Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Getting to Know You" Meme

The lovely Raven tagged me for the “Get to know you” meme.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was living in the Motherland, the hood – Brooklyn. I was sharing office space with my brother. We had the second floor above a store on one of Bensonhurst’s busiest shopping vistas.

“Are ya goin’ to dah avinyou?” – “Yeah, why?” – “Pick me up some a dose tomatoes, ya know, dah big freakin’ ones dat Vinny on dah cornah has”

I had staff then – several students. Although everyone had a different schedule and there was more than a little bit of youngster drama, I loved having bright young people around and I loved teaching them.

Business was so much better then – but of course Bush wasn’t around yet to suck the life out of the country.

2. What are 5 Things on my To-Do List for today:

1 – call mortgage company – I’m a bit behind since clients don’t pay on time. I have one client who owes me thousand of dollars since the first of the year.
2 – e-mail a birthday card to a friend.
3 – try to get a little more editing done on all my photo directories – including the next Mia/Siren slideshow
4 – Water lawn, shrubs, plants – it’s almost 80 here today
5 – Put away winter clothes and find summer clothes – it’s almost 80 here today and I’m spritzing. Oy!

3. Snacks I Enjoy:
Chocolate – chocolate – chocolate! – cookies, candies, cake.
Corn chips – the big giant scoop ones – sometimes with cream cheese if I’m really good/bad
Cheese and crackers – of course the fatty cheese and the salty crackers

4. Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:

For myself – pay off my house. I love my house, my neighbors (even the Republicans) and my town. I don’t need or want fancy – I just want to not worry the first of every month. Then I’d travel a lot – a road trip across the country. An African safari. Paris. Scotland.
Oh - and I’d finally finish my dental work before I really do look like toothless white trash.

For others – buy a house for my son and his wife. Pay off homes and college for all the people I love – nieces, nephew, cousins and their kids, friends and their kids and so on.

For the world – a giant country estate where any and all abandoned creatures (this includes the four legged ones) could come and be safe and loved. This really qualifies as for me too!
I’d probably start a few foundations too – for abused kids, for single Moms, for poor kids to go to college.

5. Three Of My Bad Habits:

1 – I smoke. I know, I know. I smoke less and I often quit but I’m not gonna lie – I smoke.
2 – I get angry with or disappointed in people when they don’t give me what I need BUT I rarely ask for what I need. Quite the conundrum.
3 – Since I can be very moody I sometimes cancel plans with people at the last minute.

6. 5 Places I have Lived:

Different apartments in Brooklyn. A short stay at a really swanky place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan – now that’s a long and twisted story. And now my house in NJ.

7. Jobs I Have Had:

As a teenager I baby-sat and worked in a million different stores and offices. I have worked and contributed to supporting at least one other person since I was 13.

As a single Mom I was studying to be a social worker but ended up in market research because the pay was better. During the early days of my market research career I usually had at least one other job – I cleaned offices at night, I sold Weekly Reader subscriptions, I worked at Macys and many other jobs like that.

Then I became the big time Executive Vice President of the Evil Empire Corporation. Promoted up through the company from clerk (clark as the Brits would say) until I was on the Board of Directors. I ran all the Operations departments – had 20+ direct reports and hundreds of people under them. Almost killed me since my Norma Rae was always in direct conflict with meeting targets and looking at people as part of the gross margin. I was laid off after almost 20 years with the bastards after they sold out to a firm that moved everything off-shore.

And now I run my own market research operations consulting and processing firm. And of course I have at least one other job at all times. Life is nothing if not full circle.

The Rules:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
I did it at the end - hehehe

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
That I could do

3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 or more people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
I just don’t tag people. It ruins my manicure. I could go to every blog I read and tell them I have NOT tagged them. Wouldn’t that be cool!?
Seriously though – I adore the people who visit me so if you haven’t done this please consider doing it – I’d love to know more about every single one of you.

4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers.
That was easy – I visit Raven every day.

The image from a production of 'The King and I' came from HERE


Knight said...

This was lovely. I especially love the bit about the big freakin' tomatoes.
I want to hear the long twisted story about your swanky UES living.

Was it okay working at Macy's? I always worry about the staff in there because they all seem so angry all the time.

Raven said...

Well that was lots of fun and didn't put me to sleep at all. Cool to learn more about your history and what you do. Evil Empire Corporation. Love it. We share a snack bond.

When did you work at Macys? I worked there too. Forgot to add it to my list. It was one of my worst ever jobs. I worked in the advertising department for two psycho men who hated each other. One of my worst ever jobs.

I don't like tagging people either. Makes me feel guilty. Still, I'm glad you did this.

Richard said...

Thanks for reading my long and useless list of jobs Dianne. I enjoyed your description of your neighborhood very much as well.

You forgot to mention author and first class life observer in your list of jobs. How is "The Life and Times in the Big-Ass Store' coming.

The more of your work I read the more I see it as a probability and not a possibility.

Face it girl, you've got skills.
Did you ever answer me about you knowing of Janet Evanovich. Her character is a Jersey girl too.(yes, I realize you are really a New Yorker at heart)


Sleepypete said...

Warm here today too :-) Air con was on in the car most of the way back. It won't last, first game of the cricket season is tomorrow, although I'm missing that to play badminton. It's currently 82F(ish) at 9.30pm according to my fridge magnet thermometer.

Will have to have a go at this meme soon, not today though cos watching Conan last night sparked me off on something :-)

I dunno what I'd do as a billionaire. I'd get bored if I quit work, what I want most can't be bought by money and I have pretty much all I need already ...

Dianne said...

knight - I worked at the Macys in Brooklyn which I was told was better than working at Herald Square. They were very nit picky - you couldn't punch out with your coat on - they wouldn't pay you for the extra minute it took to go get your coat - crap like that!
I promise to tell the UES side one day - it involves a wonderful romance that also broke my heart a few times so I have to be in the right frame to write about it.
thanks so much for always being so gently kind :)

raven - I never mind being tagged :) especially by friends. I assume you worked at Herald Square? I heard they treated people horribly.
We share so many bonds - why not snacks LOL

rich - when I do write the book you're getting a dedication - you truly motivate me and make me feel confident, thank you!!!!!
I had not heard of Evanovich but have since found her website.
I loved your entry - it was interesting and any mention of your family was so clearly loving and sweet.

sleepy pete - I gotta know what conan sparked!! I watch ferguson. I'll check your blog later hoping to find out.
and yes! please do the meme - I'd love to know more :)

CG said...

That was great; getting to kno you more...

I get angry with or disappointed in people when they don’t give me what I need BUT I rarely ask for what I need. Quite the conundrum.

So do I and I only just realised that!!

Dianne said...

CG - the realization is half the battle - I think, I hope
except often now I'm just angry at me for not asking for what I need
there's work to be done ;)

bobbie said...

I did enjoy all of your answers. But you know what? There wasn't a surprise in the bunch. They all sounded exactly like the girl we've come to know and love.

Sleepypete said...

Lol - on Conan, I think we mean different ones ;-)

Dianne said...

thanks bobbie - that makes me happy

duh sleepypete - sometimes I'm just duh LOL

Minnesotablue said...

Yep, I love my chocolate too. Thinking about chips, mine definately have to be served with salsa any kind of chip will do. I usually don't do memes but I love to read others. Guess I figure mine would be too simplistic

Smalltown RN said...

I love your list....I laughed at they way you wrote in order to give us insight to the accent...that was great...and hey who doesn't like chocolate...and as for the To Do list...because of your list you reminded me of an eamil I have to send...so I must go do that....cheers!

the walking man said...

Want to know more about me...see my profile haha hahahah!

I was a thinking as I read this, that while eloquently presented, not much of it comes as a surprise other than I thought I was the last smoker in America.

The rest was no great revelation because whenever you tap something out, it gives great insight into the inner workings of you, the writer. That is a gift.

Passion, compassion and, a great sense of fair play. All of this is well heralded in your writing.



Odat said...

..." but I rarely ask for what I need." And why not????

I tawk like your brudder. ;-)

That was a great list. You sound like the accomplished person I thought you were....(except for the smoking!!!! (I quit 7 years ago btw).


Dianne said...

minnesota - I never got into salsa, probably cause I thought there might be vegetables in there LOL
I'd love to read more about you. I doubt simplistic would be a descriptor - perhaps honest and real and genuine. from your posts I feel that I know your Mom, your husband and now your youngest daughter - nothing simplistic about that.

cheers to you as well smalltown rn - it was so hard writing the accent. I had to keep hearing it to decide how to spell it out.

mark - "the last smoker in America" - now there's a book title ;)
there are more of us than the surgeon general wants to admit, yet another low body count from the White House. You can find us huddled around sewer grates near large office buildings or hiding behind trees or poles in car parks. The junkies are welcome than we are.
and thank you Mark for such glowing words. Lord I wish you and Richard were literary agents.

odat - when I'm really angry the Brooklyn comes right out - not an 'R' to be heard. the not asking goes all the way back to childhood - it's a puzzle I'm working on.
Congrats on 7 years smoke free!!! I'm working on that too.

Leighann said...

I love reading these things but dread actually filling them out. I'm probably the most lame, boring person on the planet!

magnetbabe said...

where any and all abandoned creatures (this includes the four legged ones) could come and be safe and loved


Loved the Brooklyn accent, even in written form. That was great.

Dianne said...

leighann - lame? boring?
that's not possible!!

magnetbabe - the country estate is such a powerful dream of mine, I can see it so clearly :)

Jo said...

The more I know about you, the more I love you! You're spritzing today LOL I love all the things you would do if you were a billionaire. I smoke too but I tend to think it saves lives b/c if I didn't I would strangle people. I'd love to go on safari with you one day :)

OneDaisy said...

I share two of the three bad habits you admitted to. We are sisters in naughtiness.

R.E.H. said...

These are fun to read - you learn a lot about the people behind the blogs!

And, you gotta quit smoking! I had that bad habit in the past, but I got out of it... it can be done!

Then again... I have other sources of nicotine ;)

Tammy said...

I smoke too. Coffee and cigarettes are the only thing that keeps me sane. LOL

emily said...

I loved reading this! I will add this to my to do list :)

And I LOVE Evanovich - I have read her entire Stephanie Plum series - the stuff before that - just so so. Great summer/beach reading - and laugh out loud.

Dianne said...

jo - we would have a time on safari together! I can see it now - chic khaki clothes, sexy yet sensible walking shoes, kind of Kate Hepburn goes hip-hop.

one daisy - sisters in naughtiness - I like the way that sounds :)

reh - I like these too, I'm enjoying reading them. I did quit smoking when I was pregnant - the entire 8 months!! Would you believe back then you could smoke in the hospital. Woman I shared a room with lit up and that was it. I have quit many times and will continue to til it sticks.

tammy - I did cut caffeine back. I drink the 1/2 caf stuff and after a couple of weeks I couldn't tell the difference. But yes - I'm with you, they keep me sane.

emily - I'm thrilled that you're going to do the meme, I love your sense of humor and style of writing.
I'm going to add Evanovich to my reading list.

Michael Manning said...

Raven is fascinating, Dianne...BUT SO ARE YOU!!!!:)

dollface design said...

it's safe to say that i pretty much love each and every one of your posts...you're fantastic personified ♥ i enjoyed reading a bit more about you, some interesting details...i hear you on the smoking thing...i don't anymore, quit 3 years ago, but i miss it like the dickens! i've promised myself that if i live till 80 i'll start smoking again and really whoop it up!
missed you too sweets!

Ida said...

Just wanted to say tnx for your visit and kind comment on my blog. :)
Nice to read about you. Bloggers get to know each other better this way. :)
You`re welcome back on my page. :)

Bob-kat said...

Wow, that was really interesting. Great answers and I have learnt so much about you. I think I might do this one but it won't be until the weekend of just after.

Ivanhoe said...

It's so much fun learning about other people! You did a great job! I posted mine a couple of days ago.

tt said...

Do any of us actually ask for what we need? Nawww...not like we should. We leave out a bunch when we do I think.
Now about that 'tweisted' story...I'm thinking that'll be a good one.
I admire your brain!

Dianne said...

michael - thank you!!!!

dollface - I love your plan :)
and I'm glad you're back

ida - I enjoy meeting new people. I'll definitely be back :)
and thanks for coming by

bobkat - whenever you have a chance, it would be great. I'm enjoying your new photo blog - good work!!

ivanhoe - it is fun. I enjoyed yours as well.

tt - as soon as my brain wakes up it will thank you :)
I will post the twisted story one day, when it feels right :)

Diane Mandy said...

I find your honest in every post so refreshing!

Shelly said...

I loved this post..aww heck...I love everything you write! I was going to ask if I could adopt you as a sister but that sounds kind of stalkerish. I'm really normal... I promise. lolol ;)

Shelly said...

One more thing, smoking is allowed here at the farm...you don't even have to stand 25 feet from a doorway. I don't smoke but I think that rule is rediculous.

Jay said...

Whoa! Where have I been? Sometimes my reader doesn't update new posts. I have to go through my blogs the old fashioned way sometimes and I'm glad I did!

Anyway, I'll take that trip all across the country with you. We can rent a van and sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots if we have to. Wait, if you're a billionaire you cans spring for a Motel 6! LOL

Akelamalu said...

I loved reading more about you Dianne. I did this meme a while ago so I'll pass on it.

Dianne said...

diane m - that is such a nice thing to say, thank you so much

shelly - consider yourself adopted! I love having sisters. and LOL about the smoking on the farm. I truly don't mind smoking away from people, I did that long before it was a law. it's just common courtesy. I just hate how self-righteous some non-smokers can be, then they'll sit there idling their engines or they'll drink and drive - as if that's not dangerous.

jay - would you believe I don't use a reader!! I never got around to figuring it out LOL I just pop in and out of all my bookmarks.
It would ROCK if we went across country together!! Oh My God - the fun we would have. Could I wear the hat? just once in awhile. ;)

akelamalu - glad you found this interesting, I felt the same way about yours.

Jay said...

I would totally let you wear the hat. I would also have to buy a cool hat everywhere we went. haha ;-)

Sunshine said...

Oh, tell the long and twisted story of the stay on the East Side!!!