Sunday, September 20, 2009

It Is Christmas, New Years and The Freakin' Fourth of July!

My Jets beat the New England Patriots - at home!

That has not happened since September, 2000

The Pats have not gone an entire game without scoring a touchdown since 2006.

They did today!

Here we have Tom Brady ...

Oops, that's an infant who wants her bah-bah
So easy to confuse the two
Have to remember - the infant doesn't whine as much

Here we have Tom Brady ...

He has great stats, he has helped the Pats dominate the division ...

He's a diva who thinks he's a gift from the gods

Tommy didn't have a good day

My boys did ...

A huge thanks to the fans who post pics direct from the game to the Fan Zone at - I love youse guys

I almost despise the Pats as much as I love the Jets.
Much of that comes from how close we are geographically
Pats fans come to Jets home games and you just want to toss them off the upper deck
I will admit they're not as bad as Buffalo fans
I must remember to tell you all about the brawl I was involved in with the 'Buffalo Bitch' - security had to be called to the ladies room at the Meadowlands

Of course I'm not proud ... hehehehehehe

But I digress

The last drive by the Pats today encapsulates what I despise about them
Within the course of less than 2 minutes of play time they were dominated by the Jets defense and what did they do? ...

They begged for a flag 3 times

Kiss my ass at halftime Patriots

My deep, heartfelt apologies to Hope. Nana promises to be a better sport Hope. Meanwhile keep wearing those magic socks ...


Melli said...

ROFLMBO!!! Must be the week for upsets! MY Redskins won... and I'm still shakin' m'head... it's an amazing thing! But honestly... with Hope cheerin' for 'em, how could your Jets lose?

Cherie said...

Congratulations! I'm so out of the loop that when someone asked if Craig was making an appearance at the Emmy's to promote his book, I said, "The Emmy's are on tonight?" LOL

Dianne said...

melli - we have decided the socks make all the difference!!

cherie - you have so much going on who could blame you
the loop will be there when you're ready ;)

Jay said...

The Pats should have lost to Buffalo. It's entirely possible that New England actually sucks. Okay, maybe not suck, but they don't look like a very good football team right now.

Matt-Man said...

If you despise the Patriots, you despise America!! After all, they are PATRIOTS...or something. Cheers DI!!

Linda Reeder said...

Yea for you! I heard your boys won and of course, I thought of you. My boys, not so good. Out here on the left coast we lost to the 49ers. Our QB was injured - again. Woe is me. My Sounders played yesterday to a frustrating 0-0 tie.
I keep reminding myself that it is only entertainment. Right now it doesn't help.

Lily Hydrangea said...

this is very funy. & I am so happy for you.

Scott Oglesby said...

I should have known that you would’ve been involved in a football brawl/cat fight. I love it! Just one more thing we have in common Dianne; our absolute and total hatred of the Patsies. I swear to God, if it weren’t for them owning the Steelers in the playoffs for those few years, we would’ve had 10 superbowls by now. Damn it!

Michael Manning said...

Dianne: For some reason, I was never into football much. But Bobsledding is cool! You have the team spirit! :D)

Arkansas Patti said...

After all the trash talking I was afraid the Jets would just stir the Pats up. The Jets proved they can walk the walk though it wasn't quite a humiliation. I too am no Brady fan and he sure doesn't look very "stud muffinly" in his boxers does he? I will pull for your Jets unless they are playing the Fins. Our game is tonight.

pink dogwood said...

I am not into football at all - but seeing your passion for the sport I feel like I might be missing out on something :)

congratulations!!! :)

Bond said...

big win for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

Daryl said...

There was joy in the Edelstein household .. and it was further enhanced when the Giants beat the Cowboys in their fancy schmancy new digs at the last minute.. WOOT!

Deborah Godin said...

That's the spirit!! Love it! I'm the same way about "my" teams.

Dianne said...

jay - the guys calling the game were talking about all the new players on the Pats
I kept yelling at the screen, and we have a rookie QB!! shut up ;)

matt-man - yet another example of my leftie, anti-American views matty

linda r - as a Jet fan I know the injured QB story real well
Chad Pennington was in surgery more than he was on the field

lily - I try for the funny, thanks!!

scott - no one is surprised by me and the brawl - I find that so shocking, I'm such a demure lady ;)
I love the Steelers, always have

michael - Jamaican bobsledding? LOL

patti - I was worried about the same thing but I actually think the opposite happened, the Pats were so arrogant they had no respect for the Jets
even after the game their coach (the cheater LOL) was a stuck up ass about it
good luck tonight :)

pink - it's fun! and to me it is beautiful
the ballet of a runner flying into the air to pull down a TD, the determination of giant men holding the line
I love it
it helps to understand it
before my son played as a kid I was clueless

bond - we were chanting all afternoon
welcome back old married man :)

daryl - oy the cowboys! another team I hate LOL

deborah - it did wonders for my stress level ;)

Akelamalu said...

I know nothing about football (it is football isn't it?)but if you're happy I'm happy. :)

Sleepypete said...

Lol - definitely enjoying that game :-)

Now to check who Sky have on for next Sunday's game ... Hey cool ! Titans at Jets - think I might watch that one :-)

jennifer said...

Yay for your Jets! Gotta love football.

Hope is SO pretty.

JennyMac said...

We watch Falcons football in this house AND the Pats. I know more about them by proxy than any woman should.

Bond said...

come see pictures dear

Linda said...

I suspect that the Jets - Pats rivalry is along the same lines as the Yankees - Red Sox rivalry.

It appears that winning isn't everything - it's the chance to gloat a bit when your team does win, especially in an in-your-face manner! Glad you enjoyed your weekend and your Jets!

Frank Baron said...

I watched a goodly chunk of that game and was rooting for your Jets. Congrats. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm happpy your JETS are doing So GREAT, my dear....I have said before, I don't follow Football at all anymore, but I love the Jets because they are the NEW YORK Team...(They are, aren't they??? LOL)
Is Tom Brady the guy that dumped his pregnany actress girlfriend, or is that another Brady?? Whoever it was---I think he SUCKS!

Cloudia said...

Wasn't that exciting to baptizes the new stadium?!

Happy New Year


Comfort Spiral

Cloudia said...

er, a litttle confused (Thinking of the upset at dallas) but I'm SO with you!!!

Ivanhoe said...

I bet you did not know that I was a Pat's fan :o) That's okay, enjoy the win, because this is a last one ;o) That is if the Pats will man up on their defense.... Where are all the defensive players anyway? Bwahahahahaaaaaaa.
Still love you!

Anonymous said...

Great post, though I am a Steeler fan. Before I was married I was a J E T S fan - way back in the Gastineau days. Anyway, congratulations on whooping the Pats. I hate them almost as much as I hate the Bengals, Browns, Jags, Titans.

Anonymous said...

Oh and did you see M. Sanchez attempt to shake Belichick's hand? Priceless.

Travis said...

It's tough to teach sportsmanship during the game with your most hated rival.