Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hope Talks Bad Moods

So Nana has been in a bad mood. Not that she ever lets me know - as soon as she sees me she does one of her silly voices and she smiles and laughs and sings for me.

But I am an exceptional person with strong intuitive skills - at least that's what Nana tells me and she's never wrong.

The new sump pump was a good thing. Big messy men came Saturday night and made noise in the basement and voila!, new pump was in. New pump did something not so good and water backed up. Old pump had to go back in and Nana had to turn it on and off every two hours to keep bad water from making everything stinky and wet.

This made Nana feel like plotzing ...

Then her back hurt and the man who makes the papers for the tax man called and then the big messy men came back with pipes and valves and asked for dollars and ... and ...

well Nana was trying hard to not kill someone. She looked a lot like this ...

This is my I have fallen and I can't get up look.

And I broke Nana's camera strap. I do not know my own strength. She laughed and told me it was OK. She's good like that even in a bad mood.

So my advice to Nana and to anyone who is having plumbing and taxes and back aches and big messy men asking for dollars is ...

Stick your tongue out ...

And laugh and clap your hands ...

As Nana's Nana used to say - this too shall pass. Oy!


ellen abbott said...

Oh, plumbers and taxes all at once. No wonder. I fear I am going to have to call the plumber myself very soon.

That Hope is awfully cute.

Bond said...

OH my....sorry for the sump pump problems...tell Nana it will get better

Granny Annie said...

...and thank goodness there is always HOPE!

Daryl said...

Plotzing .. OMG I laughed so hard .. I could 'hear' her little voice saying it and I cracked up.

I have a camera strap for you!


Akelamalu said...

Well I'm taking Hope's advice and sticking my tongue out at anyone who winds me up! :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

We all need a little Hope.
Hang in there baby!

Mountain Photog said...

Why can't they just make things that work right the first time?! I am so sick of crap stuff that breaks within a month of purchase or, worse yet, doesn't work to begin with. Or equipment that is installed by incompetent baboons. It took us years to find repair people that fix our boiler so it would work when it was windy. We live on the top of a mountain--it's windy all the time! Ugghh! Can you tell you've found one of my pet peeves? LOL!

At any rate, I'm sorry about your pump! You must be so sick of water by this point.

As far as taxes, well, if it makes you feel any better, we're all in that together. :)

At least Hope can rise above it all and maintain her great smile. She's such a cutie!

Ron said...

OMG....this post is so damn adorable; I SQUEALED! And do you know that I actually clapped my hands at the end?

Please tell Hope that I totally agree with her. Sticking my tongue out works everytime. But don't tell her this part - I also stick up my middle finger - HA!

Sending ya a HUGE hug, dear lady.

{{{{{ Dianne }}}}}

Travis said...

Blowing a big red raspberry at bad stuff may not fix the bad stuff, but sometimes it can make you laugh at the bad stuff, and that might be just enough to get you through.

Hang in there!

Dianne said...

ellen - make sure to check references, we had a nightmare before we found a good plumber

bond - it's better every time she see me
love, Hope

annie - yes there is!! thanks

daryl - I swear she said Oy! the other day LOL

akelamalu - I bet you'll look wonderful doing it too!

noe noe - we're hangin', thanks :)

lisa - we had the same thing with the upstairs boiler. there was some weird draft thing and the pilot lite kept going out and the guy who came kept making it worse
finally Jeffrey got a manual and figured it out himself
and yes!! I am so sick of water
every time I go down there I cross myself before I open the door LOL

ron - I practically bent my finger off one day because I was about to do that and then remembered Hope was sitting right next to me
I've gotten very good about language
now I say Fonzi!! kills my son when I do that

travis - you're right about that :)
the tongue is a new thing with Hope, she's not really sticking it out as much as licking her lips when she laughs
we think it's because she's been learning to eat solid foods - bits of bread or cherrios or pancakes and has discovered her tongue has a purpose LOL

jinksy said...

I quite agree about sticking the tongue out - it definitely helps!

Jackie said...

Oh how cute is she?!

Unlike your plumbers and pump- am blowing raspberries at them from this side of the Pond.

Kay Dennison said...

Hope is a very wise lil' gal!!!

Golly you've had a lot lately. Hope things get better soon!

Cloudia said...

What a FACE!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

pink dogwood said...

The picture of her sticking her tougue out is priceless. Good thing you have Hope to keep your mood in check - sorry to hear about your trouble with the Tax Man and the Messy Man.

Jacob said...

Very cute. I wish I could follow that advice...but, my reactions are somewhat different - more volatile, shall we say?

LadyFi said...

Hope the nightmare is behind you.. That little girl must cheer you up no end... she is gorgeous!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

that smile is worth a million

Scott Oglesby said...

Those last two pictures of Hope were too adorable for mere words! All I can say is that I hope you have something strong for your back pain and something strong for your tax pain.

But when you have that beautiful little girl in your life…how bad can anything really be?

the walking man said...

May the water pass from your basement first though.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope, youngster you have life summed up. Stick your tongue out for satisfaction and laugh. Two wonder drugs.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty baby! I love that grandmas just don't mind when their grandkids break stuff. I remember doing something similar when I was little and thinking I was going to get it (b/c mom and dad would've ben mad) and my grandma was like "whatever". Gotta love grandmas!

Linda said...

Oy indeed!

Hope is certainly wise beyond her years but then again, I bet she gets that from her Nana!

May today be a better day with as few frustrations as possible (if there really IS such a thing!)

Dianne said...

jinksy - yes it does!! :)

jackie - when the new pump failed it's a wonder you didn't hear me across the pond!

kay - she is wise beyond her years :)

cloudia - I know! thanks

pink - that's one of my favorite shots, thanks :)

jacob - it ain't easy ;)

LadyFi - I think it's fixed now, just don't say it too loud LOL

queen size funny - she does my blood pressure good :)

scott - she is such a happy and engaged child, everything thrills and amazes her
we should all try to hang on to the child within

walking man - it appears to have moved on, hopefully for good!

patti - we really can learn a lot from the little ones
I hope this means your PC is cured now

Mrs D - being a Nana is so much fun, less responsibility and more joy :)

linda - it did get very frustrating! the sound of water or rain makes my blood boil
Hope sends hugs

Sparkling Red said...

Hope, I know you can keep Nana's spirits up with your adorable smiles. Please give her an extra hug from me!

Brian Miller said...

ha. great advice...i just might do that next time. wonderful pics as well. smiles.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Well, Hope, how did you know that sticking out her tongue and clapping is Auntie Pagan Sphinx's way of handling all that? You do give the best advise, dear baby. And you are adorable to boot. Thanks for making me smile every time I come here to see your pictures.


Hilary said...

Oh geesh, Dianne. I'm sorry for everything that's messing up on you at once but that grandkidlet of yours sure gives it balance. What a DOLL! And plotzing cracked me up too. :)

jabblog said...

Oh poor Nana - I hope the big messy men turn up and do the job properly without extra pay as they should have done it right in the first place. Hope, you have lovely expressions.

jennifer said...

Ha! There's that OY again. Love the pics of Hope.

Mare said...

I just had electrical work done that I know is gonna make me gasp when I see the bill: "Ooof"!
Your granddaughter gets cuter every day!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Another Treasure! Jope is very photogenic..! You take great pictures of her Nana....! ADORABLE, DARLING, Hope!

Linda Reeder said...

Oh, my, the trouble you've had while I was away.
Stay HOPEful.

Misty Dawn said...

I can definitely see why it would be impossible for Nana to remain in a bad mood while you're around. You're just cute as a button!!! I will send good thoughts and wishes for Nana's problems to subside.