Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Leads To Crime

Hope was Princess Leia for Halloween. She didn't really like her costume. She wouldn't wear the head piece so her Mom did her hair. The sleeves were too long so she got frustrated and the velcro on her belt kept opening. She did love her black boots.

After Trick or Treating she escaped from her costume and decided to be a cat burglar instead.

She can break into my house anytime she wants.


Ron said...

*squealing with delight*

OMG...what an ADORABLE Princess Leia she made. LOVE her hair - it looks just like Pricess Leia too!

Her cat burgler costume is also the bomb!

"She can break into my house anytime she wants."

Yup...mine too!

It's amazing, but you can actually see her growing into a little lady throughout these pictures.

((( Hope )))

Thanks for sharing, Dianne!

X to you and the gang!

ellen abbott said...

She's already broken in to your heart.

Knight said...

She is so flippin adorable. Her boots are fantastic. She already has great taste.

Sylvia K said...

She's already broken into a lot of our hearts! She is so adorable! So amazing to have watched her grow so quickly -- as I've written before, it seems like such a short time ago I was looking at the shots when she was born! Have a great day, Dianne, and give Hope my usual hug!


Reb said...

She makes a darling Princess Leia and the cat burglar outfit is so cute!

Jay Simser said...

The expression on her face in the last picture almost says

"Come on aren't you ever going to put down that camera?"

She stole my heart a long time ago.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Hey...I am missing something...I need her fingerprints!~

DJan said...

She is just getting more gorgeous every day. And some day she will be getting phone calls from the opposite sex every day! What a cutie! Don't they grow up fast??

Linda said...

I can't say that I blame her in the least for liking those boots - they're pretty darned cool no matter if you're a princess or a cat burglar!

Not to overstate the obvious but wow - she is growing up SO fast!

Sleepypete said...

When you said "was Princess Leia", I was thinking "That Outfit ? Can't be ..."

And then I saw it was the Episode IV outfit :-)

Just watched all 6 Star Wars films again over the last week. In the name of research of course. (I had a new hifi that needs to be thoroughly tested)

Hilary said...

That face! What a cutie. Too bad the costume frustrated her but I'm sure she enjoyed part two of her evening. The cutest cat burglar I've ever seen.

Dianne said...

ron - she makes me squeal all the time too :)
love ya

ellen - that's a perfect thing to say, thank you

knight - she loves shoes!! sneakers, slippers, socks, all of that
she hates being dressed though
it's a battle to get her dressed, she prefers a t-shirt and her boots

sylvia - she's 16 mos old!! it does go by so fast

reb - her dad loved the cat burglar outfit
it was what she had on under her costume plus she took his work hat which she loves to wear all the time anyway

jay s - thanks for stolen heart comment :)
I know Hope would love meeting you and Miles and Bailey and Cassie

vinny - is it cheerios that are missing?

djan - her Dad is going to be so intimidating to anyone who comes around

linda - she wants to wear them all the time!!

pete - some idiot Jeseylicious type parents probably would dress their kids in the other outfit
I'm glad your scientific watching experiment went well :)

Dianne said...

hilary - she did have fun plus she got to be a ladybug earlier in the week at school
now she wears her wings around the house

Arkansas Patti said...

She has to be the cutest Princess Leia---EVER.
However, I can see where cat burglar would be more comfortable and daring.
She is win/win either way.

Au and Target said...

Hey that's a cute look!

Linda Reeder said...

Hope is such a little beauty, and very charming as a cat burglar.
My five year old grandaughter was Princess Leia too, from the original, classic trilogy of course.

nitebyrd said...

Like it or not, she made a perfect Princess Leia! She's a cute cat burgler, too!

Akelamalu said...

Aw bless her, she's just the cutest little girl. :0

Frank Baron said...

And mine. What a cutie! :)

Grayquill said...

Cuter than cute.
And of course why wouldn't she be a princess?
Isn't her Grandma a queen?

Daryl said...

She broke into my heart a long time ago

Pagan Sphinx said...

She looks more like Maria in the sound of music, without the hat, anyway! Love her and you


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

HOPE is getting more and more adorable by the day!! So grown up she is Trick or Treating...My, My, My!