Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Is What It Is ...

January sucks; it is such a bleak month. I think I have doldrums. I like that word.

February isn't much better but it is shorter. And there's always the chance I can beat a Valentines celebrating couple to death. I bet that would feel good.

Mia is sick. Given her age and long standing issues this last illness has really kicked her ass. She has lost weight and is weak. She sleeps all the time. I feed her high octane type food off my finger. She sees the vet every few days. It is what it is. I have been here before; I’ll know what to do when I need to.

Siren knows something is different. Mia doesn’t hiss at him or swat him away. She just stares at him and goes back to sleep. The confused look on his face is both amusing and heartbreaking. I hug him a lot.

Hope starts day care tomorrow. I think it will be wonderful for her. She is so curious and thoughtful. I think she’ll learn a lot from being around other children. The day care is near the school where her mom teaches and the town is urban and diverse. That will be a good thing too – this family doesn’t need another generation with its head up its close minded ass.

The image of that just made me laugh out loud.

I’m going to stop here. I think I’m in danger of either a rant or a crying jag.

More soon …

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the folks I love.

I put her bib on backwards. Oy!

this is the look I get when I sing really loud. she kills me.

Siren is such a handsome boy.

Sweet Mia - as long as she is comfy we live in the moment.


Matt-Man said...

Here's to the end of January and to Mia. Cheers!!

Mrs. C said...

Poor kitty. A lot of things just are what they are. :(

Hope February is a better month for y'all. If it isn't, at least it's a shorter month.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I just lost my kitty and my pups miss him as much as I do. I'll help you beat up the valentines sweethearts all over the world. lol

Linda said...

I'm sad about your kitty but that little granddaughter is precious.

Hilary said...

Aww Dianne, I'm so sorry to hear that Mia isn't doing well. I know how hard that is. Hugs to you.

And that little face.. Hope.. sigh!

Mountain Photog said...

I'm sorry Mia isn't doing well, Dianne. :( It sounds as though you are doing everything possible for her. All you can do now is hope for the best. I'm right there hoping with you. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. . .

Jay said...

Poor Mia.

January is always the crappiest month of the year.

Ron said...

Hello Dianne~

I know your feelings so well, dear lady.

Just know that I'm sharing much love and a BIG hug across the river.

{{{{{ Dianne }}}}}

And please know that I'll be sharing some Reiki with Mia, ok?

As always, your posts always give me something to hoot about...

..And there's always the chance I can beat a Valentines celebrating couple to death. I bet that would feel good.

Hey...let's you and I do that together!


Please give Hope a smooch for me and tell her that Uncle Ron is very excited about her first day at day care. And I bet she's gonna be the cutest and smartest one there!

Lots of love to you and the folks!


fermicat said...

Awww. Hugs and prayers for Mia.

Linda Reeder said...

As I scrolled down to comment, I caught the title of your last blog, and thought of you and your cats. Siren is fun and Mia is constant. You are fun and constant even when you are feeling down.
I hope something happensto brighten your outlook soon.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I so agree with you about the bleakness of this time of year. Even when I am thinking I am managing it all quite well it has a way of creeping up on me, especially when loved ones take ill, it makes it even worse.
thankfully children and pets seem to take the edge off the misery.
& I always enjoy reading your posts Dianne, that helps too.

Scott Oglesby said...

Sorry about Mia. But like you said as long as you can keep her comfortable….just enjoy every moment.

That’s awesome about Hope! I couldn’t believe how quickly Lexi’s social skills and knowledge picked up when she began daycare. We are a social species after all and when you take us out of out comfort zone we begin to thrive.

Dianne said...

matt-man - at first I read the comment as cheers to the end of Mia and I laughed and laughed because NO ONE could get away with that with me but you
then I realized that wasn't even what you were saying
love ya Matty

mrs c - are what they are indeed :)

queen size funny - valentine vigilantes!! LOL

linda - she is precious, thanks :)

hilary - thanks
give Benny a hug for me

lisa - all animal people have been there, I appreciate the extra added hope, thanks kiddo

jay - it just makes everything bleaker doesn't it
hugs hot stuff

ron - Jeffrey went with Hope and her Mom to see the school on Friday
he likes it a lot and he's picky so I felt better
when they got home Hope was in a terrible mood and Jeffrey asked if she "missed her little friends"
I swear she nodded!! LOL
thanks for the hugs, I felt them

fermicat - thank you very much

linda r - what a cool thing to say

lily - thanks, I always try to make my readers smile or laugh even during crappy times :)

scott - I LOVE the name Lexi!!
and thanks for telling me how good an experience it was, makes me feel safer about it

Rob Inukshuk said...

Oh darling Mia. I'm sorry she's poorly. Sending good thoughts for her.

That look on Hope's face when you're singing too loud...priceless. I know she's gonna love daycare. More to see and learn. Hugs to you too Dianne!

Arkansas Patti said...

The brutal part of pet ownership. Aging is no easier on them than it is on us.
I know you will keep her comfortable and loved.

Micky-T said...

...and you'll do what you have to do when it needs to be done.
We're all just passing through!

bobbie said...

This is the time of year we just have to live through - but it makes things harder for us. Poor sweet Mia. Siren must be as concerned as you are.

But, as you have said many times - there is always Hope!

ellen abbott said...

I'm ready for spring but I'm not ready for February. I need at least one more week.

Daryl said...

Sending you lots of hugs ..

Jeff B said...

I about shit myself when I read Matt's comment. Freud would have a field day with that one! Bwahahaha

It's amazing how attached we get to our little four legged fuzzballs.

Be well my dear.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Sorry about Mia Diane. Damn.
Hope will love daycare! She is a beauty! And your sunshine that will get you through February!

bschooled said...

Sorry to hear about Mia, Dianne. I know how it sucks when something that brings you so much joy becomes ill. But I love your outlook on the situation.

And FYI, call me a copycat, but I'm really looking forward to beating the living crap out of a Valentine's couple this year as well.

Akelamalu said...

I'm back from holiday and trying to catch up. I know what you mean about January and February - I'm glad we were able to get away.

Sorry to hear about Mia - I'll send Reiki.

Hope starting day care already? Where did the time go? :0

Jeni said...

It's always so difficult, emotionally, when dealing with sick pets -especially when they are so weak and helpless like Mia. We went through that almost two years ago now with our beloved Gracie Baby cat. One of the hardest decisions Mandy ever had to make was to take her to the vet and have him put her down. It was a rough trip for both her and my son as they both loved that cat dearly -as did I. Peace, Dianne and keep the Hope things coming through.

Nessa said...

Rabbit, Rabbit

I have not enjoyed January myself.

Hope is beautiful. I hope Mia feels better soon.

Bond said...

They are part of the family, and I hope Mia does not have to suffer long. YAY for Hope going to good thing, she will have every illness a child can get before she makes it to school age...and honestly, that is a good thing.

Doc said...

Heck yeah... February will be much better!

Linda said...

"...And there's always the chance I can beat a Valentines celebrating couple to death. I bet that would feel good." This totally cracked me up, perhaps we should meet up and tag-team the happy couple!

Poor Mia, at least she knows that she is loved and being well taken care of. I think that's the best any of us can ask when we get to that stage our lives.

Thank goodness January is officially done - can we get to the better part of the year now, please??

storyteller said...

Molly, Ms Kitty, and I are sending healing thoughts to Mia ... I'm catching up today and appreciate you making your entire post available in your feeds. Sorry Hope was sick and gave it to you ... I assume you've both recovered. Love all the photos ... pets & scratches to Siren ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

ramblingwoods said...

I have had the same situation with senior cats and I followed your philosophy.. quality of life.. Michelle

Cherie said...

I am around all these folks who don't have a lot of experience with cold and the white stuff. So, when they see snow in the forecast they cheer. It might be pretty when it's coming down. Then, it's just a mess. I'll be glad to see the back of it. (That's why I made my blog so "colorful". lol I needed something to cheer me up. :)) I'm very sorry that Mia isn't doing well. You're such a good mamma. But I can't wait to hear how Hope did at daycare. :)

Picture Imperfect said...

*hugs* I'm sorry to hear about Mia! It is heartwrenching, having to make decisions about these things. My heart goes out to you and your family. Lots of hugs and snuggles for Mia are purrrrfect. :o)

Jackie said...

Hugs from here too. They're all so beautiful. I know you'll do the right thing though for Mia.

Lu' said...

Heart strings have been pulled. Prayers and wishes for additional moments to you and Mia.

Dianne said...

rob - thanks for the hugs
I LOVE how expressive Hope is, she makes me smile and wonder

patti - my neighbor told me she would like to come back as a cat cared for by someone like me
that made me happy

micky - that is true

bobbie - poor Siren, he's so confused
plus he seems to want her meds which is ironic since she doesn't

ellen - you're really asking a lot out of time! LOL

daryl - and I feel each one of them sis

jeff - so it wasn't just me!! or you're as twisted as I am
it just read so funny at first

noe noe girl - damn is right! thanks lady :)

bschooled - there seems to be a few of us Valentine Vigalantes!! I love it ;)

akelamalu - thanks a lot, Mia appreciates it

jeni - if only they could talk! would be so much easier

nessa - thank you

bond - I have been warning her over protective, sometimes over reacting parents of the very same thing
how much you wanna bet I catch everything LOL

doc - let's hope so

linda - I aim for the crack up so thanks!! glad I accomplished my mission
I'm out to destroy Hallmark like behavior LOL

storyteller - we recovered - thanks
and thanks to you and Molly and Ms Kitty for the good thoughts

rambling - there is nothing else to do
and as others have said - she knows she is loved
far too many critters and people don't know that, don't have that

cherie - your blog looks beautiful
I go there often
I don't always comment, sorry about that
Mia and Hope send hugs
I'll report on day care as soon as I can

picture - thank you so much
It is hard but I have some experience and I think I know how to listen to Mia

jackie - thank you
that means a lot to me

lu - my heart feels like it weighs a ton!
thanks Lu

Bob-kat said...

Poor pretty Mia. I almost burst into tears when I read this as it bought back my memories of going through the same sort of thing with my dear Bob. We love our pets so much that we always hope for the best but our experience prepares us for the worst. It is never easy. BIG HUGS Dianne, because sometimes the owner needs TLC too.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Your folks are beauties. But Hope. Seriously. She is such a beautiful baby girl. Those big, dark eyes and fluffy eyelashes.

I hope she likes daycare. Hugs to you both and pets for Mia. Poor babe.

Travis said...

No crying. No ranting.

Instead, I challenge you to...

...sing loudly and encourage that precious look. Add some silly dancing...carefully, lest you injure another body part.

...put the bib on upside down next time.

...laugh at the things that make you want to cry or rant.

Seriously...find the funny. You have that power. All you have to do is change the tune.

CG said...

I'm thinking of you and of Mia xx

gabrielle said...

Hope has such a presence! Hugs to Mia and you.

Debo Blue said...

Each of your loved ones are beautiful. They reflect you.

Dianne said...

bob kat - don't be sad, think of those wonderful sweet kitties you have running around

pagan - Hope is an endless joy :)

travis - Hope enjoys my macarena dance and the ballet scene from Fantasia ;)

cg - thanks :)

gabrielle - she does, she often appears to be thinking and considering
I love that about her

debo - that's a kind and lovely thing to say, thank you

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your blog.

Nishant said...

Hope February is a better month for y'all. If it isn't, at least it's a shorter month.

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