncha' toys for their dogs, some treats and goodies and stuff they can chew on, etc., etc., and.....etc. Inside of the package was an anonymous letter that explained how her dogs are in desperate need of attention and that I worked from home (there were a few neighbors who she could have assumed it was) and if she could just give those toys to the dogs, that I would appreciate it because it's disturbing my work. I also printed out some tips that would help her make her dogs happier.

Those dogs were put inside during the day and I never heard one peep after that.

Now, my neighbors are assholes, for real----I mean, NASTY people who really have a hard time getting along with anyone.

If you "play nice"---even while grinding your teeth, you'll get further.

Good luck!

bobbie said...

Don't really have any words of wisdom that would help you with this problem. Sure wish I did. Some people should never be allowed to have children or own dogs. They are usually the ones who have them, of course. The saddest part of it is that those are the kids who grow up to emulate their parents. Hopefully, the dogs run away and never come back.
The thing about the trees really makes me sad too.

I'm afraid we can't assume they are Republicans. I know some Democrats who are real assholes.

Kay said...

Oh damn… wow.

That sort of stuff makes me sick… and I know I would be laughing harder if it weren’t so disgustingly true and frustrating.

It is funny how such a “simple thing” as cutting down trees can be so freakin’ symbolic of bigger society’s problems.

I feel for you too…. Hang in there,

Jeni said...

Boy, I hope that little bit of a vent helped you to feel a tiny bit better. I was going to tell you to just tell us now how you REALLY feel but I think the "fucking Gollums of Wall Street" said a lot about those inner feelings. I can understand your feelings all too well and yes, though they are serious, I have to confess I kind of like it too when you get really pissed off and let of tons of steam. Your writings then make me chuckle as I commiserate with you. Thankfully, I don't have a neighbor problem anymore -or not at this point in time perhaps I should say. One never knows when those worms might turn, ya know. My only neighbor problem right now is the one who borrows my almond extract everytime she or her kids decide to bake cookies. Very small potatoes compared to your issues. While there is a lot of truth to what someone above said -sort of -kind of the getting more flies with honey than with vinegar, sadly there aren't that many folks left it seems who pick up on subtle hints like an anonymous gift package and such.
Wish there were someway to get you some help that would get you some relief with the leg and back issues though. Yes, it is a rotten shame when people who live in the richest country can't have affordable health care. Here's hoping Pres. Obama can get something accomplished along those lines and do it soon too!
Peace, my friend. Feel better soon.

Jay said...

Angry, bitter and kicking ass. Just the way I love ya! ;-)

Jay said...

P.S. No trashing of Twitter! Twitter is cool. Even if John McCain is Twittering now. It's still cool.

I think. ;-)

Deborah Godin said...

Forks Unleashed!!! You've summed everything up perfectly (not to mention hilariously!) once again.

Dianne said...

jay s - as a supporter of freedom I guess I have to support their right to do what they will with their trees - I just wish more people had more respect for nature. And you are forever young my friend ...

deb - I am playing nice. I have remained in my home throughout the tree killing spree and when I do go out I will keep my giant sunglasses on so as to contain the laser beams coming out of my eyes. I love your packahe idea - and I am so happy that the dogs got to live inside. Good on you!

bobbie - I know so Dems who are assholes too but at least they vote correctly ;)
the trees were so pretty, it's just plain wrong and they only did it because "it's just too much to rake all those leaves" - swear! that's what they told me when they said they wanted to cut them down. Funny thing is - they never did rake and all their leaves ended up on my lawn and I gladly raked them up.

kay - that is exactly what happened - all the other stuff was brewing in there and then the trees were just the last straw. I will hang in there kid, thanks :)

jeni - I want the chuckles! thanks, I must maintain my sense of humor and irony and snark. on the days when I can't muster up any one of the un-holy trio it is a crappy day indeed.

jay - I love ya too even if you didn't invite me into your Vegas dream :(
yes - I won't let that one go until I gnaw on and beat it into the ground ;)
you make twitter cool
if you're too busy on your I-whatever to realize your child is in traffic then not so cool -
and when the President of the United States is delivering an address before you and all of America you shouldn't be twittering - actually most of them should have been quaking ;)
oh and did I mention I wasn't in your Vegas dream? hehehehehehe

Dianne said...

deborah - "forks unleashed" !!!! OMFG!! you have given me a motto, a tagline - brilliant
I adore you!

Raven said...

But how do you really feel? Sorry about your neighbors... They sound like a nightmare. I never understand how people can have children and animals and not know that it's a responsibility. And the trees! How sad. I am so lucky in my neighbors here. We lost a bunch of bushes this fall but it was kind of unavoidable as they had flooding and had to dig up their yard. They asked me about pulling out some thorn bushes that our yards shared and I said ok. They have a kid who plays in the back yard.

As for the Republican stuff, I think they are sinking their own boat these days. I read (oh the joy) that Rush Limbaugh is now less popular even than Bush who he and the rest of the GOP have tried to throw into a pit now that he's out of office. Too bad they did get all those values when he was giving them power to wreck the economy and our reputation in the world.

Sorry you are in so much pain. Hope your disability goes through quickly and easily. You have more than earned the help.

Daryl said...

When their yard turns into mud because the trees arent there to absord and rain ... and when god forbid their child runs into the street after the dog ... they might buy a clue .. but meanwhile I would love to knock on their door and thank them for helping to keep real estate values up ... \

These people give assholes a bad name

Ron said...

OMG...Dianne...thank you for venting this, because last weekend I got a new neighbor in the apartment next to mine.

I call him Freddie Krueger!

I've been in this building for over seven years, and every FREAKING time someone moves into the unit next to's a NOISY, INCONSIDERATE, and DISTRUCTIVE college student!

Parties 24 hours a day. Screaming out the windows; making cat calls to all the women on the street. Writing on the elevator walls with magic makers, LOUD music, laughing and screaming in the hallways until 2:20 AM every night.

And management won't do an F'in thing about it, because they're afraid of losing a tenant. I've called the police on the last tenant three times!

I feel like I'm living in HELL!

And it pains me greatly to hear about the "tree cutting" going on. Why don't we just cut all the trees down and then we can all burn to death. Oh...that makes me SAD and LIVID!

Ok...I have an idea....

I think you and I need to get together for some VINO and have a BITCH FEST.

What do you think?

Thanks for venting this, dear lady. And I totally agree with you!

Love ya!


Jay said...

Don't assume that you weren't in my Vegas dream. There were lots of people there. You just didn't happen to be one of the people dancing on the table tops. That's all.

You are ALWAYS invited into my dreams babe. ;-)

Sparkling Red said...

Grrrrr! It's infuriating when people are so irresponsible! Especially when it comes to the care of innocent, living beings.

In Toronto we actually have laws to protect trees, especially mature ones. Contractors renovating a home have to set up a "Tree Protection Zone" with orange fencing around any trees on the property. That should be the case everywhere.

Mrs. C said...

It's so hard to see obvious inattention like that. We had a similar neighbour, except that this one had vicious dogs and was irresponsible with his mortgage.

You know, hard times can happen to anyone... they really can. But when you are the first one on both sides of your family to get a HOUSE of your own, the thing to do after taking out your mortgage is NOT:

Buying two new vehicles off the lot within two weeks. (DUH!)

Max out every credit card and have zero savings. Start paying one creditor with credit from another source.

Inviting every person in your family to live with you for extended periods of time.

Leave assorted visiting dogs, along with your own, chained up in your front yard near your GRILL and PICKUP TRUCK. Garbage in the yard.

Not mowing for six or seven weeks at a time in the summer.

Are you sure we don't have the same neighbours???

Except this family had teenagers, though. They were very... interesting. And surprised that it wasn't long after the fellow lost his job that they were evicted from their home! Yeah, get too behind on your payments and they're mean like that.

Sigh. He was in one of those companies where you could see the writing on the wall... and he still didn't save his pennies, but bought new furniture.

Good grief.

I think you and I see the same problem from opposite sides of the fence. We see poverty, and you'd go, we need more taxes to help that guy out! And I'd go, we need to not tax this rich guy so much, so he can give that guy a job and help him out!


No solution this side of heaven is going to be perfect. It's like what we were talking about over on my blog. Many of my friends and I have seen abuse in public schools and by the state, and we want those people to go mind their business. You see horrid abuse by parents and say the public schools and the state should be minding this problem because abuse IS their business.

**We're both saddened by the abuse.**

I love you, friend. We see things very differently, but I think much of that is probably mostly cultural and religious. We grew up differently. We have different friends. Except each other... we can be our own common friends. :]

The baby situation is very concerning. I know sometimes kids can escape gates and stuff like that, but this sounds like it is happening too often to be a fluke. :[ Does this mom have a friend?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

And you said you had nothing to say. I can symapathize with everything you said. This broken down body has a disabled pain in the ass husband, no job, no insurance, and I have relatives for neighbors....take those drugs and escape the pain if just for an hour or two.

Sylvia K said...

I do feel for you, wish I had some wonderful and wise words of how to deal with neighbors and barking dogs and all the other crap we come in contact with every day -- on top of the shitty economy, asshole republicans, and wall street fuckers. But I'm with you all the way.

And we must be on the same page today, just as I opened your blog, I got a an email with your comment to mine.

Wish I could help with the physical aches and pains, too, but I'm always here to read/listen to whatever you want to spill.

Sleepypete said...

Feel for ya with the aches ... I seem to have driven myself into twisted up limbs too after a hyperactive episode on Monday. The constant low level pain can drive you crazy.

Especially if you get interrupted when you finally got a bit of rest from it !

Hope the aches settle down soon. A painkiller could do more good than you think, when I originally hurt my shoulder it went for months without healing at all. Seems like the pain was making the muscles tense, which meant the damage couldn't repair. A painkiller course relieved the low level pain and allowed them to start healing.

Reb said...

For your neighbours: find and print off a pamphlet explaining how trees help the environment and keep their heating/cooling expenses down; then find an ad for a local dog trainer and put them both in their mailbox. As for the kid, well if you can find an ad for parenting classes include that.

For yourself, if you can do any of the exercises that they did in physio with you do them, soak in epsom salts in the tub, use a heating pad, do you have a vibrating massager?

Have your son, push his thumbs right into the centre of the spasm area - it might take a few tries to find the right spot, but once he has found it, it will help to relax the muscles. Have him push as hard as you can stand for a few minutes.

If you have any pain killers, take them. I don't know if you can just ask the pharmacist for pills with codeine, but ask for "Mersyndol" it is a muscle relaxant and works like a charm, but be prepared to snooze. It won't be as good as your prescription meds, but it might help a bit.

Here's hoping your disability comes through soon and your neighbours wake up before tragedy strikes.

Dianne said...

raven - "but how do you really feel?" - you have no idea how that made me laugh and laugh

daryl - oh I forgot about mud!! maybe the whole freakin house will be swallowed up, the dogs and the kid will be OK since they're always outside unsupervised

ron - I'm so sorry about your neighbor problems!! at least I have a bit of space between them and me - I had neighbors like that in Brooklyn, it sucks!!
we should/need to get together - perhaps I'll drive to Philly when the back is stronger

jay - ahhhh ya made my day! I'm such a needy bitch, I did assume ;)
I love ya - you bastard you

sparkling - it should be the case everywhere! I'm going to bring it up at the next township meeting - needless to say they just love me there ;)

mrs c - I have noticed the forgetting to latch the gate is worst first thing in the morning so I usually just go over there and check it each morning - I talk a tough game and I despise the adults but the baby and dogs need protecting
the guy across from them can see the house clearly and he too works from home so between the 2 of us we keep a look out - don't know what more to do
as for tax cuts - I would have no problem with tax cuts for the person you described if they actually created jobs but they don't - they hoard and scheme and greed - at this point the richest 3% of this country have gotten away with enough to last forever - I have no sympathy or regard - they should pay - period! and a whole lot of them should be in jail - screw Bush's Presidential Library - he never read anyway - there should be a Bush Presidential Prison.

queen size funny bone - I can't tell you how many times I think of you - I'll never forget how upset you were at the cost of some medicine a few weeks ago - we both deserve better babe :)

sylvia - I've been falling behind in my reading - it happens when I'm crabby ;)
you're always one of the first I visit :)

Dianne said...

pete - ya gotta stop hurting yourself!! you need to keep yourself in one piece for the ladies. I've been taking Tylenol since the Dr. won't give me a script w/out seeing me and I won't pay him just to write on a little piece of paper
kinda screwed w/out insurance - maybe I'll see if Rush Limbaugh has anything left ;)

reb - wow!! so much good advice, thank you! you're a good friend

Bond said...

Breathe deep....relax...Part of owning our own home is being saddled with incompetent neighbors...

I have an idea..throw a huge a** party with loud music and drunken revelry...and do not invite them!

Pagan Sphinx said...

They so deserve a little torture! Nit Wits are everywhere. We can't let them outnumber us! ;-)

The health insurance thing is making me insane. It produces a swell of indignation in me that is really overwhelming. President Obama has to, has to look at a single-payer health care system. Some want to model a plan after Massachusetts' mandatory health insurance laws. It may even out eventually but in its early stages, which is right now, it's really a mess. CR is one of those people who is having a tremendous amount of difficulty securing HI due to miles of corporate red tape; if there is even still such a thing. Basically in MA - if you're employed you're ok. If not, you swim upstream trying to meet their mandate. Same as it ever was.

Big hugs to you, my friend. I will email you.

meno said...

Dammit i wish there was a test for pet ownership and parenthood. This sort of stuff just breaks my heart. I do NOT understand why people get dogs, just to ignore them.


Jeff B said...

You should come out here to Oregon. Plenty of trees to hug around here. I might even change my voter registration from Republican to Democrat before you get here.


Mrs. C said...

Dianne, there are some truly obscene payments for these execs. Just looking at their houses makes you wonder *when* these people would ever be happy. How much house is too much?? Do they even care about others that they need an entire city's worth of shelter under their roof.

But I think that it seems that we expect a perfect safety net from our government BECAUSE of the failure of families and churches. That we have all lived unjustly and been miserly in charitable love.

Anyway, hugs. Bush is smarter than me or I'd be president. Wouldn't you just love that?


fermicat said...

It makes me so sad when people cut down their big trees. What a waste. I guess they want everybody to notice their house, even though trees are prettier.

Rob Inukshuk said...

Rant and vent and snark - it's good stuff and feels oh so fucking fabulous doesn't it. May not fix the problems, but allows life to go on, to fight another day! You rock!

the walking man said...

I never got the "play nice" thing. All I ever wanted to do when I was a kid was be allowed to play but instead the other kids kicked my ass.

I learned playing nice is not in the cards, my neighbors are flat out pigs who let their sty run all up and down the street with the wind, for the love of Micheal, woman close the lid on your garbage can.

Nope too hard, so now that I know they don't give a shit I simply take all the garbage I encounter and give it back to them. I am not their maid, and yes they know exactly how I feel and yes they can kiss my ass if they don't like it. This is Detroit, "fuck 'em"

Dianne said...

bond - if I threw that party it would just mess with the people I do like - there's a new baby a few doors down, I don't want to be "that" neighbor. I really do hope to get along, from a distance, with these people - if only for the sake of their dogs and baby

pagan - a friend used to say - "if assholes could fly we'd never see the sun" ;)

meno - oh I agree!! parenting classes for children and pets should be required - you have to prove you can drive a car but any piece of crap can have and then screw up a living creature.

jeff - if I came to Oregon could I hug you too? I'd even do it if you don't change party affiliations ;)

mrs c - I don't even mind people rewarding themselves for jobs well done and hard work - that used to be the American dream - but what we're now seeing is - IMHO - the results of years and years and years, starting with Reagan I think, of rewarding shady deals and loopholes and winks among the few to screw the many. There is a deep lack of respect for actually making things - the way to become rich became all about being the most clever at fooling people. I agree with you about the breakdown of families - again I think that started when it became necessary for average people to work 2 jobs, when affordable child care for working parents was cut ...
As for churches - I have a friend in Miss. who is an elder with a small church - I send her $$$ whenever I can spare a bit. They do so much to re-build after Katrina and their hearts are so lovely. But I remain firm in my belief that as a whole organized religion, especially the giant corpations of the Catholics and the Mormons, do far more damage than good. In a way they are the Wall Streeters of God, perverting faith for their own agendas and taking the collection money under false pretense.
fianlly - smart had nothing to do with Bush becoming President - Daddy and Dick Cheney and karl Rove stole that for him - hell - he didn't win either election

fermicat - and the hilarious part of that is - their house is a piece of crap, one of the least attractive on the street

rob - ahhhh I love ya!! a good rant can be like performance art - that's what I say ;)

mark - I hear you!!

Natalie said...

I know this post comes from a deep frustration, but I found myself cheering and rooting for you. I love your attitude and you flare for metaphor. You are exactly right, these people represent so much of what is wrong right now. They are a microcosm for this whole big freaking mess. I feel bad for the baby and relieved that you and the other neighbor are keeping en extra eye on her. But I feel extra bad for the puppy because its dogs like that that end up in our shelters because people take on too much responsibility and the pets are the first to pay.

Linda Reeder said...

I never got to blogging yesterday so yours is my first "catching up" reading this morning. I'm laughing and commiserating.
The winderness that was behind our yard was leveled to build to big houses three years ago. The contractor left a grove of big fir trees, as he was required to do. But of course the new ownwers had to take down those messy, shade causing obstacles to create a wide open view of ... me and my kitchen table!
Your articulation of anger is amazing!

Liberality said...

I’m thinking that in addition to being low class assholes these neighbors are Republicans. Make a mess, have that mess affect everyone around you and then stand there stubbornly and refuse to fix it.
hey, I know republicans just like that. also, they buy more than they can afford and then declare bankruptcy not once but twice. so there they are living with the best of everything and I am living with used, worn but paid for stuff. grrrr... then they have the nerve to complain about welfare mothers and what not. it's enough to make me scream sometimes.

Minnesotablue said...

Oh Diane. You always tell it the way it is and articulate it so well. We are having trouble trouble with our new neighbor also. She has a fenced in yard but allows her two dogs to run loose often and they automatically come in our yard to poop and pee. My husaband talked to her about it and she got huffy . Now he just picks up the poop and throws it back in her yard.
So sorry about your difficulties.

I hope you continue to keep up your wonderful spirit girl! Luv ya!

Lisa said...

hmmm... the rant, founded. Obviously. Assholes.

The part that they must be republican??? wow. I'm not sure I know what to say to that.

Dianne said...

natalie - I rarely like anything about me but I do appreciate my metaphor-ability
back at my last job I was called the "Queen of Phraseology"
thanks for saying that
as for the pets - I long for the day we don't need to agree with each other about how they're treated

linda r - thank you for such kind praise
as for your tree killers - I'd hold up signs in my window or better yet - plant trees right at the property line

liberality - you nailed it!! these cretins are constantly making comments about our Mexican neighbors - they must not be legal, their children are wild - yet they appear to not own a mirror

minnesota - from all I know about you and your husband he must have been pushed so hard to come to throwing poop over the fence
what a shame
thanks for the kind words
I was thinking about your Mom today :)

lisa - since I was mixing their story and attitude with how I see the larger world situation I called them "republicans" based on their behavior in relationship to the GOP's current behavior
although I freely admit that I find it very difficult to understand how anyone with mind and heart and soul could possibly still want to be part of the GOP - unless they hoped to change it from within which I fear is impossible
back when Howard Dean was floundering about and the Dems were acting like puppet wimps I was the first person to say I wanted nothing to do with the party if that was their direction
I hate labels but for artistic use alone I have to use something
conservative insults some people
right insults some people
so I stick with the political label of a group of people I believe have hurt this country deeply and wish to continue to do so
wow!! that was long winded

Micky-T said...

Now I am totaly convinced...
You are an awesome person!

I really would like to quote you on some of that.

Dianne said...

micky - I don't know about awesome, I do know I always have the best intentions even when anger or frustration grab me - you can quote me any time, any place - you're a good good guy Micky :)

Micky-T said...

I wish I could voice my anger and frustrations through my fingers as free flowing as you do.
It's poetry of the stongest kind.

Bob-kat said...

You sound just like me in full auto-rant! Your neighbours are assholes, no doubt about it. The UK is full of people who make a mess and then expect someone else to clean it up, who have kids and expect everyone else to be responsible for them, who over stretch their budget and then expect everyone else to pick up the bill.

I am so sorry you have to put up these idiots. I used to have neighbours just like that and in the end I moved as I was going to murder them. I hope something improves soon for you, if not with the neighbours then perhaps with your health.

Border Explorer said...

//I am not a Republican.//

And you are wonderful.

Volly said...

Ah - your post hit one of my hot buttons. People who claim to be overwhelmed by their own personal overpopulation crisis and then voluntarily add to it.

A couple I knew in the 1980s "had to get married" because she became pregnant. Fine. They lived in a 1-bedroom apartment in NYC and frequently complained about hubby having to work 2 jobs and the uncertainty about where the money would come from. I felt bad for them and thought they were making the best of a bad situation, especially as their "baby" gradually became a toddler and their apartment began to look really cramped.

Then the Mrs. dropped her bomb: Pregnant again. Oh, no, I thought. She must have seen the pitying look on my face, because she responded, "Oh, it's okay. This one, we planned."

Maybe there was a method to their madness, because before the second child was born, they found a house in the burbs, and things apparently began to get better for them financially. It's been 23 years and they're still married.

But still...

Another acquaintance also lived in a small NYC apartment and was stressed because her elderly mother had moved in. Compounding this was her hyperactive Pomeranian. I was thinking, how does she cope with this?

When she informed me that she had added a second Pom to her household, I began curtailing my contact. Therefore, I have no idea how this ended up.

Maybe it's just me. I see a direct correlation between "adding" -- whether it be people, possessions or responsibilities -- and an increase in chaos and stress. And just witnessing the effects of such decisions add to my own stress level.

Your neighbors would drive me nuts. Good luck!

Travis said...

I'm fortunate to live in a tree-filled forest within the city. And I'm also fortunate to have excellent neighbors.

The gal who lives next to me takes care of the garden area out front, both her side and my side. She just does it without my asking her too. It's a good thing, because I can't do it physically anymore.

The only issue I have is the heavy feet of my upstairs neighbor. But I can handle that because she's only here for 3 months out of the year.

Hang in there with your neighbors, and with the financial situation. You'll get through it and be the better for it...eventually.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...'s all been said, my dear...But let me add that I love when you rant! You not only make sense but you really go right to the heart of the matter! I HATE that you are in this fix without Health Insurance and in need of help from a doctor who can write a perscription...What a mess it all is. I pray Obama can get Health Care for everyone as he says he wants to---Medicare, as of January 1st, no longer pays for my Oxygen Machine----Next they will stop paying for transfusions...! Oh, maybe they already have done that!

As to the cutting down of trees.....two times a year I get a "report" of earnings and expenditures from SONY MUSIC. This February's "report" was 4 inches...FOUR imches of paper. How many trees had to die for this worthless report that no one can even lift, let alone read....! And if they send that to me, you know they are sending that to thousands and thousands of people. How irresponisble is that???

Dianne, my dear, you have such a gift with words....! You write seriously but at the same time with great irony and humor...BLESS YOU for your anger and the occassional Great Rants!

Mare said...

You have such a way with words. I'm sorry to say that it was such a frustrating story about your neighbors that your tongue in cheek sarcasm had me smiling.
I wish you some good luck and hope you feel better.

CG said...

I love it when you really let - rip - no-one does the articulate, inteligent rant quite like you - but i do sympathise with the real problems you're having with those idiot neighbours!!

connieemeraldeyes said...

It seems there is always one neighbor who is a jerk. No matter where I live, the jerk is always in the neighborhood. Usually right beside me or across the street. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your blog a lot.

Anndi said...

That's my Momma!!

byrningbunny said...

They must be Republican! HA! I needed to read this. Thank you.

If their lawn burns, it'll just provide more room to work on junk heap cars! You don't want that.

My dad used to go out in the middle of the night and turn the neighbors hose on and water their trees and grass and plants. :) When you can get around easier, this is good therapy for your weary soul.

Anonymous said...

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