Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pet Pride: Siren Discusses Thanksgiving Day

Hi everybody! I haven't posted in a few weeks, I've been very contemplative. At times I simply meditate.

The top of Mom person's dresser is my mountain top. Used to be the curio but that has been shut down by the authorities (Mom person) for safety reasons.

The infiltrator is still here ...

I was hoping she was just a foster but apparently they're keeping her. I should have known better than to get my hopes up, Mia is still here ...

Look how she settles in. Sickening.


This week was another one of the person holidays. This time there was a lot of food -

- which is a good thing - but there was also a lot of persons, and that's not so good.

Mom person keeps me away from the persons. Some say they're allergic, some don't like cats. One of the allergics says I'm "too wild". Give me a break!

Mom person rubs against me and then hugs the allergic bitch. I love her for that.

So on Thanksgiving I went to my mountain retreat ...

The infiltrator was sucking up to the persons. She dresses up for everything ...

I swear, everything is a theme with that one.

And she is so easily amused by their offerings ...

Have some dignity!

My plan was to spend the day on the mountain. I knew Mom person would be bringing turkey later and her person guilt would mean lots of extra attention.

There's always a wrinkle in every one of my plans.

The path to my mountain goes through Mia land. Although she sleeps 23 hours a day she always manages to be awake when I'm around and she takes issue with my travels ...

She gets herself all twisted (she's daft ya know) and immediately turns to Mom person ...

Ridiculous! By the time Mia reacts (she's daft ya know) I'm already up there.

I don't have to put up with this. I'm at peace within my core.

Talk to the tail ...



Sylvia K said...

I know just how you feel! But at least we don't have a "infiltrator" here! Having to put up with Mojo is bad enough! You're a terrific looking cat and if I was there I'd show lots of respect!

Sam Schnauzer

Don't pay any attention to him, he's lucky I let him hang around here -- it is MY house, you know!

Hang in there!

Mojo the Most

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Allergic people should just stay out of your house, after all, it is YOUR house! Sad you had to retreat to the mountain. Hope you got some good turkey later! I am so glad I am not allergic to cats!

Visiting from Pet Pride.

i beati said...

sp funny and probably very true hahahah

San said...

Siren, I have enjoyed this witty post enormously. I thank Mom Person for turning the keyboard over to you.

That Infiltrator--what a piece of work! But so adorable. In her infiltrating kind of way I mean.

Mountain Photog said...

But hey, come on, you couldn't ask for a cuter infiltrator!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Hehe... we come with warnings, "if your allergic or don't like people, there are a few hotels up the street. I'm sure person wouldn't mind driving you there".

Great post.

wildcatwoodscats said...

You have a great spot on your mountain to get away and contemplate!

Akelamalu said...

LOL you and the infiltrator are just adorable

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

How nifty that your mom person gives you this forum to share your perspective of life at the holiday. Hope it helps to 'vent' a bit ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

bobbie said...

Brace yourself, Siren. There's going to be another of those people things in about a month from now. You won't like that commotion either. But then things will quiet down for a while.

Hilary said...

Poor, funny Siren. "Talk to the tail" cracked me up. Make your peace with the infiltrator.. she'll be dropping food your way pretty soon.

I presume that allergic bitch is not blog-reading bitch. ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....Siren is really a Kick! Well, the life of a cat can be very very difficult...EVEN, on Thanksgiving! Or I should say, especially on Thanksgiving!

I loved the bit about mom peson hugging the allergic, lol!

Dianne said...

sylvia - hey sam, and mojo - I think you guys actually like each other, just like I kinda like Mia
and the infiltrator
love, Siren

karen and gerard - hi!! I don't even think they're allergic, they just don't like cats

ibeati - I always tell the truth
love, Siren
PS - well most times I do

san - thank you! I suppose the infiltrator does have some appeal, she smells and licks everything - I like that about her
love, Siren

lisa - she is something isn't she!!

stitch - person would do anything for us
love, Siren

wildcat - thank you
how I wish I had your sun room!!
your people are wonderful

akelamalu - why thank you! we do have a certain charm

storyteller - it does help - a lot!! plus I meet such nice persons

bobbie - you must mean my birthday!! it's Dec 25th, same day as something else I think

hilary - I think my Mom person has given up on caring about what some persons hear or read - she's fierce and foolish that way

old old lady of the hills - I am a kick, I have attitude
I think I got it from Mom person

Jeff B said...

That's some pretty impressive typing for someone without opposable thumbs.

Ron said...

Hello Dearest Dianne!

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE you for this...

Mom person rubs against me and then hugs the allergic bitch. I love her for that.


OMG...I almost DIED when I read that because it sounds like something "I" would do!!!!

You never cease to bring me so much joy in reading these posts.

THANK YOU, dear lady!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

X ya tons!

P.S. A big smooch to Hope, Siren, and Mia!

Lily Hydrangea said...

too funny!

all of Mom person's babies are adorable & have the sweetest faces too!

Jeni said...

Ah Siren, as handsome a dude as you are, I hate to tell you this but with eyes like the infiltrator has (see first pic of her) and looks that she can flash that display her feelings (see second picture of her) I think you'd best get used to sharing the spotlight completely and often, probably even having to take a bit of a back seat too. Now, as the infiltrator grows though, there will be days when the people around you can't hold the infiltrator as easily as they once did and they will want something smaller to snuggle and cuddle and you'll be back up in the ratings once more then. Just bide your time and yes, watch the tail!

Scott Oglesby said...

So I’m assuming that this ‘Allergic Bitch Person’ does not read your blog? Although it would be funny as hell if she did. Hope looks adorable as always; but no drumstick photo?

Arkansas Patti said...

Siren, you are the perfect spokesman for all cats at holiday time. Tain't easy is it? Such a hoot you are.

Dianne said...

jeff - I have learned to compensate for my lack of thumbs, I will one day be a Lifetime movie
cheers buddy, Siren

ron - I always have you in mind when I write these, I get to a line and giggle, thinking - oh ron will love that!!!
smooches back at ya from all of us

lily - thank you!! we do think we're pretty adorable, especially me
love, Siren

jeni - I know! I know! the infiltrator is pretty cute
but one day she will start the terrible twos and I will once again be the good one
love, Siren

scott - I can't be sure she reads here or not and Frankly Scott, I don't give a damn
this bitch shrieks if she hears Siren behind a closed door, always talks about how "wild" and "dangerous" he is and is, overall, an animal and nature hater
she can kiss my ass and I believe she knows that ;)
Hope did not want any part of her high chair or food
She was very fussy all day, I think too many people all at once
I kept taking her to a quiet room and then she spent a lot of time with one of her aunts - just the 2 of them and the big pink singing elephant
maybe at Christmas

patti - my Mom person thinks she's a hoot but I am really the funny one in the family, thanks so much for recognzing that
love, Siren

Bond said...

Now did the mom person really rub against you and the allergic person on purpose?

well, did she?

Happy Thanksgiving to all

fermicat said...

Silvio says the only good thing about his T-week was the fresh liver we gave him and Zima on Wednesday. He didn't much care for all the overnight house guests and commotion. Not one tiny little bit.

Sparkling Red said...

"Talk to the tail." Classic! I love it!

I also love Hope's chubby arms. Babies are the absolute best, and Hope is especially lovely.

Daryl said...

OUR people had pizza. Seriously. And not even with fish! Gus is playing this limping thing to the hilt. HIM even feeds Gus when he is on their bed! If I ate food on their bed, well, I know better; and he hisses at me when I come up on the bed, its not all his you know.

But I am so cute I can charm them into giving me more .. tho I did hear HIM say to My Mom: she isnt going to get fed every time she asks once he's better.

Ohyeah? Well, then he better watch out or I will trip HIM like I do My Mom

Siren maybe we can send Gus and Mia off somewhere..

your friend in catnip, Rose

Deborah Godin said...

Siren, it's amazing that you keep yourself together with all you have to deal with! You totally rock, and you're really funny, too.

happy said...

Must be nice to have a mountain to retreat to. I'm always banished to my crate when there are plenty of the two legged around.

Dianne said...

bond - you must know my Mom person by now, she does not suffer hateful people
so yes, she did!!

fermicat - I feel ya Silvio
hugs, Siren

sparkling - her arms are adorable
I love her neck - I kiss it a million times and love when she giggles :)

daryl - Hi Rosie!! I feel for you too
Gus and Mia are really working the persons aren't they
you can hang with me any time you want Rosie

deborah - thank you!! you are clearly a good judge of character and humor
love, Siren

happy - I have never had to go to the crate but Mia has, and it always makes me laugh at her
love, Siren

Bond said...

heheheheheheehee - yes I know her and no she does not and YES SHE DID! LOL

Raven said...

Siren, you have the same eloquence as the Mom Person. I continue to think that eventually you will become a great fan of The Infiltrator (she really is very cute). Stranger things have happened. Even you and Mia have made great progress getting along. Your Mom Person might want to try offering something called Mullein Leaf Tea to allergic people. I've used it with people who are very allergic and it really does work.

Sleepypete said...

I lol'd too at the rubbing up against the allergic person :-) Sometimes I think the allergy people make it up as an excuse cos they're scared ...

Or they make their allergies worse cos they don't get it hugged better by the Furries.