Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Review Finale: If You Build It ...

Our third and final Christmas post takes place Christmas morning - my favorite part of the holiday. It was all Hope all the time.

I went over to my son's side of the house and peeked in to find ...

I love the back of her head.

I asked if Santa had come ...

Hope admired her gifts ...

I think she was really impressed that Daddy had picked out the dress all by himself. She actually loves her pink fuzzy friend, it was just time for a bottle.

After a bottle break Hope opened more gifts. Books are delicious ...

I got some look when I suggested she not eat her books ...

I got Hope a walker. It was her "big gift" from Nana. I researched for days. Consumer reports, toy blogs, pediatrician blogs, Mommy blogs. If you read these sites long enough you'd shroud your baby in bubble wrap and never leave the house.

I finally settled on the Winnie-the-Pooh walker. Good for babies starting at 4 months and lasting up to 30 pounds with a lock the wheels option.

"I guess it needs some assembly" my son says when he sees the tall flat box.

The grimace on Jeffrey's face is from heeding the directions to "carefully force parts A-E into the corresponding slots". My DIL is counting tiny screws and weeping.

Hope is nearly 6 months old and in the 90 percentile for height. Yet her feet did not touch the floor in her walker, the walker that claims it accommodates a 4 month old.

"Daddy is trying not to kill the baby" my son whispers to Hope as he struggles to operate the "seamless smooth seat adjustment" ...

We finally decided that Hope's feet not touching the floor in her WALKER was the "render the walker immobile" feature we couldn't find anywhere else.

At least it tastes good ...


storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

I enjoyed all your Christmas photos of Hope (especially the first two and the last one) ... and certainly relate to the frustrations with the 'walker' that won't allow her to be mobile quite yet. Seems odd given her size and the labeling, but hopefully she'll be able to reach the floor soon and/or you'll exchange it for one that actually 'works' for her. Happy New Year ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Rob Inukshuk said...

Despite the obvious frustrations experienced by the adults with regards the "walker", Christmas number one for the star of the show, dearest little Hope, seems to have been a resounding success replete with a stash of fab goodies, including a few delicious books!

Happy New Year to you all!

Linda Reeder said...

However did you have any fun at all before you had Hope as your center of attention? Christmas is so much better with children!

Cherie said...

Isn't it wonderful that babies don't know how things are supposed to work? She just know that it's a new thing that she gets to explore with her mouth, and it has lots of toys on it. Happy baby ... and Happy New Year! :)

Daryl said...

Di, I do believe Cherie is right .. Hope will grow and she'll be scooting around under foot in no time meanwhile she had all those tasty books to devour and a lot of love from her Nana .. what more could a girl ask for .. xo

Melli said...

ROFLMBO!!! And THUS begins Jeffries Christmas mornings (or eves) of cussing! I was so glad we had a garage where my husbands workshop was and he would spend all day Christmas EVE in it putting together the toys for Santa! Therefor he got all the cussing out of the way BEFORE the children were in the room! :) And now we know why Santa doesn't wrap presents at my house!!!

Mrs. C said...

A walker! We had walkers for the older kids, but the younger ones all got the saucers so they wouldn't toddle down the stairs. One fun thing about the walker is later Hope can roll about and follow you around. :)

Jacob said...

What beautiful pictures of your beautiful granddaughter!

Thanks for your comments, Dianne! And "hope" is a good sentiment, even a necessary one, for 2010.

My hope is you have a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

Reb said...

Wow, that is some walker. Looks like a wonderful first Christmas for Hope.

Happy New Year Dianne and may you & your family be blessed with much joy & happiness.

bobbie said...

That is such a beautiful child! And a lucky one. Between Santa and Nana, she is sure to have all the wonderful things she could ever want.

And books ARE delicious!

Dianne said...

storyteller - it is odd but her toes do touch the floor when she pulls herself up so it'll be fine in no time at all :)

rob - Happy New Year to you too sweetie
Hope had a grand Christmas

linda - it is! it is! every day is better with children around

cherie - that's exactly what we told Jeffrey and finally Hope was having such a good time making Pooh dance that he was OK

daryl - you're right :)
and she loves Pooh so much

melli - he was sooooo good in front of Hope LOL
and so was I
we tend to cuss and we're careful around her
funny, Jeffrey said that next year everything gets built in the shed

mrs c - the walker is restricted to the rooms that have doors and the upstairs hall has a door leading to the stairs
funny they weren't going to put the door in and now it all worked out :)
Hugs to all the kids

jacob - thank you so much :)

reb - she had a good one :)
and I love that her books appear to be her favorites

bobbie - and this is with everyone showing restraint! I'm so happy that she loves books

Raven said...

All Hope all the time says it all. Don't you love those "simple to put together, some assembly required" items that come with instructions in something that pretends to be English but isn't?

Looks like it was a good Christmas... and it promises to be a great New Year and Decade - full of Hope and hope both.

Happy New Year to your whole family.

Ron said...

Hi Lady Dianne!

Hey listen, the back of Hope's head looks exactly like mine.

Now, the only difference is that Hope will be growing hair; another story.


LOVE the walker!!! looks like a little space ship. And I'm really digging the tray, were you can put cups and stuff.

The expression on Hopes face when you suggested to not eat her books is PRICELESS!

OMG...I'm so sad to see this Christmas review end. Well...I know you'll have much more to share with us in the upcomming year - can't wait!

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL 2010!

X to you and your family!

CrystalChick said...

What a fun gift! My grandson had a saucer thingy with all the bells and whistles too. But when my daughter was young we only had the basic walker model with a seat and a tray.
Hope is beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed a nice Christmas. xo

Queen-Size funny bone said...

If that thing doesn't keep her busy nothing will. lol

ds said...

How sweet, how funny, and how true!! We always considered paper to be the fifth food group; may Hope "devour" books all her life!
Happy New Year!

Jeni said...

I don't know why -but never had a walker for any of my three kids. Older daughter did have one for the eldest grandson but we had one of those Exer-saucer things for Maya and Kurtis and they both enjoyed the living daylights out of that thing!
And anytime I see something on a box that says "easy assembly" I tend to run the other way! No assembly required is what I consider "easy assembly" and pretty much the one that works best for me! As always, the pictures and storylines with Hope are absolutely priceless!
Here's wishing on one really and truly GREAT and very HAPPY New Year!
Peace, too!

Scott Oglesby said...

They were all amazing photos Dianne. Hope really is so adorable. I remember having to put those things together and it’s a nightmare. Then again I can’t put batteries in a flashlight correctly.

Dianne said...

raven - all Hope, all the time is my new motto LOL
hugs to you and the girls

ron - I LOVE that look too!!! I knew you'd notice it
she has the most incredible expressions
I swear she sneers at people, my neighbor noticed it so I know it's not just me

crystal - I couldn't even find a saucer thing on line, this was one of the simplest walkers they had
some were so over the top

queen size funny - it does keep her busy even if it doesn't move yet :)

ds - yep! paper is delicious ;)

jeni - I know Jeffrey feels the same way
he has requested no assemby until her birthday in July

scott - neither can I, if I had to do any of this myself there'd be trouble

Sparkling Red said...

What's a walker if you can't walk in it? A stander? A dangler?

Bob-kat said...

At least it didn't need batteries! LoL! I bet she'll love it now it's built and soon enough her little feet will be whisking it across the floor. Let's hope you find the wheel locks by then! :)

Linda said...

Commenting on both posts as I'm playing catch-up - again!

Looks like a wonderful Christmas was had though I must say that I never knew that fish was the required staple in Brooklyn. Learn something new every day I do!

Babies first Christmases are always the best and even though she won't remember it, I'm sure that Hope will someday love looking at all of the pictures of what a wonderful first Christmas she had!

Now if they only made fun walkers for us old folks who need a little extra help getting around!

Happy 2010 to you and your loved ones!

Pagan Sphinx said...

I've already been here a couple of times! Had to look at the back of Baby Hope's head one more time! The child is a heart breaker. How she must the center of your universe and well she should be!

cedar chest said...

Hope is really happy with all the gifts! Babies are really cool especially if they are starting to appreciate Christmas!

Jeff B said...

I remember my boys bouncing around in and chewing on the walkers they had. They must have put a hundred miles apiece on them.

Akelamalu said...

I remember my boys in their walkers - there was no stopping them once they got going! LOL

kanishk said...

they only made fun walkers for us old folks who need a little extra help getting around!

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Hilary said...

Welcome to parenthood, Jeffrey.. where much assembly is always required.

I wasn't a fan of walkers. I know they're way safer than they ever used to be but they always made me uncomfortable so I never got one (you thought I was going to say "so I quit trying to fit my ass into them" didn't you?)

Happy New Year, you beautiful family. :)

Lily Hydrangea said...

Christmas wouldn't be complete without having to assemble something!
& CUTIE PIE Hope looks quite content in her new walker!
Happy New Year to you and yours Diane!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I meant Dianne! & I always loved looking at the back of my son's head when he was a baby too-so precious.

CG said...

What a great series of photos. I sometimes think these self-assembley bits of equipment are deseigned to test your patience almost to breaking point!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

One thing is for sure...She will grow into it! LOL! That is such a clever wonderful item....!
Hope is growing so fast, isn't she?

Picture Imperfect said...

How cute! Babies+Christmas=JOY!

I bet next year will be even *better* - it's so fun when they 'get it' and tear into their gifts with reckless abandon!

Happy New Year Dianne!

Robin said...

Those things are miserable to assemble, aren't they? Stupid little screws...

I haven't had a chance to visit here in far too long. I loved catching up on all your Christmas posts and seeing sweet Hope enjoying her first Christmas. Loved the journey in from the wilds of NJ, too. So true. (Are they really still doing big hair in Brooklyn?)