Friday, April 6, 2012

Cookies and Crapola - Week 5

I gave you all a whopping pile of crapola last week. Thanks for the kind and supportive comments.

Let's balance out the universe by sharing nothing but cookies this week. Of course the biggest cookie in my live is Hope. Here are some recent Hope moments.

Nana that looks like a flying saucer
It does
Maybe it is
No, it's just the light
It's not a light Nana, it's an orb

Can we go shopping now to buy me surprises.

Nana, eat a cookie. I made them at Tita Geli's house, they taste funny.

Nana I am going to stay in my own bed all night
That's a good thing
I won't get out and walk around
Good idea
I won't wake up the whole house
We appreciate that
If I think I have to Woody will stop me
Thank you Woody

I want to wear my Jesse cowgirl hat for Easter
You have to ask Mommy
Can you tell her Nana?
What should I say?
Just tell her I have to wear it and then make an angry face

Happy Friday.
Happy Spring.
Happy Easter.
Happy Passover


Jackie said...

Oh brilliant - I love the last one! Better get practising that angry face :)

Happy Passover, Easter to you too.

Daryl said...

zeisen passover xoxo

DJan said...

More than precious. She's simply beautiful and smart, too! You are blessed. Happy Good Friday and Easter, too. said...

I love them all but especially the one in the Jesse Cowgirl hat. You must get your angry face practicing in. What a beautiful smile. May she always have reasons aplenty to smile. Hugs, j

Jeni said...

Don't you just love these kind of conversations though -especially when they go all technical on ya -"just an orb" huh? Good one, Hope!

Mike said...

And happy happy.

Sylvia K said...

Always love the photos of Hope and these today are so delightful! I do love the last one in particular! What a smile! More hugs to you both!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Happy Easter and Passover to your family! :)

Ron said...

Precious post, Dianne!!!

"Nana that looks like a flying saucer."

HA! Don't ya just LOVE a child's eye? They see things we adults don't always do. And she's does look like a flying saucer!

Please tell Hope that Uncle Ronnie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, her Woody sheets!!! Without a doubt Toy Story is my favorite animated film. One of these days I have to get me a Buzz Lightyear doll. He's my hero!

Happy Easter and Passover, dear lady!

Much X to you, Hope, Siren, and Isadora!

Reb said...

...make an angry face. She is precious! Happy Easter/Passover to you also.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sooo Adorable!!! Love all these pictures of HOPE and your conversations with her....That last picture is FABULOUS! She is growing up so fast....!

Imaginography said...

Sounds like you have some great conversations with Hope, and where did she learn 'orb'? Brilliant!

Happy Easter!

Linda said...

Ah yes, from the mouths of babes come lots and lots of great "cookies"!

Best wishes for a happy Easter weekend down there in your part of the country!

Linda Reeder said...

Oh, happy blog post! I loved it!Happy Springfeastpastover to you too.

Granny Annie said...

She is definitely an intelligent child and so delightful. I'm curious if the cookies were any good.

I am soooooo happy that we can once again be allowed to receive emailed follow-up comments. It is fun to see what others say and any comments you might make back.

Rambling Woods said...

I love this...Happy Happy to you

ellen abbott said...

I think she should definitely be allowed to wear her Jessie cowgirl hat.

Ivanhoe said...

She is the best cookie ever! We had our nieces over this weekend. I'm exhausted! Hahaha! Good night!

Hilary said...

Oh you must laugh heartily every day with this beautiful child. She is such a love. Thanks for sharing her, Dianne. I hope you're having a lovely Passover.

Knight said...

Ah! So much love. That kiddo is a smart one.

TexWisGirl said...

cute and smart little one! congrats on your POTW!

Kerry said...

Sweet and funny! Congrats on your potw!

Sallie ( said...

Ohhhh! She's so cute and so smart. Takes after Grandma I'm sure ;>)!!!! Hope you all had a grand weekend.

Jo said...

I love this.