Thursday, May 3, 2012

News Twos

If you're like me then you're sick of me. Of the cat crap and healthcare hub-bub and disability drama.

So I thought I'd share some stuff from the news. That got me to thinking of a title which made me think about what rhymes with news since I'm such a poet neurotic and then I saw this photo ...

and I decided by twos was my theme.

That's the mom who is addicted to tanning and may have taken her 6 year old daughter into a tanning booth with her. Whether she did or not doesn't even seem to be the question to me. If you can cause this much damage to your own face - left is from 4/24 and right is 5/2 - then I think you need lots of help taking care of yourself and your child.

Roger Clemens told Congress he never juiced up. Then he allegedly told Andy Pettitte that he did. Then Andy told the Feds. Now Andy says he may have misunderstood.

Millions of trial and hearing dollars later the entire mess yields nothing and solves nothing.

I'm so sick of millionaires who become millionaires simply because they can make team owners billionaires because they can throw/dunk/carry/kick a ball. Let's turn the world upside down; give millions to scientists and teachers and make sports and entertainment asshats beg for funding.

Never trust a man who spends more than 5 minutes on his hair. Trust his assistant even less.

Andrew Young is a bitter vindictive man. Edwards is a disgrace. His oldest daughter left court in tears yesterday after listening to accounts of her mother's reaction to news of Edward's affair. That's all on Edwards and he should spend the rest of his life making it up to her and all his children - including the child he had with the mistress.

Maryland passed a law that basically says pit bulls are more dangerous than any other dog breed. The law calls for harsher penalties for pit bull owners - and even people who rent an apartment to someone with a pit bull - than for any other dog owner. They cited 7 serious cases in the past 13 years. Don't mean to be callous but 7 in 13 is anecdotal and I don't think laws should be passed based on stories and photos of an injured child with his crying mother.

There are as many, probably more, stories of how loving pit bulls are

Animal experts say that violence in pit bulls is NOT in the genes but in the way they are trained and treated.

6,000 to 10,000 years ago some dude with blue eyes appeared and according to a research group in Denmark every blue eyed person who came after is a descendant. So all blue eyed folks are related.

My brother has blue eyes. So that means he's related to Frank Sinatra.

Which means I'm related to Frank? How cool is that.

Isadora is improving, still waiting for some results and a definitive course of treatment. And she wants to know if she's related to Frank Sinatra.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

The World Has Gone Nuts!
The People In It, CRAZY AS HELL!

I LOVE that you are related to Frank Sinatra!
And, I am SOOOO Happy to hear Sweet Isadora is doing a bit better....! (((((HUGS)))) to her and you and Siren and the fabulous HOPE!

Ron said...

I'm totally freaking out at the photo on the right of the woman who is addicted to tanning! OMG...she doesn't look TAN, she looks like Al Jolson getting ready to sing, "Swanee!"

"Animal experts say that violence in pit bulls is NOT in the genes but in the way they are trained and treated."

I agree. Bit bulls get a bad rap because of the way some people choose to train and treat them. My mother, who is an animal lover, says that pit bulls are one of the sweetest dogs.

Oh, and how about that! I too must be related to Frank, your brother, and you, since I too have blue eyes. That was very interesting to read!

So glad to hear that Isadora is improving - yay!

Sharing 'good vibes' and love with all of you!

X ya's!

I'm With Stupid said...

I don't care that Clemens juiced. I don't care that he lied about. Same goes for Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and all the rest of 'em. I just don't see it as all that big of a deal.

I have hazel/blue/green eyes. Maybe I'm related to everybody? Probably not. I'm just jealous that you're related to Sinatra. ;-)


Anonymous said...

They had the story of the woman with the tanning addiction in the papers over here today. Incredibly shocking. I just could not believe what she has done to herself. As you say, she needs help.

As for people with blue eyes - that's me too, folks - I don't mind being related to Frank Sinatra but these scientists come out with some crap.

Sylvia K said...

You do know how to make my morning! I saw that "over-baked" broad on TV last night -- nearly lost my dinner! Disgusting beyond words! Edwards is a disgrace -- nothing like a "political ego"! Andrew Young is pathetic. I'm not kin to Frankie -- I have hazel eyes and consequently they don't know who/what I'm kin to??? I'm so glad Isadora is doing better. And it is the pit bull owners that are responsible for the dogs behavior and they are the ones that should be put in jail. Well, guess we're having a similar day! Hope you have some sun at least! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs to Hope and keep some for yourself!


Mike said...

We're probably related too.

I think I'll go outside and try to get a tan like that gal. I wonder how close I'll have to get to the sun to accomplish that.

ellen abbott said...

There's no way that lady went from the left picture to the right picture in just 9 days. However, tanning booths are awful things and they will and do ruin your skin. My SIL, 20 years younger than I, used a tanning booth just about every day and in her 30s her skin was worse than mine now in my 60s. She's in her early 40s now and I don't know if she still uses tanning booths but her skin is like old dried out leather and spotty and just really awful in general.

I'm with you on all the other stuff and glad Isadora is improving.

LL Cool Joe said...

Damn I spend more than 5 minutes on my hair. :(

Cherie said...

That's it! Bruce Willis for president! Well ... maybe not. He may not spend more than 5 minutes on his hair, but I think that he should be disqualified for many other reasons ... even though I love him. lol

Glad that Isadora is improving. :)

Kay L. Davies said...

I have blue eyes, and I don't tan. My father had blue eyes, and my mother had hazel eyes, so I'm related to my father, but not my mother, scientifically speaking.

HermanTurnip said...

Yeah, the world is one funny place. Not sure if I enjoy being here, but I'm committed to the ride. No getting off it now!

Excellent post. Hope you have a great weekend!

Linda Reeder said...

I had heard about 'tanning mom', but had not seen these photos. I did hear the after shot described as the color of a deep fried turkey. Ugh.
And UGH on all that other stuff too. Fortunately there are still a lot of "normal" people left in this world. I I am apparently related to Paul Newman!

Granny Annie said...

Then my mother was related to Frank Sinatra too:)

Daryl Edelstein said...

All these crazy people make me wish I had blue eyes .. BTW your boyfriend has blue eyes does that mean your brother is related to him thus making you a relative too? Ummm .. me like! xoxo

Akelamalu said...

I just read about that 'tanned' woman in the morning newspaper - absolutely ridiculous. How can she do that to herself? She said she didn't take her child in the tanning booth but even if she didn't she hardle setting a good example is she?

Sleepypete said...

We have similar issues over here with footballers who get way too much cash and way too much attention.

It's a bit silly really - the worship goes to liars, cheats and crybabies while the tough sportspeople have to beg for enough cash to keep them representing their country.

Wait - you could delete "sport" from that last para and put "honest people" in the second part and "bankers and lawyers" in the first :-)

PS Must go check to see what my eye colour is at the moment. Could be related ...

Lowell said...

Greetings, Dianne! Nice to hear from you. Re your comment about golf cars...there are probably 80,000 of them in The Villages and you are allowed to drive them on the streets within The Villages in they are "street legal," which many are. Otherwise, The Villages is criss-crossed with multiple golf cart trails and you can get almost anywhere in The Villages via golf cart.

But people drive them just as poorly as they do their cars. Plus, they drive drunk. It can be mighty scary. Here in Stone Creek, a small community of about 800 homes, we have trails we can drive our golf carts on and even here some of the really dumb old farts feel they can go as fast as they want, ignore every rule of the road when they want, including stop signs!

Reading this post and the previous one, I think we're on the same page. The world has been taken over by the ignorant and the stupid and we're in deep ca-ca!

Anonymous said...

great post! That tanning mom... to think I used to spend a whole summer trying to get a tan. Man, am I glad I grew out of that!

Ivanhoe said...

My husband is totally Frank related. Me , just by the marriage. Hahahaha! Love that one.
Love pitbulls and hate all the people who mess with them :)
Hugs from Ohio,

Kay Dennison said...

You're related to me, too!!! I like that a lot!!!!!!

Marg said...

Glad to hear that Isadora is improving. Great stories about the two somes. That woman that goes in the tanning places is nuts. Next week she will be covered in cancer on her face. Take care.

Sallie ( said...

Well, I'm related to your brother by virtue of my eyes and so therefore you and I must be cousins at least. (Please don't let me see this comment as the lead paragraph in your next "crapola" post!) My comments on the idiot tanner and the slimy Edwards would be exactly what you'd expect so nuff said cuz you said it better. (But I AM afraid of pit bulls because I'm afraid of their owners...even if I'm sometimes painting them all wi/ one brush, I've seen too many who are definitely giving the breed it's bad name and I don't take chances.)

Au and Target said...

Not feeling well is so depressing but reading the news can put it all in perspective. We are just so wonderful compared to those media stars :-)

I have blue eyes, so does this mean I'm related to Isadora? Now that would be something to boast about!

Jeni said...

Playing a bit of the "Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon" game are ya here today with the Frank Sinatra link. Good one. That also must mean I am some how connected -genetically -to Paul Newman too! I'm impressed with that as well as the Sinatra link!

Reb said...

I have blue/green/hazel eyes so I guess I miss out on being related to anyone.

I agree about pit bulls being sweeties, unless trained otherwise. However, even sweeties (even the most docile of breeds) will bite an unknown child that is tormenting them, so the parents of bitten children need to take some responsibility.

That tan is freaking scary! I would think tanning salon owners would show a bit more brains than to allow someone that dark in to tan again. Then again, I suppose they just want money.

Cynthia M. said...

I'm related to Frank Sinatra? Cool... And thanks for posting that fact about Pit Bulls. I'm a German Shepherd fan, and that's another breed that gets bad press. But bad dog behavior can often be traced back to how the animal was raised or trained, as you pointed out.

Good luck with the kitties, I know how stressful it can be when your animals are sick. Such a helpless feeling. Hang in there!