Friday, November 18, 2011

"Democracy Isn't Always Convenient"

... the protester tells the man in the expensive overcoat as he whines about needing to show ID to get onto Wall Street.

"Be grateful that you have jobs and can send your kids to a private school" another protester tells a parent who accuses him of being "a terrorist against children".

A small group of children needed to walk along a narrow barricade path early yesterday morning as Occupy Wall Street's Day of Action began. I'm sorry if any one of those children was frightened. One child was interviewed by CBS News and said "it was like a parade and it was very crowded, it was like a scary parade".  Then he laughed and showed off his painting. I don't think the scars will last a lifetime.

Perhaps the parents of children who go to Prep School at 4 need to explain things clearly and calmly so that their children don't always expect the world to go the way they plan.

I'm not at all surprised by the reactions of Wall Street suits. To get anywhere in that world you need to let your soul dry up. I am disappointed by young Moms who bitch about needing to walk an extra block around barricades or whine about drum music. I think there's a group in between the 1% and the 99% (sounds like Yogi Berra logic) who is so afraid of looking at the world around them. They're closer to the top than most and can almost see the golden glow. They don't want anyone to breathe too hard and topple the tower.

I worry for and about those people. I feel a time will come to take sides. I don't think they're prepared.

Some scenes from the Day of Action.

 this 87 year old woman needed to ask police to stop pushing her

 labor unions joined the afternoon protest

 witnesses say this young man was standing near someone who threw a bottle and several cops threw him to the ground and beat him and kicked him in the head

 cops in street clothes infiltrated the crowds to start scuffles and then arrest people
I remember this tactic from my VietNam war protest days

 how many cops does it take to arrest a man in a funny hat?

a member of the press was taking photos of the group when he was thrown to the ground by several cops

Mayor Bloomberg better start concerning himself with the people of NYC instead of the tourists. Maybe he could open a clinic for poor children with the money he wants to spend redecorating Times Square once again.

Every single member of the NYPD needs to do a check of his/her own pulse. As a group they operate as a secret society yet as individuals many of them struggle just as the protesters do.

Speaking of abuse of power - Joe Paterno sold his home to his wife for $1. Expecting law suits Joe Pa? Sandusky is out on what is called a Personal Recognisance bond, which means he didn't put up a penny to secure his freedom. The judge who arranged this, without the DA present, is on the board of Sandusky's so called children's charity.

Wake Up America and Stay Awake.


DJan said...

Those are some disturbing pictures, but the line about your soul drying up if you work on Wall Street... that really hit home for me. I am hoping this whole situation will wake more people up to what's happening outside their cozy homes. Occupy Bellingham seems to be going strong here in my part of the world.

Ivanhoe said...

Yeah, people with money can afford to buy their freedom. They can afford anything... Damn 1%.
I'm beginning to worry that the protests are not really doing anything. Do we have to start a riot to make changes??? *sigh* What do we have to do? What will work? I don't know anymore...:)

ellen abbott said...

This just sickens me. cops are just legalized thugs. If this doesn't show how corrupt this country is, what will? there is no justice in this country. the poor get the maximum for minor infractions while the rich are immune from any justice at all.

Pearl said...

Wow. Love where you're coming from. Thank you.


Kay L. Davies said...

Well said, Dianne, and well illustrated.
I hope people (see Ivanhoe's comment) realize there won't be instant results, that these things take time, like protesting segregation and the Viet Nam war, and working for women's rights.
The mayor of New York isn't suddenly going to say "Oh, that's right, the money would be better spent on the poor" but he might start to think it. Starting to change someone's thinking—that's how these things work.
Thanks for taking the time to prepare this excellent post.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Mike said...

You're right about the 'group in between' not wanting things to change. They don't seem to care how much things have changed for most of the rest of America.

Reb said...

Powerful post Dianne. Well said!

Linda Reeder said...

I think you're right about those almost-to-the-tops. They have much to fear, being so close yet so far from the goal. And I do think those on the top often let their souls dry up.
I have to say I am ambivalent about the "Occupy" movement. I guess I wish they would continue with daytime protests, but then go home and not camp out in our parks and public spaces. With the cost of clean up and maintaining order, and budgets already strained, more jobs could be lost.
Thanks for this post. You are magnificent when you rant.

Betty said...

The Occupy movement reminds me of the protests of the 60s, too. Kay is right. These things do take time. The 60s protests took over a year to have any effect, but they did change things. This time around, they aren't getting the media coverage, since all the news outlets are corporate owned, and biased. But, I still think they'll make a difference in the long run. Hope springs eternal.

Micky-T said...

Good rant! We all have to get ready.

I agree with you, we'll have to soon make a choice.

ellen abbott said...

I shared this on my FB page.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I find the response to this Occupy Movement beyond frightening....What has happened to the people of this country? Have their bodies and minds and hearts been taken over by "The Pod People"??? It's as if some 'Don't-Have-Any-Empathy-For-Anyone-Virus has infected the population....!!!

I love that you write about this Dianne, and so WONDERFULLY, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

FORKS..that gotta do with CROUSKS ?

Akelamalu said...

Someone always gets hurt at demonstrations don't they? :(

Rambling Woods said...

I was going to say that this took me back to the Vietnam protests too. I think that our freedom to protest should be appreciated and supported.. but look at the folks who are complaining....

Jeff B said...

And here in Portland there have been four heroin overdoses within the occupy encampment. These idiots don't represent me in any way.

HermanTurnip said...

What exactly do the demonstrators want? I must admit to being a bit confused. Sure, people are upset about the bailouts, the bonuses paid out to CEOs, outsourced jobs, college tuition costs, etc.., but what do these people want? Do they have specific demands and plans on how to implement them?

Am I somehow evil because I joined the military, completed college, got a job, and worked my butt off to buy a house and provide for my family?

I appreciate the fact that people are willing to march in the street to have their voices heard, but what exactly do these voices want?

If these protestors want to be successful, they should narrow down their message and concentrate on specific key points. Come up with an implementation plan, and get a decent spokesperson to represent them in the media. I'd like to see a well thought out message being represented rather than a hodge podge of disjointed ideas.

Daryl said...

The way the police are handling these protesters is way too Gestapo for me

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Not all the Occupy protests put a good light on what is needed.

See Jeff's comment and the videos from Oakland are outrageous.

I am also against the comments equating the police to gestapo.

Sorry...They are there for the protection of everyone and to see the results without the action that started it and making a judgement on those results is wrong.

I am sure some have over reacted. I am sure the 99% have done what they are paid to do- protect the public.

Au and Target said...

It's nice in a way to see that you have as much corruption as we have here. Except that our people tend to be a little less professional in covering it up. I'm seeing protesters around the world, but what I'm not seeing is a clear-cut agenda for change. What rules do we make to even things up? One rule I'd like to see is one where if you pay tax, you get health benefits.