Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh Where To Begin ...

So Michele Obachmann (as Letterman refers to her) won the Iowa straw poll

She reminded me of Georgie Bushie declaring a mandate

She said Iowa is a state of social conservatives and as such Iowa had spoken
This liberal believes it’s possible to be a social conservative and still not be bat shit crazy
I think all her win means is that the others have not yet spent enough millions to rally more asshats

How about a language lesson?
Submissive means - unresistingly or humbly obedient
Respect means - esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person
Michele was asked what she meant when she said she always submits to her pray away the gay husband and she said it meant they respected each other
Clearly she has read even less than Palin
Kudos to the reporter who asked the question as the knowledge seekers around him booed and hissed.

Note: If you Google submissive to check my definition be careful where you click, especially if you’re socially conservative

No not that, but maybe Michele's husband can pray away wrestling

Dear Network News …
The CWA and IBEW strike against Verizon enters its second week today
Could you try covering it!
I know the fascination with missing blond women is more than you can resist but please – just pass that on to Nancy Grace and cover a story that directly affects thousands of workers and their families

If you go to YouTube you can search ‘verizon strike news’ and find some decent coverage

And if you search ‘verizon scabs’ you’ll be entertained by videos of management trying to do a job they’re not trained to do and finally realizing how difficult the job is

Cherry pickers and overhead lines and explosive manholes – OH MY!
Among my favorites …
A CWA member singing “oh where oh where can the dial tone be” as two scabs try to restore service
A crowd of picketers hooting and hollering while a scab tries to drop an overhead line while looking like he’s lassoing a bull

I’m relieved that the encounters have been non-violent and hope it stays that way
The tension and anger is palpable

I have never seen my son so disappointed and angry and disillusioned with a system and a country he has always been so patriotic about

As Jon Stewart would say ...
"Here's Your Moment of Zen"
a quote from Michele Bachman - "We're running out of rich people in this country."
Hey Voters!
Can you hear her now?


Sylvia K said...

Hooray for you! No one says it better and I do so agree. The only thing good about all this crap is that it keeps me skinny -- between the Bachmans, Palins, politicians in general, Republicans in particular, Verizon and corporate America, I have no appetite! Hugs to Hope!


Linda Reeder said...

Yes! The Dianne we know and love on a rant!
I hear music. "Nobody does it better, better than all the rest".

Michelle Bachman and Sara Palin are an embarrassment to women. Give me Hillary any day.

Jay Simser said...

To defend Iowa - 0.00160646 is the % of Iowans who voted for her.. The rest of us were trying to raise money to build a fence around the state to keep these asshats out. You can have them as far as I am concerned .3,007,856 - Population of Iowa
4,832 - Number who voted for HER

ellen abbott said...

And she bought 1000 of those votes. Seriously. It cost $30 to be able to vote in the straw poll. She bought 1000 tickets and gave them away. How many people used that free ticket to vote against her?

Twin City Joan said...

Ms. Bachman is an Iowa native and she played that up as often as possible. I can understand that some of them are happy with her. Personally, I can't stand her. She is an embarrassment for my state (MN). I don't believe she actually thinks she can win. My opinion is that she is in it for the money. Just like Palin. For someone who is so against the government supporting those who need help, she doesn't seem to have any trouble reaching into the money pit with both hands. Hypocrite!!

DJan said...

You gotta have a sense of humor to stay sane in today's political climate. Keep 'em coming so I can retain some sanity. Very good rant!!

Rambling Woods said...

My husband was a union rep for years and years and my grandfather helped get the first teacher's union going in Buffalo..People forget that without unions there would be no health benefits....sigh...

jabblog said...

More power to your elbow, Dianne - and use it on some idiot's ribs, too. Where do these people come from?

Jackie said...

I have to say, from this side of the Pond Bachmann looks not just scary but dangerous. I thought we'd seen it all with Sarah Palin but clearly not. I am very disappointed with Obama, but am horrified if Bachmann is the alternative.

Daryl said...

Rant begins: My favorite non-BachmannOverdrive remarks were made by the oxygen sucking Palin who plans on eliminating all taxes ... I guess she's going to outsource taxation .. and Mr Romney who only looks good compared to GWBClone Perry .. Mitt wants to tax the people because corporations are people too .. silly. Oh with Perry we can expect prayer and revisionist history books ... ah politics a neverending font of stupidity on both sides of the aisle. /Rant over

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are preaching to the choir here as well as in your previous post which I wanted to comment about but couldn't think of anything to say but "right on sister" and my heart goes out to your son and all his fellow workers. And their mothers! Bill doesn't really read blogs (except occasionally mine) but I sent a link to that post because we always talk about how sad it is that people don't remember what the Union movement did for us. Are we going to have to go back to child labor and sweatshops, before people wake up?

Kay Dennison said...

My problem with Bachmann is this which I also wrote on my blog recently:

A question that keeps nagging at me about Michelle Bachmann's candidacy for 2O12 is this: She states that she submits to her husband. If she were elected (and I hope not), would we be governed by her or her husband? Either way, we lose. Just my take.

I have walked picket lines as a rank-and-file member of the communications workers when I worked for Ma Bell. Our T-shirts read "Ma Bell is a cheap mother!"
Here they've been trying to bust the union for at least 10 years.

Fireblossom said...

I could not believe that Michele Blanklook actually got kudoes for her mealy-mouthed, New English bullshit answer to a legitimate question. And then, of course, the questioner was soundly booed for daring to fire up a brain cell. Freedom! America! Yeah! Sheesh.

Thanks for your visit to my little queer working-class hippie hideaway.

Fireblossom said...

PS--Oh visited my alter ego, the filthy rich, arch-Republican Babs of Objet's D'art. Ah well, she's just like me except, you know, totally different lol.

Mike said...

"We're running out of rich people in this country."

Here's a link to more Bachmannisms.

Ron said...

OMG, Dianne....I so ADORE when you vent/rant about politics!

YOU. CRACK. ME. UP!!!!!!!!!!

This one, dear lady is BRILLIANT.

And my ABSOLUTE favorite part was the photo of the wrestlers....

""No not that, but maybe Michele's husband can pray away wrestling."



X ya!

HermanTurnip said...

I'm a conservative independent. What I want to see is someone come into the game with a plan that tackles the issues in a non-partisan manner. I want someone who cares about getting our own house in order, fixes the tax codes, does something about losing jobs overseas, and doing something about our illegal immigration problem and the strain it puts on our economy.

I want someone who doesn't give a flip about being re-elected in four years, and does what needs doing.

Jeni said...

As always, I know I can count on you to "Tell it like it is!" Please, don't ever stop doing that. The son of a very good friend of mine is among the local CWA workers on strike in our region and his wife frequently has put posts on Facebook about the strike. And I've been enjoying having the opportunity to share my voice with my comments to her posts -a way to remind people -those who think they don't like unions or who have never had the option available to have a union job -that without those unions in the first place, what hellholes would everyone be working in today then? How quickly people do forget how horrid working conditions were before a few unions came in, what few benefits the non-union side does have now at their workplaces that wouldn't exist were it not for those unions who got them for everyone, not just their membership! People need to wake up and smell those flowers for darned sure!

IWS Radio said...

M-Bach won the Iowa Straw poll on Sunday but also lost on Sunday as well. With Perry in the race, Bachmann is done. Cheers Hot Stuff!!


Au and Target said...

LOL this woman would do great in Malaysia.

Linda said...

First Palin and now Bachmann. Good Lord. Canada is looking better and better to me in spite of the fact that it's colder than Connecticut and they have their own share of woes.

The politics in this country are enough to make me want to beat my head on the counter while watching the news at work but I suspect all that would do is give me a headache and possibly damage the counter which my boss wouldn't be happy about.

Never mind the Tea Party, where's the Asshat Party???

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

And....On the Anniversary of Elvis Presley's DEATH, Michelle Obachman, (I LOVE LETTERMAN) wished him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
OY VEY! What has happened to our wonderful country---The Boobs have taken over and I don't mean "tits"...! HELP, HELP, HELP...Save us from ignorance and stpidity....!!!! It is like a Virus that is spreading fast and could be fatal.