Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hey, How You Doin' ...

... I loved when Billy Crystal said that during his 'You Look Marvelous' skits on SNL.

And that's about how I'm doin' - I'd really rather know how you're doing cause I'm so freakin' sick of me.

I've been thinking I might be able to sell a reality show of my life - I just can't decide what crappy cable network would be most receptive. We're regular folks, down to earth, so perhaps CMT. But my politics are far too left for the country fans and my taste in music is just too good. For all the crap about how liberal the media is I can't come up with a left like network.

Anyway -- before I get all over the place. The past couple of days have been a pain the ass. My poor yet sweet old car is losing its mind. The wiring in a VW is, at best, the psychotic weaves of a mad engineer; in a 15 year old car it becomes a real problem.

When I start the car the window opens and then won't close. This is always fun when it's raining - and absolute bliss if coupled with the windshield wipers not working.

The alarm won't arm itself - see now I can get behind that - and that would be fine with me if not for the fact that it then feels the need to go off - randomly - I'll be driving along and suddenly the horn will start blaring in a really awful beat and the flashers will flash - off beat of course. It's amazing how your mind can just shut down when sitting in a small confined space with deafening horns blaring.

The only way to stop it is to pull over, get out and lock and unlock the driver door with the key. VW doesn't "believe" in keyless entry. I long ago learned that meant they don't understand keyless entry.

With the help of my son and a neighbor - both good with cars - I think we found the source of the problem. I have managed to make two short trips without the horn going off - I really miss all the middle finger salutes I was getting.

I have decided the car is not reliable enough to tote Hope around in. And I really don't want to spend the rest of my days avoiding highways. Limits a person.

So I have begun the process of looking to use it to trade in for a newer car. I'll let you know about that adventure later.

Meanwhile I need to go see why the sump pump isn't pumping, then I have to figure out what's happening with my desktop - it likes to turn itself off. And my DVR won't fast forward - dear lord I'll have to watch Chris Christie ads!! More about him soon - fat fucking fraud that he is.

I wonder if the Sci-Fi Channel wants a reality show called 'When Bad Machines Attack Good People'

You can stop reading now. We have concluded my actual post. What follows is a post I was going to publish a few days ago - it was to be titled 'Kiss My Ass and Tolerate It' and was inspired by my dealing with big ass corporations who find it "intolerable" that I am having trouble paying my bills. I decided against posting it because I'm trying to stay perky - without the aid of drugs.

But I really do like it - hehehehehehe

So I sneak it in here...

I have discovered a trend. Large corporations, in efforts to stay afloat long enough to pay huge bonuses to half a dozen people at the top, are finding the real world “intolerable”

A collections agent from CitiGroup/CitiCorp/CitiBank – whatever their name is this week – calls me. I look at Caller ID and then decide what the hell.

Me: “Hello”
Collections Dick: “Mrs ---, this is --- from …
Me (interrupting): “Yes I know who you’re calling for”
CD: “We need to discuss your account”
Me: “You can review it if you want but I have already told you what I can pay and when”
CD: “But you do not answer our calls”
Me: “I have nothing new to tell you. And I did answer today, aren’t we talking right now?”
CD: “We need to know that you are committed to resolving this situation”
Me: “I am committed to resolving this situation”
CD: Dead silence
Me: “Anything else?”
CD: “This is an intolerable situation Mrs ---“
Me: “I feel for CitiWhatever, really I do – what with your sudden downturn followed by bailout money and huge profits - but you will just have to tolerate it – have a good night”
I hung up

I am struggling with the mortgage payments. I have been playing catch up and fall behind most of this year. I have filled out “hardship forms” which seem to exist solely in order to give the bank a reason to create a new department; I have answered every question asked of me and I pay all the late fees.

I recently got a letter that used the word “intolerable” 4 times in 2 paragraphs.

It is “intolerable” that I don’t return their calls
It is an “intolerable” situation that my payments are consistently late
They “can not tolerate” this sustained situation – way to change it up!
They are certain that I see the need to resolve this “intolerable” situation – well now they’re redundant again

I’ve been calling various service providers to change plans and cut back services in order to cut expenses.

The lawn guy – Yes!! The lawn guy – tells me my lawn won’t “tolerate” the lack of service
Verizon hopes I understand that my contract with them doesn’t “tolerate” the changes I’m requesting
One of the utility companies informs me that revising my budget plan is “intolerable”
My wireless carrier finds it “intolerable” that the credit card my service is billed to is often declined

So – I have come to the conclusion that the recession/really a depression has become an “intolerable” situation for many, many large multi billion dollar corporations. Even my lawn guy is but a pawn for a giant franchise.

Good Heavens. How they are suffering.

One of my many 2nd or 3rd extra part time jobs over the years was calling parents to renew their subscriptions to a well know children’s publication. We were coached on how to present the terms of the new subscription in as confusing a manner as possible. We were coached on how to make a resistant parent feel guilty for “not spending pennies on your child’s education”.

I was called out many times for clearly stating what the payments would be. I was called out for telling distraught, frustrated parents that it was OK not to renew. Yes – food is more important.

I organized a revolt in the break room. Over 80% of the staff spent an entire weekend telling parents it was OK.
Then I quit and sent a letter to the NY Dept of Consumer Affairs and the NY State Board of Education. I never checked to see what happened – new evils took priority.

If any of you collection dicks – or dickesses – are reading this. Stage a revolt in the break room. OK - maybe you need the job. Then at least accept that you’re a whore for a company that doesn’t care any more about you then it does about me. Find that “intolerable”. Think about how your CEO is most likely sniffing cocaine off his girl friend’s ass while his wife and kids summer in the Hamptons. On our dimes – that are worth a penny. Bonuses are back. They have learned nothing and until they are properly and fairly regulated they never will.

If any of you reading this are being hounded by collections or haunted by debts – buck up and fuck them! Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be made to feel a failure. Don’t panic. That’s what they count on.

If the average working person can tolerate killing themselves to fall behind while trying to keep their home, pay enormous insurance premiums and feed their kids well then …

These bastards can tolerate the real world as well.

There are all these “birthers” and “healthcare town hall meeting disruptors” roaming about hollering their crazy ass heads off while the bulk of us just go about our business.

I keep hoping for a revolution in this country but I keep finding evidence that the wrong people are revolting.


bobbie said...

Re: the first part of your post - I really want to email Chris and tell him, "I'm not listening to what you say, I'm watching what you do."

As to the second part - I am presently fighting with the Rx insurance company because they insist I should take the Rx they prefer (cheaper) than the one the doctor wants me to take. they could care less if it destroys my kidneys. But their bigwigs are happy with their bonuses, etc. and their own Health care, etc.

I'll join your revolution!

Dianne said...

bobbie - I'm watching what Chrissie the whiner is doing as well - and what he's already done, he's got big fat skeletons in his closet
As for the Rx - I went thru the same thing - insurance co knows more than dr - I had to agree to take their meds for 3 months and then the Dr had to document how it didn't work and then they finally agreed to what my doc wanted me to take all along

Jacob said...

Wow! You really told it like it is here! Sorry about your various car frustrating that must be!

But, your take on the corporatists that run our world was right on...I've been banging away at 'em, too, on the other blog of which you know about...

It really has become "us" against "them," but too many of our fine feathered citizens don't seem to get the message and buy into the corporatist messages.

Your last statement was so good; would it be all right it I used that sometime?

Dianne said...

jacob - I adore that other blog - I have been reading it regularly - until it causes my laptop to freeze - and I can't comment
I can't decide if IE is the problem and I can't run Firefox right now because I'm running some client software that won't live with Firefox
but I read you for as long as I can and think you are wonderful :)
you may use anything on my blog any time, I'd be honored

Jay said...

One of the headlights on my old Plymouth wouldn't work unless I hit the horn. Then it would come on. But, when it came on, all of the interior lights would go out.

I find that the people who are revolting to be quite revolting. ;-)

Dianne said...

jay - so you know how it feels!! it's like the damn car is just messin' with ya ;)
I wonder - is 'The Revolting Revolution of the Loud Minority' too long for buttons and bumper stickers ;)

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Your car: Relay system gone crazy? By chance. Maybe you should borrow a town hall screamer's gun and go out and shoot it. :)

On the rest of your post. I invite you to this blog:

It is my husbands and he does't hold back on how he feels about all of this.

I am a christian but i'm also human. I'm not tied to any church because of the unscroupulous ways of the churches. I think the God I believe in is just slumped over o his fisted hand taking names. I really do. The rich get richer while the middle man is drowning. I'm so tired of being called for a medical bill I can't pay. I want to puke. We are barely getting by and i'm fighting an Auto immune disorder and all the radicals can tell me is to "pray on it". Oh you think I haven't. Do you honestly thin I HAVEN'T??? Geez, not all things are to be wiped away with prayer. Some things have to be endured and we have to make the best of it.

My husband goes to work everyday knowing the minute friday rolls around and one coffee is in his wife's system, off to pay the bills. Only to be left with very little extra for food, dogs/cats whatever. Some people just don't get it. They sit in their fancy houses, on the fanny's pretending to be so much better than myself. They feel they have a right to tell me how to feel and If I dont' agree they tell me i'm depressed. Good Lord.

I say, OBAMA is your president. EIther support him or shut up. We put up with a bafoon for 8 years. Where are we now because of it? All it gave me and my family was more intolerable collectors trying to collect money we don't have.

I've got to shut up now.. i'm all over with this.. yikes... sorry.. i'm just so pissed at the whole mess.

Dianne said...

stitch - as I've told you before I think you're wonderful! :)
thanks to the press and the right wing and the evangelical mega churches I have been rather reluctant to take anything a "Christian" spouts about seriously and that of course is a generalization and a sterotype - much as it is that people assume I am not patriotic before I'm "left" or that I don't have a spiritual side because I don't think organized religion has anything to do with god or soul or life or love - actually I think it crushes those very things in an effort to control people
you can go on and on any time here - I'm so pleased we met on Positive Day :)
and I will visit your husband's blog
stay strong

Grayquill said...

Gee...I am sorry things are so hard, it sounds very discouraging. It sounds like you are doing a lot of right things to keep it all afloat. Hang in there I am pulling for you.

Sleepypete said...

Lol at your car :-) Might be worth removing one or two fuses out of the box ... That'd sort out the window thing for one :-)

I had the alarm thing on my Puma once or twice. Stopped in service station, brought my munchies back for eating in the car, nudged the door to locked when I got back in. Had a few minutes eating and listening to radio, tried to start the car. BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP - Horn goes off as soon as I turn the key.

Rattled my marbles for sure and earned me a few strange looks - especially as I then proceeded to drive away at typically high speed :-)

Hope you find a good one to take over from the Jetta :-)

Volly said...


Well, after hearing about your car I will cease & desist griping about mine. I hope things pick up for you. And you sound like you've got a good perspective with regard to CitiWho. Ten years or so ago I had one of them on my case; he called me at work and threatened to "deliver a summons to the courthouse this afternoon to be served to you." Since I worked directly across the street from the Queens County Courthouse, I said "That's right across the street from me. What's the address? What's the county?" The idiot had no idea. He hemmed and hawed, and said "The county in which you live." I snorted like Lily Tomlin and said "And is this the party to whom I am speaking?" and hung up so I could commence laughing. Needless to say, I never got a summons. I'm convinced that whoever dies with their sense of humor intact wins.

Raven said...

Sorry about the car and the puter and everything. Seems like when it rains problems, it pours.

I don't know who Chris Christis is... guess I'll have to go find out.

Regarding teh financial stuff, I'm glad you posted it. So far I have managed by luck and miracles not to fall into that pit, though I'm am haning by one arm off the edge of it at the moment. I did get a cut off notice from the local phone/cable/ company because my payment was two weeks late. I'm going to see if I can find another source, though Hancock owns the phone company so I don't think there's an alternative to that. I'm tempted to just not have a phone since I only have local service, which means I can make calls in about a 1 mile radius before it becomes long distance. Grrr.

Anyway, sometimes when everything starts going to hell, it's just the turn-around before it moves to going right again. I'm holding a high vision for you.

Raven said...

Oh - and I so agree about the birthers and the health insurance rioters. I sometimes thing this country is a large asylum and I'm very frightened that the bad guys own the air waves and are able to manipulate enough people (especially since they also own Congress) to wreak havoc and kill the future while claiming to protect it. Agggggh!

Sparkling Red said...

People like to say that technology improves our lives, but the truth is that it just gives us more complicated problems. I hope your gizmos and gadgets start behaving themselves better soon. And best of luck with your search for a new(er) car!

Jacob said...

Thank you so much, Dianne! Those kind words mean a lot! I get quite a few of the other kind of comments sometimes!

You made my day, week, month, year...

By the way, I'm behind on that blog because we had our youngest daughter and her family visiting...that takes a lot of energy out of us old folks!

My very best wishes!

Thom said...

Oh sure A Stitch In Thyme. Accept or shut up. When your "bafoon" "(buffoon - oops typo Thom I'm sure so why did you insert it here)" was in office did you shut up? Highly doubtful.

Ah Dianne Dianne Dianne...why mess with a good thing. Don't fix the car hun...I wanna hear about your middle finger salutes right back. Ever heard of cash for clunkers? Hmmm Yes now that we are 3 billion, more dollars in debt...sounds like a great program to me.

Your kiss my ass portion was excellent my dear sweet blue bellied friend. I wonder who caused them to have that attitude after they got the money? Let's see the "bafoon" wasn't in office then was he? Oh yeah, I better shut up now.

I'm keeping your answer to use on any asshole from a company that calls me. It was excellent.

Oh I I want in on your revolution. I'll pull up the ASS end and be very happy there but at least I know I'm joining a revolution I believe in. Will show those Tea Party assholes.

Hang in there. Things can't get worse. Let's Hear It For the Bafoon!!!

Mrs. C said...

Dianne, I think there are laws about how many times these people can call you, etc. Have you been in touch with your state's Attorney General's office?

We used to get a zillion calls when we first moved here... and they weren't even for us! Those people would NOT stop calling.

Though in their defense, they are probably lied to all day and no wonder they didn't believe me when I said that the Stockwells don't live here and don't call again. I mean, they're presumably there to collect a legitimate debt... but once they're told not to call back that should have been the end of it, but it wasn't.

We had to have our phone number changed. I feel for the people who got it after us. Probably they are still getting calls for the Stockwell family these 12 years later. I am tempted to call and casually ask for the Stockwells and see what they say LOL.

Michael Manning said...

Dianne: Media is all a mess right now; I hear you! But most of all, I wish you a comfortable and reliable car. I've had two VW's in my life. My Mom has a Passatt and traded her Jetta for it years ago. She swears by it. (((HUGS))) to you and lol! :)

the walking man said...

This is how I am doing and as for Citi...fuck them too, nationalize the banking system too.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tourists on vacation discount tickets bought and paid for, visiting devastation without hesitation a wonder and awe dining at the restaurants of thickets burning in the fires of insulin need. Mothers with their children on a leash so as not to lose them in the crowds of gathering clouds riding the amusement of the roller coaster lives of them who never know the wonder of travel living lives unraveled for the entire world to see. The vacation to the world of “I’m glad it’s not me.”

The freak show past presented never ending for the sight seer amusement industry profitable for the pain lovers and the pain makers insuring you with a not medically necessary. Not so easy to find a job when the only work you know is a dancing carcinogen dressed in skeleton suits for tourist trap amusements. Sell me my ticket and keep your hands off of yours because I want it for mine to ensure I have an easy road to keep my amusements of your troubles the same for me.

Aww fuck it I am not going to finish this beyond what I already wrote and I am not versing it out either. Let me be very clear about what I think, I believe that the entire for profit health care industry should be wiped out and a single plan instituted that includes every man woman and child in this country. We as a collective spend 4.7 trillion a decade on health care in all of its various forms and still there is 1/5 of the population un-insured and another 1/5 under insured where coverage is limited by the ability to pay OR THE WILLINGNESS OF THE INDUSTRY TO ALLOW COVERAGE FOR POLICIES ALREADY PAID FOR.

A single plan that no one is exempt from and no one has better than any other, from the politicians to the trailer trash everyone receives the same level of service. And the fucking drug companies can stick their newest propaganda ads in favor of health care reform straight up their CEO’s ass. Those bastards have been raping this country for the last 75 years so fuck them. A scientist will still do research whether he is being paid by the government or a for profit corporation looking for a long term patent that is usually granted despite the horrible side effects; because a scientist does the research for the sake of knowing.

Single payer health care is the only option I advocate, want to make a profit off my illness? Fuck you I would rather give it to Colt ammunition manufacturing.

the walking man said...

A single bullet to the brain would be less painful than the bullshit that the industry wants to buy during these days of “reform” and an IV pole with fifths of Jim Beam attached would be as good a narcotic as any to see me on my way and less expensive than the shit they charge hundreds of dollars per dose for.

Furthermore them of the far right who are organizing the disruptions of every Democrat who is trying to meet with constituents to politicize the debate; my fervent PRAYER is for you to swiftly become terminal and lose your goddamned insurance that you want to deny everyone else from having. And as you lay rotting in your grave thinking “Woah it’s raining up top.” I want you to know that it’s me pissing on you.

I would that the debate ended 20 years ago but them who would profit off illness fought it then and they are fighting it again. Fuck them and their monkey puppets; make for profit health care illegal in this nation, nationalize the entire infrastructure and if them who work in the industry do not care for the change hey guess what…go find somewhere else to work that does not have national health care. Is there anywhere else on earth that does not have national health care? I doubt the doctors, nurses and technicians in say, France, are starving or living at the national poverty level.

The only people who are harmed in a single payer health system are the executives who run the for profit companies. And we all have an idea of how low on the hog those cocksuckers live.



Dianne said...

grayquill - thanks for pulling for me, I appreciate that - I get a lot of strength from my blogging friends and I hope I lend some back as well

pete - ahhhh the fuses!! what a comedy that was
me and my son sat there with the fuser diagram in front of us - which is as clear as mud - and disabled so much crap and thought we'd got it
my son crawls out from under the dashboard, closes the door
and the alarm goes off!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I had filmed it

volly - your sense of humor is certainly intact :)
sorry about your car troubles, it's very frustrating

raven - I hold high hopes for you as well
the news media being owned by large corporations and turned into profit centers was one of the worst things that ever happened in this country
the manipulation is astounding
Hope sends Auntie Raven a giant hug

sparkling - thanks :)
my poor Jetta has basically had a nervous breakdown - I feel for her

jacob - I find it hard to think of you as old folks
not with the level of skill your photography shows and the level of spirit your writing shows
as for those other kind of comments - I believe they are the price paid by those who push the envelope and pull the covers off to find truth

thom - you agree and disagree, you comfort and mock - all in the same comment
it is one of the thngs I like about you - it's just all out there, although sometimes I'm not really sure where you stand on a specific issue
there is however no need to belittle someone's typos, that's just mean and not like you
and we're all kind to each other here
I'm sure you were going for comedy, it just didn't quite hit the mark
my car doesn't qualify as a clunker - the MPG is quite good
the finger salutes are hilarious
the horn goes off and I put BOTH my hands up in the air and STILL people get pissed
far too many angry people these days

mrs c - they can call all they want
I never answer a call I don't recognize on caller ID unless I want to

michael - no VW wiring issues? that's great, all I hear are horror stories
someone like you is a credit to the media Michael :)

that's my disability coverage in a nutshell
and was my healthcare experience while I still had any coverage
I adore your cold fury my friend
You are one of the most brilliant people I know

Daryl said...

Frankly the mess the past 8 yrs put us in is INTOLERABLE

Travis said...

I overlooked a payment on a credit card several years ago. I was in the midst of a move and the statement hadn't caught up with me. I knew the bill was due, but without the statement and with all the other stuff going on, I simply forgot to pay the bill. I've done that a few times. I really should sign up for online bill pay.

The collections department called me about it and of course I said "Ooops! Yada yada explanation and I'll get a check right in the mail".

The agent continued to hound me about paying the bill. I said, "didn't you hear me just say I would get a check in the mail".

Continued hounding about paying the bill. I thought perhaps I was talking to a recording.

I don't think they ever did hear me. I finally said "It was a simple mistake and I'm paying the damn bill", and then I hung up.

I agree with your advice. Don't panic. And don't let those collection agents make you feel like a deadbeat. You're not. You're simply doing your best and if more of these companies would work with people, we could get ourselves out of this situation with our dignity and self-respect intact.

Thom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thom said...

Your point is well taken Dianne. And one of the things I love about you and this blog is that opinions are greatly tolerated regardless of which side of the issue. Yes I vary on which side of the issue I'm on on many things. Keeps you on your toes. And yes I make TONS of typos. That however was not meant to be humor. It was in response to: "I say, OBAMA is your president. EIther support him or shut up.". To me if you dish it out you also have to be able to swallow. I will apologize this one time for you and to her for that part of my comment. I will bite my tongue henceforth.

Dianne said...

daryl - you get right to the point ;)

travis - your last sentence speaks volumes and is where so much of my frustration is coming from
I'm trying to work out installments, I'm trying to cut services, I'm being forthright - what the hell!!
and that is at the heart of what is wrong with corporate America, they just don't get honesty ;)

thom - on my toes indeed!!
you don't need to ever bite your tongue. I don't believe in blind support for anyone
actually I have a lot of issues with President Obama, he's just not liberal enough
but I do have to say, and I even think you agreed with me once before, that the manner and level of ugly and threatening and unyielding oppostion from those against Obama goes way beyond the protests directed at Bush
whole TV telecasts are dedicated to supposition about his birth, people who call themselves journalists insult his race, his upbringing, his very being and dare others to question
and they offer no alternatives, just opposition
all I meant was to be kinder to a fellow commentor
especially until you each know the others style
one of the first times I read you I thought you were very angry and mean
I waited to find out more
disagree whenever you want

Matt-Man said...

Good Luck with everything my dear. I feel your pain. If you ever want to "commiserate" just say the word. Purrrrr and Cheers Di!!

Thom said...

You are right, but doesn't every President go middle of the road? A conservative President doesn't always go right...same as a liberal President doesn't always go left. They mostly stay middle ground. I don't know how angry the protests really are to tell you the truth. I think anyone that is President gets their fare share of it. Some worse than others, and yes a lot of it is ugly and mean. It's horrible. Everyone should be like you and me. Angry and Mean you say? LOL. I'm sorta shocked you thought that, although I did come off strong. As you know by now, I speak my mind, whichever way it goes. One thing, as I'm also sure you have noticed is I try to stay out of everyday life things in the news because I speak off the cuff and it comes off rude and bombastic. I don't mean it but I get so set in my ways on issues that I don't know how to tone it down or write it so it deosn't come out that way. I thought you would never let me on your site again and I also thought why should I visit her? But you make me think, and everyone else, you write it better than I and I love to disagree with you LOL. Mostly we do about our politics. Most everything else I so agree with you so far. Your gay marriage banner sold me. I thought she might accept me for who I am. You do. I guess ya just have to get to know me. I meant no harm with that statement...I just speak the way I think LOL. Scary isn't it? Oh and BTW, if you can believe this - I dont' believe in gay marriage...go figure. An partnership yes, but marriage, well straight, gay...oh crap bite my tongue. Here's to Hope :)

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like you're in an 'intolerable' situation Dianne! I hope you find a new car and that all your other problems are solved before they become 'too intolerable' xx

jennifer said...

"and my taste in music is just too good." OK, I copied that statement WAY before I read the rest of the post. The fact that THAT stood out... does that make me shallow? :) I am NOT a country music fan.

I hope things work out with your car. Miss Hope needs a "Grandma Taxi".

We've dealt with collection agencies about medical bills/insurance issues. GAH! It made us feel angry and frustrated.

Bond said...

Technology seems to be rebelling against you and when that happens it sucks..

As far as the collectors...of this I know well...There are laws they must abide by..they are not allowed to call before 8am or after 10am..if they do, inform them they are breaking the law and hang up.

When they get belligerent, just ask for a supervisor, they are required to turn you over to one if you ask.

Explain to the supervisor your situation and inform them if one of their reps speaks to you rudely again, you will be filing a report with the BBB and also, send emails to everyone on the board (you can find their names on the website and if you find the PR area, you will see the email format the company uses).

Jeni said...

As always Dianne, a great post -unfortunately not a happy one, but a great post nonetheless!
On the car issues -you and my daughter, Mandy, should compare notes on VWs. Hers is in dire need of some repairs -a different one, or so it seems, comes drifting in almost daily. She swears she will never, ever, own another VW Jetta!
On the healthcare issues and the economics hitting you in the face and kicking you in the behind, all I can say there is to hang tough, but do hang in there! I've been down that part of poverty row -collections and collections and collectors and more of both -several times over my years and I'm still here to bitch and complain to them and about them. Somehow, we've managed to stay alive, in the house, get food, etc. Not easily, but we've managed and you will do it too!
And trust me when I tell you this, if ever I do win that big powerball super lottery and cash in my ticket, you will be the first person I come to visit in the new RV (a winnabago wagon of the most luxurious size/quality) and when I do, I will hand over cash enough for you to stash under your mattress to keep you going until your own ship finally arrives! (No checks -that would be traceable income and you daresn't have anything like that while trying to get any kind of help while fighting your issues. Sometimes, life is really a crock, isn't it? But as you say, "There is always Hope" and yes indeedy, Kiddo, we do have that, don't we? On all levels!
It will get better!!!!

Jeni said...

And, now -I suppose I better get out and buy some powerball tickets if ever I do figure on winning that big old jackpot and getting that RV and coming to see you and helping you out of the lousy rut life has you in.

Jackie said...

I'm about to pick up my last paycheck as I'm supposed to be at the end of my studies (in my dreams, sigh), my husband's been unemployed for ages and if neither of us get a job in the next few weeks we are in for a bit of a scary time. So I sat here reading your blog and nodding. I'm with you.

Linda Reeder said...

First part - have you considered The Comedy Channel"?
Second part - I admire your spunk and your anger, so correctly aimed. I would be in a panic. What strength you have. My thoughts are with you.

Linda said...

Having just gone through hell - and continue to go through the same place - with Capitol One, I can so feel your pain on this one. I couldn't afford my car any longer - loved it but couldn't afford it. Got so far behind on the payments that there was no way on God's Green Earth that I could ever catch up so I quit answering their phone calls due to the fact that I had nothing new to tell them and they didn't seem to find the humor in my telling them that the printing press in the basement had broken. Eventually they finally got around to repo'ing my car. I kept telling them to just take it as I couldn't afford it anymore and they refused to work with me in refinancing it out for another year or something to make the payments more tolerable so eventually they did take it. Then they wanted the entire back due amount plus about $500 for repo fees. Wasn't going to happen so they sold it at auction as was their right and are now calling my job (they don't have my new home number) and wanting to harass me about the $3,100 deficiency balance that I owe them. Sigh ... I keep hoping if I ignore them long enough maybe they'll go away? I doubt it ... but I can't afford to go get an attorney either.

Add on to all that my ex-husband calls me today and tells me that the State of Florida is going to come after me for back child support for Jamie that I haven't paid in the past few years. When Amanda came to live with me, I continued to pay for Jamie for awhile but then decided that if I had one kid and he had the other that the whole thing should cancel itself out and stopped paying. He agreed but now that he's been on unemployment in Florida for the better part of forever, they've decided that they are going to pursue back support from me being that I was never smart enough to go to court and get the custody and support agreement modified. In retrospect I guess I should have but we agreed to just let it go the way it was but apparently the State of Florida is less inclined to do so.

Yep, the hits just keep right on coming ... I hate finances, I truly do. Maybe I can get beat Jeni to that winning lottery ticket??

Dianne said...

matt-man - commiserating with you Matty sounds HOT ;)

thom - the mean and angry was actually on your own blog!! LOL
I can't remember the post but it sounded so abrupt and so dismissive - I have come to realize it was the exception.
I try to accept everyone and I look for those things that I have in common with people. Mrs C and I disagree on a lot but I adore her children and respect her love for them - just one example
as for gay marriage - I'd be fine with civil union as long as EVERYONE was civil unionized, I'm not much of a fan of marriage. I'm a big fan of equality.
I love ya Thommy Boy and actually have a bit of a crush on ya ;)

akelamalu - thanks :)
I'm a good tolerator so I'm going to hang in there

jennifer - I can't imagine you as shallow, not at all
thanks for the support
and for copying something I said, I always get a kick out of that ;)

bond - thanks for all the advice, they can call all they want - I have caller ID and I hate talking on the phone anyway so let it ring
plus Siren loves a ringing phone - he rubs against it and purrs LOL

jeni - I got teary when I read about you wanting to share lottery winnings
you're a good kind soul Jeni
I would do the same for you

jackie - I wish we could all form a commune to help support each other
I hold good thoughts for you

linda r - something tells me you are far stronger than you're letting on
thank you for the support

linda - awwww crap!! I hope I win the lottery too, you're on my list sweetie
women in general don't protect themselves from crap like what your ex is up to - I'm sorry you're going thru all this
sell some photos lady - you are professional caliber, I swear you are

Linda said...

Thanks so much for the compliment but I doubt I'm of professional caliber - I just photograph what I like! I did enter a contest yesterday in South County Rhode Island and though I'm not expecting to win, I am hoping to at least get an honorable mention as that would at least validate the fact that I have some halfway decent stuff and give me encouragement to continue.

Ideal job - traveling around and taking pictures of areas that I could then do small write-ups on. Oh wait, they call them "Travel Writers" don't they?!? Heehee! How do I get a job for The Travel Channel??? Would beat the hell out of "911, what's the address of your emergency?" !!

Thom said...

LOL...OMG...and me on you LOL. what a pair...I'm trying to think what made me sound so mean and angry...LOL. must have been something :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

This post is just so full! Where to begin? I learned a new word, "Dickess!" How had I never thought of that?

Thank God you have not lost your sense of humor. THAT, would be intolerable.

Scott Oglesby said...

I think I found a solution to both posts set of problems; sell your car and move to Spain! Then you won’t have to worry about creditors either! It’s what all the wealthy, crooked ex-CEO’s do before they are indicted, why not try it yourself? I know it solved a lot of problems for me!

Askew To You said...

I am sorry that you are having financial difficulties (I am as well, yuck), but that was one very well-written and entertaining post.

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