Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shopping for Pets - and People

I wish I would have thought of this before the holidays but I was in a daze with deadly deadlines and putting up trees.

When Cathy commented in the previous post that she needed to shop for her cat it came to me that I should share this site.

Just click on the title ... and it will take you to a wonderful place - a veritable wonderland of gifts for pets and for the people they own - or for people who love animals.

All the proceeds go to help animals. The prices are reasonable and the selection is unique. I've shopped there for a few years now. They deliver on time, they pack everything beautifully and they sometimes throw in a little gift - this season I got a sweet little pair of earrings.

Their clearance section is a great find also.

My recommendations based on this year's holiday shopping are:

KONG Wubba Toy - as Samson's Mom puts it - "he loves the thud it makes when I toss it to him and he brings it right back with a smile" - can be found on page 1 of Pets section

Kitty Cradle - Zanna's Mom says that Zanna is loving her "diva" shelter and rolls around in it making "sounds I've never heard her make before" and then she - Zanna, not Mom - settles in for a long nap. - found on page 2 of Pets section

Sour Puss Catnip Set - Siren swears by these - they last forever, he can't lose them under immovable furniture (although he continues to try since he so enjoys the sight of me trying to fit under a credenza) - and they're purrfect for sneaking up on and attacking with your back claws (Siren's, not mine) - also on page 2

Please check out the site - there's always a birthday, Valentine's Day, or a just because day.

I love when I can shop and feel good about it as well.


craziequeen said...

Hi Dianne - and Siren,

Thank you for the lovely visit to my blog. It was nice to see a new 'face' in my comment box :-)

I love your blog, it's great fun - love the photos of Siren... handsome boy!

I'll be back - and I'll visit the Animal Rescue site - the choice looks fantastic...and I seriously love the colour purple....


Dianne said...

I look forward to you coming back cq and Siren thanks you - he knows he's a handsome boy - LOL - but loves to hear about it.

Purple has always been my favorite color.