Saturday, February 9, 2008

Big Doings at the Cat House

Bet that got your attention!

Mia, my newly adopted cat, will be arriving soon so I've been making some changes to the house in preparation. Since Siren is super suspicious (even for a cat!) I've been making the changes slowly and with as much subtlety as my child like anticipation allows.

I thought I'd share a bit of Siren's (and soon Mia's) world:

Since Siren and JR could not get along

...and JR was old and sick I converted my spare/craft/photography/MINE room into Siren's room. I had hoped it would be for just a bit but JR got worse and the stress of Siren was too much for him. We put a screen door on the room so Siren could feel airy and included. Several times a day I would shut JR up in my bedroom and let Siren run around.

It took my son hours to make a screen door fit an interior doorway but he did a great job. Some folks think it's crazy - I think it's wonderful. And I don't miss my MINE room at all. The joy of sharing my space with furry folks is worth it.

There are places to perch and scratch

With a great view

- yes I have trailer windows. they're illegal now but something about grandfathers keeps me out of trouble LOL

There are tons of toys

And a find in the clearance aisle at Pier 1 makes for a classy toy chest

There are strategically placed play centers throughout

This is Siren's latest favorite. I call it his "lover" since he buries himself in it and does some kind of gyrating, slow motion, trance like dance with it. For a guy without all his equipment he's got some moves.

There are 2 of these. Hopefully Mia will like them, Siren moves them around the house but never uses them.

There are 2 beds under the quilt. Siren likes to layer.

Spa facilities are on premises

and you can always just curl up and read a good book

And here is Mia's Launching Pad. The only newness Siren has experienced so far. I'm going to keep Mia in the bedroom while all the formal introduction ceremonies are going on. All her stuff is hidden in the basement closet til she gets here

A quick note on the Everyday Kindness front: "walking woman" is going strong and has made friends with "not so creepy guy and his dogs". I am having a ball playing bumper carts at the Stop 'N Shop - a new career perhaps? I have also almost made it through all on the blog roll, I've been calling it the circle. In my travels I came across a comment to another member of the circle - the commenter was saying that they didn't "need a blog roll to be kind" - well that is certainly true in the same manner that you don't need a book club to be able to read. The community doesn't make you kind - it gives you a place to share moments and enjoy a journey together.

Be Kind Out There
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Michelle O'Neil said...

Wow. Those are some lucky cats!
Great idea with the screen door.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

: )

SnoopMurph said...

Those cats have a luxurious abode! They are beautiful cats and as I said, my sons love to come over at look at Siren's photo. I'll have to show them Mia too.

We had two cats for a long time and with having two young boys, I have been in a NO PET mode after the cats moved on to another one of their nine lives. Once we figure out Connor's needs a little better, perhaps we'll consider getting a pet. But for now, we'll just enjoy everyone else's pets!

CG said...

Well, my cats were looking over my shoulder as I read your blog and are now demanding similar facilities!!

Dianne said...

thanks for stopping here too michelle - the screen door has saved me so much grief and guilt about keeping Siren "contained" when he's hard to handle - it's like his own time-out spot.

snoopmurph - I can't have dogs since I work such long hours and they need more interaction than cats do but I am an aunt to many - it's fun to hve them visit and then they go home. :)

Oh No! cg - the cat gossip mill will be in overdrive now, they'll all be making even more demands LOL

Jay said...

Yeah, those cats have it pretty good. I like cats just fine, but I'm allergic to them. Of course they loooooooooove me. ;-)

Raven said...


I found your link through Linda (snoopmurph)'s site and have enjoyed reading through your posts.

Your cats are as spoiled as mine.

I love your sense of humor and your sense of compassion, but when I saw the Dennis Kucinich post, I knew for even-more-sure that you are good people.

Good luck with the new kitty.

kenju said...

I hope your cats will enjoy each other. They are lucky - since mine have no toys whatsoever and no condos or scratching posts or.....I guess they are deprived cats.

SnoopMurph said...

Hey there-I tagged you for a meme, if you are interested.

magnetbabe said...

The screen door is a great idea! It keeps the kitties isolated but the screen allows some of the scents to mingle. That will have to go on the list of things I want for our house (if we can ever get one...).

I'm so excited for you to get Mia. I have a good feeling they will get along. Well, at least maybe tolerate each other which is about all one can ask for. ;)

Dianne said...

Jay: everybody loves you! ;)

Welcome Raven - and thanks for those kind words.

I doubt your cats are deprived kenju as long as you love them ;)

snoopmurph: my first meme! I'll be over to check it out.

I have a good feeling too magnetbabe - even through my anxiety which is really just part of my process - OY! - I'm sure you'll get a house when the time is ready and I'll send you some firemen LOL

Odat said...

I love the inside screen door idea!!! I hope your cats appreciate you!
I used to be a cat person, now i'm a dog person...but still love cats!

Dianne said...

actually odat - elephants are my favorite (as much as any can be called fave since I too love them all) - imagine the screen door an elephant would need!

fermicat said...

Wow... your cats have it made! That is a great setup you have there.

Best of luck mixing the kitties. We haven't had the best results in that department. There is a lot of tussling and noise, but no bloodshed. I do wish they'd curl up together and be sweet. It is a rare thing.