Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I "Dig" Boston

Apologies for the silly title - rest assured that long before I annoy you - I annoy myself. Just couldn't resist a pun - they are the lowest form of humor (after Bush of course).

I've been thinking about Boston the past couple of days. The city is in the news because of their record snowfall and because "The Big Dig" has finally (almost/kinda) been completed. If you'd like to know about "The Big Dig" - the most infamous transportation project in US history - just Google "Big Dig" - stories abound.

Boston is one of my favorite cities. Big city appeal - theater, nightlife, museums, architecture - in a more manageable size. I always feel smarter and younger in Boston. It's a college town and it's difficult not to feel the energy of all those young people. It's a historic town and my 50 years on the planet seem like a blink of an eye in the shadow of all those statues. Boston feels permanent , solid, like an older wiser friend who knows who she is and is comfy in her skin. New York, as much as I love her, often feels like an obnoxious teen - changing for the sake of change and being ornery for no apparent reason.

Last time I was in Boston was October of 2006. Lovely time of year in Boston - cool but not cold, the autumn sun creates amazing shadows down narrow streets and the fall foliage is spectacular. Plus the regular baseball season was over so this Yankees fan could frequent the bars without her head exploding. I had the highest compliment paid to me by a bunch of Red Sox fans - "You're from NY!? - but you're pleasant to talk to. You're a Yankees fan!? - Holy Mother (bleep-bleep-bleep) - you're the first Yankees fan I don't want to kill" High praise indeed and even lovelier in the accent.

I went to Boston to see Craig Ferguson do his stand-up at Comedy Connection in Faneuil Hall. Even Craig had to comment on "The Big Dig" - along with the merits of chowder. "What a lovely old city - hundreds of years old - did ya know it isn't finished?"

I spent several days - did all the stuff tourists do and more - most of my previous visits had been business or family. I took the Duck Tour and didn't feel silly once. I spent hours with the penguins at the most wonderful aquarium. Shopped til I dropped at Prudential Tower. Browsed book shops and record stores at Harvard Square. Wandered around the campus - imagining what it must feel like to be a young student there - so smart with all your life just waiting for you.

Each night I ate far too much seafood, devoured way too many Italian pastries, and drank just a wee bit too much. I spent most of my trip on my own - although the highlight was meeting Cathy (and Lois too!) and seeing Craig's show together. I love to travel alone - I will talk to anyone about anything. I adore having no schedule. No expectations to meet but my own.

I hope to get back to Boston soon - perhaps for the Boston Pops July 4th extravaganza.

Enjoy some of the photos I took on that last trip in part 2 of this post.

Boston Rocks - (sorry Cleveland)


Jeni said...

We've had our own version of a "Big Dig" project ongoing over the mountain near Penn State for about the past two years - due to a snafu in a big road project, they dug into some soil that contained some kind of acidic rock or some such, and it took them over two years to figure out what or how to work work with it, around it, finish the road project, etc. Big financial snafu there too with respect to PennDot ya know! Ok, not QUITE as large as Boston's and no where near as famous but ours, all the same.

kenju said...

Never been to Boston, but I hope to remedy that before too long.

Your statement about the lowest form of humor made me laugh out loud!!

cathy said...

"I hope to get back to Boston soon - perhaps for the Boston Pops July 4th extravaganza."

oh i do hope you mean that. that would be such a blast. just think of the trouble we can get into!

great pictures!

Dianne said...

I do mean it Cathy - maybe evern before July 4th - I'm itchin' to see Boston again and YOU!

Jeni - my little town has built and re-built the pass over a creek at least a dozen times just in the 4 years I've lived here. And they did it about a hundred times over all the years - we call it "Temporary Pass"

and thanks Kenju - made myself laugh out loud as well - hehehehe

Cherie said...

I'm not sure about Boston, but I have been trying to figure out a way to make it up to NY/NJ. ;)

Dianne said...

cherie - as the song says - "Please come to NY/NJ" - oh that would be wonderful! and I am an excellent tour guide. can't beat spring time in NY! it's warm enough to enjoy all the sights but still cool enough so you can't smell them.