Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hope Talks About The Rain

Hi everyone! Hope here. Nana said it was good to share so I'm here to share my thoughts about all the rain that has been falling on our house.

Last night I was watching Moose A Moose with Nana ...

It was so cozy.

This morning I woke up and had a wonderful breakfast. I love yogurt.

After breakfast and play mat time I had a nice nap.

And then the day got complicated ...

I heard Nana and Mommy in the carport. They were talking about water and rain and floods and basements. I know they heard me calling. It took forever for someone to come.

Finally! Nana came to get me. She was soaking wet.

We went to the side door and there was my Mommy ...

We are calling this photo 'Mommy Saves The Basement'.

She set up the big pump and the long blue hose and she made the water run away.

I was thinking about how last week I was in the yard ...

and there was sun, with no water.

And I went to the park ...

and there was sun, with no water.

Mommy says Daddy is coming home from work early because the pump is very heavy and we need to run more blue hose and Mommy isn't that big and Nana's cane went all the way down in the mud and she almost fell down.

It's a lot to deal with ...

I know I look worried but I'm really just wondering when I can go to the park again.

I know that Mommy and Nana are saving the basement.

Because Girls Rock!


3 Men and a Lady said...

She is so adorable! We watch a lot of Moose A Moose around here, too. Just as my oldest was growing out of it, we had our new one. I hope things dry out for you all.

Melli said...

Indeed they DO Hope! I'm sure they appreciated having you there to direct things too! You WERE directing... right?

Jay said...

Hope things start to dry out for you guys pretty soon. Either that or Hope needs to grow up really fast and get out there and help protect the basement. LOL ;-)

Linda said...

Wonderful pictures of Hope. Sorry about your basement. Hope you were able to save it.

Ron said...

*squeal* *squeal* *squeal*

All I ever want to do when I read these posts about Hope...is SQUEAL!!

OMG...her littl cow outfit is ADORABLE. Do you think they come in adult sizes cause I want one?

Hope's litte cherub face just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Yeah...aren't ya diggin' all this freakin' rain we're having?? I'm sitting in Starbucks right now, looking out the window; debating whether to go grocery shopping in this crap.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for another delightful post, dear lady.

X to you and the gang!

Daryl said...

Mommy sort of reminds me of Gumby ... and Hope doesnt look all that thrilled by that swing... but she such a gorgeous girl .. poo poo poo ... xoxo

Kay Dennison said...

What a charming post!!!!! She is precious!!!! And tell her I'm sending sunshine eastward from Ohio. It should get there in a day or two.

maryt/theteach said...

Little girls like Hope and big girls like you, Dianne, and Mommy, rock too! :)

Pagan Sphinx said...

I don't know how it's possible for Hope to look even more beautiful than the last time we saw her. I love her gorgeous smile but her serious look; that's the most amazing!

Hurray for Mommy and Nana for saving the basement. Now if they could only make the sun come out! This spell of rain has so sucked. And wind! I was an old lady clucking at my hood today, for sure. ;-) At least you have a cane to fight off predators! :-D

bobbie said...

Canes can be very useful tools - But not when they go down in the mud.
Hope, you are a beautiful child, and I'm sure Nana and Mommy think you are their own little ray of sunshine. I do hope the sun comes out soon for you - and for me.

ds said...

Hope, your mommy, your grandma, and YOU rock!! Great "guest" post!
Hope the sun comes out soon so that you can go to the park.

Dianne said...

3 men/lady - Hope can be screaming bloody murder and if Moose comes on she's happy as can be
my son says he could be on fire and if Moose was on Hope wouldn't notice

melli - oh she was directing all right! from my arms and from the windowseat and from her walker and from ... LOL

jay - it's funny you mention that, my DIL was trying to reach the very bottom of the sump pump well to fix the floater and she kept saying her hand was too big so I said 'let's get Hope' and for a moment she looked striken and then she couldn't stop laughing

linda - we conquered the elements once again! thanks

ron - I haven't gone to the grocery in days! I'm down to Twinkies and wine which I guess is OK
Hope sends hugs

daryl - Gumby!!! LOL
she was mad because her mom stopped the swing to take a picture
that is her mad/annoyed face

kay - we'll be out front waiting for that sun to arrive :)

mary - we do our best ;)

pagan - I love her serious looks, she has so many expressions and often seems to be having very deep thoughts

bobbie - I have used the cane for many a task but today I needed stilts!!
hope you guys down duh pawkway are OK
Hope sends hugs

Dianne said...

ds - we are very hopeful that tomorrow will be better, and for now the basement is dry
thanks :)

EG Wow said...

Hope, you had so much to tell us today! Have any secrets you want to divulge about Nana? I won't tell her who told me, honest!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hope sure has plenty of curls

Mrs. C said...

Moose a Moose is not the same as "Rocky and Bullwinkle?" Hope knows all these new shows I've never even heard of before.

I like the mom saving the basement pic! Gloves add that special flair. :)

Travis said...

We've been getting soaked for the last few days, but no flooding. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that we don't have a basement.

Scott Oglesby said...

These are always the cutest. You are getting really adept with that camera, I may need you to come over and shoot the next Fountain of Wine Fiesta.

Hope your basement is ok!!!

Dianne said...

EG - Hope does know all my secrets, well the age appropriate ones anyway, and I think she's been keeping notes for a tell all book ;)

queen size - it was inevitable, Mom has curly hair and Dad had an Afro before he shaved his head

mrs c - Moose A Moose is the host at Nick Jr - he is especially famous for puzzle time and finding letters and for his great songs
Hope adores him
My DIL had 3 pairs of gloves on!! the pump is has all sorts of edges so 2 were to protect and the top pair was so she could stick her arms in the giant puddles and clear the grass away from the pump

travis - my son is convinced that if we didn't have a basement the water would be collecting around the foundation until one day we all woke up in a sink hole, that is our luck
he says at least this way we know where the water is going LOL

scott - Hope loves the camera and it loves her, I'm just the middle guy
I would love to visit you guys!!
Good lord we'd have a good time

Granny Annie said...

Hooray Hope! You are so young but already you've learned life's most important lesson. "Girls Rock"!

Arkansas Patti said...

Way to handle a crisis Hope, let others do it. You have your own priorities and know how to delegate. Hope totally rocks.

Akelamalu said...

I bet you grow up to be just like your mommy and nana Hope - you'll save the day sometime too!

Mountain Photog said...

You guys have had such a winter--and spring! You must be so sick of dealing with all that water. . .

Love the photos of Hope! Especially that last one. Perfect! She gets more beautiful every day. :)

I'll send dry thoughts you way.

Sparkling Red said...

Oh Hope, beautiful Hope, you are growing up so quickly!

Bond said...

Talking with my sister in Smithtown and my son in NJ and friend all over the metro-area, you guys are just getting weather-crushed this year.

Hope the basement flooding gets rectified soon

Jim said...

I was watching the network news tonight and thought of you real quick. Take it from me, don't let your stuff in the basement get wet. We flooded (our house) with 33 inches of water in 1979. Everything that got under water was ruined. Funny, but the refrigerator and washing machine ran for almost a year after.
My advice would be to take things upstairs in case the pump quits or can't keep up.

Hope wrote a good account. She's sooooooo cute! I hope soon she will be telling that it all was worth it. And you did good taking pictures and helping Hope where it was needed. Please don't hurt yourself more.

Linda Reeder said...

Oh, so cute!
Yes, you were hit by another big storm. Let's hope it's the last for quite a while!
Good job, girls, in saving the basement.

LadyFi said...

You're right - girls DO rock! Hope the basement has been saved...

Dianne said...

annie - thanks :)

patti - at one point she was "talking" up a storm to the sky, I think she was telling the rain to stop

akelamalu - thanks!! that's a great thing to say

lisa - it's getting sunnier!! let's hope it lasts

sparkling - she is!! she'll be 9 months old on Saturday

bond - weather crushed is a good way to put it
we saved the basement

jim - I didn't do much physically yet I was feeling it yesterday
I moved things up or out in the basement after the first big storm in Feb

linda r - thanks!! my son came home and there was nothing for him to do, Hope started laughing LOL

ladyFi - we did it!! the basement lives ;)

Hilary said...

Geesh, that's one beautiful child. I love that face! I hope that Mommy and Nana were successful in saving the beastment!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I am loving these past few rain free days! Glad the basement is saved!
Hope is one beautiful baby!

Sylvia K said...

Hope, you are so beautiful that you take my breath away! And what a great post! You're a very talented young lady, you know that, don't you! Your Mom and Dad and your Nana are very lucky to have such a wise and lovely young lady around!!