Monday, December 17, 2007

Twas' the week before Christmas

I'm not religious - not in the way I was brought up anyway - the all seeing, all petty, mean spirited God who was just waiting for you to screw up.

I'm not materialistic - in the "oh I hope I get a Coach bag and a Prada scarf and a diamond bangle" way. I hope my family gives to animal shelters instead of buying me stuff - I've asked and pleaded, why is this met with such resistance!?

My son is 34 and I have no grandchildren yet so there's no under the tree excitement.

But I love Christmas ...

"Christmas makes the whole world seem softer"

So in this week leading up to the big day - be kind to yourself - if the house isn't spotless Oh Well, if you don't make 3 types of vegetables Oh Well, if the gift wrapping is bags without bows and ribbon Oh Well.

Drive slower and look at the lights. Pull over and let the guy behind you go ahead. Watch the dark roads for deer and little creatures. Let someone in ahead of you at the mall entrance. Eat that chocolate cake and don't think about it - your thighs look fine.

Be softer to yourself and those around you.

in the interest of Christmas softness - the "Oh Well" comes from a cherished cyber friend. And the quote comes from an episode of "Monk" - yes, "Monk" - but it doesn't make it any less true.


Jeni said...

Gotta agree with you on taking and making a softer approach for Christmas. It's supposed to be a celebration of a wondrous occasion - not a marathon to credit card debt or working one's fingers to the bone so every nook and cranny is trimmed to the gills and every possible fancy food is on a table already heavy laden with goodies to begin with.
I can relate to the "pre-grandchildren" anxiety type thing -been there, done that and now I have three beautiful grandkids! Still would like some more of those too if possible but it's going to be up to my son (also age 34) if that's ever going to happen!
Oh -and if the church you grew up in taught you about God being "mean-spirited" or "petty" etc., I'd try another church. I'd be sorely put if I were in a church that believed in that. Thankfully, I'm not though as the one I belong to teaches God is love, not all about revenge and such. Just my own little plug there I guess.

Dianne said...

Your own little plug was lovely Jeni. I went looking for pics of your grandkids on the blog - I think I found all the grandkids LOL

You have a beautiful family!

Cherie said...

That has to be about the most precious picture EVER! So sweet! I may have to steal it and put it on my website ... and use it for my Christmas cards next year.

So many people can get so wrapped up in trying to make the holidays "perfect" that they get so stressed out and can't enjoy it. Of course, I would never do that. Well, I never try to anyway. lol I just want it to be nice. :D

Anyway! Here's to a joyous rather than a stressed out holiday.

Dianne said...

I love that pic Cherie, I put it on my Myspace also - even got a little creative with it.

feel free to steal it! - if you want, I'll e-mail it to ya, just let me know.

Cherie said...

This was probably bad, but I already did steal it. It's proudly displayed on my C'est Moi! website. (There's a link to it on my MySpace and my Yuku blog. lol)

But I may have to drop by your MySpace page to admire your creativity. :D