Sunday, January 20, 2013

Princesses and Puzzles

I spent Wednesday with Hope; her school was closed due to bad weather - Thank You! Mother Nature.

Daddy helped Hope get dressed before he left. I am so impressed at how good my son has gotten at up-dos and princess dresses.

Hope wanted cookies and pretzels for breakfast. We settled on fruit and apple juice with the promise of a cookie and a pretzel for a snack.

"Hope are we going to play princess all day?"
"Could we change things up after lunch? Please"
"You don't like princesses?"
"They're fine but then ..."
"Then they aggravate you" Hope finishes my sentence, knowing me oh so well.

"Are you going to be a princess when you grow up?"
Hope laughs, "Princess is not a job! I'm going to be a scientist."
Science is the newest interest since her visits to the Liberty Science Center. Hope can name all sorts of dinosaurs and can explain gravity.

"Nana! I have Prince Charming. Let's do a wedding and then we can do something else."

I have now officiated at dozens of Princess weddings.
The vows always involve promises of being kind, and being a good friend, and sharing cookies.
I declare them married - "by the power vested in me as Nana of all the lands"
Then there is dancing and snacks.

Little did I know, the something else was putting Princess puzzles together. Hope saw the irony right away.

"Nana do you need your glasses?"
"No, why?"
"Because you're terrible at puzzles"
"Well you know these by heart already"
"No, you're just terrible at puzzles. It's OK"

And on we go ...


LL Cool Joe said...

Some people are just terrible at puzzles. :D Maybe you are blinded by all the pink. ;)

Glad Hope wants to be a scientist, my brother is, and it's an excellent job!

Jay Simser said...

Priceless Princess
in a Pink Dress
Puzzle ing with Nana
Playful, Perky, Party dress.
Pleasing her populace.

Perhaps its time for tea,

Jeff B said...

I like the idea of wedding vows to include sharing cookies. Sounds like a good foundation to work from.

I'm guessing, but I think you might just like that cute little girl!

Kay L. Davies said...

I wonder if Princess Hope knows how many bloggers love her, and follow her progress avidly.
It will be great if nobody offers her a modeling job before she finishes her scientific education. Scientists have a lot more job security!

Ron said...

"Then they aggravate you" Hope finishes my sentence, knowing me oh so well."

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Hilarious, Dianne!

And I am so lovin' that faaaaaabulous princess dress and tiara!

Precious post, Nana!

X and hugs to You and the Princess!

DJan said...

I don't think I knew when I was her age that being a Princess wasn't a full time job! She is very precocious and precious too. I love the stories, the pictures, the wonder of Hope. :-)

HermanTurnip said...

"I have now officiated at dozens of Princess weddings."

Heh...hey, don't knock it. Sooner than later you're going to be wishing to have those days back with her :-)

They grow up waaay too fast!

ellen abbott said...

Silly Nana, princess isn't a job.

Happy Elf Mom said...

Of course she is a princess! So is my girl. Here's hoping they both grow up to be lovely, kind ladies who value themselves and do good to others. :)

Cherie said...

I agree. Being a princess is not an occupation (at least in the U.S.). It's a state of mind. That is a state where one feels special and loved. In the best circumstances, princesses are taught to treat everyone else the same way. May we all be princesses. :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope is pure "delight"..and so very smart, too...AND Funny! Love your conversations with her...And these are great pictures! The Pricess of Science Rules!!!

Akelamalu said...

Loving the wedding vows!

Daryl said...

she is amazing ... such a lovely spirit

EG CameraGirl said...

I love Hope's honesty. I'm so glad you can take the truth - about being terrible at puzzles. :)

Linda Reeder said...

I want to come and play with you and Hope!

Grayquill said...

Gee willikers...I hope you have more energy than I do! That little girl wears me out and it's only a blog post. I hope you are taking your vitamins.

Miranda said...

Awwww....she's just tooo cute!

Katz Tales said...

LOL, if only everyone promised to share cookies! Fun post.

jabblog said...

Hope is as bright as a button, isn't she? What a joy:-)

Rambling Woods said...

That girl is going to be an amazing adult....she is already an amazing child..

Vol-E said...

Hope is a true princess. All the others are imposters. ...It's obvious to me!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

She is adorable and whip smart! Such a cute post (I've missed Hope -- been having 'puter problems). Oh and missed her Nana too of course ;>)

Hilary said...

That child is a gift to all of us. My heart melts each time you share her photos and her words. Please give her a big hug from me while I wipe up my melty heart. :)