Friday, July 31, 2009

Positive Day

Positive Day is the idea of the 12 year old daughter of DUST BUNNY HOSTAGE. She believes she will be President one day and I believe her.

I found out about Positive Day from TRAVIS who designed the badge. Trav is a great guy who always reminds me to be more even tempered plus he loves sports and dance – what more could you ask for.

I have been thinking about being Positive and I looked up the DEFINITION.
There are many. The one I most relate to was where positive was described in relation to confidence and affirmation.

I think a lot of people misunderstand being positive. They view it as ‘if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything’ – and that’s not true.

It is a sign of being a positive person to question things. To offer up alternate points of view.

If you weren’t positive that there was a different way then you wouldn’t bother talking about it. Right?

I think I am a positive person. I love a good rant. I am positive about the things I “hate” and why I “hate” them.

Injustice. Bigotry. Cruelty. Ignorance.

I’m positive those things need to be spoken about. Aired out for all to see.

I am right now watching a silly morning news report about President Obama throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. The report is part of a segment advising men about what type of jeans they should wear.

I remember when the President appeared that evening. There were all these blogs and reports about how he was wearing ugly “Dad jeans” and how he “threw like a girl”

See now, that’s negative. That’s a perfect example of being negative just because you don’t like someone. Plus what’s wrong with throwing like a girl?

Silly example? Probably. But also a simple example of misplaced negativity. There’s nothing wrong with “hating” a President’s policies but the positive way to deal with that is to stick to the subject. And have some ideas of your own.

In all the years I eviscerated George W I never once made fun of those things that were uniquely human about him. He loved his ranch. He loved his girls. He was probably a great guy to have a beer with and talk about cowboy movies. That’s all good.

Cheney isn’t human so the things I said about him don’t count.

I want to go on and explain how I feel comedy and snark and sarcasm are not negative but I’ll save that for another post.

I hope the beautiful, delightful, smart and sassy daughter of DUST BUNNY HOSTAGE approves of my view of being positive.

And as always, there is Hope …

She is POSITIVE she can reach that nipple thingie.


Mrs. C said...

"Throw it like a man!" is what my dad taught me in baseball. Obama didn't have a dad to teach him these things so he'll just have to "settle" for being president of the United States instead of a pro ball player...

It doesn't bother me so much about the fashion advice thing. They do that to all the celebrities. Somebody must be supporting their advertisers for them to do that. And let him wear "girl" jeans! This reminds me of elementary school and the you can't wear green on Thursday unless it's St. Patrick's Day business.

The other thing that DOES bother me, is the psychoanalyzing of celebrities. Did Michael Jackson make Neverland to satisfy some childhood longing? A psychologist talks for 20 minutes about it, but then says, of course he wasn't my client so I'm not diagnosing him...

Matt-Man said...

You are correct...Dick Cheney is not human. Which when you think about it, is a positive disclaimer that real humans can refer to. Cheers Di!!

The Petersons said...

What a beautiful baby! That picture made my day. And I agree, I love comedy and sarcasm, nothing wrong with that!

Bond said...

I think most would have had a problem throwing the baseball wearing the HUGE vest they had under his White Sox jacket. Looking at the pictures of G.W. when he threw out the first pitch after 9/11 at Yankee Stadium, his vest does not seem so bulky. Plus, he owned a baseball team, so I expect him to be better.

The jeans..well, I also thought "Dude, get a pair of Levi's..." but that is just me.

The Peach Tart said...

Sweet baby.

Nessa said...

I am positive I enjoyed your different look at positive. And Hope is positively adorable.

Please visit The Chrysalis Stage and Esoteric Uncovered.

Linda said...

Somewhere along the line it seemed to become easier to be negative about people then it did to be positive - hence those who felt the need to criticize the President for "throwing like a girl" (excuse me? I used to pitch for my softball team and was actually pretty darned good!) and his choice of attire. Of course, perhaps he should let Michelle start picking out his clothes as she seems to have much better fashion sense!

There is nothing wrong at all with snark and sarcasm in my opinion as they are true staples of my conversational diet - it's just sad that a lot of people don't really know when you're being snarky or sarcastic. Perhaps you could do a post that would enlighten folks as you do them better then a lot of people I know!

And as always, Hope is ends the post on a very positive note - positively cute!!

Linda said...

Not sure what that last sentence was supposed to be ... I need more coffee ... I meant to say that Hope ends this post on a positive note!

I positively need to proofread before I hit publish!

bobbie said...

I heartily approve of "Positive Day". I think that's one of the greatest ideas ever.

Looks like Hope thinks so too

Guess I'll have to work on my own attitude though. I just can't think anything positive about GW

Dianne said...

mrs c - I don't recognize gender roles. I never did. Even in the old days. My son played with dolls and trucks. He nurtured the dolls and crashed the trucks. I taught him to be gentle and kind and then, when he played football I taught him to play fair AND tough. I remember the moms wanting the coaches to tell the kids to go easier. One of the reasons they made me a coach was to teach the moms

matty - I love you! :)

petersons - thank you! and Hope says thanks as well

bond - I didn't even think of the vest. I just thought the whole thing was absurd. If he was more "manly" they'd be complaining that he's too rough, or throwing out sterotypes about black men. Way too much bitching about nothing. As for the jeans - that too - if they were tighter they would have sure as hell had something to say
He's a suit guy and, to me, always looks awkward casually dressed.

peach - thank you so much :)

nessa - thank you, I always need to find new ways to see and communicate
Hope sends a big hug

linda - I totally got the last sentence!! maybe that should worry you ;)
I'd pay to watch someone tell you that you threw like a girl - and then you could dispatch their ambulance ;)

bobbie - it wasn't easy, trust me but I am always searching for the human these days - must be Hope's effect on me

Daryl said...

Truth .. lots of truth.

And I am so loving seeing Hope ... she is delicious

Sylvia K said...

I love your post! And I couldn't agree more with everything you have written and I feel the same way -- but I guess I've known we think a lot alike for some time now. And, of course, Cheney isn't human! Most of us have known that for a long time, too! This is a great idea for a post and good for Dust Bunny Hostage's daughter! The worse things get, I guess the more we need to focus on the positive! And then, as you say, there's always Hope! And she gets more beautiful everyday. Have a great weekend, Dianne!


Anonymous said...

If Dick Cheney isn't human then what is he may I ask? He looks like a human being to me? Am I missing something here? ROFLMAO? I love you for all your comedy, snark and sarcasm and left wing radical ideas. I'm going to nominate you for Leader of the RNC. Excellent post my friend. Have a Happy Positive Day 2009 :)

jennifer said...

You know Dianne, I don't care WHAT President and Mrs. Obama wear. He can wear a tu tu and red patent leather shoes in the Oval Office for all I care. I just want him to be successful at running this country. I DO care about the United States of America. I don't think your example is silly at all. It seems ridiculous to fixate on what a man wears and how he throws a ball instead of his leadership.

It seems that sometimes negativity and strength get confused. If one comes down on the other guy and doesn't concede an inch, maybe it will come across as tough? I dunno, I'm just thinking out loud. Your post inspires me to think.

Thank you so much for being a part of Positive Day. The kindness that you have shown toward my kiddo blesses this mother's heart. I want her hear the voice of others in the Bloggosphere. If she just listens to me, what has she learned? The lessons she learns for herself will be the ones that shape her life.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hope is positively darling and I'm positive that she just makes me smile to look at her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I actually looked up the definitions of 'positive' too but was too tire to think of a way to use it in my post. Alas, the simplicity.

I love your take on being positive. Unique, but great!

Autumn said...

Hello back from a fellow "Positive Day" participant!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I also enjoyed your thoughts... stick to the subject (the crucial one!) and have some ideas of your own...
We don't have to tear down the soul to disagree.
Your pictures are beautiful, by the way! I love black and white photographs!
Thanks again for taking the time to visit!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I sense that you and I may be polar opposites on politics...BUT...we agree on so much more than that! lol I agree with your views on gay marriage. (I'm one of the few republicans that does...which I consider a failing of the republican party. lol). I agree on the stupidity of personal attacks instead of focusing on the real issues. And I agree that expressing your "rants" doesn't necessarily mean you're not being positive. It's all a matter of taking POSITIVE ACTION, rather than sitting back, snarking with negativity. Right?

Great post for Positive Day. I enjoyed it. :)


Dianne said...

daryl - I just finished sitting with Hope while her Mom went shopping. She sings back when I sing to her!!!!!
Oy! my heart :)

sylvia - we are 2 peas in a pod :)
Hope sends hugs

thom - I want to give you a big old hug. that photo of you in the birthday hat is delightful
I may have a crush on you

jennifer - you're welcome! I think you are the most wonderful example of parenting
and your children are all beautiful
I hope we visit each other often

queen size funny - thank you! and Hope says thanks too :)
she just fills my heart with joy
I just gave her back to her Mom and I can still smell that wonderful baby smell - ahhhhh

lizcooper - thank you. unique is something I strive for, sometimes I annoy people, sometimes I entertain ;)

autumn - thank you!! I love photography and blogging has really helped my creativity

kari - many of my readers are polar opposites - I LOVE that so many different people visit and feel free to speak
I hope people like you within the Republican Party can make a difference re. gay marriage.
you're welcome here any time :)

Pagan Sphinx said...

I like how you reminded me that positive sometimes means for me that I am emphatic about the things I value and believe in. I appreciate that reminder.

Oh, and that baby picture! Oh my! She's beautiful!!! You've probably already revealed her name while I've been away so I'm going to catch up now!


Pagan Sphinx said...

Duh. Okay. Lovely. Perfect. Hope.

BrittanyMarie said...

That baby is adorable! I really liked you post on being positive!! Thanks so much for the comment on mine!

Maithri said...

I love your angle on this my friend,

ITs true.. Everythings energy... When we are moving towards something, working FOR a goal or project we draw energy towards us...instead of concentrating on the problem... we become solution oriented...

There is a deep power in this kind of attitude,

Much love to you beautiful one,


Kwizgiver said...

Happy Positive Day--thanks for visiting mine.

Travis said...

You made me kick the dirt and say aww shucks.

As to your post, I say ditto. "I disagree because I don't like you" is a popular opinion these days. It's really a shame because you can find yourself opposing something that could really create a positive outcome in your life.

Happy Positive Day!

Debra said...

Positively adore your post on being positive. I agree.
Also enjoyed your pictures on the other blog. I have been thinking of starting a photo blog myself.


Anonymous said...

Okay so first... I think I love you!!! <-----insert sarcastic but honest grin.

I agree 100%. Being positive does not always mean saying something nice for the sake of saying something nice.

I also agree about the concept of you may not like the dem party but the guy on top is your leader etc....

And who gives a crap about what he is wearing. Can he make hard brave decisions... hmmm yeppers I think so.

I'll surely be following along with you. Thank you so much for having me.

Grayquill said...

Oh my... where to start. First off-Way Way to funny. Stop it! I am so clear on positive now. You enlightned me, I will always be greatful. Great Post!

Dianne said...

gina -Duh - LOL !! Yes, Hope is her name
isn't that just perfect
if I were an newscaster, and lord knows I'd do a better job, she would be my sign off ;)
emphatic indeed my brave friend

brittany - thank you! I really loved your post

maithri - I try to remember and channel the energy, to stay on course
hugs sweet doctor

kwizgiver - thank you :)

travis - all well deserved my friend :)

debra - the photo blog is so much fun. it has encouraged me to take more photos, the photo projects I take part in help me see things in new ways, and the feedback I get from others is helpful and confidence building
I think you should
I would visit :)

A Stitch - you made me smile :)
thank you!!
I shall follow you as well

Dianne said...

grayquill - I think you're wonderful ya know
you have such a zest about you :)

Linda Reeder said...

I don't have time to read everybody else's comments, so I don't know what they've already told you, but I LOVE your definition of being POSITIVE, as in " I am positive I'm right!
Just saying something nice doesn't move things along. Say something that can change things.
Right on.

jennifer said...

Dianne I wanted to tell you that I've seen your comments all around the Bloggosphere on other Positive Day posts. Thank you so much for the support and enthusiasm that you've shown. You make me smile!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

All well said, my dear....Maybe this is negative but I loved your comment about!
And I LOVE all the pictures you have of dear little Hope! Now, there is nothing negative about that!

the walking man said...

Every battery has a + and - terminal, disconnect one from the battery and it becomes a boat anchor.

The great debate among them first learning about batteries is whether the electrons flow from - to + or + to -. I never really cared, even though I know the answer now as long as the battery worked.

The electrons were flowing backwards for 8 long years and now they are flowing painfully in the right direction.

I don't need +'s I need patience.

maryt/theteach said...

Oh Dianne, she is SO Positive and SO hopeful! You're such a lucky grandmama! :)

maryt/theteach said...

nipple thingy? Snoody? is that what it's called?

Dianne said...

linda r - right on to you as well!!

jen - you're welcome!! thanks for telling me
I always try to visit everyone who takes part in a project, I remember when I was first blogging and started to venture out - it was so exciting to have new people visit
and I have met some great new folks!!
Diva Daughter has done more than even she envisioned

oldold lady of the hills - Hope sends giant warm hugs :)

walking man - funny - I've been trying to write something about patience
I love when we gel

mary - I thought it was referred to as a Blinkie but I keep learning that things change in a heartbeat!
I remember it being called a Pacifier but that was 36 years ago
my son never liked them and that was fine with me
Hope doesn't seem to like them either although now there are more than a dozen different kinds so her Mom is trying them all

Jay said...

I thought about joining in with this positive thing, but it would be so out of character for me that I didn't think I could pull it off. Besides, I didn't want God to destroy my blog with a bolt of lightening. ;-)

Cloudia said...

I'm positive that I like YOU!!!


Comfort Spiral

Faye Pekas said...

I am positive someone got that baby his binky before he got too frustrated.

I think its impossible to have a positive attitude when you're busy judging. Being judgemental is like giving yourself a handicap.You can't be free to enjoy the positive things in life because you constantly look for things in others that you can judge.

You are so right about Injustice. Bigotry. Cruelty. Ignorance needing to be addressed.

My "thing" is intentional unkindness. Its my mama bear trigger. I don't understand it and don't accept it without saying something. Hmmm well ok maybe I am judgemental to a point :)

Thanks for posting this and getting us thinging.

Raven said...

Well said as always. I agree that just saying nothing in the face of evil isn't positive... and I too am appalled at the petty negativity that passes as news. And Hope is a true joy. Hard not to be positive with new life to remind you that every day is a miracle.

Cherie said...

That's why there are so many fights because no one can agree on the definitions of the words. LOL So, even when there's a legitimate disagreement neither side really understands the other. Oy! :)

CrystalChick said...

Nothing wrong with some snark and sarcasm. Gets me thru alot of otherwise boring days... ;)

Hope is absolutely precious and beautiful. Great photo, perfect caption!


Jim said...

I was looking through your posts and stopped here. My comment may remain hidden.
But ... G.W. would not have a beer with you. He would have back in his college days and perhaps drunken you under his table of drunks.
Now though, he hasn't had a drink for years. He is afraid of them. I don't blame him for that.
I do blame him for a bunch of things, he bankrupted our state before he graduated to the White House. He cut programs (that cutting is still going on) and cut taxes (especially for the rich and big corps--that is still going on).

Nice looking kid, she looks a lot like my new granddaughter.
Jim's Little Blog with new Grand daughter pictures