Friday, December 4, 2009

May I Have A Word ...

The Global Language Monitor tracks word usage on these here Internet tubes and they have come up with the Top Ten for 2009 …

1. Twitter
2. Obama
3. H1N1
4. Stimulus
5. Vampire
6. 2.0
7. Deficit
8. Hadron
9. Healthcare

I had to look up Hadron – it relates to the Large Hadron Collider that I vaguely recall was yet another way the world was supposed to end. I thought it sounded like a Greek god and it turns out I’m not nearly as dumb as I think. Hadron does come from the Greek language and its root meaning is thick or stout – as in ‘oh crap my thighs look hadron in these jeans’.

Personally I’m thrilled to see the word ‘douche’ make a comeback. I guess it didn’t make the list since it’s used more on TV than in writing. I suppose those Twitter kids can’t spell it. Must be French or something.

Douche has always been popular back in my MotherHood of Brooklyn …

“Yo douche! Yuh mudder sed to come home”
“Hey douche! Ya can’t pawk yah car dere”
“Quit actin’ like a douche”

and my favorite …

“I’m a douche!? Yuh whole family is douches. Yuh mudder is a douche. Yuh fadder is a douche and yuh sistah is the biggest douche of all”

Being classy and intelligent I always used the correct plural of douche – douchii.

You can read about the Global Language Monitor and see the Top Ten Phrases of 2009 HERE

If you’d like to be bored to tears you can read about Hadron HERE

This Douchess is off to do errands.


Cherie said...

"Being classy and intelligent I always used the correct plural of douche – douchii."

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! That's so totally excellent that I'm speechless. Good thing that I'm typing! ;) :)

Mountain Photog said...

Fun post, Dianne! I always liked the word "Douche." And the Hadron Collider is truly immense, just like my thighs. :)

(I deleted my previous post due to a typo. I'm so anal.)

Mrs. C said...

"Sex" didn't make the top ten list??? Wow, I'm surprised.

Reb said...

Once again I failed to make the top ten...oh, never mind, I'm thinking of a different list.

Dianne said...

cherie - your appreciation of douchii made me laugh!!

lisa - I love when Craig says douche, it's so romantic LOL

mrs c - I think this included articles and news, not just searchs otherwise porn would definitely have been there :)

reb - top 10 hottest bloggers? no wait, that would be a list Jay would start

bobbie said...

"twitter" is first? I am so discouraged by that. At least it isn't "face book". That would really upset me.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hilarious, Dianne! My ex was half Italian and half Jewish! His families were from Manhattan and we'd often visit Brooklyn where he'd expect me to sit and watch him play softball with his buddies. You can only imagine the "phrases" exchanged!

Have a buon weekend, Dianne! :))

Ron said...

Right on DOUCHE!!!

I freakin' love that word and still use it to this day.

Quite frankly, I know A LOT of douche bags, so it comes in handy.


I agree with Cherie, this was priceless....

Being classy and intelligent I always used the correct plural of douche – douchii.


And why am I not suprised to see that godforsaken word TWITTER, as being the #1???

I just don't "get" twitter.

It's such a DOUCHE!

X ya, dear lady!

Rambling Woods said...

Thanks for posting about one to me too...Michelle

Linda Reeder said...

My west coast bias is showing. I do not like the word "douche". It was not a word we threw around here, and I cringed when I heard Jon Stewart using it.
But now I get it. It's a Jersey thing. So I won't get in a twitter about it.
Oh, wait, maybe that's supposed to be "twit".
I'm not sure I want to keep up.

Nessa said...

This post is The Douche. Do you think it will catch on?

Santa Cartoon Riddle

Jay said...

I wonder who the Douchii who got together to make such a list are. Bunch of geeks I bet.

Liberality said...

I read somewhere that Craig is a republican and I thought "oh no, this is gonna break Dianne's heart".

Around here the preferred nomenclature is 'douche bag' rather than just 'douche' ;~)

Grayquill said...

Fun post - I learned Greek - Yahoo! well okay not exactly.

Craig is a republican?

ds said...

"The correct plural of douche, douchii"--ROTFLMAO!!! Also, "my thighs look hadron in these jeans."
Now there's a vocabulary word I will never ever forget!
Thanks for the bright spot in this otherwise gloomy day.

CG said...

LOL at the plural of douche. I can't believe Twitter is the top word though.

Anonymous said...

Blinking odd list, if you ask me. People don't really make a lot of sense, do they? Douches!;)

Dianne said...

bobbie - I tried both Twitter and Facebook and I don't get them either, actually they annoy the hell out of me

perta - when my son was a toddler we lived right by a park in Brooklyn where they played each weekend - one of my son's first words was 'scumbag' and he heard it from them!!

ron - Twittii appears to be full of douchii ;)

rambling - I enjoy learning new words - and then of course using them incorrectly ;)

linda - a lot of folks don't like the word, that's OK :)

nessa - we could start a trend!

jay - doesn't the Bible say the geeks shall inherit the earth?

lib - the networks appear to be ok with douche but not with douche bag, odd isn't it
I've read a lot about Craig's supposed politics, who knows
I don't always like some of the stuff he says - he's often very wishy washy when I wish he'd actually voice an outright opinion and his patriotism slant on things is a bit much for me
he sometimes sounds way too self righteous about America
I saw his live show many times and once he said a few things about war protestors that really pissed me off
but in totality I think he's a decent person, and he's certainly entertaining

grayquill - if Craig is a Republican I guess he's the funny one ;)

ds - I love when I make people laugh, thanks!!

cg - during the protests in Iran Twitter became a political tool so I think that's where it came from

bear - people rarely make sense to me ;)

Scott Oglesby said...

My favorite new word two years ago was ‘truthiness,’ you gotta love Colbert. I was kinda of excited in a nerdy way about the large Hadron Collider until we found out that it’ll break down if a bird shits in the general vicinity of it. And we used douche way too much growing up as well. I think it’s a big East Coast city thing. Fun post, I hope you’re doing good hun!

Micky-T said...

Of course the short version and able to use as a child in front of adults was... "don't be such a bag"

Frank Baron said...

Thanks for the memories, Dianne.


As a testosterone-fueled teen, I was troubled by unexpected, and often unwanted, hadrons. It was embarrassing as heck, especially if I got a hadron in class and then had to stand up and write something on the blackboard.

Hilary said...

Too funny, Dianne. And just about equally funny comments from the rest of the douchii. ;)

I don't get Twitter's popularity.

Dianne said...

scott - I love Colbert - his Word segments are the best
I'm hanging in there babe :)

micky - I remember that!!

frank - it's going to take me a spell to get the image out of my mind - if I decide I want to that is ;)

hilary - we're the best bunch of douchii I know!!

Linda said...

THOSE are the Top Ten words of 2009? Seriously? You mean "unemployment", "recession", and "tanked" (as in 'the economy tanked') are not on there? Go figure!

And really, if they had really been counting correctly then I'm sure that "douche" would have definitely made the Top Ten - even if only from my mouth! One of my favorite words of the year that I have used quite frequently in the course of my job is a derivative - "douche nozzle". A little more elaborate than "douche bag"!

I could tell you a few of my other Top Ten words of the year but then I'd probably give your comment section an X rating so I'll refrain!