Thursday, November 4, 2010

Post Mid-Term Election - Two Small Comforts

I don’t post much about politics anymore. My own personal life is full of so much stress right now that I prefer to come here to share cats and kids and silly stories. That said I do need to make a few comments about the mid-term election results.

The whole fucking system is broken.

Far too many Americans have misplaced anger.

I’ll share two small comforts …

My progressive thinking Congressman held his seat. It was a disgusting campaign on the part of his opponent. In the last two weeks of the campaign I received a flyer a day declaring “Democrats foster abortion paid for with your tax dollars” – “Democrats will destroy the family” – “Our older citizens will die in poverty thanks to ObamaCare”. She’s a little known community activist (isn’t that ironic) who became mayor of one of our county’s smallest towns and then managed to win the Republican primary by screaming Tea Party at the top of her lungs and riding around in a van that declared all Democrats to be Socialists and that Socialism led to Communism. Isn’t she clever?

Her campaign headquarters were located inside a casino, her meetings were held at gun clubs and her volunteers were referred to as “my little army”.

Class all the way.

I hope she gets her army to clean up all the signs she posted on every single patch of green she could find.

My second small comfort is that another Cuomo is Governor of my home state. A racist lunatic was defeated. One of my most favorite campaign sound bites came out of this race – “Anger is not a governing strategy”.

So on we plod to 2012 when any Mayan will tell you we’re all gonna die anyway.

Here’s to hoping some of these angry Americans will heed what Jon Stewart recently said – “these are hard times, not end times”

if you'd like to know more - my Congressman is Frank Pallone and the woman he defeated is Anna Little


ellen abbott said...

campaigns are nastier and nastier. And they have no problem with lies and innuendo. I so agree, it's broken. And I will not vote for people who spout stupidity and fear. Unfortunately that leaves me with little choice.

Monmouth Guy said...


First let us get things straight. The name of the wedding hall is the shore casino. It is not a real casino. FYI: Frank Sinatra actually performed there.

Second, having one meet and greet at a gun club does not mean that all meeting took place there. The meetings were at the IHOP on Rt 36 in keyport, Asbury Park VFW and whats the scoop in metuchen.

Third, its called anna's army. It is made up of patriots that want to move this country in the correct direction. Look at the pictures, they are not militant or angry. Many are concerned about their grandchildren.

Fourth, she did not ride around in a van as described. Her van is black with nothing painted on it.

Typical progressive attitude. You can't get any of the facts straight, just more propaganda.

p.s. At least you did put links to the web sites of both.

Knight said...
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Knight said...
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Knight said...

and Monmouth Guy, I noticed you didn't say anything about the quotes from the flyers. Each of those are skewed from the truth. Isn't that just more propoganda?
Typical elitist attitude. Always pointing the finger.

Sylvia K said...

Crap! it's all disgusting beyond words and I can only imagine what the next two years are going to be! Like you, my personal life is all I can deal with these days, and I simply don't get into the BS, but try to find my escape in nature, the doggies, photography and friends. Glad you had a couple of winners, we're going to need all we can get! Hope you have a great weekend, Dianne, give Hope a hug for me.


Ron said...

“these are hard times, not end times”


X to you and the gang!

JC said...

Politics is always a hard subject. I think this year was terrible with all the calls, ads and just plain horrible back and forths.

I like to vote for the best person but who could tell with all the nasty stuff.

In our state, the senate race is too tight to call. The guy running against our current is well horrible.

He is wealthy and has run twice for govenor and the other senate seat. If he doesn't win this time, he'll just run again.

At least if I vote, I can say, I didn't for him/her.

(as you can tell, I'm a democrat but I will vote rep is they are the better candidate)

Dianne said...

ellen - even after they're elected it's broken
nothing will get done in the next 2 years other than the Republican held Congress trying to turn back time and the Dem held Senate ducking for cover

monmouth guy - you're right about 'Shore Casino', my research on that one was faulty
wasn't Frank Sinatra wonderful? he was a staunch Democrat and Kennedy supporter, something that caused many on the right to call him a 'whore monger' for supplying JFK with women
funny how they forgot that when he became a Reagan Republican
when Little won the primary I checked out her web site and there was a photo of her standing in the open door of a white van just as I described
the photo isn't in her photo gallery any more
Anna did call "Anna's army" "my little army" - I heard it out of her own mouth at the very IHOP you mention
the NRA and other violence endorsing groups were present at all her rallies and I do believe 'Women On Target' counts as a gun club so that makes at least 2 meetings that were documented on her very own site
she does indeed now ride around in a big fat gas guzzling SUV so you're right as well
as for propaganda - I sometimes wish the Dems/left/progressive/all that oppose the Tea Party would resort to some, being calm and intelligent and thoughtful and insightful (a climate our President tries to create) doesn't seem to get much air time
thank you for commenting Monmouth Guy

removed by author - you only need to hit submit once, just sayin'

knight - I wish I had kept the flyers to post the photos that were on them, they were so pathetic
love ya kiddo

sylvia - I'm sorry stuff is hard for you as well and I know what you mean about escaping into better things
Hope sends hugs

ron - Stewart's speech at the end of the Restore Sanity rally was brilliant fron beginning to end
I should find it on Youtube and post it

Dianne said...

JC - I wish some form of election reform would be put into place so that the rich or those funded by corporations wouldn't be the only ones who can run
seems most elections were really close, shows how divided our nation is

Mike said...

Bush had it backwards. He was a divider not a uniter.

Jeni said...

Sounds very much like our gubernatorial race here --in particular the fear-mongering that was in so many of the ads about healthcare stuff and how the other guy was virtually against the elderly.Sadly the one who was saying that kind of stuff is the one who won! Both of 'em though were proclaiming they would be the one who will "reform Harrisburg" and anyone who touts that as a campaign pledge/promise has to be full of crapola right there. The only thing that will reform our state govt. would be if every one currently elected/serving were to be voted out and a whole new batch elected in and then, see how long it would take them to get just as complacent and even corrupt as the current group in office. Yeah, I have a jaded opinion of politics of late. Just a bunch of words from people not often knowing that much more than I do -and that's not very much when it comes to government, ya know!

Reb said...

I'm sorry you are all stressed. I like the kitties & kids that you post though ;) Our Gov't is broken too, fortunately here in the city there is a bylaw that says they have to get the signs down within 48 hours of the election or be fined.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Good news for my old home state Dianne...

It hurts to see all these people who have been screaming for two years now saying America won...Gee, I am an American...I did not win much...guess I do not count...

Glad all those who earn three times what I do will now get their much needed tax breaks...NOT

Mrs. C said...

My dear Dianne,
I'm usually a social conservative Republican, but I'm disgusted by the attitude I've seen from both sides on most of these issues. Doggone it. Funny you should blog the cats and love of family posts... it's just what we need right now.

PS. I just blogged on this very subject. I think we are more alike than we figure sometimes. God bless you and keep blogging.

Au and Target said...

Goodness! In Malaysia policos say that sort of thing about each other (abortion, magic, witchcraft, communist, etc) but it's hardly ever printed. Racism on the other hand is encouraged by all political parties, even the ones who claim to be race blind. I think the world is broke because there are too many people and too many greedy people. We need to reduce population and get less greedy.

Linda Reeder said...

I'm declaring victory for our incumbent senator, Patty Murray, her in Washington state. While ballots are still being counted, she is pulkling ahead in what was a very close race. Her opponent was selected and "sponsored" by Karl rove and company. Political operatives poured millions into trying the buy Patty's seat, so it's an extra sweet victory in defeating those scum bags.
My reaction the morning after the election was "Ok. Now what? Show me the jobs."

Cloudia said...

Thank you for shining this light where we can see it. I'm shining too!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral



Rambling Woods said...

As a New Yorker, I am relieved. As a Western New Yorker, I am embarrassed by the home town boy. Thank goodness Carl was only loved here....(hangs head). I agree that life is too stressful and I am so sorry that you are having a stressful time. Just relax, pull up a chair and watch Fox News...I can' blood pressure is too high already..seriously... Take joy in the small things...her name is Hope...hugs...Michelle

Monmouth Guy said...

Last comments.

The Democrats of old blue eyes time are NOT the Democrats of today.

Van is not a gas guzzler... its a mommy mobile, I believe it is a Dodge. Gets about 20 Mile/gal. Anna is a mom and has 3 kids. Van in picture was a guy that joined the campaign, His van was painted that way before he joined.

NRA is Not a pro violent organization. Have you ever attended any meetings at any gun clubs. It is your 2nd amendment right, that means is the second most important next to freedom of speech. The bill of rights was NOT in random order. The founding fathers put it that order for a reason.

Frank is the one that lied over and over again about Anna's positions. She did not ever say that she was ever considering eliminating social security. She wanted to fix the problems so young people could get out of it what they put in.

Obamacare WILL allow tax payer monies to pay for abortions. That is a fact

As for the other quotes from the mailers, I didn't see anything like that in anything I got from the campaign.

As for the tea party and the "annas army". The term was coined by the press because she had so many volunteers. Just because you have army in your name it doesn't make you violent. i.e. salvation army

Since you don't know anna personally I guess it is easier to demonize her. It is sad that you feel comfortable lamb basting someone based on their views.

I don't hate frank pallone, I just don't agree with his progressive policies.

Keep blogging, I am enjoying the intelectual debate.

God bless.

Monmouth Guy

Arkansas Patti said...

It was worth the trip to read your rebuttal to monmouth guy.
Didn't vote for any of my new representives but I will keep in touch with them to let them know my feelings, just like I did the ones they replaced. For now, they are my congressmen and women.

Daryl said...

Once again you are right and you expressed it in a NON Palladino manner! All I want to know from these Tea Baggers and the Repugs is HOW HOW HOW do they plan on getting all their initiatives passed? If insiders (you know those who are part of the problem) couldnt get things done in DC how in the hell are outsiders going to do this when in order to do anything they'll have to vote along with the party - which is just what they were blaming their opposition for and which they insist caused us to be in this mess .. Well HELLOOOOOOOO.. this mess? Its been growing since St Ronnie was in office

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Right on sister! Oregon remained an island of sanity for the most part in overcoming Republican (tea party) candidates who had about as much class as yours did. I don't blog about politics bcause I'm not a good enough writer to do so. Love reading your posts.

Dianne said...

mike - you got that right!! and then McCain turned the loon loose to stir up the crazies
middle ages here we come

jeni - I think we need a parliament type system of government, where multiple voices can be heard offically

reb - there is so much health and family drama going on that politics just needs to take a back seat
hugs :)

vinny - good news indeed, I didn't expect Palladino to win but you never know these days

mrs c - your post was wonderful :)

au/target - I'm all for less people and less greed

linda - I didn't think I'd ever hear you say scumbags LOL right on sister
we need so much campaign reform!!

cloudia - your post about the good guys winning made me cry with happiness and relief

monmouth guy - feel free to visit again when it's all about kids or cats - or gay rights or destroying all guns or making trees citizens
I'm nothing if not eclectic
Peace MG

patti - I did screw up about the casino and he had every right to correct me
as for everything else - well, he's just wrong LOL
he's so much nicer and far more articulate than the people he agrees with
I too write my reps all the time and go to all my town meetings

daryl - ahhh yes, St Ronnie - the benefactor of deregs and welfare for the rich

sallie - you are so good for my ego, every time you comment you say something so kind :)
I think you're a good writer, you describe the places you travel to and photograph beautifully

Nessa said...

I am tired of being yelled at by people who think I won't hear what they say because they are so loud.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

We had two small comforts here in California, too....The TWO Former Lady CEO's who spent FORTUNES on their individual campaigns: Whitman, $161 mill of her OWN money)
BOTH Lost.....Jerry Brown was elected our new Governer and Barbara Boxer re-elected to the Senate....The Best part of the election being over is: NO MORE POLITICAL ADS....HOORAY!
I hope things ease up for you and yours my dear Dianne---Life can really be hard sometimes. It seems as if many people I know, including me, are going through very rough times....OY! I send you Big Hugs, dear friend.

Linda said...

Seems to me there's an awful lot of misplaced angry flying around this country lately. I can only hope that now that this latest round of negative politicking has come to a conclusion that we can get a little peace before people start shouting for someone's head again.

And here I thought angry mobs went out with the French Revolution ...

Sleepypete said...

I try and completely avoid talking politics ... partly cos of the industry I work in but mostly cos I think they're all a lower form of life.