Saturday, December 8, 2012

Being a Person

"it's so hard to just be a person, a good person" my Nana would tell me, "don't make it too complicated, just keep an open heart".

Yesterday was my birthday and I was in a mood. The mood of all moods.
Too many things up in the air; money issues, family drama, worry and stress.

I was determined to be grateful and open hearted. I fed the birds and squirrels. It was a cloudy and misty morning and I love that. Sunny days are so freakin' perky.

I brought coffee and doughnuts to "the old guys" at the marina. They were talking about Pearl Harbor and wars. "It's a sad day" one of them tells me. "It's my birthday" I respond without thinking, I had been hell bent on ignoring that fact. "It's your birthday!" he shouts out, a smile enhancing every beautiful line on his wonderful face. "Hey! you divas, it's the gal's birthday". They all know my name but prefer to call me gal, girlie, sweetie, sweetheart, and so on, Oh yeah, and kid. "It's the kid's birthday?" another repeats, "well that calls for the silver flask".

We all had spiked coffee and sang bits and pieces of old songs while the gulls fled to open water.

I got home and had a two hour fun talk with my baby brother. Right before we hung up he told me to check his Facebook.

He wrote this :

happy birthday to my big sister Dianne who took me in as a teenager
when living with my father became unbearable. if not for her my life
today would be different. we don't talk or see each other often but it
doesn't change that fact. remember where you came from and how you got
where you are today. no doubt someone helped you along the way.

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Baby bro and his daughters

In the evening Hope gave me a brownie she made in 'Kindegarden Cafe' cooking class and we played with the Ballerina Barbie I gave her for the first night of Chanukah. She'll be in Brooklyn tonight so we celebrated early.

"I get a Chanukah present because your Nana is Jewish?"
"Well sort of, you really get it just because I love you and my Nana would have loved you too"
"That's a good reason"

Have a good weekend everyone
Just be a person


DJan said...

Oh Dianne, Happy Birthday to you! We are both December babies. This post made me smile from ear to ear, and to be gifted with that great picture of Hope, well my day has begun just right. Sending the kid some cyber hugs. :-)

ellen abbott said...

Happy birthday. because you are a good person here is a birthday present for you.

Jeff B said...

"Sunny days are so frenkin' perky." Bwahahahaha!!!

Kind of like a toothpick-thin, big breasted blond chewing bubble gum while roller skating eh?

Sounds like you just being a person has a pretty tremendous impact others.

Happy belated 39th kid!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, My Dear!!! I LOVE your Visit with The Guys...And I love that they call you 'the kid' and all those other sweet names!!
What a lovely lovely thing to read on your Brothers Facebook page---it warms the Heart!
And that adorable darling picture of HOPE...She looks So Grown Up!!!
((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to you and to dear HOPE, too!

Ron said...



*thunderous applause*

Dianne, what an uplifting and inspiring post!

"it's so hard to just be a person, a good person" my Nana would tell me, "don't make it too complicated, just keep an open heart".

You said it. And YOU are a prime example of that! Truly, you are one of the most giving, loving, and open-hearted people I know. You have touched the lives of many, dear lady.

Happy Birthday and Chanukah!

((((( You ))))))


P.S. love that photo of Hope!

Jay Simser said...

Well, that just made my day a little brighter. Hope is so beautiful. Just like her grandma. And the birthday drinks with "the boys" as you should start calling them was great. So Happy Birthday a day late. Big Hugs, j

Anonymous said...

Oh, you seem to have inspired so many! Wishing you many more golden moments!

Sylvia K said...

A delayed Happy, Happy Birthday, Dianne!! I love the picture of Hope -- as always! And the cap is so cute -- of course, everything is cute on Hope!! I do hope you had a great day and keep celebrating for the weekend!! Hugs to Hope and to you -- and the big one is for you today!!

Cherie said...

I was thinking about you yesterday, but I wasn't sure that I had the date right. I'm glad that you were able to have some fun and found people to enjoy it with you.

Happy Birthday, my dear. There's no one who deserves it more. :)

Mike said...

Sometimes other people actually make being a person easier.

Jeni said...

Oh Dianne! Happy Birthday to a very dear lady who has had more than her fair share of worries and woes but always tells the rest of us "There is always "Hope!" And I just thought I would remind you of that again -like you really need reminded about Hope, huh? I know all too well about being in one of "those" moods too about things over which we have no control but, being people who want control, we get really frustrated then over what to do, what can be done and so on and so forth. And your advice then -take it and use it completely because yes, you do have Hope. Or, you can tell yourself what I find myself saying to myself or to the grandkids too when they have some issue that seem insurmountable to them -"It will all be better before you get married again!" Peace and hugs and may you have a very good coming year!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh my I LOVED and needed this tonight. Happy Happy Birthday..I get the moods, I really do..but people just don't let you keep the crud going.. Love the buddies by the water and your beautiful Hope.. love you...Michelle

Cloudia said...

another post of the week for sure.
I'm humbled and happy-fied by your beautiful day and example, D.

You are a lucky woman; we your lucky friends. Happy birthday, Dear.
Hauoli La Hanau

Aloha to YOU from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

><}}(°> ~

Happy Elf Mom said...

Woodjie's birthday was this week as well. He is six!

PS I think you are a great person and I hope you have an excellent holiday. :)

Linda Reeder said...

I think the old guys had a much better time celebrating your birthday than commemorating Pearl Harbor. You are a gift to many. Happy Birthday, and Happy Chanukah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dianne! And that had is a marvelous gift for any child for any reason. You are a delightful person...glad to know you.

HermanTurnip said...

Oh man, it's your birthday? Happy Birthday! So, what are you? Finally 28? Congrats! :-)

(HermanTurnip tips a glass of beer in your honor)

MadPriest said...

Belated birthday greetings from across the pond. May you be continually blessed throughout the coming year.

Daryl said...

you damn divine broad you .. you made me cry ... happy birthday to a wonderful friend ... xo

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy BeLated BD -- that was a very nice tribute from your sweet baby brother! I really think you have this personhood thing nailed down pretty d&^n good girl!

Hilary said...

Belated happy birthday, beautiful Dianne. I love your visit with "the old guys." They so clearly adore you, and you, them. What a lovely note from your brother.. and Hope. She is such a love.

Chappy Chanukkah, dear one.

Debo C said...

Belated happy birthday. I'm enjoying your posts again.

Knight said...

This sounds like a damn fantastic birthday to me. Happy Belated!