Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Where The Hell Have I Been?

I've been looking for an apartment while painters and contractors have been crawling all over this house to prep it for selling.

I found a place and will be officially living there as of April 11.
Until then I exist in this uncomfortable world of boxes and bubble wrap; anxious cats and noisy workers and endless phone calls turning stuff off, turning it on and wondering why I had it to begin with,

The development I am moving into is pretty. It's an H shaped, 2 story apartment complex surrounded by trees on 2 sides, a small development of one family homes in front and a country club behind.

The groups of units look like this 

I have a 2nd floor apt. with a balcony. When I told Hope we could play Romeo and Juliet she said "It's Gnomeo Nana, Gnomeo"

My son set up the new TV and got stuff ready for Verizon to come run lines.

This is the kitchen

This is at the bedroom window, looking out toward the hall that leads to the bathroom at the left and to the front door straight ahead.

I hope to have many happy things to share with you once I'm settled.

Friday, February 21, 2014


The big scratching thingie is one of Siren's most favorite nap spots.

Isadora came around 

After what seemed like hours of staring Isadora made a move

After what seemed like hours of Isadora sniffing the scratchy thingie and Siren not looking at her ...

... Isadora tempted fate

Neither one of them was pleased with the situation but no one wanted to be the first to move on.

Eventually they both left.

You might notice a stream of drool coming from Siren's mouth. He does get drooly a lot because of his meds but usually he wipes it away. Since Isadora required his full attention he just ignored his drool.

I posted some pics of Hope over at The Photo Blog

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hope was out with Mom and Dad so I got some alone time with Athena

If she isn't smiling or shouting out Athena tends to look surprised

Surprised that she gets to touch Hope's bear. Only for a moment as fur in the mouth isn't good.

Surprised by some sudden movement and music on TV

Surprised that she can slide down

And just plain surprised

Have a happy weekend everybody

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Snow Monday

How lovely that the snow waited til after the game

It's been snowing since dawn.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Beautiful Day

Sunny and warm - yes, temps in the 30s are now considered warm here

Get some sun if you can, it's good for you

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter, Oy

Hope's snow friend is happy

stay warm and safe friends

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Pics

Happy New Year everybody

We spent Christmas Eve in the MotherLand of Brooklyn, at my brother John's house. Christmas morn was at home.

The tree my brother ordered never arrived so he decorated the vacuum cleaner.

He and Hope have fun together

My niece Caitlin met Athena for the first time.

Hope enjoys dessert

She was a bit surprised that her minion speaks

A pop up book of super heroes. Hope continues to love books.

We watched 'A Christmas Story' so many times that Hope finally said ' is there a football game on?'

Athena is 3 months old and pretty much oblivious to the fuss. Hope enjoyed opening Athena's gifts for her.

Hope got a new 'cartoon/football watching' chair.

Have a safe and happy new year. I wish you all good things.