Sunday, December 16, 2007

Siren's Story - In Pictures

I figured out how to embed a slide show! Woo Hoo!


Cherie said...

You are sooooo good! I'm so proud of you, and I love the pictures, but especially the comments ..."Are you sleeping? I'm not doing anything wrong." Right, whatEVER. lol And I especially love the pic of him getting toys out of the toy box. I just looks soooo ... childlike. :D

Dianne said...

Thanks again Cherie. Moving the toy box out into the living room was a big step. It meant he could play and get excited and still be around other people. For a long time getting excited made him really hard to handle.

And the toy box is from Pier 1 - nothing but the best for Siren LOL

Cherie said...

"For a long time getting excited made him really hard to handle."

I'll bet. Siren reminds me so much of Sheena. Before my mother found her on her front porch one snowy Saturday morning, she and the rest of her litter had apparently been in the house of an elderly lady that had passed about 6 weeks before. The family didn't even know about the kittens until they were preparing for an estate sale.

Since she wasn't properly sociallized at that pivotal time, she was always a bit stand off-ish. About five years later when she came to live at my house, she wouldn't even let me touch her for about 3 months. Around that time I finally got her to play with a string with me by running it under a big black plastic bag first. Then she could pretend that it wasn't me pulling the string. :D

Even after living with me for ten years, she wouldn't allow me to hold her while I was sitting down. If I was standing-up, it was okay ... for a while. But then she would lay on the arm or the back of the couch to be near me. "But don't touch me!" lol

Dianne said...

Oh Siren does the same thing - he loves it if I hide his favorite mouse under a blanket and then wiggle it around - if he sees my hand he leaves. And he'll let me carry him around but I can't hold him if I'm seated.

Amazing creatures! :)