Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pet Pride: Anticipation

Hi everyone! Siren here

Big doings here at crazy persons central

You all know how Zen I am so I haven't been paying much attention. There's some big ball of twigs hanging on the door; I can smell trees from the other side of the house and there's all kinds of talk about Hope and Christmas.

I'm not interested.

Then last night while I was stationed at my hallway vantage point ...

... Mom person decided to go shopping. Something about snow storms and needing to finish up already and ... oy! people get so carried away.

I didn't think much of it. All was the same as always.

Mia continued to rest up until it's time to nap before she goes to sleep for the night ...

And the infiltrator was out there sucking up to the persons ...

When Mom person came home I expected more packages. There's crap all over this place. It really gets in the way of my morning run.

But! Guess what!? Mom didn't come in, she went down the dark stairs.

And!! Guess what else!!? I smell catnip. And I could swear I heard a squeaky toy.

Could it be? Is it possible? Did Mom person go to ...

It hit me. My birthday is coming. It's the same day as Christmas. Of course I'll be getting gifts.

I had such wonderful dreams that night. I hope I get the opposable thumbs I asked for.

This morning I began my search ...

I looked all around ...

I used my exceptional senses ...

I even tried to think like a person but that gave me a headache ...

Guess I'll have to wait until Friday, December 25th. My birthday. And Christmas too.

I wish you all a Merry (my birthday) Christmas. You are all good friends to me.

Please go to PET PRIDE and visit all my friends. Especially Winston. It's his birthday too.


Cloudia said...

I so love these delightful posts by you-know-who :-)

Meow & Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

pink dogwood said...


I love the way you write - dont tell Dianne - but i think your posts are funnier :)

happy birthday if I dont talk to you before 25th :)

Jeff B said...


You do know that human person that shares the house with you is nuts don't you?

JD and Max said...

Hi Siren - oooh, you ARE brave! We've never tried thinking like a human - it sounds FAR too complicated to us, he he he!

How exciting for your having your birthday on Christmas Day - that really is SO special. We bet you get catnip and squeakers galore - it's only right and fitting for such a handsome feline!

We love Pet Pride too - Bozo is fab for hosting such a great meme as we've made some great pals through it!

We hope you have oodles of fun next week! Big schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Mrs. C said...

LOL PetSmart is one nice place. They are animal-friendly, too. We like to go and just look at the animals sometimes when we are buying cat food.

kenju said...

This is SO cute! I love his green eyes.

Sylvia K said...

You are soooooo cool! And I can't believe I'm saying that -- I mean, I'm a dog! Well, don't tell Mojo, but but I think you're the MOST! And I want to wish you a really great birthday! And I hope you get lots of goodies from Pet Smart!!!

Sam Schnauzer

Well, I think you're way cool, too!
Sam's not the only one!

Mojo -- remember, Mojo the MOST!
Happy Birthday!!!

LadyFi said...

Delightful pictures!

And having a Christmas birthday - wonderful!

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you and your people.

Hilary said...

Aww too cute. Meowy Christmas and Happy Purrrthday to you.

bobbie said...

Siren, you've posted some really beautiful pictures here of yourself. (and that one of the infiltrator is pretty special too) The 25th is a pretty special day for most of us. Anticipation is almost as good as the day itself.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Another fantastically entertaining guest blogger post! Loved it. :-)

And honestly, I can't decide who's cuter - Siren or Hope. Actually...I'll have to admit...I love cats but babies are more rewarding!

Sheesh, Di, that baby is just so beautiful. More so every time you post a new photo of her.

i beati said...

You are such a beautiful adventurer

Dianne said...

cloudia - thank you! I try my best to be entertaining
love, siren

pink - thank you!! I won't tell her don't worry, besides she would agree

jeff - you don't know the half of it!! she's totally out of her freakin' mind
take care buddy, siren

jd and max - thank you so much
it was awful thinking like a person, I don't know how they do it
love, siren

mrs c - I love when my person goes there as long as she brings back something good

kenju - why thank you!! I do think my eyes are my best feature
love, siren

mojo and sam - youse guys kill me!! you know you love each other, just the way I kinda love Mia
thanks guys
love, Siren the MOST (of cats)

lady fi - thank you so much :)

hilary - I appreciate your speaking my language, thanks
love, siren

bobbie - I don't think I have ever taken a bad photo, unless Mom messed up of course
Hope is OK but I'm better
love, siren

pagan - I just don't see what all this baby joy is about
I don't need changing
I throw up on the floor, not all over myself
and I don't need all those accessories
but you're a good friend and we all love you
love, siren

ibeati - thank you!! it's the adventures that keep me young

Linda Reeder said...

Happy Birthday, Siren. And say hello to Dianne for me.

Akelamalu said...

I hope you get some lovely birthday presents Siren. :)

Smalltown RN said...

Diane what a great story....and what a lovely birthday for kitty.....

Jeni said...

Why does Siren always make me snicker -a lot!???
Too funny. Love the "infiltrator" stuff too and especially the pics of her as well.
Here's hoping that Siren gets all his wishes to come true for Christmas as well as for his birthday!
And that "Mom person," the infiltrator and her parents -along with Siren and Mia have a beautiful and blessed holiday season and the Happiest of New Years! (May the disability checks suddenly appear and in a decently designated amount too!)
Peace and God Jul!

Ron said...

Hi Siren! have no idea how much I needed this post after my long-ass day in retail; dealing with SICKO human customers!!!

I felt like SCRATCHIN' their eyes out!


I also wanted to tell you how adorable the back of your head is. I love the shot that mom person took looking through your ears. That's always been my cutest part of a cat.

Listen, I hope you get your wish for opposable thumbs, but I have them and I STILL drop things. I would much rather have your CLAWS.

Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a Merry Christmas, dear Siren.

Hoping all your feline dreams come true!

Oh, and please tell mom person how much I love her, ok?

And also, Hope and Mia.


Raven said...

Happy almost Birthday, Siren. I hope you get lots of wonderful presents. I'm sure you will. Your best present, though is the one you get all year. Lots of love and a wonderful home.

ds said...

Dear Siren:

We believe that you are entitled to as much catnip as your heart desires. And when those People begin opening presents on your birthday (the nerve!), go straight for the good stuff: boxes, paper (wrapping and tissue)--and ribbons. If that doesn't work, chew the lights.

Happy Birthday,
Mr. Man and Miss Moo

Happily Retired Gal said...

Hmmm... dunno how I missed this last week but I picked it up in my 'reader' this morning. Hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday and Christmas ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Elk Lighting said...

I am glad to hear you had a good Christmas, gook luck in the new year.