Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Smitten

This is the post where I link to some new (to me) blogs that I have discovered. Back when I got rid of the long blog roll on my sidebar I decided this was a better way to acknowledge people.

Of course I don't do it as often as I said I would, that's just part of my charm - you never know what to expect.

Many of the new people I have met have been through a wonderful weekly post from HILARY at The Smitten Image. Post of The Week is published each Wednesday - go ahead, go check it out - I'll wait.

Good stuff eh?

Now here's my problem. I can't remember who I found through HILARY and who I found through DUST BUNNY’S Positive Day and who I found when RON interviewed me. This doesn't concern me much since I also can't remember if I put gas in the car yesterday. By the way - is it who or whom?, I'm from Brooklyn - we weren't allowed to say whom.

I know I found FRANK through Hilary. I'm in love with his dog Benny and equally enthralled with Frank's writing. Check out his latest - trees around the world are talking about it.

I also discovered DS from Hilary. DS is a wonderful writer and she loves cats. What more could we ask for!?

I think Dust Bunny introduced me to STITCH (she laughs that I call her that), Stitch is a lovely soul who also creates some very pretty crafts. She's having a giveaway right now.

I'm pretty sure I found PETRA and PICTURE IMPERFECT because of Ron. Great commentary and fabulous photos.

I just had a thought! Oh yes I did, don't scoff.

Since I don't want to leave anyone out I think you would be best served by checking out Hilary's sidebar. Some great blogs there.

And set aside a few moments each Hump Day to check out Post of The Week.

I'm going to get better at organizing my reading list and keeping track of where I find people.

Actually I doubt I will but it's important to have goals.


Hilary said...

Oh, Dianne. You're too sweet. Yes, you are so! :) Thank you so much for the shout out for both mine and Frank's blogs. I'm at his place now so I'll take this opportunity to speak for him.. unless and until he sees this and then it's game over. ;) Thank you, my friend.

Jeff B said...

I don't think it's who or whom. I think it's yous guys. Now, doesn't that roll off the tongue a little easier?

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll come back by and click on them over the next couple of days

Picture Imperfect said...

This is really really really, really sweet Dianne!

(I love how one of your tags is 'pimping'... that made me laugh!

Thank you for the reading/viewing recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out today!

Linda said...

I can't remember who I meant from whom either half the time but either way, I'm glad I've met them all! There are just so many good blogs out there that I would need a job as a professional reader to keep up with them all. Too bad no one hires for that!

Doc said...

Good stuff!
New blogs to check out... I must go and read some now!
Thanks D !

Misty Dawn said...

My blog list is WAY too long, and THEN I have Camera-Critters on the weekend. I honestly don't have the time to visit everyone (with three jobs, I sometimes don't have time to visit ANYone), and it caused me to go into a bit of a blogging-depression because blogging felt more of a responsibility than enjoyment to me.

Finally, I had to decide that if I was going to blog, it had to be for enjoyment. No more commenting on posts that don't really interest me just so they might come comment on my blog, etc., etc.

Oh gosh, I think I've hijacked your comment section. I apologize for the rambling comment.

Daryl said...

I know Picture Imperfect (she won my Pay It Forward) and DS .. I didnt realize it til now but I think I 'met' them through you!

As for Hilary .. she's been a friend since I read her post about the raccoons in the attic... she has great taste!

Mountain Photog said...

This is a wonderful idea, Dianne! And a great post. Informative and funny, as usual. :) I've been wanting to do something like this as well. You're right, there are so many creative and talented people out there, it's nice to recognize them somehow.

Unfortunately, I have the same problem as Misty Dawn. I enjoy reading and commenting on other blogs but I can't possibly get to them all. Then I end up posting infrequently on my own blog because I'm spending my allotted "blog" time reading other blogs. (I guess if this my biggest "problem" I'm doing okay, eh? LOL!)

I like the idea of featuring a weekly post from another blog, though. And I love Hilary's blog. Beautiful photos!

I'll try to check out the others you mentioned, though "Picture Imperfect" is one place I always try to get to. Penny's photos are amazing!

Cloudia said...

Cool post!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Thank you so much for the plug!! I am going to check out a few of the ones you mentioned. It never hurts to collect a few more as we gather!! Hugs. .. oh.. how did your benies turn out? Any word. Tammy

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Is that me, Dianne? Wait, let me click on the link. BRB It is! My goodness, what a surprise, considering the number of Petra's out there! ;)

Actually, Dianne, I follow your point on how serendipitously one finds one blog via another, and so and so on, as in the 6 degrees of separation "which refers to the idea that if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth!"

That means I'm only six steps away from Stevem Spielberg! ;) There's hope, afterall, Dianne! :))

Linda Reeder said...

So many blogs and so little time. I'll check out a few, but the one I really love is YOU!

Ron said...

Hi Dianne!

WOW! What a GREAT way to spread the word!

And don't ya just love Picture Imperfect and Petra? So glad I found them too!

Just as soon as I get back to my regular blogging routine I will definitely check out your recommendations, cause knowing you...I'll LOVE em'!

Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

X ya!

By the way - is it who or whom?, I'm from Brooklyn - we weren't allowed to say whom.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Boy, you read a lot of Blogs, my dear....I have trouble keeping up with the ones I already read...I don't know what it is about "time" but I just don't seem to have as much of it and in truth..I am "doing" less now than I used to...Maybe it's this getting older crap? Oy Vey! (lol)....But I will try to check out some of your great suggestions, my dear...And Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us!

ds said...

Thank you so much for the mention; it is very sweet of you! Hilary is a marvel. Now to check out the rest...always fun to meet new folks!

Gaston Studio said...

How sweet of you for the shout outs; I'm well aware of Hilary's blog but will visit your other recommendation... love recommendations from fellow bloggers!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


Happily Retired Gal said...

What a lovely idea ;-)
I've bookmarked this one to return when I have time to check out these blogs. Like so many others, keeping up is often a challenge ... especially around the holidays. That said, there's no way to check out everyone and a few recommendations are always welcome ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

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