Friday, April 11, 2008

The Triple I Factor: Some Linky Love

I need to work the closing shift at the giant-ass store tonight and then the opening shift tomorrow morning. Don’t forget tomorrow is Wordzzle Saturday. Go over to Raven’s place and check it out. My Wordzzle will be late due to my schedule but it’ll be there sometime Saturday night – hopefully before I begin drinking.

Since I’m also busy with my real job I thought I’d simply do a little post of links to stuff that I hope you find interesting, informative, or inspiring. The triple III factor. Which reminds me, I is also for International. I am currently working on a project for an international client. Now don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the business, so many of my peers are closing shop after losing clients to mergers and off-shore vendors. And the language barriers are not much of a factor since every office has at least one person who speaks English. What is making me a wee bit cranky is the middle folks – sometimes it’s an analyst, sometimes a brand person, they’re always here in the States but they usually pose a greater language issue than the international clients. I once had an assistant who said I was bi-lingual, I spoke English and Moron. I’m also proficient in the many dialects of Moron; Idiot, Fool, Asshole, Schmuck, and my favorite Arrogant and Ignorant.

Here’s a little translation for you:
“I’m sorry, I must have misunderstood” = OK, so you’re changing your mind and I need to re-do everything but you want to blame me so it won’t cost more.

“Well the accepted way of handling this is …” = WTF!? Have you never done a project before!? You want me to do what!?

“I felt it would be useful to put it all down in writing” = I am going to cover my ass because you freaking scare me. And I’m going to cc anyone and everyone who might be able to stop you.

As exhausting as job #2 at the giant-ass store can be at least it’s mostly physical strain. This being responsible for everything but having power over nothing aspect of client service can really suck your mind dry.

On to the triple III links.

April is Autism Awareness Month

My smart and wonderful, clever and sexy late night love (no not Craig Ferguson this time) is hosting a comedy special to benefit autism education. Night of Too Many Stars

I discovered a new blog through Casdock. Please check out Bev’s wonderful video and then stay around and read more. As it turns out Casdock is taking a time out from blogging but there is so much already there on her site, it will open your mind and your eyes and your heart.

Jeni – Grandma extraordinaire continues to blog about her grandchildren. Go over and leave a little good luck message – the entire team is participating in an Autism Walk/Run tomorrow. I will be doing a Sun Dance in my yard late tonight, hoping to bring them good walking weather – it’s been a bit soggy around these parts lately. Maybe I’ll do the dance half-nekkid and take pictures. Oy!

Snoopmurph – Even though she’s feeling a bit exhausted these days Linda continues to blog each day about her family. Her clear and loving posts have done so much to help me better understand autism. And I am an adopted member of this lovely family – it’s true, it’s true!

Speaking of humanity.

If you were invited to a party hosted by the enablers of the genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, would you go?

That was in an e-mail I got from the Save Darfur Coalition. Check them out. I’m torn about asking Bush not to attend the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I keep thinking maybe he’ll get there and get lost. Can’t you just picture him wandering around muttering to himself about giant walls and making a note to find out who built it so he can hire them for the fence around Mexico.

I’m working on the next installment of ‘Tales of Two Kitties’. Mia is doing great; it’s really just her eyes that still need medical attention. She’s gaining weight and she loves to play – with everyone but Siren. I’ll leave this saga for the slideshow.

Check out Saving Shelter Pets. They are a wonderful group that goes in at the last minute and saves shelter animals from being destroyed. I got an e-mail from them about a book written by a young girl, it’s all about her love for her adopted buddy.

And don’t forget to click each day at Animal Rescue Site It only takes a moment and it costs nothing.

In the time it took me to put this together (and I’m quick!) I have 6 e-mails and 3 voice mails from international client. Guess I’d better tend to their needs.

Happy Clicking Everyone.

I found the funny little image Here


Debo Blue said...

Great recognition for some great sites!

Will you send me the autism link so I can post it to my site in honour of Jeni and Maya?

SnoopMurph said...

I heard something interesting about presidents visiting opening ceremonies in foreign countries, in that none of them actually have. (this could be false, but the author speaking wrote a history of Olympic opening ceremonies, so I went with believing him for now) and that it would be actually news if Bush DID go as opposed to not going. It was an interesting spin.

Anyway, all of us looking forward to the next installment of Mi/Si/Di. Especially the boys. The kitties of course are included in the adoption process!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in your links to look at-you always know how to make my day!

Plus, an FYI- I went in for a full blood work up today-the dr. is suspecting anemia, but I should know next week why I am feeling so tired. Maybe I'll be back on my game soon enough. :)

Raven said...

Hope your late shift went well. I put the wordzzles post up early it's there for you if you can squeeze posting between shifts.

Love the idea of Moron as a second language with sub dialects. You are always funny.

Looking foreward to Installment 2 of the adventures of Mia and Siren. Glad to hear she is doing well. I'll send some reiki her way shortly.

Something else... Oh... snoopmurph - I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure I remember some president - Reagan maybe? (don't remember which one) sitting at the opening ceremonies. Bush is such an embarrassment. That alone is reason for him to stay home. (Sorry, Dianne... didn't mean to start ranting n someone else's blog.)

Jay said...

Lots of great links to interesting sites.

Hope work goes smoothly tonight and tomorrow.

Mimi Lenox said...

You've been royally tagged by Mimi Queen of Memes. Have fun!
Message In a Bottle

Jo said...

Thanks for the links, I'll check them out this weekend--I love sharing in your world, it makes mine bigger & better :)

I don't know if I'm bilingual exactly...when it hits me wrong I just throw fruit at it.

You're really working hard! Hope there's a martini with your name on it when you get home.

Lisa said...

"...and the world will be pretty again." i wish you really did know me because you would know how perfect that statement is to me.

do you even realize how meaningful your short comments are?! your blog is like a little vacation sometimes, but I hope you know that if you're trying to be helpful, you really ARE.

i only hope that you are somewhere on my part of the universe because i would love to sip coffee and watch the world go by with you some afternoon.

the walking man said...

Before I was forced into medical retirement I too was bi-lingual, exact expressive english saying what I meant without dissimulation or lack of clarity and the second language (sorry if it offends some but I am still fluent in the second language) motherfucker, it is not as easily misunderstood as english is, that is a certainty.

I like this here place,and am beginning to have much respect for it's writer. I worked many, many, many of those kinds of shifts when I had two jobs.

I guess a fifth a night of Jim Beam helped me through the times when I wasn't at work (oh joy, their stock price fell 6% when I stopped drinking 8 years ago)

I may have to go on from here to my regular morning reading but be assured that I want to come back and look into the links.



CG said...

I loved your translations: they really made me laugh. I also nearly wet myself at the idea of Bush getting lost at the Olympics :) One can only hope...

Dianne said...

debo - which link do you need. I'll gladly e-mail you whatever you want :)
I'll check my e-mail later.

snoopmurph - I saw a report about President's visiting the Olympics on one of the AM shows - they said the same thing you're saying. I hope it is anemia - that's easy enough to care for. I'm glad you went to the Dr., I've been worrying about you.

raven - you can rant here any time you want. we're family. If you can Siren could actually use a bit of healing - he ate some chord from the blinds or under the sofa and is so constipated. That was my greeting when I got home this afternoon, Siren howling in his litter box and then flying around the house with about a foot of string stuck to his butt. He looked like some circus kite gone awry. Now he needs laxatives every 4 hours until he's clean - needless to say he won't let me come near him.

thanks jay. I'm really looking forward to the Night of Too Many Stars. As for work - oh well, never mind ;)

Dianne said...

mimi - I'm a few memes behind but I have seen message in a bottle and it is lovely. I will do my best as soon as I can.

jo - I'm mixing the martinis and heading for a nap! And I think I'm going to start saving rocks, nice hard pointy rocks ;)

awwww lisa - I adore you. I get these feelings of who my blogger friends are - I hear a voice or smell something, it may sound odd but I always feel some connection. I hope my comments help you as much as sharing you and Cooper and Al helps me.
I'm in central NJ, I'll have to go check where you are.

mark - I have spoken motherfucker since I was born! it may have been what I uttered when the doctor smacked my bottom. I'm so pleased you like visiting here as I love your comments.
Peace my friend.

cg - the only saving grace of 9 more months of Dubya is the ability to laugh at him :) glad you enjoyed, thanks!

magnetbabe said...

I'm so glad Mia is doing better. Perking up, gaining wait, her eyes are drying up a little - I can't imagine how relieved you must feel. I do find it a little funny that she is being coy with Siren. Who could blame her.

The Saving Shelter Pets site sound a lot like what I described to you with our Allison. Amazing work.

Dianne said...

magnetbabe - she just gets stronger and more confident every day. Right now she's in the kennel carrier and Siren is poking at her through the gate. She hisses and smacks him in the head. then they stare at each other and repeat, repeat, repeat. LOL

Saving Shelter Pets people are amazing folks.

Hugs from your niece Mia.