Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Calm and The Chaotic

Siren has become so mellow and so much more affectionate since Isadora joined the family. They still fight from time to time and he still won't allow himself to be hugged or kissed but he cuddles next to me more and he doesn't get anxious as much. I think a little sister has been good for him.

Isadora is hilarious and a bit odd, even for a cat. She has this thing about hiding with her feet sticking out - she does it everywhere; under the bed, behind the sofa, under pillows and now her new position - in and out of her little house.

She also steals bedding. She finds blankets, sheets, even clothing and grabs them up in her teeth and pulls them to the floor. Then she rolls around on them for a bit before falling asleep.

They're wonderful little creatures.

Cats on Tuesday


Trisha said...

I totally agree - cats are great!

ellen abbott said...

They are curious little creatures. My cat is not a lap kitty either and also does not like to be held or cuddled. She will tolerate being held as long as you are giving her head a good scratching.

Sylvia K said...

How fun! And they do have such distinct personalities! Love the pic of her feet sticking out of her basket! Hope your week -- and Siren and Isadoras -- is off to a great start, Dianne!


Akelamalu said...

Animals can be funny can't they? Our dog used to sleep with the top of his head pressed up against something - the hearth, furniture, the wall, anything. LOL

Linda Reeder said...

I like cats too, although we don't have any pets at this stage of our lives. We are free to come and go that way.
My son, who is single, adopted a cat last year. Jozy, named after a soccer player, is pretty much a one man cat, but she has brought a little love into Jake's home.

Ron said...

Oh, Dianne, Dianne, Dianne, can I just tell ya how reading this and seeing these ADORABLE photos, warmed my heart and tickled my toes?

LOVE the shots of the sunlight cascading over sleeping Siren.

And the one of Isadora's cute kitty paws, peaking out of her cat house is soooooooo precious! One of my favorite things to do whenever my cats were sleeping, was to the gently rub their little paws and watch them flex.

Aren't cats the BOMB?

Thanks for sharing these moments, dear lady. Much enjoyed!

X to you and the gang!

Daryl said...

They are wonderful creatures ... and those are such terrific photos ...

The Chair Speaks said...

Sleeping cats has a certain loveliness about them. :)

Hilary said...

Aww so sweet they are. Cats are so endearing. I used to have one who missed me when I'd be away for more than a few hours. She head up to the bedroom, open the bottom drawer, take a piece of my clothing out and sleep on it. After a few of those hints, I'd start leaving a pair of jeans or a robe for her to sleep on.

I love the photos of Siren and Isador.. such cuties.

Ellie Finlay said...


I came over here from MadPriest's place. Love your photos. Love what you said about Siren in the sidebar!

Martha Z said...

It sounds like Siren is feeling a bit insecure and wants to be certain of his place in your affections.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...


cats of wildcat woods said...

They all have such unique personalities!

Lily Hydrangea said...

they really are & I miss my kitty Sylvia.
I have to send you something Dianne- if you haven't already seen it, I think you will love. Could you please send me your email address? Mine is lily.hydrangea@gmail.com
For some reason I can't open up emails on blogger - my computer is weird.
: )

whiteycat said...

Along with Ellie I came over from MadPriest's place. I LOVE cats. All four of mine are special. Nothing like being surrounded by purring creatures!

Great pictures and story ... thanks!

Arkansas Patti said...

Sounds like Siren may be feeling a bit jealous and not so positive of your devotion now. Good to shake them up a bit. I can be completely ignored till I pet one animal, then I have all three pushing and shoving.
Love the foot shot.

Dianne said...

trisha - they are :)

ellen - Siren had a hard start in life and was considered unadoptable so of course I took him
it has taken a long, long time to get him to a place of feeling secure and loved - and it was worth it
Iza also has a story but for some reason she trusts immediately and wishes to always be on my lap

sylvia - any time I can't find Iza I grab the camera and search for feet LOL
Hope sends hugs

akelamalu - I recently read a post about a dog that does the same thing - my sweet Mia used to sit facing the wall
they're all nuts ;)

linda r - hugs to your son for adopting :)

ron - thanks!! I loved the light on Siren too and he's so used to the camera he didn't even move
Iza tries to grab it

daryl - thanks, they all send hugs to auntie daryl

chair - they do!! they're so graceful and vulnerable

hilary - I used to leave something I had just worn out for JR - he wouldn't rest without it

ellie - welcome!! and thanks
Siren is psycho and sweet - a mix I love :)

martha - I think that's part of it but mostly I think he has observed Iza being cuddly and sees that it's not dangerous
Siren was abused before I got him and he has issues with being touched and with certain sounds and with sudden movements and ...
it goes on and on
but he's so much better than when he got here

vinny - Siren and Iza meow'd right back at ya :)

wildcat woods - they do and it's fun to discover new things about them

lily - I will e-mail you :)

Dianne said...

whiteycat - oh how I want to have 4 !! but Iza needs surgery and money is tight
thanks for the visit :)

patti - I think he's fianlly appreciating the safety of me since clearly nothing has happened to Iza
I love Iza's feet, she kills me - she thinks we can't see her

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

What sweet kittys! I know how much I love my Cookie cat!

JCF said...

Oh, a black face w/ white whiskers? One of my FAVORITE Kitteh Looks! >^,,^<

JC said...

They both sound so sweet.

Cindy said...

Lookie those sweet kitties! LOve the toesies sticking out, how orginal. Great pictures.

Cloudia said...

You and Kit made me feel GREAT. Thanks!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral


We love Luna said...

Bonjour sweet friends!
Bonjour chère Dianne,
This post is so cute, I loved that basket, where Isadora is hiding, adorable shot!
Siren is peaceful sleeping in that cozy spot, beautiful moment!
purrs and hugs

CrystalChick said...

They are so sweet.
We have a cat and two dogs. The cat likes one of the dogs but not the other. She lets that one know if he gets too close. He tries to play but she won't go for it. He's big and black and uncoordinated sometimes and she's small and dainty and won't go for any fooling around.

jabblog said...

I love those little furry feet :-)

Frank Baron said...

Cats are special. I'm glad Siren is thawing. When a shy cat offers acceptance, it's quite a gift. I'm unsurprised though, that you've been rewarded thus. :)

Linda said...

Maybe Siren just mellowed a bit with age, too? Tesla is finally allowed to sleep on my bed with me now that he no longer finds it necessary to attack my feet every time I move!

Scott Oglesby said...

Do you have to sneak up and tickle them? I would definitely have to sneak up and tickle them. It’s irresistible!

ladyfi said...

Wonderful photos!

Dianne said...

noe noe - they are so lovable :) all of them

JCF - I love her whiskers, they're huge
at night they're all I can see, that and her little white toes

JC - they are, thanks :)

Cindy - that is Iza's signature pose LOL

Cloudia - thank you, you're very kind

Luna - thank you!! I bet you would love hanging out with Iza :) she loves to play

crystalchick - it's fun to watch them :)

jabblog - so do I!! thanks

frank - thank you :) I worked long and patiently with Siren at the beginning to earn his trust - he was so afraid and suspicious

linda - I do think age has a part in it, he's going to be 9 this December and Iza is just 2

scott - tickling Iza guarantees a 2 hour play session
tickling Siren gurantees a trip to the ER
I'd love to see some pics of the puppy and the cat

ladyFi - thank you :)

Tricia said...

Awww what a sweetie & a beautiful kitty! Love those feet/paws sticking out =)

Friko said...

I am a sucker for cute cat pictures. Dogs are for walking and pleasing humans but cats are for drooling over and serving.

Au and Target said...

But Luna sweet you moved form South America to Europe already!

Au and Target said...

Hey nice pics - and lovely kitties. Two is always better than one. Didn't know you were a COT person. Will add you to our Follow list.

We're Malaysian kitties at http://blog.lepak.com

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh, they Are They Are! I LOVE her little feet hanging out like that. It's like she wants you to know where she is at all timesd...lol...And dear Siren---Mellowing out. How WONDERFUL! "The Mister" has his funny ways, too---as all Kitty Cats do, I guess.
A very sweet post, my dear Dianne.