Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I gotta tell ya - I am "CockAHoop"

Late night, and even later night, returns tonight! And thanks to Dave - he who "smells like power" I don't have to cross a picket line to watch. My inner "Norma Rae" was having trouble with that - I mean really, if the writer writes the words and the words make money somewhere then the writer deserves a piece of the pie. So freakin' simple you dumb-ass greedy weasels in ill fitting expensive suits!

Dave will be back with Robin Williams as a guest. I have loved Dave for years and years. I adore quick, sarcastic people. Add self-deprecating to that and it is sexy, sexy, sexy. Yes - I think Dave is hot.

And then there is Craig Ferguson - Timberlake didn't bring sexy back, Craig was hangin' on to it. Tall, dark, handsome with startling, sparkling eyes. And the silvery gray in his wild hair - my fingers tingle. Oh My! Craig could look like a troll and he'd still be sexy. Talk about quick - this man's mind is lightening. He weaves a web of words down a lovely lane of stories from his beautiful heart and his twisted mind. Then he comes full circle.

I'm thrilled that Craig is doing so well but I must admit it was fun when I felt like I had discovered him. "Craig Kilborn?" folks would ask me. "Kilborn's Scottish!?" - No, No I'd try to explain - and then we'd net out at "Oh, the English guy from Drew Carey"

Blessed insomnia and global marketing. If not for needing to check e-mails from Europe and beyond I never would have developed such bad sleep habits and I may never have discovered "that guy who comes on after Dave"

I'm going to check out Leno and Conan too - just to roll my eyes. Leno isn't too clever WITH writers and Conan is a great writer who can't deliver his own words.

Poor Kimmel - no room on my DVR for him.

"Holy Crackers!" - it's gonna be an interesting night in TV land.


Jay Simser said...

We are so "In sync" it is scary. But you said it better. j

Michael Manning said...

Diane: David was a weatherman in Indiana who's humor was shaped by the late Paul Dixon. Paul had a live "Regis and Kelly" style show in the late 60's and early 70's that was absolutely hysterical. He died at 51 and the by 1985 all originating TV nationwide came to a halt. You are Linked! Love your Cat. I've made peace with the loafer cat in my apartment complex who bit me in the hand! :)

Dianne said...

I would be scared to be too far in sync with my mind Jay LOL - and I thought your post was great, as they all are.

Michael - I checked into Paul Dixon - has some clips of his show. I can definitely see his influence on Dave - especially in the delight he takes in the silly and absurd. They even have similar smiles! I'm going to share Paul's work with some of my Letterman loving friends. Thanks for telling me about him.

Jeni said...

Letterman AND RObin Williams together tonight? WOW - Gotta be sure to catch that! And am I ever glad old Craig Ferguson will be back too as I do really like his show as well. I like Leno and Conan too - Leno mostly though for the "jaywalking" thing he does there from time to time as the people he interviews and the questions they can't answer correctly are really very often hysterical. Conan is a sick puppy too although I like him from time to time as well.
And I do really have to agree with you on the "Norma Rae" ideals too -I was raised a "coal miner's daughter/granddaughter and great-granddaughter" and my Grandpa's heros were FDR and John L Lewis so now you know where I stand on unions too don't 'cha?